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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 13151

Chapter 13151 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Lack of relationship between total calcium of apple fruit and a calcium deficiency related disorder (bitter pit): a four year report. Acta Horticulturae 274: 141-148

Lack of the SOX9 gene polymorphism in sex reversal dogs (78,XX; SRY negative). Journal of Heredity 96(7): 797-802

Lack of the antioxidant glutathione peroxidase-1 does not increase atherosclerosis in C57BL. Journal of lipid research 47(6): 1157-1167

Lack of thermogenic response to glucose. International journal of obesity0(2): 107-116

Lack of transforming activity of fumonisin B1 in BALB. Food and chemical toxicology: an international journal ished for the British Industrial Biological Research Association 34(8): 751-753

Lack of types 1 and 2A protein Serine(P). Plant physiology 100(2): 620-624

Lacking in the weight-loss effort: effort. Tufts University health and nutrition letter 17(10): 6

Lactase deficiency. Contemporary nutrition 4(4): 1-2

Lactation counseling increases exclusive breast-feeding rates in Ghana. Journal of Nutrition 135(7): 1691-1695

Lactation in rural Guatemala: Nutritional effects on the mother and infant. Food and nutrition bulletin 7(7): 15-25

Lactation, fertility and the working woman. Ippf Medical Bulletin 11(4): 1-2

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Lactation, maternal nutrition and fertility. Nutrition Reviews 40(9): 268-270

Lactation: historical patterns and potential for manipulation. Journal of Dairy Science 76(10): 3195-3212

Lactational response of cows fed condensed corn distillers solubles. Journal of Dairy Science 88(11): 4000-4006

Lactic acid bacteria production from whey. Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology 134(3): 223-232

Lactic Acid Production from Cheese Whey by Bifidobacterium longum. Transactions of the ASABE- 49(4): 1263-1267

Lactic acid. Journal of food science 59(2): 242-245

Lactic acid bacteria and identification of B-vitamins: some historical notes, 1937-1940. Federation Proceedings 38(13): 2690-2693

Lactic acid bacteria which do not decarboxylate malic acid and fermentation therewith. United States Department of Agriculture patents: 1987 (4,666,849)

Lactic acid fermentation of sweet potato (ipomoea batatas l.) into pickles. Journal of food processing and preservation 31(1): 83-101

Lactic acid production and potential uses: a technology and economics assessment. Fuels and chemicals from biomass 236

Lactisole interacts with the transmembrane domains of human T1R3 to inhibit sweet taste. Journal of Biological Chemistry 280(15): 15238-15246

Lacto fruit: a new soft drink?. Food engineering: 50(3) 116-117

Lactobacillus casei CRL 431 and Lactobacillus rhamnosus CRL 1224 as biological controls for Aspergillus flavus strains. Journal of Food Protection 69(10): 2544-2548

Lactobacillus casei DN-114 001 inhibits the ability of adherent-invasive Escherichia coli isolated from Crohn's disease patients to adhere to and to invade intestinal epithelial cells. Applied and Environmental Microbiology 71(6): 2880-2887

Lactobacillus casei improves resistance to pneumococcal respiratory infection in malnourished mice. Journal of Nutrition 135(6): 1462-1469

Lactobacillus harbinensis sp. nov., consisted of strains isolated from traditional fermented vegetables 'Suan cai' in Harbin, Northeastern China and Lactobacillus perolens DSM 12745. Systematic and Applied Microbiology 28(8): 688-694

Lactobacillus johnsonii La1 antagonizes Giardia intestinalis in vivo. Infection and Immunity 73(2): 1265-1269

Lactobacillus oligofermentans sp. nov., associated with spoilage of modified-atmosphere-packaged poultry products. Applied and Environmental Microbiology 71(8): 4400-4406

Lactobacillus paracasei subsp. paracasei 8700:2 degrades inulin-type fructans exhibiting different degrees of polymerization. Applied and Environmental Microbiology 71(11): 6531-6537

Lactobacillus plantarum and Enterobacter cloacae growth in cucumber extracts containing various salts. Journal of food science: an official ication of the Institute of Food Technologists 55(6): 1634-1637

Lactobacillus rhamnosus Strain GG Modulates Intestinal Absorption, Fecal Excretion, and Toxicity of Aflatoxin B subscript 1(B in Rats. Applied and environmental microbiology AEM 72(11): 7398-7400

Lactococcal 936-species phage attachment to surface of Lactococcus lactis. Journal of Dairy Science 88(3): 900-907

Lactococcal plasmid pNP40 encodes a novel, temperature-sensitive restriction-modification system. Applied and Environmental Microbiology 70(9): 5546-5556

Lactococcin A overexpression in a Lactococcus lactis subsp. lactis transformant containing a Tn5 insertion in the lcnD gene. Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology 44(3-4): 413-418

Lactococcin Q, a novel two-peptide bacteriocin produced by Lactococcus lactis QU 4. Applied and Environmental Microbiology 72(5): 3383-3389

Lactococcus lactis SpOx spontaneous mutants: a family of oxidative-stress-resistant dairy strains. Applied and Environmental Microbiology 71(5): 2782-2788

Lactococcus lactis uses MscL as its principal mechanosensitive channel. Journal of Biological Chemistry 280(10): 8784-8792

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Lactulose production by b-galactosidase in permeabilized cells of Kluyveromyces lactis. Applied microbiology and biotechnology 64(6): 787-793

Ladies who lost their lumps. Family health 11(8): 8-9

Laetrile: Risks and legal status. Nutrition and the MD 5(6): 3

Laetrileomania. Nutrition today: 12(5) 15

Laforin, a dual specificity phosphatase that dephosphorylates complex carbohydrates. Journal of Biological Chemistry 281(41): 30412-8

Lag period of 14CO2 evolution from dioctyl sulpho[2,3-14C]succinate in relation to adaptation of bacterium, Comamonas terrigena, to dialkyl esters of sulphosuccinate. Biotechnology Letters 26(19): 1497-1500

Laid-off workers hone job skills. Personnel journal 72(3): 41

Lake Champlain basin nonpoint source phosphorus assessment. Journal of the American Water Resources Association 34(2): 251-265

Lake Michigan fish consumption as a source of polychlorinated biphenyls in human cord serum, maternal serum, and milk. American Journal of Public Health 73(3): 293-296

Lake evaporation estimates in tropical Africa (Lake Ziway, Ethiopia). Journal of hydrology 245(1-4): 1-18

Lamb chops a la Greco. Cooking for profit: (339) 37

Lambing rates and litter sizes following intrauterine or cervical insemination of frozen. Theriogenology 1 62(7): 1236-1244

Lamblia giardia, a cause for malabsorption syndrome in childhood. Godisen Zbornik Na Medicinskiot Fakultet Vo Skopje 25: 245-251

Lameness in a dog caused by thoracic wall invasion by a pulmonary neoplasm. Journal of Veterinary Medicine. A, Physiology, Pathology, Clinical Medicine 53(6): 288-292

Lamin A-dependent nuclear defects in human aging. Science 312(5776): 1059-1063

Lamin B receptor plays a role in stimulating nuclear envelope production and targeting membrane vesicles to chromatin during nuclear envelope assembly through direct interaction with importin (Sb(B. Journal of cell science1 120(3): 520-530

Lamina-associated Polypeptide 2-(Sa(B Forms Homo-trimers via Its C Terminus, and Oligomerization Is Unaffected by a Disease-causing Mutation. Journal of biological chemistry2 282(9): 6308-6315

Lamina-associated polypeptide 2 regulates cell cycle progression and differentiation via the retinoblastoma-E2F pathway. Journal of cell biology10 173(1): 83-93

Laminations: which one to use?. Food engineering: 49(5) 86-87

Laminin (Sa(B1 Chain LG4 Module Promotes Cell Attachment through Syndecans and Cell Spreading through Integrin (Sa(B2(Sb(B1. Journal of biological chemistry27 281(43): 32929-32940

Laminin 5 regulates polycystic kidney cell proliferation and cyst formation. Journal of Biological Chemistry 281(39): 29181-9

Laminin 3 Forms a Complex with 3 and 3 Chains That Serves as the Ligand for 61-Integrin at the Apical Ectoplasmic Specialization in Adult Rat Testes. Journal of biological chemistry 23 281(25): 17286-17303

Laminin 5 Is Required for Dental Epithelium Growth and Polarity and the Development of Tooth Bud and Shape. Journal of biological chemistry24 281(8): 5008-5016

Laminin 3 Chain Binds to Nidogen and Is Located in Murine Basement Membranes. Journal of biological chemistry10 280(23): 22146-22153

Laminiscus n.g. (Monogenea: Gyrodactylidae) from capelin, Mallotus villosus (Muller), (Pisces: Osmeridae) in the northwest Atlantic with redescriptions of L. gussevi n. comb., Gyrodactyloides petruschewskii, and G. andriaschewi. Canadian journal of zoology = Journal canadien de zoologie 61(2): 298-306

Lamins A and C but not lamin B1 regulate nuclear mechanics. Journal of Biological Chemistry 281(35): 25768-25780

Lamium plant named 'Dellam'. United States patent Plant: 2001 (11,783)

Lamivudine resistance of hepatitis B virus masked by coemergence of mutations in probe region of the COBAS AMPLICOR assay. Journal of Clinical Microbiology 44(7): 2587-2589

Lanceocrepidiasides A-F, glucosides of guaiane-type sesquiterpene from Crepidiastrum lanceolatum. Phytochemistry 66(6): 727-732

Land Distribution and International Agricultural Productivity. American journal of agricultural economics 89(1): 202-216

Land Reform for Peace? Rwanda's 2005 Land Law in Context. Journal of agrarian change 6(4): 509-537

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Land removed from crop production, 1975-77--a report on a landownership, follow-on survey. ESS staff report United States Dept of Agriculture Economics Statistics and Cooperatives Service: 82 (AGESS810211)

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Land snails as experimental animals: a study of the variability and distribution of individual weights in Helix aspersa snails born from the the same clutch. Laboratory animals 24(1): 1-4

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LanguaL. An automated method for describing, capturing and retrieving data about food. World Review of Nutrition and Dietetics 68: 94-103

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Lanosterol 14(Sa(B-demethylase expression in the mouse ovary and its participation in cumulus-enclosed oocyte spontaneous meiotic maturation in vitro. Theriogenology 15 66(5): 1156-1164

Lantana camara plant named 'Robpatcow'. United States patent Plant: 2002 (12,450)

Lantana plant named 'Anne Marie'. United States patent Plant: 2000 (11,310)

Lantana plant named 'Katie'. United States patent Plant: 2001 (12,201)

Lantana plant named 'Robmornyel'. United States patent Plant: 1, 2002 (12,692)

Lantana plant named 'Robpatdov'. United States patent Plant: 1999 (10,880)

Lantana plant named 'Samson'. United States patent Plant: 8, 2002 (12,705)

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Laparoscopic gastric banding prevents type 2 diabetes and arterial hypertension and induces their remission in morbid obesity: a 4-year case-controlled study. Diabetes Care 28(11): 2703-2709

Laparoscopic obliteration of the nephrosplenic space using polypropylene mesh in five horses. Veterinary Surgery 35(5): 431-437

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Large offspring or large placenta syndrome? Morphometric analysis of late gestation bovine placentomes from somatic nuclear transfer pregnancies complicated by hydrallantois. Biology of Reproduction 75(1): 122-130

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Larval Cannibalism and Intraguild Predation Between the Introduced Green Lacewing, Chrysoperla carnea, and the Indigenous Trash-Carrying Green Lacewing, Mallada desjardinsi (Neuroptera: Chrysopidae), as a Case Study of Potential Nontarget Effect Assessment. Environmental entomology 35(5): 1298-1303

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Last months. American baby 52(3): 57-60

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Late Quaternary Atmospheric CH subscript 4 Isotope Record Suggests Marine Clathrates Are Stable. Science 10 311(5762): 838-840

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