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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 13283

Chapter 13283 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

A New Guinea Pig Pathogen of the Pasteurella Group. Zschr. Hyg. u. Infektkr, 114: 116-120

A New Haematozoon of the Fowl, P. juxtanucleare n. sp. Rev. brasil. Biol, 1: 231-233

A New Haematozoon of the Pigeon. Compt. Rend. Soc. Biol, Oct. 25. 73: 29, 396-398

A New Haemogregarine parasitic in Boodon fuliginosus, and its Endogenous Multiplication Forms. Bull. Soc. Path. Exot, 7: 7, 575-577

A New Hauptner Syringe With Automatic Dosage Control. Tierarztl Rdsch, 39: 348-350

A New Hereditary Grid for Cattle. Dtsch. landw. Tierz, 37: 217-218

A New Hispid Beetle injurious to Oil Palms in Brazil. Bull. Ent. Res, London, 14: pt. 3, 245-246

A New Hoplia from Florida. Canadian Entomologist. London, Ont, 50: 4, 140-142

A New Horizon in Anti-malarial Work. (Preliminary Memoir.). Riv. Biologia. Rome, July- 3: 4, 421-463

A New Host Plant of the Boll Weevil. Proc. Entom. Soc, Washington, D.C., 20: 4, 78-79

A New Host Plant of the California Grape-Root Worm. Mthly. Bull. State Comm. Hortic, Sacramento, 2: 7, 585-586

A New Host of Laboulbenia formicarum, Thaxter, with Remarks on the fungous Parasites of Ants. Bull. Brooklyn Entom. Soc, Brooklyn, N. Y., April- 15: 2, 71-79

A New Hybrid, Wild Equus Przewalskii x Zebra. Trudy Inst. Gibrid. Askania Nova. 1: 67-84

A New Hymenopterous Parasite on Aspidiotus perniciosus, Comst. Ann. Entom. Soc. America, 6: 1, 125-126

A New Hymenopterous Parasite upon Adult Beetles. Ohio Jl. Sci, Columbus, 22: 5, 140-142

A New Immunity Reaction in Experimental Tripanosomiasis: The Blood Platelet Test. Zeitschr. f. Immunitatsforsch. u, Exper. Therap, Jan. 26: 1, 53-64

A New Immunobiological Method of Identifying Foot and Mouth Disease Virus. Riv. milit. Med. vet, Roma., 2: 560-567

A New Indian Drosophilid Fly. Records Ind. Mus, Calcutta, 25: pt. 3, 303-304

A New Infectious Disease in Swine Immunized against Swine Fever. Bull Acad. vet, Fr., 12: 298-801

A New Insect Enemy Of The Peach. Science 44(1148): 924-925

A New Insect Pest of Coconut Palms in British Guiana, Castnia daedalus, Cramer. Jl. Board Agric. of Br. Guiana, Demerara., Oct. 7: 2, 87-90

A New Insect Pest of Roses. The Vine Curculio (Weevil) Ortliorrhinus klugi, Boh. Jl. Agric, Victoria, April 10th. 240-241

A New Insect Pest of Sugar-Cane. Queensland Agric. Jl, Brisbane, 6: 2, 102-103

A New Insect infesting Coffee. Comm. Estudo e Debellacao da Praga Cafeeira, S. Paulo., 8

A New Instrument for Automatically Recording the Erytnrocyte Sedimentation Rate and the Volume Percentage of Cells and Plasma upon a Single Permanent Record. J. Lab. clin. Med, 24: 631-635

A New Instrument for Swine Erysipelas Immunization. Tierarztl. Rdsch, 40: 279-280

A New Instrument for the Diffractometric Measurement of the Diameter of Red Blood Cells. J. Lab. clin. Med, 25: 399-403

A New Instrument for the Removal of Samples of Lung Mucus from Cattle. Deuts. tierarztl. Wschr, 40: 662-663

A New Ixodid in U.S.S.R.. Russ. Jl. Trop. Med, Moscow, 5, 13-16

A New Larva of Oestrus (Gastro-philus) from Zebras. Ann. Trop. Med. & Parasit, Liverpool, August 13th. 20: 3, 263-266

A New Larval Cestode, probably Hymenolepis cuneala, a Tapeworm of a Wild Duck. J. Parasitol, 18: 291-293

A New Larviparous Philaematomyia (Philaematomyia indica, sp. n.). Indian Jl. Med. Research. Calcutta, 5: 3, 529-539

A New Leaf Pest. WKly. Zool. Press Bull, Penns. Dept. Agric, Harrisburg. June 15th. 268,

A New Lepidopterous Enemy of Yellow Pine in Oregon. Jl. N.Y. Ent. Soc, Lancaster, Pa., 30: 1, 69-71

A New Leptospira from Rice Workers of Upper Italy.. Jete Conv. tert. trap, malar. Morbis. Amsterdam: Societas Neerlandica Medicinae Tropicae, 422-428

A New Leucopis with Yellow Antennae. Jl. Econ. Entom, Concord, 7: 5, 404-405

A New Light Trap for Cane Bottles. Queensland Agric. Jl, Brisbane 5: 4, 226-230

A New Macrocentrus reared from the Strawberry Leaf-roller (Hymenoptera, Braconidae). Proc. Ent. Soc. Wash, Washington, D.C., 25: 7-8, 168-169

A New Malaria Parasite of Man. Ann. Trop. Med. & Parasit, Liverpool, December 30th. 16: 4, 383-386

A New Mealy Bug on Citrus Trees Pulvinaria ornata, n. sp. Agric. Gaz. N.S.W, Sydney, 32: 6, 427-428

A New Melasis with a Key to the Species (Coleoptera). Canad. Ent, Orillia, Ont., Iviii: 9, 225-228

A New Method for Controlling the Onion Maggot. Jl. Econ. Ent, Geneva, N.Y., 18: 1, 111-116

A New Method for Detecting the Eggs of Parasites in Faeces. Jl Amer. Vet. Med. Assoc, Aug. 14: 5, 534-536

A New Method for Identifying Pathogenic Streptococci and Staphylococci in Milk from Clinically Normal Udders. Tijdschr. Diergeneesk, 67: 8-9

A New Method for Staining Tubercle Bacilli. Acta med.scand, 108: 12-17

A New Method for the Cultivation of Tubercle Bacilli on Liquid Media. Zlb. Bakt, 125: 361-364

A New Method for the Diagnosis of Diseases caused by Viruses. Its Application to the Diagnosis of Swine Fever. C. R. Soc. Biol, Paris., 113: 1493-1495

A New Method for the Experimental Diagnosis of Pregnancy in the Cow. Profilassi, 6: 40-44

A New Method for the Identification of Branding Marks on Cattle. Bull. Acad. vet, Fr., 8: 402-404

A New Method of Anti-Anthrax Vaccination. C. R. Acad. Sci, Paris, 203: 132-134

A New Method of Classifying Streptococci; Its Clinical Importance. Pr. med, Sept. 10th. 1346-1348

A New Method of Controlling Granary Pests by means of CS2.. Moscow Agric. Sect., Sta. Plant Prot, Moscow, 1, 16

A New Method of Destruction of the Olive-fly. Rev. Hortic. de l'Algerie. Algiers, April- 22: 4-5, 62-63

A New Method of Detecting Staphylocoecus Enteroloxin. Canad. publ. Hlth J, 27: 489-493

A New Method of Enclosing and Preserving Small Objects for Microscopic Examination. Vol. jubil. Prof. Sadao Yoskula. Osaka: Osaka Natural History Society, 2: 659-663

A New Method of Fighting the Propagation of Mosaic Disease in Sugar Cane. Proc. Agric. Soc. Trinidad & Tobago, Port-of-Spain., 25: pt. 11, 437-139

A New Method of Fumigation with Liquid Hydrocyanic Acid, its Application in Orange Plantations and its Effect on Pests. Bol. Agric. tec. y econ, Madrid, November 30th. 17: 203, 441-452

A New Method of Immunising against Trypanosome Diseases. Deut. Med. Wochenschr, Aug. 22. 38: 34, 1579-1580

A New Method of Immunization against Anthrax. J. Amer. Vet. Med. Ass, 84: 225-232

A New Method of Locust Control. Cotton Industry, Moscow., September- 3: 9-10, 77-88

A New Method of Mosquito Control by an Alternation of Breeding-places. C. R. Hebdom. Acad. Sciences. Paris, October 1st. 165: 14, 436-437

A New Method of Mounting Small Museum Specimens. Ind. J. Vet. Sci. & Anim. Husb, 2: 310

A New Method of Pregnancy Diagnosis in the Cow. Profilassi. 6: 40-44

A New Method of Rapid Agglutination for Brucella abortus in Milk. Dtsch. tierarztl. Wschr, 45: 449-450

A New Method of Rapid and Reliable Vaccination of Guinea Pigs against Foot and Mouth Disease. C. R. Soc. Biol, Paris, 111: 781-788

A New Method of Sperm Collection in Gallinaceae. Probl. Zivotn, 6, 90-92

A New Method of Staining Bacteria and its Application to a Study of Streptococci and the Viruses of Poliomyelitis and Encephalitis. J. Bact, 29: 40-41

A New Method of Staining Flagella and Observation on the Morphological Changes of Flagella, depending upon the Age of Bacteria. Scientific Reports from Govt. Inst Infect Dis. Tokyo, 3: 11-15

A New Method of Staining Tubercle Bacilli. Amer. Rev, Tuberc, 46: 199-204

A New Method of Subterranean Fumigation. Jl. Econ. Entom, Concord 9: 2, 285-287

A New Method of Treatment of Trypanosomiasis. Trans. Roy. Soc. Trop. Med. & Hyg, May 20. 15: 2, 10-34

A New Method of Vaccination of Domestic Animals against Anthrax. Bull. Acad. Med, Paris, 117: 299-310

A New Method of cleansing the Pea Crop from Seeds infested with Bruchus pisorum, by means of concentrated Salt Solutions (Saltpetre and Common Salt). Rostov-Nakhitchevan-on-the-Don Agric. Expt. Sta. Bull., Field Dept, Rostov-on-Don, 122, 25

A New Method of making Engine Oil Emulsions. Missouri Agric. Expt. Sta., Bull, Columbia, Mo., 205: 8

A New Method of obtaining Non-sporulating Anthrax Bacilli. Compt. Rend. Soc. Biol, July 16. 95: 25, 445-147

A New Method of obtaining Sperm with the Sperm Collector. Probl. Zhivotn. 1, 86-88

A New Method of preparing Anti-Anthrax Serum. Can this Serum be titrated ?. Ann. Inst. Pasteur, 40: 7, 595-605

A New Method of preparing Foot and Mouth Disease Serum and its Effectiveness. Berlin. Tierarzt. Woch, Dec. 24. 42: 52, 897-898

A New Method of preparing a Rabies Vaccine, and the Use of this Vaccine for the Production of an Anti-rabic Serum of High Value. Ann. Inst. Pasteur, Dec. 42: 12, 1661-1671

A New Method oi Counting Plasmodia in Avian Malaria Infections. J. Lab. clin. Med, 28: 1735-1740

A New Methylene Eosinate. Bull. Soc. Path. Exot, Mar. 13: 3, 206-8

A New Midge injurious to Pineapples (Diptera, Ceratopogoninae). Proc. Ent. Soc. Wash, Washington, D.C., 29: 9, 205-208

A New Mite From The Hawaiian Islands. Science 44(1126): 142-142

A New Mixture for controlling Wood-boring Insects-Sodium Arsenate-Kerosene Emulsion. Jl. Econ. Entom, Concord, 8: 6, 513 p

A New Mosquito (Aedes whitmorei) from Colombia. Proc. Entom. Soc, Washington, D.C., 20: 6, 128-130

A New Mosquito from Kashmir. Ind. Jl. Med. Res, Calcutta, 11: 3, 967-968

A New Mosquito from Kashmir and the North-West Frontier Province. Ind. Jl. Med. Res, Calcutta, 12: 1, 73-74

A New Mosquito from Samoa. Entomologist. London., Jan. 47: 36-37

A New Mosquito from the Eastern united States. Proc. Biol. Soc, Washington Washington, September 6th. 29: 161-164

A New Mosquito-proof and Storm-proof House for the Tropics. Ann. Trop. Med. and Parasit, Liverpool, March 31st. 7: 1, 41-44

A New Moth Pest of Sugar-cane and Maize. Leaf-eating Grass Worm (Laphygma exempta, Walk.),. Queensland Agric. Jl, Brisbane., 16: pt. 4, 276-280

A New Mouse Virus Resembling that of Lymphogranuloma inguinale. Klin. Wschr, 76-78

A New Myrmecophilous Aphid from Africa. Entomologist's Record. London, February 15th. 28: 2, 37-38

A New Myrmecophilous Genus of Coccidae (Hemiptera) from India. Rec. Indian Mus, Calcutta, 26: pt. 4, 311-315

A New Name for Dilachtnus, Baker (Aphididae). Entomologist, Londo n, 59: 763, 322-323

A New Narcotic-Evlpan. Berl. tierarztl. Wschr, 49: 554

A New Nema, Tylenchus musicola, n. sp., said to cause a serious Affection of the Bluggoe Banana in Grenada, British West Indies. West Indian Bull, Barbados, 17: 4, 179-182

A New Nematode Ostertagia dahurica nov. sp. from the Fourth Stomach of the Sheep. Tierarztl Rdsch. 37: 723-725

A New Nematode Parasite of Ducks, Capillaria cairinae n.sp. Rev. Dep. nac. Prod. anim, Rio de J., 2: 139-141

A New Nematode causing Parasitic Gastritis in Calves. Agric. Res. Inst., Pusa, India, Bull. 86, 5

A New Nematode from the Lung of the Cat. Osleroidcs massino n.sp. Deuts. tierarztl. Wschr, 41: 372-374

A New Nematode in Fowls, having a Termite as an Intermediary Host (Filaria gallinarum, nova species). Union of S. Africa Dept. Agrie. 5th and 6th Repts. April pts. Direc. Vet. Research, Pretoria., 697-706

A New Nematode in Fowls, having a Termite as an Intermediary Host.. Union of South Africa, Dept. of Agriculture. 5th and 6th Repts. of the Director of Veterinary Research, 695-708

A New Nematode of Fish. Bull. Soc. Path. Exot, Nov. 19: 9, 798-802

A New Noctuid from Louisiana (Lepidoptera, Noctuidae). Insec. Inscit. Menst, Washington, D.C., January- 12: 1-3, 21-22

A New Occupational Disease : Swineherds' Disease. Rev. Med. vet, Toulouse, 89: 432-435

A New Oil-emulsion Mosquito Larvicide. Mosq. News. New Brunswick, N.J., 3: 1, 14-16

A New Opogona attached to Sugar-cane. Entomologist's Mthly. Mag. London, 51: 617, 291 p

A New Opthalmoscopic Apparatus. Arch, wiss,prakt. Tierhlk. 64: 235

A New Outbreak of Ghedda (Haemo-rrhagic Septicaemia of Dromedaries) at M'Raier (Sahara) in 1921. Arch. Insts. Pasteur del' Afrique du Nord, Sept. 2: 3, 316-319

A New Oxythrips from Austria. Wiener Ent. Ztg, Vienna, April 25. 40: 1-4, 115-117

A New Parasite and the Disease of Swine which it causes. Rev. vet, Toulouse., 88: 180-138

A New Parasite of Bug Eggs (Proctotrypidae). Bull. Ent. Res, London., 16: pt. 2, 183 p

A New Parasite of the Alfalfa Weevil. Jl. Econ. Ent, Geneva, N.Y, 18: 4, 597-602

A New Parasite of the Fowl, G. gattinarum. Ann. Parasit. hum. comp, 13: 288-242

A New Parasite of the Pig. Jl.-Amer. Vet. Med. Assoc, 61: 2, 186-188

A New Parasite on Sheep Maggot Flies. Notes and Description of a Chalcid Parasite (Chalcis calliphorae). Agrie. Gaz. N.S.W, Sydney, 27: 7, 505-507

A New Parasitic Cynipid reared from a Clover Aphid. (Hym.). Entom. News, Philadelphia, Pa, 31: 1, 14-16

A New Parasitic Disease. Cutaneous Monostomidosis of the Turkey. Rev. Vet, Dec. 78: 12, 725-736

A New Parasiticide. La Clinica Veterinaria. Milan, February 28th. 42: 4, 109p

A New Pathogenic Vibrio, V. columbae, Infecting Pigeons. G. Batt. Immun, 26: 518-520

A New Pear Insect in Pennsylvania. Zool. Press Bull. Penns. Dept. Agric, Harrisburg, May 24th. 317,

A New Pest of Agriculture. The Cherry Fly. Agronomia, Santiago, Chile, July- 12: 7-8, 6 p

A New Pest of Apples, Lygaeonematus moestus, Zadd.. Prot. Plants in Ukraine, Kharkov, 2: 47-50

A New Pest of Cofiee. Correio-Agricola. Bahia, 1: 10, 263-266

A New Pest of Crucifers, P. fucata, Wse. La Defense des Plantes, Leningrad, 1: 3-5, 158-159

A New Pest of Grain.. Ochrana Rostlin. Prague, 6: 3, 36-37

A New Pest of Pepper. Madras Agric. Dept. Year Book Madras, 21-23

A New Pest of Spinach in Virginia. Preliminary Report. Bull. Virginia Truck Expt. Sta, Norfolk, Va., 56, 491-497

A New Pest of Strawberries. Garden, London., July 1st. Ixxxvi: 2641, 318 p

A New Pest of Wheat and Sunflowers.. Defense des. Plantes, Leningrad, 3: 4-5, 359-362

A New Pest, the Chrysanthemum Midge (Rhopalomyia hypogaea, H. LW.). Jl. Econ. Entom, Concord, ApriL. 7: 2, 267 p

A New Phanurus from the United States, with Notes on allied Species. Canadian Entomologist. London, Ont, 48: 5, 149-150

A New Phenomenon in Water Leptospira Culture. A New Method of Pure Cultivation by means of this Phenomenon. Zlb. Bakt, 122: 314-318

A New Philippine Malaria Mosquito. Philippine Jl. Sci, Manila, 9: 4, 405-407

A New Phoma Disease of Cotton. Phytopath, 11: 48 p

A New Phycitid injurious to Pine. Insecutor Inscitiae Menstruus, Washington, D.C., 7, 112 p

A New Physothrips (Thysanoptera) from Uganda, with a Note on Physothrips antennatus, Bagn all. Canadian Entomologist. London, Ont. 48: 4, 130-132

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A New Plectrothrips (Thysanoptera) from Jamaica. Insecutor Inscitiae Menstruus. Washington, D.C., July- 4: 7-9, 78-80

A New Ply Repellent and a Blowfly Dressing. Preliminary Report. Onderstepoort J. vet. Sci, 7: 419-430

A New Pneumpscope (To Record Movement of the Thorax). Profilassi, 7: 258-259

A New Policy for Veterinary Science. Vet. J, 99: 74-80

A New Potato Medium for preparing Old Tuberculin nad Exotuberculin. Bull Acad Ve. Fr, 10: 153-156

A New Poultry Disease in Sweden-Infectious Laryngo-traeheitis. Skand. VetTidskr, 30: 629-637

A New Practical Method of using Hydrocyanic Acid Gas that has been employed against the Apple Blossom Weevil. Anz. Schadlingsk, Berlin, June 15th. 3: 6, 63-67

A New Principle in Anthelmintic Medication. J. Coun. sci. industr. Res. Aust, 8: 140

A New Principle in the Construction of Coloured Differential Media.. Rev, Microbiol. et Epidemial, 6: 3, 374-375

A New Processionary Moth (Notodontidae) injurious to Pine Trees in Cyprus. Bull. Ent. Res, London, 15: pt. 3, 293-294

A New Projection Apparatus for the Detection of Trichinae. Berl. tierarztl. Wschr, 48: 714-715

A New Proof of the Possibility of cultivating Entamoeba dysenteriae, Type histolytica. Ann. Parasit. Hum. et Comp, Oct. 3: 4, 349-357

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A New Psyllid injurious to Fig Trees. Bull. Ent. Res, London, 14: pt. 3, 247 p

A New Rapid Direct Test for Compatibility of Blood for Transfusion Purposes. Nov. chir. Arch, 46: 211-214

A New Rapid Method for Early Diagnosis of Pregnancy. Munch, med. Wschr, 83: 1272-1273

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A New Record on the Isolation of Trichomonas foetus (Protozoa) in Pure Culture. Cornell Vet, 33: 310-312

A New Regulation prohibiting the Importation of Potatoes into Canada. A New Regulation prohibiting the Importation of Potatoes into Canada,

A New Remedy for Aegeria exitiosa, Say. Gaceta Rural. Buenos Aires., 15: 172, 453 p

A New Remedy for the Prevention and Treatment of Screwworm Infestations of Livestock. J. econ. Ent, Washington, D.C. : Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine, U.S. Department of Agriculture., 35: 4

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A New Rickettsia of Sheep. Bull. Soc. Path. exot, 29: 105-108

A New Road in Research on Pests. Natiirwiss. Wochenschr, 255 p

A New Root Maggot Treatment. Jl. Econ. Entom, Concord, N.H., 12: 2, 219-220

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A New Salmonella Type. J. Hyg, Camb., 38: 306-308

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A New Serological Phenomenon of Actinomycetes. I.. Jap. J. exp. Med, 17: 197-209

A New Serum Reaction for Tuberculosis. Klin. Wschr, 13: 833-838

A New Slow Method for Blood Cell Sedimentation. Munch, tierarztl. Wschr, 88: 205-207

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A New Species of Anopheles from Eastern India, A. (Myzomyia) ramsayi ; with a new Description of A. (Myzomyia) jamesii Theobald. Ind. Jl. Med. Res, Calcutta, 14: 4, 1019-1025

A New Species of Anopheline, Myzorhynchus similis, from the Malay Peninsula. Ind. Jl. Med. Research. Calcutta, 4: 3, 611 p

A New Species of Apanteles (Hym. Brac.) bred from Carposina adreptella attacking Raspberry in New Zealand. Bull. ent. Res, London, 29: pt. 3, 247-249

A New Species of Avitellinine Tapeworm, Avitellina sandgroundi, from Hippotragus equinus. Ann. trop. Med. Parasit, 29: 185-189

A New Species of Blepharo-corys, B. bovis, inhabiting the Stomach of the Ox. Ann. Parasit. Hum. et Comp, Jan. 1. 4: 1, 61-34

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A New Species of Grass Grub. A Serious Pest of Seedling Forest Trees. Jl. Dept. Agric. Indust, New Zealand, 295-298

A New Species of Hepaticola (Nematoda) from the Bat's Stomach. Jl. Trop. Med. & Hyg, Aug 2. 29: 15, 226-227

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