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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 13285

Chapter 13285 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

A Specific Polysaeeharide from the Bacillus Calmette-Guerin (BCG). J. biol. Chem, 112: 893-405

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A Spirochaete of the Shrewmouse. Bull. Soc. Path-Exot, Apr. 10: 4, 280-281

A Spittle Insect (Lepyronia quadrangularis). Jl. Econ. Ent, Geneva, N.Y., 17: 5, 602 p

A Spontaneous Epidemic among Laboratory Rabbits caused by a Paratyphoid Bacillus related to the Rodent Group. Jl. Infect. Dis, Jan. 28: 1, 27-12

A Spontaneous Paratyphoid Infection of Pigeons due to Bact. aertrycke. Vaccination Experiments. C. R. Soc. Biol, Paris., 112: 829-832

A Sporadic Case of Brucellosis in the Dog. Cornell Vet, 30: 542-545

A Sporotrichum agent of normal ripening of certain cheeses. C.R. Acad. Sci, Paris, 208: 1343-1345

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A Sporozoon of the Guinea-Pig belonging to the Genus Klossiella Smith and Johnson. C. R. Soc. Biol, Feb. 19. 79: 4, 168-170

A Spot Method of Conducting Whole-Blood Agglutination Tests with Stained Antigen. W. Amer. Vet, 18: 1, 17-20

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A Spray for Red Spider on Cucumbers and Tomatoes. Lea Valley & Dist. Nurs. & Growers' Assoc. Circ, Cheshunt, 1: 5, 1-2

A Spraying Caution. Agric. Gaz. N.S.W, Sydney., June 1st. 33: 6, 436 p

A Spruce disease caused by the fungus Phomopsis piceae Zerova sp. nov.. Zh. Inst. bot. Akad. Nauk U.R.S.R, 20: 28, 137-43

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A Stable Haemolysin-Leucoeidin and its Crystalline Derivative Isolated from Beta Haemolytic Streptococci. J. exp. Med, 67: 648-656

A Staining Method for the Differentiation of Live and Dead Spermatozoa. I. Application to the Staining of Ram Spermatozoa. Anat. Rec, 82: 167-174

A Stalemate in the War on Anaplasma. North Amer. Vet, 15: 8, 48-52

A Standard Method for Testing Anti-Tuberculosis Vaccines. Tubercle. Lond., 17: 502-508

A Standard Registration Scheme for the Reeording of Animal Diseases. Berl tierarztl. Wschr, 52: 733-735

A Standard for Description of new Species of Sandflies.. Med. Parasitai. Moscow, 10: 1, 112-116

A Staphy-linid injurious to Blossoms. Kol. Rundsch, Vienna, February 28th. 13: 1, 1-9

A State company for producer gas.. Skogen. 27: 216-7

A State of Lasting Allergy obtained in Laboratory Animals by the Subcutaneous Injection of Tubercle Bacilli mixed with Solid Paraffin. Rev. Tuberc, Paris., 850-855

A State plant protection law. Zeitschr. fur P beta anzenkrankh. u. Pflanzenschutz. 38: 3-4, 65-70

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A State-wide Study of the human intestinal helminths in Tennessee. Journal of Preventive Medicine, 6: 3, 161-184

A Statistical Analysis of Natural Insemination of Sheep. Probl. Zhivotn, 5/6, 91-94

A Statistical Analysis of the Climatic Factors Influencing the Density of the Tsetse Flies, Glossina morsitans Westw. J. Anim. Ecol, 2: 197-208

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A Stenogamie Autogenous Strain of Culex pipiens L. in North America (Diptera: Culicidae). Ent. News, Philadelphia, Pa., 52: 8, 211-216. f

A Step forward against C. molesta. Atti Accad. Verona. Verona, 15: 227-230

A Stilbnm disease of Fig in Louisiana. Phytopathology, 25: 2, 208-222

A Still unknown Function of the Reticulo-Endothelial System. XIX. Z. ImmunForsch, 81: 163-184

A Stilt-bug, Jalysus spinosus Say, destructive to the Tomato. Jl. Econ. Ent, Geneva, N.Y., 17: 3, 390-393

A Strain of Acid Fast Organism Re-sembling B.C.G., Isolated from Tuber-culous Lung of a Dog. Kitasato Arch. exp. Med, 16: 314-322

A Strain of Aleurisma lugdunense isolated from the Skin of a Dromedary. Ann. de Parasitol, 8: 628-637

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A Strain of T. evansi Isolated from a Horse in Bulgaria. Riv. Parassit, 5: 235-239

A Strain of T. gambiense which after being passed through Animals for a Period of 12 Years has not lost its Power of resisting the Action of Human Serum. Bull. Soc. Path. Exot, 8: 7, 442-446

A Strawberry Pest new for Germany and its Control. NachrBl. dtsch. PflSchDienst, Berlin 75-77

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A Study in Active Immunisation against Fowl Cholera. Jl. Jap. Soc. Vet. Med, Sept. 1: 3, 151-154

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A Study of Ants in their Relation to the Growing of Pineapples in Hawaii. Expt. Sla. Assoc. Hawaiian Pineapple. Canners. Honolulu, Bull. 7, 16

A Study of Aqueous Colloidal Sulphur in the Control of Eimeria Tenella in the Fowl. Poult. Sci, 19: 371-379

A Study of Asterococcus muris (Streptobacillus monilifonnis). I. Morphologic Aspects and Nomenclature. J. infect. Dis, 69: 32-44

A Study of Asterococcus muris (Streptobacillus monilifonnis). II. Cultivation and Biochemical Activities. J. infect. Dis, 69: 45-51

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A Study of Bacteriostatic and Germieidal Powers of Merphenyl Nitrate. J. Bact, 29: 6-7

A Study of Bang Abortion Live Germ Vaccine in a Beef Herd. Cornell Vet, 23: 309-311

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