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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 13309

Chapter 13309 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Anaerobic Bacilli and the Infections caused by them in Domestic Animals in the Dutch East Indies. IV. Notes on Osteomyelitis Bacillosa Bubalorum from Cases notified at the Veterinary Institute in 1930. Ned.-Indisch. Blad. Diergeneesk, 44: 1-10

Anaerobic Bacilli and the Infections caused by them in Domestic Animals in the Dutch East Indies. V. The Occurrence of Clostridium welchii in the Intestinal Contents of Cattle and Buffaloes. Ned.-Indisch. Blad. Diergeneesk, 44: 125-132

Anaerobic Bacilli and the Infections caused by them in Domestic Animals in the Dutch East Indies. VI. Gas Oedema in Cattle caused by Fraenkel's Bacillus (Cl. welchii). Ned.-Indisch. Blad. Diergeneesk, 44: 133-139

Anaerobic Bacilli and the Infections caused by them in Domestic Animals in the Dutch East Indies. VIII. Comparative Research of the Fermentation of Carbohydrates between Bacillus gigas Zeissler and Rassfeld and the Organism isolated from Cases of Osteomyelitis Bacillosa. Ned.-Indisch. Blad. Diergeneesk, 45: 80-95

Anaerobic Bacilli in Infectious Diseases in Domesticated Animals in the Dutch East Indies. VII. Bacillus phlegmonis emphysematosae (Fraenkel) as a Normal Inhabitant of the Intestine in Healthy Horses. Ned.-Indisch. Blad. Diergeneesk, 44: 232-284

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Anaerobic Infections of Domestic Animals in the Dutch East Indies. XIX. Blackleg Filtrate and Formol Vaccine. Ned.-ind. Bl. Diergeneesk, 48: 263-270

Anaerobic Infections of Domestic Animals in the Dutch East Indies. XV. Formol Vaccine against Blackleg. Ned.-ind. El Diergeneesk, 47: 61-94

Anaerobic Infections of Domestic Animals in the Dutch East Indies. XVI. The Despatch of Material for Diagnosis. Anaerobe bacillen en de door hen veroorzaakte infecties bij de huisdieren in Nederlandsch-Indie. XVI. Over opzending van ziektemateriaal ter onderzoek op anaerobe bacillen en enkele voor Nederlandsch-Indie bijzondere gevallen van gasoedeem, 150-160

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