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Brown rot of peaches in transit and storage

, : Brown rot of peaches in transit and storage. Sci Agric [Ottawa] 19(7): 458-474

During 1933-1937, a study was made of the incidence of brown rot (Sclerotinia fructicola) (a) in variously treated packs of wrapped peaches of the vars. Rochester and Elberta shipped from St. Catharines, Ontario, to the Canadian West and to England, and (b) in duplicate lots held at St. Catharines. For either var., the later picks were more susceptible to rot than were the first picks of the season. In general, sprays of wettable sulphur which could be applied immediately before harvest gave more uniformly satisfactory control than those which had to be applied 2-3 weeks earlier. Dusting with S was also satisfactory except when rain intervened before harvest. Wastage from bruises and, to a lesser extent, from rots was reduced by careful handling. The incidence of rot usually increased when cooling of the fruit was delayed for 24 hrs. or more and was influenced more by conditions before, during and after harvest than by differences in varietal susceptibility. High humidity during transit and holding tended to reduce the effectiveness of fungicides. While S. fructicola was predominantly responsible for losses, Rhizopus nigricans also assumed importance in some cases.


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