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Cytological studies of forms 9, 21, and 27 of Puccinia graminis tritici on Khapli emmer

, : Cytological studies of forms 9, 21, and 27 of Puccinia graminis tritici on Khapli emmer. Jour Agric Res 32(8): 701-725

The physiologic forms or races of wheat stem rust are similar morphologically but differ physiologically. Khapli emmer is about equally resistant to races 9, 21, and 27, but cytologic study of the infections shows differences in the interaction of host and parasite. Some of these are differences of degree rather than of kind. The 3 differ as to the percentage of fungi which effect an entry into the host and the amount of damage done to the guard cells through which entry takes place. In all 3 races of the rust, the first mesophyll cells attacked by the fungus are killed outright, and in all 3, a gradual change takes place, by which invaded host cells survive longer and show to some extent the stimulated condition present in infections on susceptible hosts. This adjustment is slow in race 21, medium in race 9 and rapid in race 27. Haustoria expand partly in older infections. Damage to haustorium mother cells is extreme in race 9, slight in 21 and absent in 27. Race 27 shows the greatest vegetative development and the least reproductive activity of the 3. In all older infections the tissues directly invaded by the fungus are in better condition than the tissues surrounding the infection. The extent and character of the damage done beyond the limits of the fungus differ markedly in the 3 cases. No one race is extreme in all respects, each being strong in some, moderate in others and weak in still others. The net result nearly balances, and the 3 races produce about the same grade of infection on Khapli.


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