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Effects of the composition of the soil atmosphere on the absorption of water by plants

, : Effects of the composition of the soil atmosphere on the absorption of water by plants. Ohio State Univ Absts Of Doctoral Dissert 38: 97-103

Tomato, tobacco, sunflower, coleus, cotton, and corn were planted in sand in specially constructed containers. The gas mixtures used were: 1) compressed air to simulate well-aired soil; 2) 20% CO2, 20% O2, and 60% N2 to simulate a poorly aerated soil that has an abundance of O2; 3) N2, to provide a condition showing oxygen lack; 4) 20% CO2 and 80% N2 to provide excess CO2 and a lack in O2. The plants received approx. 2 1. per hr. The transpiration rates for 24-hr. periods were recorded for several days after the containers were gas- and watertight. Gas treatments were continued for 7-14 days. O2 deficiency resulted in decreased transpiration, in the death of the tomato, tobacco, and coleus roots, and in diminished root-hair development on the cotton, corn and sunflower. Excess CO2 with adequate O2 resulted in less change than in the above, the greatest effect being on the coleus, and measurable on tomato, tobacco, and cotton. Excess of CO2 with O2 lack produced results similar to those brought on by pure O2 lack. The coleus died, and the tomato suffered more severely.


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