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Mosaic of the Leaves of Sugar Beet.

, : Mosaic of the Leaves of Sugar Beet.. Mosaic Diseases of the Sugar Beet, Magazine of Articles, Kiev, Izd. S.S.U. Soyuzsakhara [Pub. Plant Breed. Dept. Sugar Union., 141-160

A section of this paper (pp. 152-155) deals briefly with the problem of vectors of mosaic disease of sugar-beet. The author believes that other insects, in addition to Aphis fabae, Scop., may transmit it. In western Ukraine in 1928 the percentage of the diseased beets in experimental plots steadily increased from the middle of July till the end of September, though A. fabae, which in the beginning of July infested 77 per cent. of the plants, disappeared at the end of the month.


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