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Studies on the Abortion Salmonellosis Among Horses. II. Experimental cases of the Abortion Salmonellosis.

, : Studies on the Abortion Salmonellosis Among Horses. II. Experimental cases of the Abortion Salmonellosis.. Jap. J. vet. sci, 3: 135-153

Artificial infection of 11 young uacastrated ponies, reared in a locality free from equine infectious anaemia, with fairly large amounts of a virulent strain of S. abortus-equi by various routes, produced the symptoms characteristic of natural cases of abortion salmonellosis, described by F. as pyrexia in the earlier and remittent fever in the later stages, conjunctival discoloration, arthritis, tumefaction of the withers and testicles with suppuration, and leucocytosis.


DOI: 10.1292/jvms1939.3.135

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