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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 13523

Chapter 13523 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Svalb'f's May Turnip. A Turnip variety specially adapted for cultivation areas where club root is destructive. Sverig. Utsudesforen. Tidskr, 48: 6, 471-476

Svalof Atlas flax-A new variety of linseed for Scania and neighbouring districts and Gotland. Sverig. Utsadesforen. Tidskr, 53: 403-04

Svalof Brage cocksfoot. Sverig. Utsadesforen. Tidskr, 44: 4-9

Svalof Engelbrekt oats II and Stormogul oats II. Sverig. Utsadesforen. T, 43: 231-50

Svalof Hero pea (01000). Sverig. Utsadesforen. Tidskr, 47: 12-14

Svalof Majrova. A turnip variety particularly suitable for cultivation where club root disease is rife. Sverig. Utsadesforen. Tidskr, 48: 471-6

Svalof Malm pea (Vrm 01020). A new variety of fodder pea for Varmland, Dalarne and neighbouring districts of Svealand and Norrland. Sverig. Utsadesforen. Tidskr, 51: 71-82

Svalof Mercury red clover. Sverig. Utsadesforen. Tidskr, 47: 15-9

Svalof Viking red fescue. Sverig. Utsadesforen. Tidskr, 46: 461-4

Svalof's Same oat 01341 : a new oat variety for northernmost Sweden. Svalofs Samehavre (01341). Ny havresort for nordligaste Sverige, Utsadesforen. Tidskr., 53: 48-50

Svalof's Fylgia spring wheat. A new, early ripening spring wheat variety for south and central Sweden. Sverig. Utsadesforen. T, 44: 61-67

Svalof's Gyllen wheat (01140). Sverig. Utsadesforen. Tidskr, 45: 131-41

Svalof's Maj turnip. A variety specially for districts ravaged by club root disease. Sverig. Utsadesforen. Tidskr, 48: 471-76

Svalof's Primus oat. (01463b). New, early ripening white oat with high yield and conspicuous quality. Sverig. Utsadesforen. Tidskr, 48: 465-70

Svalof's Same oats (01341). A new variety of oats for the most northerly parts of Sweden. Sverig. Utsadesforen. Tidskr, 51: 383-85

Svalof's Sirius oats (01210), a new, very early black oat variety. Sverig. Utsadesforen. Tidskr, 42: 161-67

Svalof's Skandia winter wheat (01090). Sverig. Utsadesforen. Tidskr, 45: 57-70

Svalof's Vidar oat-a new very early variety of white oat for Norrland. Sverig. Utsadesforen. Tidskr, 49: 397-400

Svalof's winter wheat Skandia II. (01090 b2). Sverig. Utsadesforen. Tidskr, 49: 157-60

Svalofs 01294. New variety of very early six-rowed barley for Norrland. Sverig. Utsadesforen. Tidskr, 40: 143-49

Svalofs Diamant spring wheat II. A new sort of the Diamant type but higher yielding and stiffer strawed with better baking quality. Sverig. Utsadesforen, Tidskr, 47: 439-49

Svalofs Goldenrain oats II. Sverig. Utsadesforen. Tidskr, 40: 9-11

Svalofs Malm pea (Vrm 01020). A new forage pea variety for Varmland, Dalarne and neighbouring districts of Svealand and Norrland. Sverig. Utsadesforen. Tidskr, 51: 71-82

Svalofs Regina spring rape. A new oil plant for the heavier soils of Scania and Gotland. Sverig. Utsadesforen. Tidskr, 51: 341-43

Svalofs Skandia wheat III. A new Skandia wheat with better winter-hardiness than Skandia II. Sverig. Utsadesforen. Tidskr, 54: 63-65

Svalofs Solhavre II (Vg 01534 a)-A new medium early, very stiff strawed white oat variety for southern and central Sweden. Sverig. Utsadesforen. Tidskr, 52: 370-81

Svalofs Ymer barley (Sv 40/13 b1). Sverig. Utsadesforen. Tidskr, 54: 237-39

Svalov's pearl wheat. Sverig. Utsadesforen. Tidskr, 48: 181-83

Svilusja smrkva (Telmnychus unuaguis) Jacobi. Ochrana Rostlin. Prague, 4: 2-3, 24-29

Svngamus laryngeus in man. Report cm three additional cases from Puerto Rico. Boletln de la Asociaclon Mddica de Puerto Rico, 35: 9, 331-333

Swamp Fever Research. Report of the Veterinary Director General, Canada, for the Year ending, March 31. Appendix 19, 116 p

Swamp Fever in Horses. North Dakota Agric. Expt. Sta. Agric. Coll, Bull. 146, 45 p

Swamp Fever in Wyoming. Economic Importance, General Characteristics and Control. Wyoming Agric. Expt. Sta., Laramie, Bull, 121, 51

Swamp development in Sierra Leone. Farm and Forest, 2: 113-117

Swamp lands. Development of Mowbray Swamp. Tasm. J. Agric, 14: 10-2

Swamp-pastures of the lower Waikato basin. N.Z.J. Agric, 51: 129-38

Swanley College. Pending amalgamation with Wye. Fruitgrower, 100: 49

Swanley District and Winter Moth. Bull. Chamb. Hortic, London, 1: pt. 3, 47-48

Sward injured by Paris green. Verslag Werkzaamh. Plantenziektenk. Dienst, 54

Swarm of Barypithes (Exomias) pellucidus, Boh., in Cambridgeshire, and notes on its food-plants. Entomologists. Mthly. Mag, London, 614, 218-219

Swarming Caterpillars of Northern Gujarat. Agric. Jl. India, Calcutta, 15: Part 2, 181-184

Swarming Years of May Beetles in Transylvania. Verh. siebenburg. Ver. Naturw, Hermannstadt, 78: 11-28

Swarming and pairing in the fungus-growing termite, Macrotermes natalensis (Haviland) (Isoptera: Macrotermitinae). African Entomology 15(1): 153-160

Swarming Of Anopheles. Science 52(1350): 468-469

Swarming of C. notata. 4. Wanderversamml. deuts. Ent. Kiel (11.-15, vi., Berlin, 70-76

Swarming of Coccinella. Zeits. fur Wissen. Insektenbiol, Berlin, Oct. 15th. 9: pt. 10, 311 p

Swarming of the Chalcidid, Pteromalus deplanatus, Nees, in Buildings. Entomologists' Mthly. Mag, London, 1v: 656, 13-16

Swarming of the Termite, Leucotermes lucifugus, Rossi. Bull. Soc. Etude Vulg. Zool. Agric, Bordeaux, November- 14: 11-12, 82-84

Swarms of Aphids. Jl. Econ. Entom, Concord, N.H., 12: 4, 351 p

Swarms of Aphids. Jl. Econ. Ent, Geneva, N.Y., 16: 4, 395 p

Swarms of Cotton Worm Moths visit Missouri. Jl. Econ. Entom, Concord, N. H., 12: 6, 467 p

Sway-Back in Lambs. Vet. Rec, 51: 785-786

Sway-back Studies in North Derbyshire. I.The Feeding of Copper to Pregnant Ewes in the Control of Swayback. J. comp. Path, 52: 259-265

Swayback Disease in Lambs : Investigations in North-West Derbyshire. J. R. agric. Soc, 100: Pt. III, 74-78

Swayback Studies in North Derbyshire. II. The Relationship of the Storage of Copper and Lead in Body Tissues to the Causation of Swayback. Vet. J, 96: 809-822

Swayback studies in north Derbyshire. 2. The relationship of the storage of copper and lead in the body tissues to the causation of swayback. Vet. J, 96: 309-322

Swayback: A Demyelinating Disease Of Lambs With Affinities To Schilder's Encephalitis And Its Prevention By Copper. Journal of Neurology and Psychiatry 2(4): 323-334

Swaziland Cotton Growing Proclamation, 1921. Capetown, September 9th. 63,

Swaziland, Ann. Med. and Sanitary Rep. for year ended 31st Dec., 1932. Swaziland, Ann. Med. and Sanitary Rep. for year ended 31st Dec. 1932. 3, 8

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Swaziland. Cotton Experiment Stations, Bremersdorp and Craydon. Progress Report for the season 1942-43. Progress reports from experiment stations. Season, Programmes of experiments. Season 1943-1944, Emp. Cott. Gr. Corp. Lond, 38-51

Swaziland. Cotton Experiment Stations, Bremersdorp and Croydon. Progress Report for the season 1937-38. Progress reports from experiment stations, season,. Emp. Cott. Gr. Corp. Lond. 1939., 60-65

Swaziland. Cotton Experiment Stations. Bremersdorp and Croydon. Progress report for the season 1940-41. Progress reports from experiment stations. Season, Programmes of experiments. Season 1941-1942, Emp. Cott. Gr. Corp. Lond., 65-72

Swaziland. Report on the Work of the Cotton Experi-ment Station, Bremersdorp, for the Season 1928-1927. Emp, Coti. Grg. Corp. Reps. Expt. Stas, London, 83-104

Swaziland. Report on the Work of the Cotton Experiment Station, Bremersdorp, for the Season 1927-1928. Reps. Expt. Stas., Emp. Cott. Grg. Corp. 28. London, 97-108

Swcharum-Eriantkus hybrids. Arch. Suikerind. Ned.-Ind, 7, 211-63

Sweat as a culture medium for fungi. New England Jour Med 230(2): 604-607

Sweating Sickness. Rhod. agric. J, 39: 236-240

Sweating Sickness in Calves (Preliminary Report). Union of S. Africa. Dept. of Agric., 9th & 10th Rep. Director Vet. Education & Research. April, 1923. 233-250

Sweating and the permeability of the human skin. Reports to the committee on the control of atmospheric conditions in hot and deep mines.. Trans. Inst. Min. Eng, 93: 18-36

Swede and turnip variety trials. Varieties resistant to finger-and-toe disease. Adv. Rep. Somerset Fm. Inst, 37-46

Swede rot. Dtsch, landw. pr, 64: 48, 588 p

Swede turnips in the feeding of milk cows. Riv. Zootec, 12: 406-410

Swede-cocksfoot-red clover association in Eotoma district. N.Z. J. Agric, 70: 249-51

Sweden : Civil Veterinary Report for 1937. Det civila veterinarvasendet ar av kungl. medicinalstyrelsen, Stockholm: P. A. Norstedt & Soner., v + 45,

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Sweden : Royal Proposition No. 152 to the Riksdag on State-Aided Campaign against Bovine TB. Skand. VetTidskr, 31: 255

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Sweden's Central Seed Council expresses its opinion on the absurdity of seed production of foreign strains of red clover in Sweden. Svensk Frotidn, 5: 19

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