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The Patho-genicity of the M. meluensis and B. abortus for the Rat and Mouse

, : The Patho-genicity of the M. meluensis and B. abortus for the Rat and Mouse. Bull. Soc. Path. Exot, June 11. 17: 6, 465-467

In connexion with a search for some animal which would serve as a means of distinguishing M. meluensis from B. abortus the authors have made bacteriological examinations of 80 grey rats caught in Tunis in a quarter containing some 3, 000 goats, of which 5 per cent. were infected with M. meluensis. Serum tests do not appear to have been carried out, but the spleen, glands, marrow and liver were used for seed material. In no case was a single colony of meluensis found.


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