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The effect of maternal dietary deficiency of vitamin A on dental tissues in rats

, : The effect of maternal dietary deficiency of vitamin A on dental tissues in rats. Jour Dental Res 20(5): 489-509

Thirty [female] rats were fed from the age of 3-4 wks. on a diet deficient in Vit. A for several different periods up to 34 wks. before exptl. breeding was begun. Many of these [female][female] produced young. 19 others, taken from the same litters, were reared on the same diet, plus a daily dose of mammalian liver oil as a source of Vit. A. These were allowed to breed at the same time as their vit. deficient litter-mates. The mother rats were killed as soon as the young were weaned, or earlier if their young did not survive. Their lower jaws were sectioned to provide an indication of their state of Vit. A deficiency from the appearance of their incisor teeth and molar gum tissue. Young from each litter were killed at different ages and their teeth examined for effects of the Vit. A deficiency. After the mothers had been on diet 15-19 wks. before the birth of their litters, their own teeth and those of their young showed abnormal structure. Longer periods on diet resulted in the dental tissues of both young and mothers being progressively more affected. The tissues of the young were always much worse than those of their mothers. After a period of more than 30 wks. on diet the young were stillborn; finally the [female][female] appeared to be sterile and death occurred after 39 wks. on diet. The teeth of the young were malformed at birth in those cases where the mothers had been on diet for periods longer than 25 wks. A smaller number of [female][female] (21) was given the same diet except that tocopherol acetate replaced wheat germ oil as a source of Vit. E. This reduced the length of life of the 11 Vit. A deficient [female][female] since the wheat germ oil had contained variable traces of Vit. A. The teeth of these mothers and those of their surviving young showed identical abnormalities.


DOI: 10.1177/00220345410200051401

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