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The incidence of trichinosis in humans in Toronto. Findings in 420 autopsies

, : The incidence of trichinosis in humans in Toronto. Findings in 420 autopsies. Canadian Public Health Journal, 32: 11, 569-573

The Baermann digestion method and microscopic examination of compressed muscle (diaphragm) were both used. 420 were examined, 300 from the Toronto Univ. Dept. of Pathology, and 120 from the Hospital for Sick Children. Among the latter were 2 from premature infants, 9 from children dying on the day of their birth and 66 others under 1 yr. old. Among the 300 from the Dept. of Pathology, 6 were found infected, 3 from [male][male] born in England, 3 from Canadian [female][female] 3 had live encysted larvae, 3 had calcified and degenerated larvae. 5 were diagnosed by both methods, 1 by the digestion method only. None of the subjects had shown any symptoms suggestive of trichiniasis. One only of the 120 from the Children's Hospital was positive, and that was from a 7-months-old fetus, and was positive with both methods. 4 live larvae were found in 6.5 gm. of muscle; the infection was recently transmitted from the mother who, however, presented no symptoms except a 7% eosino-philia. M. Hood and S. W. Olson, in a survey in Chicago in 1939, included diaphragms of 48 infants under 1 yr. of age, in Chicago and found 4 infected. Infant trichiniasis would almost certainly be reported more frequently if infants were examined; hitherto, as a rule they have been excluded from investigations. H. Roth in 1935 and 1936 exptally. infected pregnant guineapigs and found 9 of 22 fetuses positive. The number of cadavers examined is too small to draw any definite conclusions regarding the Canadian population in general. It may be that the regulations against the feeding of pigs on uncooked garbage play an important role.


DOI: 10.2307/41978206

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