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Transfer of Dodecatheon to Primula (Primulaceae)

, : Transfer of Dodecatheon to Primula (Primulaceae). Brittonia 59(1): 79-82

Phylogenies inferred from both chloroplast and nuclear DNA regions have placed the small genus Dodecatheon (the shooting stars; 17 spp.) among the descendants of the most recent common ancestor of Primula (the primroses; ca. 430 spp.). This is congruent with conclusions previously derived from morphology and cytology. We illustrate how failure to formalize this information in the circumscription of Primula might have impeded understanding of the evolution of distyly (as seen in Primula) and buzz-pollination (as seen in Dodecatheon). To avoid future confusion, we make new combinations for Dodecatheon in Primula, and erect Primula sect. Dodecatheon in Primula subgenus Auriculastrum for the taxa from Dodecatheon.


DOI: 10.1663/0007-196x(2007)59[79:todtpp];2

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