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A simplified method for typing Salmonella pullorum cultures

, : A simplified method for typing Salmonella pullorum cultures. Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association 127(941): 133-136

Antigenic differences between S. pullorum strains are dependant upon development of factors XII3 (standard, S type), XII2 (variant, V type), or combinations (intermediate, I type). Antigen made of standard strains may fail to disclose infection due to variants on the agglutination test. Two standard loops of 24 hours growth of pure, smooth S. pullorum are added to 0.5cc 85% NaCl-1% formalin to approximate 100 X No. 1 McFarland; 8cc 3.3% (NH4)2SO4 is added and the tube held in 55[degree]C water bath 5 minutes when it is read for cell flocculation. Most S strains reveal marked flocculation; I strains are usually without flocculation. In addition, the tubes are centrifuged 2400 revolutions per minute for 15 minutes and again read: S type is characterized by clear supernatant and cells packed in bottom of tube; I type by moderately clear supernatant with some sedimented cells; and V types, by markedly turbid supernatant fluid with some cells packed in the bottom of the tube.


PMID: 13242469

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