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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 13675

Chapter 13675 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Correlation of microbiological and chemical soil data with crop yields of the Jordan soil fertility plots. Soil Sci 67(4): 279-285

Correlation of nuclear and metabolic events during bacterial division. Genetics, 40: 569 p

Correlation of numbers of cutaneous BCG vaccination papules and subsequent tuberculin allergy and tuberculosis resistance in guinea pigs. American Review of Tuberculosis 60(5): 547-556

Correlation of optical coherence tomography pattern and visual recovery after vitrectomy with silicone oil for retinal detachment. Retina 26(8): 917-921

Correlation of phosphorus content of alfalfa with pH and forms of soil phosphorus. Soil Sci. Soc. Amer. Proc, 18: 64-67

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Correlation of quantitative characters in paddy. Pakist. J. Sci, 5: 142-44

Correlation of resistance to eight Pythium species in seedling corn. Phytopathology, 43: 476 p

Correlation of seedling and adult plant reaction to stem rust of wheat. Phytopathology, 43: 468 p

Correlation of seedling blight to stalk rot and nature of seedling resistance to Diplodia zeae. Phytopath 42(9): 473

Correlation of serum TNF-alpha levels and histologic liver injury scores in pediatric nonalcoholic fatty liver disease. American Journal of Clinical Pathology 127(6): 954-960

Correlation of soil moisture and cotton yields. Soil Sci. Soc. Amer. Proc, 18: 127-129

Correlation of soil test results with celery plant growth. Proc Amer Soc Hort Sci 52: 443-447

Correlation of soil tests for available phosphorus and potassium with crop yield responses to fertilization. Soil Sci Soc Amer Proc 17(3): 258-262

Correlation of sugar beet yields with chemical properties of a saline-alkali soil. Soil Sci 77(6): 443-451

Correlation of the cytotoxic activity of four different alkaloids, from Chelidonium majus (greater celandine), with their DNA intercalating properties and ability to induce breaks in the DNA of NK/Ly murine lymphoma cells. Central European Journal of Biology 1(1): 2-15

Correlation of the incidence of plant disease and temperature. Nat. agric. Chem. Ass. News. 10: 4, 6 p

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Correlation of ureteric length with anthropometric variables of surface body habitus. Bju International 99(5): 1119-1122

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Correlation studies in gram (Cicer arietinum). Pakistan J. Sci, 1: 104-09

Correlation studies of yield and other characteristics in rye poiycrosses. Sci. Agric, 30: 12-29

Correlational selection on lay date and life-history traits: experimental manipulations of territory and nest site quality. Evolution; International Journal of Organic Evolution 61(5): 1071-1083

Correlations among TypeA behavior pattern, self-esteem and stress responses of nursing students. Memoirs of Osaka Kyoiku University Series III Natural Science and Applied Science 55(2): 43-54

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Correlations and efficiency of a group of P, cinerariae-folium Preg. Bull. Inst. Agron. Gembloux., 15: 174-80

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Correlations between greenhouse results and the A value for assimilable phosphorus extracted from the soil by three different methods.. Agriculturatrop, 11: 925-928

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Correlations of development and growth between parts of a same plant (long-day type) kept in different photoperiodic conditions. Lavori di Botanica, Padova. 285-311

Correlations of development and growth between parts of one plant (long-day type) kept in different photoperiodie conditions. Lavori di Botanica, Padova, 285-311

Correlations of organ weights with body weight, body length and with other weights in the adult cat. Growth 11(1): 61-75

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Cortactin is an essential regulator of matrix metalloproteinase secretion and extracellular matrix degradation in invadopodia. Cancer Research 67(9): 4227-4235

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