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Euonymus verrucosus in the forests of Tartar A.S.S.R. and its utilization.

, : Euonymus verrucosus in the forests of Tartar A.S.S.R. and its utilization.. Sovetsk. Bot, 14: 5, 329-33

Euonymus verrucosus, the root bark of which is a source of gutta, is a shade-bearing shrub, up to 3 m. in height, usually found as underwood in Oak stands, but also capable of thriving under Spruce, Pine, Birch, Aspen and Lime stands on better soils. An inventory of stands of this species in the Tartar A.S.S.R., completed in 1942 showed that it was.present on 584, 400 ha. out of a total of 987, 700 ha. (93 per cent. of the forest area of the Republic) reckoned as suitable for its cultivation.


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