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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 13748

Chapter 13748 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Kenya. Annual report of the Department of Veterinary Services for 1950. 58 pp. Kenya. Annual report of the Department of Veterinary Services for 58 pp, Nairobi : Govt. Printer., Price: 3s

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Keratinocyte growth factor (KGF) enhances postnatal T-cell development via enhancements in proliferation and function of thymic epithelial cells. Blood 109(9): 3803-3811

Keratinocyte transcriptional regulation of the human c-Myc promoter occurs via a novel Lef/Tcf binding element distinct from neoplastic cells. Febs Letters 581(10): 1969-1976

Keratinocyte-specific expression of fatty acid transport protein 4 rescues the wrinkle-free phenotype in Slc27a4/Fatp4 mutant mice. Journal of Biological Chemistry 282(21): 15912-15920

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Kerda. E. Afr. agric. J, 14: 100

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Kermes of Oaks in the eastern basin of the Mediterranean.. Rev. Path. veg, 32: 3, 181-9

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Kernel smut of kaffir-corn. Fmg in S. Afr, 29: 343, 494; 502

Kernel smut oi Kaffircorn. Fmg in S. Afr, 29: 343, 494

Kerosene-one-two punch for cranberry insects, weeds. N.J. Agric, 37: 1, 10-11

Kerry cattle. J. Dep. Agric. Eire, 45: 105-112

Kersey White. A new strain of white clover. J. Minist. Agric, 55: 522-23

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Ketamine inhibits polymorphonuclear leucocyte CD11b expression and respiratory burst activity in endotoxemic rats. Inflammation Research 56(4): 149-153

Ketamine-related expression of glutamatergic postsynaptic density genes: possible implications in psychosis. Neuroscience Letters 416(1): 1-5

Ketocholanic acids as an adjunct in management of high fat diet allergies. American Journal of Digestive Diseases 22(11): 318-319

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Kew Bulletin. Kew Bulletin, 1, 48. Price: 2s. 6d

Key barriers for bioenergy in Europe: Economic conditions, know-how and institutional capacity, and supply chain co-ordination. Biomass and Bioenergy 31(7): 443-452

Key factors in back disability prevention: what influences the choice of priorities?. Spine 32(9): E281-E289

Key for classification of types of tropical soils.. An. Edafol Fisiol. veg, 13: 697-704

Key for distinguishing the sesame varieties cultivated in Venezuela. Agron. trop, Venezuela, 5: 45-49

Key for identification of the commoner diseases of young tea plants in nursery or field. Serial Tocklai. 92: 4

Key for identification of the commoner root diseases of tea. Serial Tocklai. 91: 9

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Key for the determination of injuries. Klic k urcovani skudcu lesnich a okrasnych stromu a keru evropske casti SSSR, Statni Zemedelske Nakladatelstvi,Prague, Czechoslovakia: 535. Price: Kcs 30,

Key for the determination of potato varieties by means of the light sprouts and the tubers. Key for the determination of potato varieties by means of the light sprouts and the tubers, 46 + aend. Price: 28.50 DM, bibl. 28

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Key to the species of Phytophthora recorded in the British Isles. Mycol. Pap. Commonw. Mycol. Inst, 57: 9. Price: 3s,

Key to varieties of field and vegetable crops under trial, observation and propagation. Jour Nation Inst Agric Bot : 1-31

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Keys to the common fleshy fungi. Keys to the common fleshy fungi, Minneapolis, Burgess Publishing Company, 45. Price: $1.50,

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Keys to the species of the genus Enaptorhinus Waterhouse (Coleoptera : Curculionidae : Entuminae : Tanymecini) with description of a new species from China. Coleopterists Bulletin 61(1): 127-134

Kgtests: a simple Excel Macro program to detect signatures of population expansion using microsatellites. Molecular Ecology Notes 7(3): 416-417

Khair (Catechu) industry. Indian For, 73: 6, 276-7

Khalilloossia ali-ibrahimi gen. et sp.n. (Trematoda-Paramphistomatoidea) from the black-winged stilt, Himantopas A. himantopus, with a note on the occurrence of paramphistomes in birds. Proceedings of the Egyptian Academy of Sciences, 4: 15

Khat. East African Agric Jour 13(2): 98-102

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Kiev peaches.. Sad i Ogorod (Fruit and Vegetable Gardens), 6, 18-21

Kif5B and Kifc1 interact and are required for motility and fission of early endocytic vesicles in mouse liver. Molecular Biology of the Cell 18(5): 1839-1849

Kigyok es gyikok ultrahangvizsgalata. Magyar Allatorvosok Lapja 129(5): 282-294

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Kilka uwag o dzialaniu poinsulinowych lekkich stanow niedocukrzenia w przebiegu wtosnicy. Polski Tygodnik Lekarski. Warsaw, 7: 11/12, 315-318

Kill clover seed weevils. Fmr and Stk-Breed, 35 p

Kill them with weedicid. Farmer. Bombay, 3: 55-6

Kill them with weedicides. Farmer. Bombay, 3: 55-6

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