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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 13757

Chapter 13757 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Material for a glossary of soil science.. An. Primeira Reun. Brasil. Cienc. Solo, 1947: 675-676

Material for seed plantations of pine and spruce in southern Sweden. Arsberatt. Foren. Vaxtforad. Skogstrad. 29-39

Material handling in the cannery. Fruit Prod. J, 25: 360-2

Material of oats, cooking peas and oil plants. Hereditas. Suppl, 56 p

Material of spring and winter wheat. Hereditas. Suppl, 57 p

Material of the 1950 expedition.. Trud. priklad. Bot. Genet. Selekc. (Bull. appl. Bot. Gen. PL-Breed.), 29: 1, 125-28

Material of the cross Phaseolus vulgaris x coccineus and reverse, of Pisum and barley. Hereditas. Suppl, 55-56

Material on Home Economics and its Teaching. Material on Home Economics and its Teaching, Rome, Italy, 152. Price: $0.50

Material removed by Jeffries' magnesium-ribbon -potassium-oxalate method for cleaning soil particles. Soil Sci, 75: 243-246

Materialist and post-materialist values and cannabis smoking among young adults: a population-based study in southern Sweden. Preventive Medicine 44(4): 363-368

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Materials for a rust-flora of Eastern Asia (1). J. Jap. Bot, 27: 4, 111-116

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Materials for purple mite control. Citrus Ind, 34: 11, 8; 13

Materials for removing taste effects in organoleptic tests. J. Home Econ, 39: 30-32

Materials for the Study of a Nidus of Tularaemia in a flooded Area. Materials for the Study of a Nidus of Tularaemia in a flooded Area, 83-89

Materials for the Systematics of Mites of the Genus Tyrophagus Ouds., 1923 (Tyroglyphidae, Acarina).. Dokl. Akad. Nauk SSSR. Moscow, 65: 3, 385-388

Materials for the Systematics of predacious Mites of the Genus Cheyletus Latr. (Cheyletidae, Acarina).. Dokl. Akad. Nauk SSSR. Moscow, 64: 4, 583-586

Materials for the construction of dairy equipment. Dtsch. Molkereiztg, 75: 17, 572-79

Materials for the history of soil microbiology. Part 2. First period: from the work of Kostychev to the researches of Vinogradsky.. Mikrobiologiya, 19: 459-471

Materials for the nutrition of Kolonocus altaica Pall, in the delta of the river Ili. Zool. Zh, 32: 539-548

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Materials for the studies of growth in stands. 1. Young stands of Japanese Red Pine (P. densiflora) of various density.. Bull. Tokyo Univ. For, 48, 65-90

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Materials handling in British dairies. Potential saving of man hours. Dairy Ind, 18: 10, 879-83

Materials of construction for chemical engineering. Industr. Engng Chem, 45: 10, 2171-2282

Materials on the problem of the genesis of solods.. Pedology, 227-239

Materials relating to the Biology of the Warble-Fly of Reindeer Oedemagena tarandi L. 2. Observations on Larirae of the second and third Instars.. Parazit. Sborn. Moscow, 15: 410-424

Materials relating to the Biology of the Warble-fly Oedemagena tarandi L. Observations on the Periods of embryonic Development and Mode of Life of the first-instar Larvae.. Parasit. Sborn, Moscow, 14: 95-102

Materials relating to the Investigation of the Breeding Places of Horseflies (Tabanidae) in the Environs of Voronezh.. Zool. Zh, Moscow, 28: pt. 6, 527-534

Materials relating to the Occurrence of Nidi of Brucellosis in Kazakhstan. Materials relating to the Occurrence of Nidi of Brucellosis in Kazakhstan, 157-166

Materials relating to the Spread and the Vectors of Haemorrhagic Fever in western Siberia. Materials relating to the Spread and the Vectors of Haemorrhagic Fever in western Siberia, 220-224

Materials suitable for use as grafting mastics. New Zealand Jour Sci And Technol Ser A 34(2): 179-185

Materials used as fertilizers. Amer Fertilizer 106(5): 7-9

Maternal Nanos represses hid/skl-dependent apoptosis to maintain the germ line in Drosophila embryos. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 104(18): 7455-7460

Maternal and foetal tissue- and plasma-lipids in normal and cholesterol-fed rabbits. Journal of Physiology 105(3): 236-254.2

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Maternal androgens in the pied flycatcher: timing of breeding and within-female consistency. Oecologia 151(4): 731-740

Maternal antibodies in breast milk protect the child from enterovirus infections. Pediatrics 119(5): 941-946

Maternal asthma and maternal smoking are associated with increased risk of bronchiolitis during infancy. Pediatrics 119(6): 1104-1112

Maternal death and the Millennium Development Goals. Danish Medical Bulletin 54(2): 167-169

Maternal deaths from coccidioidomycosis. Journal of the American Medical Association 140(14): 1152-1154

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Maternal diet and the influence of thiamine deficiency on Theiler's GD-VII encephalomyelitis in mice. Journal of Infectious Diseases 86(2): 202-204

Maternal effects and evolution at ecological time-scales. Functional ecology 21(3): 408-421

Maternal experience inhibits the production of immature neurons in the hippocampus during the postpartum period through elevations in adrenal steroids. Hippocampus 17(6): 434-442

Maternal flaxseed diet during pregnancy or lactation increases female rat offspring's susceptibility to carcinogen-induced mammary tumorigenesis. Reproductive Toxicology 23(3): 397-406

Maternal flu or fever, medication use, and neural tube defects: a population-based case-control study in Northern China. Birth Defects Research. Part A, Clinical and Molecular Teratology 79(4): 295-300

Maternal gene transcription in mouse oocytes: Genes implicated in oocyte maturation and fertilization. Journal of Reproduction and Development 53(2): 405-418

Maternal hepatitis B virus (HBV) DNA positivity and sexual intercourse are associated with HBV intrauterine transmission in China: a prospective case-control study. Journal of Gastroenterology and Hepatology 22(2): 165-170

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Maternal investment in reproduction and its consequences in leatherback turtles. Oecologia 152(1): 37-47

Maternal kidney stones during pregnancy and adverse birth outcomes, particularly congenital abnormalities in the offspring. Archives of Gynecology and Obstetrics 275(6): 481-487

Maternal malaria during pregnancy and infant mortality rate: critical literature review and a new analytical approach. Journal of Vector Borne Diseases 44(2): 98-104

Maternal methadone may cause arrhythmias in neonates. Acta Paediatrica 96(5): 768-769

Maternal nerve growth factor serum levels in the perinatal period. Journal of Reproductive Immunology 74(1-2): 170-173

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Maternal plasma as a source of iron for the fetal guinea pig. American Journal of Physiology 161(2): 202-211

Maternal plasma or human serum albumin in wash buffer enhances enrichment and ex vivo expansion of human umbilical cord blood CD34+ cells. British Journal of Haematology 137(5): 468-474

Maternal protein restriction permanently programs adipocyte growth and development in adult male rat offspring. Journal of Cellular Biochemistry 101(2): 381-388

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Maternal serum transformed alpha-fetoprotein levels in women with intrauterine growth retardation. Fetal Diagnosis and Therapy 22(4): 294-298

Maternal social stress during pregnancy alters immune function and immune cell numbers in adult male Long-Evans rat offspring during stressful life-events. Journal of Neuroimmunology 185(1-2): 95-102

Maternal sulfate utilized by mammalian embryos and suckling young. Archives of Biochemistry 28(1): 142-144

Maternal tobacco smoking and decreased leukocytes, including dendritic cells, in neonates. Pediatric Research 61(4): 462-466

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Maternal vitamin B12 deficiency and nucleic acid content of tissues from infant rats. Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine. Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine 88(3): 463-466

Matgrass heaths of the Mittelgebirge. Origin, location, value and improvement.. Z. Acker- u. PfIBau, 93: 400-443

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Mathematical methods of statistics. Mathematical methods of statistics 575p

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Mathematical model of the antibody response to hepatitis B vaccines: implications for reduced schedules. Vaccine 25(18): 3705-3712

Mathematical model of thermal conditions in little souslik (Spermophilus pygmaeus Pallas, 1778) burrows. Byulleten' Moskovskogo Obshchestva Ispytatelei Prirody Otdel Biologicheskii 111(Part 5): 87-90

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Mathematical modeling of leachates from ash ponds of thermal power plants. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment 130(1-3): 173-185

Mathematical modeling of selective photothermolysis to aid the treatment of vascular malformations and hemangioma with pulsed dye laser. Lasers in Medical Science 22(2): 111-118

Mathematical modelling of 4-chlorophenol inhibition on COD and 4-chlorophenol removals in an activated sludge unit. Journal of Hazardous Materials 143(1-2): 233-239

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