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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 13811

Chapter 13811 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Relation of aerobic bacterial flora to the consistency of the feces. J. Dairy Sci, 31: 8, 673-74

Relation of age of dams to their reproductive ability and to the egg production and viability of their daughters. Poultry Sci 34(4): 891-896

Relation of age of parents to mortality and sex ratio of chicks at eight weeks. Poultry Sci 31(5): 792-795

Relation of age to physiological responses of the older boy (10-17 years) to exercise. Journal of Applied Physiology 1(10): 683-709

Relation of air temperature and virus concentration to mosaic resistance in cabbage. Phytopath 42(2): 83-88

Relation of air temperature, soil temperature, photoperiod, and light intensity to the concentration of cucumber virus 1 in spinach. Phytopath 42(6): 306-310

Relation of all-night light to egg quality in turkeys. Poultry Sci 30(4): 546-548

Relation of amino acid imbalance to niacin-trytophane deficiency in growing rats. J. Biol. Chem, 166: 531-540

Relation of amount of semen used in artificial insemination of turkeys to fertility. N Dakota Agric Expt Sta Bimo Bull 8(6): 8-9

Relation of animal husbandry to human nutritional needs. Proc. Nutrit. Soc, Camb., 5: 24-28

Relation of ascorbic acid nutrition to the in vitro metabolism of cortisone by surviving liver tissue. Endocrinology 53(4): 441-446

Relation of ascorbic acid to effectiveness of iron therapy in children. American Journal of Diseases of Children 71: 593-600

Relation of bacteriophage pattern to some biological properties of staphylococci. Journal of General Microbiology 9(1): 97-100

Relation of biotin to congenital deformities in the chick. Anatomical Record 100(1): 29-48

Relation of birds and mammals to trees and shrubs, with particular reference to seeds as food.. Lesn. Knihovna (velka Rada). 125-66

Relation of birth weight to physical development in childhood. Lancet 2(6579): 598-603

Relation of blood supply and blood reserve to parturition and lactation in Thoroughbred mares.. Proc. XVth Int. vet. Congr, Stockholm, 2: Pt. 1, 751-755

Relation of body water content to body build in a group of healthy men. Journal of Applied Physiology 4(5): 364-367

Relation of brucellosis and multiple sclerosis. Journal of the American Medical Association 143(17): 1470-1473

Relation of bruising and other factors to blue mold decay of Delicious apples. Circ. U.S. Dep. Agric, 935: 15. bibl. 14

Relation of bunch grass forage cover to growth of Pine reproduction. Rep. Sthwest. For. Range. Exp. Sta, 24-5

Relation of butterfat test to returns and costs, cow accounts, New York cost account farms. Fm Econ, N.Y., 157, 4060-4065

Relation of calcium and potassium accumulation in citrus as influenced by rootstock and salinity of irrigation water. Proc Amer Soc Hort Sci 63: 49-52

Relation of calcium nutrition to the incidence of blossom-end rot in tomatoes. Proc Amer Soc Hort Sci 61: 346-352

Relation of calcium, phosphorus and protein deficiencies in the immature rat to defects in growth and skeletal development of the mature aninal. Florida Agric. Exp. Stat. Bull, 569, 36,

Relation of Carbon Dioxide, Oxygen and Low Temperature to the Injury and Cytogenetic Effects of X-Rays in Barley. Genetics 39(6): 943-953

Relation of carotene to mineral metabolism.. Rep. Fac. Animal Husb., Hung. Univ. Agric. Sci, 1: 10, 3-15

Relation of certain environal factors to initiation and development of the white rust disease of spinach. Phytopath 42(8): 448-452

Relation of certain vegetative characteristics of Stipa spartea to survival from defoliation. Butler Univ. Bot. Stud, 11: 1-7, 60-70. bibl. 11

Relation of changes in carbohydrate metabolism to psychotic states. Archives of Neurology and Psychiatry 61(5): 569-576

Relation of chemical properties of soils near Midland, Douglas County, Kansas to (a) yield of rye harvested at jointing stage, (b) accumulation of protein in rye leaves harvested at jointing stage. Food Res, 11: 121-126, 127-136

Relation of chemical structure to activity of iodine compounds against the developmental stages of horse strongyles. Exptl Parasitol 2(2): 163-169

Relation of chemical structure to fungistatic activity. Jour Invest Dermatol 20(3): 177-184

Relation of chemical weed control in potatoes to other production factors. Proc. N.E. States Weed Control Conf, New York, 175-9

Relation of Chlorogenic Acid to Scab Resistance in Potatoes. Science 115(2997): 627-629

Relation of chlorosis to concentration of iron in citrus leaves. Amer Jour Bot 42(2): 101-104

Relation of choline oxidase activity to dietary fatty livers. American Journal of Physiology 174(2): 199-202

Relation of colloidal hydrous oxides to the high cation-exchange capacity of some tropical soils of the Cook Islands. Soil Sci 74(3): 197-205

Relation of color-inhibiting factor to smudge resistance in Onion. J. agric. Res, 72: 7, 259-264

Relation of concentration of some organic substances to spore germination and dosage response. Phytopath 40(4): 326-332

Relation of content of spreading factors in bull semen to fertility. Bull. Acad. vet. Fr, 25: 161-165

Relation of copper-containing fungicides to the ascorbic acid and copper content of tomato juice. Bull New York State [geneva] Agric Expt Sta 725: 1-18

Relation of corn and alfalfa silage to the quality of cheese and its carotene and vitamin A content. Jour Dairy Sci 29(3): 157-162

Relation of corn products to the requirement of the rat for dietary nicotinic acid. J. Nutrition. 33: 169-175

Relation of crude fiber and dry matter contents to appearance and water loss of snap beans. Proc Amer Soc Hort Sci 60: 363-366

Relation of cultural practices to winter wheat production, Southern Great Plains Field Station, Woodward, Okla. Circ. 917. U.S. Dep. Agric, 54

Relation of dental caries experience and gingivitis to geographic location and size of community in males 17 to 21 years old (at the Great Lakes Naval Training Center). Journal of Dental Research 31(3): 313-318

Relation of depression to coronary endothelial function. American Journal of Cardiology 99(8): 1134-1136

Relation of diet to diverticulosis of the colon in rats. Gastroenterology 12(1): 108-115

Relation of dietary fat level to fatty livers in several strains of mice. Journal of the National Cancer Institute 15(3): 429-432

Relation of dietary fat to the absorption and elimination of exogenous and endogenous cholesterol. American Journal of Physiology 183(1): 86-90

Relation of dietary protein levels to pancreatic damage in the rat. Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine. Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine 85(2): 314-317

Relation of dietary protein levels to reproduction in the rat. Journal of Nutrition 51(1): 71-84

Relation of different gases to the soaking injury of seeds. Contr Boyce Thompson Inst 16(2): 55-71

Relation of different gases to the soaking injury of seeds. II. Contr Boyce Thompson Inst 17(1): 7-34

Relation of different numbers of bacterio-phage and bacteria to population changes and acid production. J. Dairy Sci, 34: 9, 894-904

Relation of diurnal variation in water content of leaves and of tillering nodes of wheat to variation in their water-holding capacity. C. R. (Doklady) Acad. Sci. URSS, 52: 817-20

Relation of droplet size to toxicity in residual-type DDT-oil sprays. J. econ. Ent, 41: 974-976

Relation of dry matter content to storage quality in some onion varieties and hybrids. Proc. Amer. Soc. Hort. Sci, 55: 314-18

Relation of dry texture in Deglet Noor dates to high spring temperature. Rept Date Growers Inst 31: 4-5

Relation of emergence and growth of upland rice to physical properties of soil in fields tilled by different implements and machinery.. Hokkaido nat. agric. Exp. Sta. Res. Bull, 65, 9-16

Relation of endocrine gland weight to body weight in growing and mature female dairy goats. Res. Bull. Miss agric. Exp. Sta, 427, 322

Relation of environment and position of ear to kernel row number in corn. Agron Jour 44(8): 430-433

Relation of environmental factors to bacterial wilt of tomato. Phytopath 39(11): 936-946

Relation of fall protection to earthworm populations and soil physical conditions. Soil Sci Soc Amer Proc 12: 508-511, 1947( )

Relation of fat and protein intake to fatty changes, fibrosis and necrosis of the liver. Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine. Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine 70(2): 202-207

Relation of fat deficiency symptoms to the polyunsaturated fatty acid content of the tissues of the mature rat. Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine. Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine 71(4): 694-696

Relation of fatigue to pH and bacterial contamination of meat. Ann. Inst. Pasteur, 75: 139-146

Relation of feed, labor, and other costs to butterfat test. J. Fm Econ, 30: 3, 566-73

Relation of feeding stuffs to the rearing of calves. Proc. Conf.metabolic Disorders, Brit. Vet. Ass. Publ, 23, 127-131

Relation of fertilizer to quality and yield of flue-cured tobacco. Better Crops With Plant Food 38(8): 17-20

Relation of fertilizer treatment to fruit quality of Valencia oranges. Proc Florida State Hort Soc 64: 29-35

Relation of fiber level in mash and grain to gain and economy of Broad Breasted Bronze turkeys. Poultry Sci, 33: 434-435

Relation of folic acid and vitamin A to incidence of hydrocephalus in infant rats. Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine. Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine 69(2): 272-275

Relation of food intake to growth-depressing action of natural and artificial estrogens. American Journal of Physiology 159(2): 281-286

Relation of frequency of collection to amount of semen obtained from turkey males. Poultry Sci 34(3): 634-639

Relation of frost action to the clay-mineral composition of soil materials. Highway Res. Bd. Spec. Rept, 2: 167-172

Relation of function to caries rate. Journal of Dental Research 31(2): 200-204

Relation of glycogen, phosphorylase, and ground substance to calcification of bone. A.M.A. Archives of Pathology 55(6): 496-502

Relation of grazing to runoff and erosion on bunch-grass ranges. Relation of grazing to runoff and erosion on bunch-grass ranges, Res. Notes 7, 2

Relation of growth and fruiting in grapefruit. Punjab Fruit J, 15: 50, 15

Relation of growth stage and season to toxicity of 2,4,5-T PGBE. Res. Progr. Rep. 13th West. Weed Control Conf, 47-8

Relation of growth to fruiting in citrus. Proc Amer Soc Hort Sci 50: 151-160

Relation of hardness to compressive strength of wood (Report 1).. Bull. For. Exp. Sta. Meguro, Tokyo. 78, 149-74

Relation of hookworm infestation with duodenal ulcer. Journal of the Indian Medical Association 25(14): 548-551

Relation of host nutrition to the concentration of turnip virus 1 in Nicotiana glutinosa L. and N. multivalvis L. Phytopath 42(9): 477

Relation of human and bovine brucellosis in Minnesota. Public Health Reports 64(33): 1044-1051

Relation of hydrogen-ion concentration of nutrient solution to Phytophthora root rot of avocado seedlings. Phytopath 44(11): 611-614

Relation of iodine to the goitrogenic properties of soybeans. Journal of Nutrition 38(2): 115-129

Relation of irrigation practice to the differentiation and development of apricot flower buds. Bot Gaz 114(1): 95-102

Relation of kernel, cob, and ear moisture in dent corn. Ext. Bull. 399. Purdue agric. Exp. Sta, 11

Relation of laboratory ED50 to field performance of fungicides. Phytopath 42: 113

Relation of leafhopper nymphs to the western X-disease virus. Jour Econ Ent 48(5): 588-590

Relation of left ventricular ejection period to the Q-T interval of the electrocardiogram. American Journal of Physiology 175(2): 185-190

Relation of lesions of the tongue in children to niacin deficiency. American Journal of Diseases of Children 74(6): 657-668

Relation of lifestyle to bone mass in college women. Memoirs of Osaka Kyoiku University Series III Natural Science and Applied Science 55(2): 35-42

Relation of lipid metabolism to migration in birds; seasonal variation in body lipids of the migratory white-throated sparrow. Physiological Zoology 24(3): 216-230

Relation of lipide and salt-water fluorescence values to palatability. Indust. Eng, Chem, 38: 1082-1084

Relation of liver glycogen to blood sugar regulation with a discussion of insulin action. Klin. Wochenschr, 47. 24/25: 337-341

Relation of logging injuries to decay and degrade following partial cutting in northern hardwoods. Diss. Abstr, 15: 8, 1285-1286

Relation of lymphocytic infiltration of inflammatory origin to angiogenesis. A.M.A. Archives of Pathology 49(3): 247-266

Relation of management to the let-down of milk. J. Dairy Sci, 31: 694

Relation of manganese to the carotene and vitamin contents of growing crop plants. Soil Sci 72(4): 303-313

Relation of market grade to germination of treated or untreated seed of Wheat, Oats, and Barley. Proc. Canad. phytopath. Soc, 19: 17 p

Relation of maturity and curing of peppermint hay to yield and composition of oil. J. agric. Food Chem, 3: 1033-8. bibl. 18

Relation of maximum grip strength to grip strength endurance. Journal of Applied Physiology 2(12): 663-670

Relation of metabolism of nicotinic acid to metabolism of sulphur-containing amino acids. Biohimija. 20: 140-145

Relation of mid-morning feeding to behavior of nursery school children. Journal of the American Dietetic Association 26(1): 25-29

Relation of mineral content of summer milk to mineral content of pasture herbage. (Ohio Agric. Exp. Stat. Res. Circular No. 13). Relation of mineral content of summer milk to mineral content of pasture herbage, Ohio Agric. Exp. Stat., 16

Relation of moisture tension to heat transfer and electrical resistance in plaster of paris blocks. Soil Sci 61(5): 411-422

Relation of morphological structure and development to seed coat rupture in beans (Phaseolus vulgaris L.). Proc. Amer. Soc. hort. Sci, 63: 333-41. bibl. 5

Relation of mothers' diets to status of their infants at birth and in infancy. Amer. J. Obstet. GynecoL. 54: 994-1003

Relation of nitrogen supply to the molybdenum requirement of tomato plants grown in sand culture. Nature. Lond, 174: 186-187

Relation of nitrogen to calcium in the culture solution. Philipp. Agriculturist. 39: 10, 582-94

Relation of nitrogen to growth and sporulation of Fusarium vasinfectum Atk. Proc Indian Acad Sci Sect B 37(4): 149-157

Relation of nitrogen used to citrus production. Citrus Indust 27(7): 6-7

Relation of nitrogen, potassium, and magnesium fertilization to some fruit qualities of Valencia orange. Proc. Amer. Soc. Hort. Sci, 59: 1-12

Relation of nutrients consumed to production of dairy cows. Proc. 28th Ann. Meeting West. Div. Amer. Dairy Sci. Ass, 27-34

Relation of nutritional deficiency in man to antibody production. Journal of Immunology 64(5): 397-410

Relation of obesity to the function of the thyroid gland, especially as indicated by the protein-bound iodine concentration in the plasma. Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism 8(3): 257-261

Relation of omega-3 Fatty Acid intake to other dietary factors known to reduce coronary heart disease risk. American Journal of Cardiology 99(9): 1230-1233

Relation of organic food reserves to cold hardiness of Ladino clover. Agron Jour 44(6): 318-325

Relation of oxidation-reduction potential, respiration, and catalase activity to induction of reproductive development in sugar beets. Bot Gas 110(3): 438-449

Relation of pH and soil type to toxicity of copper to Citrus seedlings. Proc. Fla hort. Soc, 66, 73-80

Relation of pH and soil type to toxicity of copper to citrus seedlings. Proc Florida State Hort Soc 66: 73-80

Relation of pantothenic acid to adrenal function.. Rend. Ist. Super. Sanita, Rome. 18: 1278-1294

Relation of pantothenic acid to white blood cell response of rats following stress. Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine. Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine 71(3): 368-371

Relation of parent material and environment to the clay minerals in Iowa soils. Soil Sci 61(6): 465-475

Relation of particle size to inhalation therapy with micropulverized penicillin preparations. Annals of Western Medicine and Surgery 4(8): 383-390

Relation of penicillin sensitivity in staphylococci to clinical manifestations of infection. Lancet, 260: 309-312

Relation of peptones and other culture media ingredients to the accuracy of fermentation tests. American Journal of Public Health and the Nation's Health 40(10): 1267-1272

Relation of percolation rates through saturated soil cores to volume of pores drained in 15 and 30 minutes under 60 cm. tension. Proc. Soil Sci. Soc. Amer., 1950. 14: 359-361

Relation of photoperiod to inflorescence proliferation in Zea mays L. Amer Jour Bot 38(1): 38-47

Relation of plant nutrition to disease development. VIII. Verticillium wilt of tomato. Amer Jour Bot 41(9): 760-762

Relation of plant species inoculated to efficiency of aphids in the transmission of Brassica nigra virus. Phytopath 41(10): 908-910

Relation of plants of the herb layer in mixed Oak woods to certain soil fertility factors.. Dokl. Akad. Nauk SSSR. 97: 2, 333-5

Relation of plasma cells to change in serum protein in experimental trypanosomiasis. Z. Tropenmed. Parasit, 2: 497-507

Relation of polymorphisms in five genes to long-term aortocoronary saphenous vein graft patency. American Journal of Cardiology 99(8): 1087-1089

Relation Of Polyphenol Oxidases To Fungitoxicity. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 40(3): 139-145

Relation of potash and phosphate to cold injury of Moore pecans. Better Crops With Plant Food 38(1): 17-18

Relation of potato varieties to incidence of physiological internal tuber necrosis. Amer Potato Jour 26(12): 427-431

Relation of price to food selection. Journal of the American Dietetic Association 26(10): 769-770

Relation of production records on cows to efficient management of the dairy farm. J. Dairy Sci, 34: 7, 706-11

Relation of protein and fat intake to growth and corneal vascularization in galactoflavin-produced ariboflavinosis. Journal of Nutrition 52(3): 467-482

Relation of protein nutrition to the healing of experimental wounds. Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine. Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine 77(2): 302-305

Relation of prune dwarf to sour-cherry yellows. Phytopathology. 41: 27

Relation of pteroylglutamic acid and vitamin B1. Functional and anatomical aspects of vitamin B1 deprivation with different supplements of folic acid. Acta vitaminol. 6: 10-15

Relation of rainfall and temperatures to the incidence of Sclerotinia sclerotiorum in vegetables in south Florida during the years 1944 to 1054. Plant Dis. Reptr. 39: 6, 470-472

Relation of rainfall to occurrence of apple scab and sooty blotch. Phytopathology, 44: 495

Relation of rainfall to time of development of potato late blight in the field and to the importance of tuber rot in storage. Plant Dis Reporter 34(1): 15-18

Relation of rate of gastric evacuation to time of onset of gastric hunger contractions. Journal of Applied Physiology 1(9): 637-642

Relation of research in forest pathology to the management of second growth forests. I. Poria weirii root rot, an important disease affecting immature stands of Douglas Fir. B.C. Lumberm, 31: 2, 66

Relation of research in forest pathology to the management of second growth trees. I. Poria weirii root rot, an important disease affecting immature stands of Douglas Fir. B.C. Lutnberm, 5

Relation of Respiratory and Enzymatic Activity to Corn Seed Viability. Plant Physiology 30(4): 337-343

Relation of retinal stimulation to oestrus in the ferret. Journal of Physiology 113(4): 425-433

Relation of riparian buffer strips to in-stream habitat, macroinvertebrates and fish in a small Iowa stream. Journal of the Iowa Academy of Science 113(1-2): 49-55

Relation of scurvy to glucose tolerance test, liver glycogen, and insulin content of pancreas of guinea pigs. Journal of Biological Chemistry 168(1): 207-211

Relation of seed germination to soil moisture tension. Agron Jour 44(3): 107-109

Relation of seed processing and of conditions during storage on seed germination. Proc. int. Seed Testing Ass, 16: 214-27. bibl. 9

Relation of seed size to germination and early growth of mangosteen. Proc. Amer. Soc. Hort. Sci, 48: 298-302

Relation of several formation variables to properties of phenolic-resin-bonded wood-waste hardboards. Rep. U.S. For. Prod. Lab., Madison. R1786, 6

Relation of site differences dependent on fertilizers and soil to Peach aphid colonization and progeny quality in the Potato. Z. Acker- u. PflBau. 93: 3, 347-358

Relation of size of corn-belt farms to efficiency of production, soil conservation, faim population, amounts of products produced and value of products sold. Illinois Fm E con, 155, 658-63

Relation of size of turkeys to (1) economy of production, (2) edible meat in carcass, (3) weights of parts of carcass. (Univ. Nevada Agric. Exp. Stat. Bull. No. 180). Relation of size of turkeys to (1) economy of production, (2) edible meat in carcass, (3) weights of parts of carcass, Univ. Nevada Agric. Exp. Stat., 14

Relation of size of turkeys to economy of production, edible meat in carcass, and -weights of parts of carcass. Bull. Nev. agric. Exp. Sta, 180, 14

Relation of sodium chloride depletion to urine excretion and water intoxication. American Journal of the Medical Sciences 221(4): 412-416

Relation of sodium uptake to that of potassium by the sugar beet. Jour Agron 45(9): 444-447

Relation of soft rot development to protective barriers in Irish potato slices. Phytopath 45(12): 649-654

Relation of soil and fertilizer potassium to dry matter content and yield of potatoes. Soil Sci 75(6): 449-458

Relation of soil bulk density to moisture content as it affects soil moisture records. Sth. For. Exp. Sta. occ. Pap, 135: 12-2

Relation of soil fumigation, nematodes, and inoculation technique to big vein disease of lettuce. Phytopath 38(8): 612-627

Relation of soil moisture and nutrient concentration to the development of bean powdery mildew. Phytopath 37(1): 24-25

Relation of soil moisture to yields of irrigated sugar-cane. Soils Feri. Taiwan, 51-52

Relation of soil pH in salt solutions to exchangeable sodium percentages. Ar. Mex. agric. Exp. Sta. Res. Rep, 5: 26

Relation of soil properties to site index of Loblolly and Shortleaf Pines in the Piedmont region of the Carolinas, Georgia and Alabama. J. For, 51: 10, 739-44

Relation of soil reaction to toxicity and persistence of some herbicides in greenhouse plots. U S Dept Agric Tech Bull 911: 1-31

Relation of soil type and composition to the occurrence of nutritional anemia in cattle. Soil Sci 62(5): 383-392

Relation of soils and forest growth in the driftless area of southwestern Wisconsin. Ecology 29(2): 173-180

Relation of soils, rainfall and grazing management to vegetation, Western Edwards Plateau of Texas. Bull. 786 Texas agric. Exp. Sta, 22. bibl. 23

Relation of source of hormone, dosage, and stage of cycle to superovulation in heifers. J. Anim. Sci, 7: 545-546

Relation of southern bean mosaic to black root. Phytopathology. 41: 5

Relation of specific chemotherapeutants to the infection court. Phytopathology, 41: 1, 6-7

Relation of specific gravity to body build in a group of healthy men. Journal of Applied Physiology 3(11): 676-680

Relation of sperm morphology to genotypically controlled variations in fertility. Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine. Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine 78(3): 845-848

Relation of stage of cycle and source of luteinizing hormone to superovulation in dairy cattle. Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine. Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine 79(3): 396-400

Relation of staking and pruning to the incidence of blossom-end rot of tomatoes. Plant Dis Reporter 38(10): 721-722

Relation of sugar cane growth to soil moisture tension. Bien. Rep. Hawaii agric. Exp. Stat. 50. 1951. 129-31

Relation of take of vine rootstock cuttings to original position on vine. Ann. Sper. agrar, 2, 383-95. bibl. 7

Relation of temperature and time of day of pollination to seed set in oat crossing. Agron Jour 43(10): 498-499

Relation of temperature to moisture tension of soil. Soil Sci 79(4): 257-265

Relation of temperature to persistence of Strawberry yellows virus complex in Strawberry aphid. Plant Dis. Reptr. 36: 8, 311-312

Relation of temperature to reproduction in sugar beets. Jour Agric Res 72(2): 49-68

Relation of temperature to the activity of solanacearum phage a.. Ann. phytopath. Soc. Japan. 16: 34 p

Relation of the Lactobacillus bulgaricus factor pantathenic acid and coenzyme A. Arch. Biochem, 27: 473-475

Relation of the Lactobacillus bulgaricus factor to pantothenic acid and coenzyme A. Archives of Biochemistry 27(2): 471-473

Relation of the black rot pathogen to cabbage seed. Phytopath 42(6): 316-320

Relation of the butterfat to protein content and its significance in practice. Milchwiss. Berichte. Wolfpassing, 1, 1-33

Relation of the essen. tial oils of Coronopus didymus to the taintingof butter. Nature. Lond., 167: 733-734

Relation of the gestation period with the sex of calf and its live weight at birth in the Sindhi breed of cows. Poona Agric. Coll. Mag, 40: 4, 12-17

Relation of the incubation period and the secondary immune response to lasting immunity to infectious diseases. Journal of Immunology 70(4): 421-425

Relation of the let-down reflex to the ability to breast feed. Pediatrics 5(4): 726-733

Relation of the mating interval to the occurrence of superfetation in the mink. Acta Zool [stockholm] 32(2): 255-258

Relation of the sex-linked gene sl for rapid chick feathering and age at sexual maturity in Rhode Island Red pullets. Poultry Sci 30(4): 625

Relation of the sex-linked rapid feathering gene to chick growth and mortality. Poultry Sci 31(1): 65-68

Relation of the temperature of separation and the heat treatment given the skim milk to the keeping quality of spray dried ice cream mix. Jour Dairy Sci 29(6): 371-379

Relation of thiamine to reproduction in the rat. Journal of Nutrition 55(1): 151-163

Relation of thyroid status to nitrogen excretion following exposure to thermal radiation. Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine. Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine 84(1): 152-154

Relation of time of cutting to rate of decay of Beech, Birch, and Spruce under natural storage conditions. Phytopathology. 39: 1, 9

Relation of time of girdling to ripening of fruit of Red Malaga and Ribier grapes. Proc Amer Sci Hort Sci 65: 183-186

Relation of time of harvest to size, firmness and chemical composition of fruit of the sour cherry (Prunas cerasus). Proc. Amer. Soc. hort. Sci, 62: 267-71. bibl. 9

Relation of tree size to production rates when cutting Pine pulpwood with a chain saw. Res. Note Stheast. For. Exp. Sta, 28, 2

Relation of tree-stump diameter to diameter breast high. Sta. Note Ntheast. For. Exp. Sta, 1, 3

Relation of tryptophan and lysine to egg production, hatchability and composition of the protein of hens' eggs. Poultry Sci 29(6): 793-803

Relation of tryptophan and niacin to pyridine nucleotides of tissue. Journal of Biological Chemistry 187(2): 597-604

Relation of type and age of wound to infection by Endoconidiophora fagacearum Bretz. Plant Dis Reporter 38(4): 290-292

Relation of urinary xanthopterin to protein metabolism. Hoppe-Seylers Ztschr, 286: 79-95

Relation of variety and locality to niacin, thiamine, and riboflavin content of dried beans grown in three years. Food Research 15(4): 308-312

Relation of various fungi to otomycosis. Archives of Otolaryngology 46(3): 361-374

Relation of virus N to the virus of fowl plague. Berl. Munch. tierarztl. Wschr, 6, 101-105

Relation of visual color rating to chlorophyll contents of snap bean pods. Proc Amer Soc Hort Sci 66: 339-344

Relation of vitamin A intake to plasma and liver vitamin A content. Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics 39(1): 243-244

Relation of vitamin B12 to the growth factor present in cow manure. Journal of Biological Chemistry 176(3): 1477-1477

Relation of vitamin E to acute physiological stress. Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine. Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine 78(1): 188-191

Relation of vitamins and hormones to liver glycogen. Effect of vitamin K and deoxycorticosterone on the glycogen content of rat liver and post-mortem glycogenolysis. Internat. Ztschr. Vitaminforsch, 23: 129-141

Relation of water supply to xylem discoloration of potato tubers caused by vine killing. Amer Potato Jour 29(5): 113-121

Relation Of Water To The Germination Of Bean Seeds. Plant Physiology 24(3): 540-545

Relation of water-soluble boron in Illinois soils to boron content of alfalfa. Soil Sci 75(1): 31-36

Relation of weather factors to nectarflow in honey production. Tech. Bull. Kans. agric. Exp. Stat, 74: 27. bibl. 26

Relation of witchweed (S triga) to fertility in tropical soils . Nature. Lond, 172: 128

Relation of wool type of ewes and breed of rams to lamb and wool production. Bull. Wyo. Agric. Exp. Sta, 296, 28

Relation of wound periderm in gladiolus corms to penetration by Fusarium oxysporum f. gladioli. Phytopathology, 43: 425-31. bibl. 10

Relational analysis of CpG islands methylation and gene expression in human lymphomas using possibilistic C-means clustering and modified cluster fuzzy density. Ieee/Acm Transactions on Computational Biology and Bioinformatics 4(2): 176-189

Relations between PM10 composition and cell toxicity: a multivariate and graphical approach. Chemosphere 67(6): 1218-1228

Relations between adrenal cortex and gonads. Arztl. Wschr, 7: 578-583

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