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Genetical control of the anaphylactoid reaction in rats

, : Genetical control of the anaphylactoid reaction in rats. Genetical Res 4(3): 346-355

A recessive autosomal gene, dx, preventing the anaphylactoid reaction has been discovered in a stock of Wistar albino rats from the Agricultural Research Council, Compton. Segregation occurred in the F2 generation derived from crossing pure-bred reactor rats and pure-bred non-reactor rats. Non-reactivity was outbred into non-albino stocks and was shown to segregate independently of the albino gene c and not to be closely linked to the color genes, P and A. The mutation from dx may have arisen a few years ago in one of the Wistar colonies before it was split into sub-lines. The dx gene is fixed in several brother-sister mated sub-lines and appears to be in equilibrium with Dx in some less inbred closed-populations.


DOI: 10.1017/S0016672300003748

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