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Insect pests and diseases

, : Insect pests and diseases. Rep. Dir. Agric. Brit. Guiana, British Guiana, 32,

Blast (Piricularia oryzae) was controlled by 2 or 3 applications of verdasan, an organo-mercury fungicide, at rates of 2 Ib in 20 gal applied at 8-10 gal/ac. Solubea poecila was controlled by dusting with agrocide 7 (2.6% gamma -BHC). In 1959 Laphygma frugiperda attacking maturing plants of rice in the field was effectively controlled by spraying with dieldrin or chlordane (rates not given). The principal rice var. grown in British Guiana, No. 79, was resistant to hoja blanca.


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