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Observations on the complexometric determination of calcium and magnesium in soil by means of EDTA.

, : Observations on the complexometric determination of calcium and magnesium in soil by means of EDTA.. Soil Sci. & Plant Nutr, 7: 82

After extracting with In KC1 and adding O.ln NaOH, Ca is determined by means of 0.01 n EDTA (pH 12) using murexide (murexide: K2SO4= 1: 30) and triethanolamine. In determining the sum of Ca and Mg, Fe and Mn are precipitated with freshly prepared (NH4)2S and if necessary filtered off. As the solution contains (NH4)2S, Eriochrome black T is resistant to oxidative decomposition by ferric-Fe or Mn and a sharp colour change from wine-red to blue marks the end point.


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