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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 14151

Chapter 14151 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Preliminary studies on wildlife leptospirosis in a microenvironment. Wildl. Dis, 32, 16

Preliminary studies on yellow leaf disease with trace elements and fertilisers. Arecanut J, 12: 14-15. bibl. 4

Preliminary studies on yellow-leaf of oats in Georgia. 1. An aphid transmissible virus. Pl. Dis. Reptr, 42: 11, 1229-36. bibl. 7

Preliminary studies regarding the effect of cultural methods on the incidence of sugarcane smut in the Punjab. Indian J. Sugarcane Res, 5: 34-7. bibl. 9

Preliminary studies regarding the optimum protein level of milk replacers. J. Dairy Sci, 42: 5, 919

Preliminary studies relating to the effect of maturity and storage treatments upon the quality of cantaloupes. Proc. Fla St. hort. Soc. 1956. 68: 185-8. bibl. 1

Preliminary studies using Kuron as an aquatic herbicide. Proc. 12th annu. Meet. Northeast. Weed Control Conf, 332-337

Preliminary studies with C14 labeled herbicide in an aquatic environment. Proc. 16th Southern Weed Conf, 379,

Preliminary studies with DBCP cotton seed treatment for controlling the root-knot nematode. Plant Dis Reporter 44(7): 484-486

Preliminary studies with Ectoral for control of ectoparasites in small animals. Allied Vet, 31: 69-72

Preliminary studies with snails on chemotaxis and chemotactic agents. Journal of Parasitology. 46: 5, Sect. 2, 31

Preliminary study in associating Panicum purpurascens with legumes. Agric. trop., Bogota, 16: 7, 450-5. bibl. 9

Preliminary study of European pine shoot moth parasitism in lower Michigan. Jour Econ Ent 52(4): 768-769

Preliminary study of L. taurica in the South of France. Ann. Epiphyt, 14: 4, 355-369

Preliminary study of Mongolian cattle in the Chapei district. Acta vet. zootech. sinica, 2: 2, 187-96

Preliminary study of altitude zones in the Buberuka region. (Republic of Rwanda, Ruhengeri Prefecture). Bull. INEAC. 11: 165-83

Preliminary study of an electronic method of counting and sizing bull spermatozoa. Journal of Reproduction and Fertility 4: 189-194

Preliminary study of an intradermal test in the diagnosis of trichinelliasis.. Chiengmai Medical Bulletin. 3: 2, 61-67

Preliminary study of chronic bovine haematuria. Veterinarija, Moscow. 36: 1, 62-64

Preliminary study of four antibiotics to control fungi on germination tests of Merion Kentucky blue-grass seed. Proc. Ass. off. Seed Anal. N. Amer, 50: 1, 141-3. bibl. 4

Preliminary study of growth losses in Minnesota Jack Pine following defoliation by the budworm. minn. For. Note. 74, 2

Preliminary study of in vitro budding of N. glauca, N. suaveolens and their hybrid. Bull. Soc. bot. Fr, 110: 361-66

Preliminary study of interactions among useful microorganisms isolated from Soppressata Molisana. Industrie Alimentari 46(470): 633-636

Preliminary study of new methods of controlling ink disease in Chestnuts.. Publ. Serv. Flor. Aquic. Portugal. 26: 1/2, 279-86

Preliminary study of offflavours in milk.. Meieri-posten. 28, 29 and 30, 24

Preliminary study of oxidative metabolism in the dog hookworm. Journal of Parasitology, 47: 4, Sect. 2, 19

Preliminary study of pairing in S. pyralis under laboratory conditions. Bol. Not. Inst. Fom

Preliminary study of the bionomics of H. micacea. Ann. ent. Soc. Quebec, Quebec, 8: 111-120

Preliminary study of the cation exchange capacity of Eucalypt roots.. Pubbl. Cent. Sper. Agric. For., Roma. Rome, 4: 247-58

Preliminary study of the effect of methane sulphonate of isonicotinic acid hydrazide in fattening crossbred zebu bullocks.. An. cientif., Lima. 1: 5-8

Preliminary study of the effect of urea in feeding dairy cows. Bodenkultur. 9: 65-71

Preliminary study of the effects of diquat on the natural bottom fauna and plankton in two subtropical ponds. Proc. S.E. Assn Game and Fish Comm, 13. bibl. 16

Preliminary study of the factors affecting tensile strength of structural lumber. U S Dept Agric Forest Serv 2251: 1-20

Preliminary study of the fire-holding capacity of tobacco leaves of different varieties and types. Philipp. J. Agric, 20: 35-42

Preliminary study of the genetics of housefly (Musca domestica) resistance to malathion. J. econ. Eut, Menasha, Wis., 54: 1, 40-45

Preliminary study of the high-altitude zones in the Buberuka region (Republic of Rwanda, Prefecture of Ruhengeri).. Bull. Inf. I.N. E.A.C, 11: 1-3, 165-83

Preliminary study of the insects attacking Carthamus oxyacantha (Compositae) in Pakistan. Tech. Bull. Commonw. Inst. biol. Contr, Farnham Royal, Bucks., 3, 111-116

Preliminary study of the lactation curve in Criollo cattle. Agronomia trap, 13: 2, 63-81

Preliminary study of the mechanical properties of the species Azadirachta indica (Neem), coming from the Falcon State-Venezuela. Revista Forestal Venezolana 48(2): 47-54

Preliminary study of the mechanisms of milk ejection from the mammary gland of goats and ewes.. Arch. Sci. physiol. 14: 1, 35-96

Preliminary study of the microflora of rennet paste.. Riv. d. Latte. 15: 6, 1-10

Preliminary study of the natural seasoning of wood in Gabon.. Bois For. Trop, 57, 49-53

Preliminary study of the stabilization of sands of the Pasamayo highland by planting Tillandsia.. Inf. Estac. agric. La Molina, 370, 1-9

Preliminary study of volume % in natural forests at Dailen in the Little Hingan Mts.. For. Sci., Peking. 2, 172-88

Preliminary study on Chinese Rutaceae (2).. Acta phytotax. sinica, 7: 4, 329-55

Preliminary study on Melampsora rust on poplars in Shanghai. Journal of Nanjing Forestry University Natural Sciences Edition 30(3): 121-124

Preliminary study on Mongolian gerbil as an animal model for experimental infection of Taenia saginata. Chinese Journal of Zoonoses 23(6): 595-597, 624

Preliminary study on Nyssa species introduction in eastern plain of China. Forest Research 20(2): 198-203

Preliminary study on anti-oxidative capability of soybean minor peptides. Journal of Chinese Medicine Research 7(3): 196-198

Preliminary study on demand for labour in animal husbandry. Rev. de l'Agr, Bruxelles, Mars. 13: 3, 267-288

Preliminary study on felling and consumption of home-grown timber in.. Ned. Bosb. Tijdschr, 33: 3, 56-67

Preliminary study on hairy root occurrence of peony induced by Agrobacterium rhizogenes. Forest Research, Beijing 20(2): 292-295

Preliminary study on mulching young coffee in Brazil. Publ. IBEC Res. Inst, 12: 47. bibl. 47

Preliminary study on root pruning in coffee nurseries. Bol. tec. Minist. Agric. Ganaderia, C.R, 42: 14

Preliminary study on sand stabilization in the hills of Pasamayo (Peru) by planting Tillandsia sp. Inf. mens. Esta. exp. agric. La Molina. 32: 370, 1-9

Preliminary study on the behaviour and control of Indian desert gerbil (Meriones hurrianae Jerdon). Indian For, 88: 4, 297-304

Preliminary study on the development of the Pine caterpillar, Dendrolimus punctatus Walker, under different conditions of injury of the host plant.. Acta Entomologica Sinica, Peking. 8: 4, 327-34

Preliminary study on the effect of an auxin and an antiauxin on ammonium nitrogen toxicity of citrus roots. Spec. Rep. Univ. Calif, Los Angeles, 1, 146-9. bibl. 3

Preliminary study on the effect of time and method of placement of fertilizers on yield of raya (Brassica juncea COSS). Indian Oilseeds J, 1: 5, 335-8. bibl. 5

Preliminary study on the effects of boiling on shrinkage of one-inch thick Apitong wood. Philipp. J. For, publ. 1957. 12: 1/2, 39-55

Preliminary study on the growth and survival of underground root-pruned Mahogany (Swietenia macrophylla King) and Ipil (Intsia bijuga Colebr., O. Ktze.) seedlings. in field planting. Occ. Pap. Bur. For. Philippines. 11, 4

Preliminary study on the growth of Benguet Pine (Pinus insularis Endl.) in plantations. Philipp. J. For, publ. 1959. 13: 1/2, 1-40

Preliminary study on the incidence of ' shrivelling of the tips ' or ' die-back ' in some varieties of Coffee (C. arabica). Ceres, Minas Gerais. 10: 59, 413-421

Preliminary study on the incidence of die back in some varieties of coffee (C. arabica L.). Ceres, Minas Gerais, 10: 413-21

Preliminary study on the introduction of Populus euphratica on saline soil of the coastal region of N. China.. Sci. Silvae, Peking. 8: 3, 248-55

Preliminary study on the life history of the oil pine caterpillar (Dendrolimus spectabilis Butl.) in Shantung Province.. Acta ent. sin, Peking, 9: 4, 316-324

Preliminary study on the seed of Teak.. Bull. Taiwan For. Res. Inst, 59, 10

Preliminary study on the spraying of trace elements on potatoes in Sinkiang Province.. Soil Bull. China, 5, 54-55

Preliminary study on the systemic and endotherapeutic action of the manganese salt of 2-pyridinethione 1-oxide. Phytiatrie-Phytopharm. 7: 4, 107-115

Preliminary study on the use of different supplementary mixtures containing active substances for growing pigs. Ernahrungsforschung. 3: 130-133

Preliminary study on the use of indicators, chromic oxide and lignin, for estimating apparent digestibility in rabbits. Rev. Fac. Med. vet., Sao Paulo. 6: 85-95

Preliminary study on the use of sodium propionate with animal fat in dairy cattle rations. Proc. W. Div. Amer. Dairy Sci, Ass, 5

Preliminary study on the varietal resistance of standing cane to pineapple disease and the influence of the disease on juice quality. Madras agric. J, 47: 8-15. bibl. 5

Preliminary study on the wheat populations grown in the Near East. Ann. Amelior. Pl., Paris, 7: 1, 19-59. bibl. 8

Preliminary study on varietal resistance of standing Cane to Pineapple disease and the influence of the disease on the juice quality. Madras agric. J, 47: 1, 8-15

Preliminary study on white heart rot of Picea spp. in the Hsiao-chin. For. Sci., Peking. 2, 132-49

Preliminary study on willingness to pay for environmentally certified wood products among consumers in Malaysia. Journal of Applied Sciences 7(9): 1339-1342

Preliminary survey for insect pathogenic fungi in Greenland. Bulletin OILB/SROP 30(1): 117-118

Preliminary survey of American species of the genus Vitis. Ann. Amelior. Pl, 36: 437-38

Preliminary survey of brucellosis in alpacas. Rev. Fac. Med. vet, Lima, 12: 130-134

Preliminary survey of filariasis in Shantung Province. Chinese Medical Journal. Peking, 78: 2, 178-179

Preliminary survey of leptospirosis in domestic animals on Taiwan. Mem. Coll. Agric, Taiwan Univ., 7: 2, 123-130

Preliminary survey of parasites of dogs in Upper Nile Province. Sudan Journal of Veterinary Science and Animal Husbandry, 3: 2, 109-117

Preliminary survey of the incidence of avian PPLO (Mycoplasmagallinarum) in an area in Australia. Aust vet. J, 37: 221-224

Preliminary survey of the incidence of filariasis in dogs in Kandy district. Ceylon Veterinary Journal. 4: 1, 22-24

Preliminary surveys of the use of lupin straw after treatment with DNOC.. Saat- u. Pflanzgut, 12, 1-3. bibl. 4

Preliminary surveys on the diagnosis of the tea plant by foliar analysis.. Study of Tea. 19, 85-93. bibl. 2

Preliminary taste panel studies on the detection of biacetyl in Cottage cheese. J. Dairy Sci, 46: 6, 616

Preliminary test for the measurement of the allogamy rate by radioactive tracer technique on millet, P. typhoides Hub. et Stapf. Ann. Centre Rech, agron. Bambey -61. 20, 137-39

Preliminary test for the study of the efficacy of fungicides against Oidium of cereals. Parasitica. 12: 3, 74-86

Preliminary test of phlebotomus surveillance by light-traps. Zhongguo Ji Sheng Chong Xue Yu Ji Sheng Chong Bing Za Zhi 25(2): 160, 1 P Following 160-160, 1 P Following 160

Preliminary test of harvesting snap beans with a mechanical picker. Veg. Crop Ser. Univ. Calif, 93: 8

Preliminary test of some insecticides in the control of sugarcane borers. Philipp. Sugar Inst. Quart, 9: 1, 10-20. bibl. 3

Preliminary testing of four new acaricides against the two-spotted spider mite, Tetranychus telarius complex on cotton. Agric. Res. Rev, Cairo, 38: 1, 96-100. bibl. 4

Preliminary tests for chemical control of eyespot (Cercosporella herpotrichoides).. Meded. LandbHogesch. Gent, 26: 3, 1262-1273

Preliminary tests for summer control of chicory flies. Meded. LandbHogesch. Gent. 24: 994-1004

Preliminary tests in a study of soft wheat resistance to mildew E. graminis DC). The technique developed for testing seedlings in the greenhouse. Ann. Amelior. Pl, 11: 375-77

Preliminary tests of ammonia pellets for control of fungal decay of packaged cranberries. Plant Dis Reporter 41(7): 564-566

Preliminary tests of an insecticidal lacquer containing malathion. Pest Technol, London, 2: 5, 98-99

Preliminary tests of fungicidal action of stannic triphenylacetate. Not. Mal. Piante, 42, 33-42

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Preliminary tests of the influence of foliar nutrition on yield and quality of tomatoes. Biul Warzyw, 4: 71-9. bibl. 8

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Preliminary tests on control of Verticillium wilt in mint by means of non-copper preparations. Not. Mal. Piante, 43/44, 236-9

Preliminary tests on packaging dried cheese.. Zpravy Vyzkumneho ustavu pro mleko a vejce, Praha. 7/8, 99-111

Preliminary tests on the biological control of Cydia funebrana by the introduction of the egg-parasite T. cacoeciae. Zeszyt. Prob. Postepow Nauk rain, Warsaw, 35, 167-175

Preliminary tests on the chemical control of Wheat black rust (P. graminis f.sp. tritici) with nickel salts. Boll. Staz. Pat. veg. Roma. Ser. 3. 19: 2, 125-132

Preliminary tests on the comparison of DDT and malathion thermal aerosol formulations against Aedes sollicitans (Walker). Proc. N. J. Mosq. Ext. Ass, New Brunswick, N. J., 47: 114-116

Preliminary tests on the control of Corticium solani, cause of a collar rot of Artichoke in Sardinia. Notiz. Malatt. Piante, 57, 49-58

Preliminary tests on the control of Rhizoctonia solani, the causal agent of globe artichoke collar rot in Sardinia. Not. Mal Piante, 57, 49-58. bibl. 7

Preliminary tests on the control of nematodes and other soil parasites by Crag Mylone 85 W Carbide and comparisons in various plots with D-D and Vapam. Ann. Sper. agrar, 14: 6, Suppl, xxi-cv. bibl. 49

Preliminary tests on the inter-generic cross between Gossypium and Hibiscus- a conspicuous increase in the length of the lint.. Nung-yeh-hsueh Pao/ Act. agric. sinica. 7: 89-92

Preliminary tests on the occurrence of physiological races of wheat bunt (T. tritici. Prakt. Bl. PflBau, 53: 215-17

Preliminary tests on the possibility of controlling the potato beetle (L. decemlineata) in its hibernation sites with aldrin. Biul. Inst. Ochr. Rosl, Poznan, 13, 81-91

Preliminary tests on the use of Mycostatin for control of Gloeosporium musarum. Not. Mal Piante, 43/44, 242-4 p. bibl. 3

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Preliminary tests with DDVP vapor for the control of Culex pipiens quinquefasciatus in catch basins. Mosquito News 23(2): 69-74

Preliminary tests with three additional materials as defoliants for nursery stock. Proc. 12th annu. Mtg N.E. Weed Control Conf, 133-7

Preliminary testsof phenanthroline-dione and diethylcarbamazine in sheep and cattle with mixedFasciola and Dicrocoelium infestation. Bull. Soc. Sei. vet, Lyon, 62: 231-239

Preliminary tobacco eelworm investigations, Uganda, 1952-1954. Rec. Invest. Uganda Dep. Agric. 54. 1956. 4: 73-87. bibl. 5

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Preliminary treatment of wood in relation to quality and yield of dioxan-lignin.. Z. prikl. Him, 32: 613-6

Preliminary trial comparing ladino and red clover pastures for fattening young cattle. Agricultura y Ganaderia, Chile. 5: 20, 16-17

Preliminary trial in controlling the pod weevil (5. tuberculatus) on sword bean. Ceres, Minas Gerais. 10: 58, 317-23. bibl. 5

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Preliminary trial of grafting in Pinus roxburghii. Indian For, 89: 7, 478-80

Preliminary trial on tapping Blue Pine (Pinus wallichiana A. B. Jackson) for resin in the Kashmir Valley. Indian For, 85: 10, 581-4

Preliminary trial on the chemical control of weeds in Pennisetum purpureum. F.A.O. Work. Party on Pasture and Fodder Devel. in Trop. Amer., 1st Meet., Maracay, Venezuela, 25 Sept.-3 Oct, 8

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Preliminary trial on the use of three triazine derivatives to control weeds pre-em. of spring peas.. Notiz. Malattie Piante. 67: 43-50. bibl. 4

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Preliminary trials for controlling the citrus eel-worm in established orchards with dibromo-chloropropane (DBCP).. Bulletin. National and University Institute of Agriculture, Rehovot. 353, 10

Preliminary trials for the control of crown gall.. Inf.fitopat, 12: 142-4

Preliminary trials for treatment of verminous bronchitis of sheep and camels in Egypt. Journal of the Arab Veterinary Medical Association. 22: 3, 207-216

Preliminary trials in Israel in the vegetative propagation of E. rostrata and P. halepensis.. Rev. for. argent, 5: 2, 43-6

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Preliminary trials in refeeding malnourished infants with leaf protein concentrates. (Nat. Aad. Sci.-Nat. Res. Counc., Washington, D.C., Publ. No. 843). Preliminary trials in refeeding malnourished infants with leaf protein concentrates, Nat. Aad. Sci.-Nat. Res. Counc., Washington, D.C

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Preliminary trials in the prevention of bovine foot and mouth disease by the injection of lactoglobulin antibodies.. C. R. Acad. Sci, Paris, 253: 23, 2785-87

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