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Some recent work on transplantation antigens

, : Some recent work on transplantation antigens. Biologica 31: 7-14

A description of certain characteristics of genes and antigens of histocompatibility, in tissue transplants of the rat, particularly those belonging to the H-2 system is given. Attention is called to the characteristic complexity of some antigen systems and it is postulated that this is a general property of the genes which determine them, and that in this way the tissues reach a considerable degree of antigenic individuality with a relatively low number of genes of histocompatibility. Different tissues possess different quantities of these antigens and some, like the cerebrum, testicle, and muscles possess none. H-2 antigens of certain strains of rats are not present in the newly born. They begin to appear after 2 or 3 days and reach the adult concentration about the first week. Comparing the H-2 antigens in homogenized preparation of various rat organs, suspended in water or saline solutions, it has been shown that the supernatants of the material centrifuged from the spleen, in contrast with those from the other organs, contained appreciable quantities of H-2 antigens. There were no differences in these antigens in the remains of the spleen, liver of lymphatic ganglia. All the antigens of the sediment, like those of the supernatant, had the same specificity. These discoveries, perhaps, explain the differences in the primary response of circulating anti H-2 antibodies, induced by the spleen and lyophilized liver. The significance of these findings is discussed in relation to various problems of general immunology and especially to the theory of immunological recognition of the "foreign".


PMID: 13907997

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