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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 14266

Chapter 14266 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

The problem of breed formation in sheep.. Trud. nauc.-issled. Inst. Zivotn. UzSSR, 10, 251-279

The problem of breeding a red African violet. S African Jour Sci 59(2): 55-58

The problem of breeding forest trees for immunity from diseases and pests.. Les. Hoz. (Forestry), 2, 28-31

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The problem of choosing cotton varieties for recommendation.. Hlopkovodstvo (Cotton Growing). 11, 62-63

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The problem of co-operative farming in India. The problem of co-operative farming in India, Bombay: Asia Publishing House, 140. Price: Rs. 6.50,

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The problem of coffee leaf miners arises once again. Rev. cafet, Guatemala, 28, 9-13

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The problem of compensating for transient retardation of growth in the young animal, with special reference to arrears of growth in lambs. Arch. Tierzucht. 2: 91-102

The problem of converting non-winter-hardy varieties into winter-hardy forms.. Agrobiologija (Agrobiology). 4, 504-11

The problem of coppice with standards in Eastern France from the point of view of pulpwood production.. Rev. for. franc, 9: 2, 106-12

The problem of cork taint in cork stoppers and the process for their elimination/reduction. Silva Lusitana 14(1): 101-111

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The problem of deep impregnation of Spruce and Silver Fir poles.. Drevo. 11: 9, 231-4

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The problem of detecting superior genotypes in the phenotype of mother trees. The problem of detecting superior genotypes in the phenotype of mother trees. New Zealand Forest Service,Wellington, New Zealand: 33

The problem of detergency and disinfection as a preventive means of avoiding milk and udder infections.. Kieler Milchwirtschaft. ForschBerichte. 14: 2; 3, 65-81; 211-28

The problem of determining germinability of Wheat and Eye seed infected by Fusarium. Saatgut-Wirtsch, 6: 164-165

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The problem of doubling the yield will be solved.. Selekcija i Semenovodstvo (Breeding & Seed-growing). 26: 5, 9-11

The problem of drought resistance in fruit trees.. Sadovodstvo (Horticulture). 12, 21-24

The problem of earliness in breeding spring wheats in the Celinnyj territory.. Kazah. SSR Gylym Akad. Habarlary (News Acad. Sci. Kazah SSR), 1, 5-16

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The problem of electroculture. Biull Nauch Inform Tsentr L V Michurina Genet Lab Imeni (5/6): 72-79

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The problem of establishing the dosage of glucocorticoidsfor the treatment of diseased cows with keto-sis. med. Ass, 130: 293-295

The problem of evaluating reduced haemoglobin concentration during pregnancy. Folia haematol., Frankfurt a.M, 1: 339-357

The problem of evaluating the output of agricultural products per hectare. Statisticky Obzor. Praha, 8, 345-350

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The problem of fat and atherosclerosis.. Med. Ernahrung. 4: 73-74

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The problem of fertility and yielding ability of autotetraploids of the genus Lycopersicon Mill. Zuchter, 30: 6-11

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The problem of fertilizing witloof-chicory.. Ann. Gembl, 66: 111-120

The problem of fertir rigation of meadows.. Z. Acker- u. PflBau, 117: 181

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