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The response of sweet corn to foliar and soil zinc applications on a zinc deficient soil

, : The response of sweet corn to foliar and soil zinc applications on a zinc deficient soil. Proc Amer Soc Hort Sci 70: 308-315

An unknown nutritional deficiency of sweet corn was identified by use of foliar Zn sprays to be due to lack of Zn in soil. Previously un-reported deficiency symptoms included abortion of anthers and slow silk emergence from the husk. Greenhouse studies indicated that ZnSO4 sprays corrected deficiency both in deficient soil and deficient nutrient solutions. Soil applications of ZnSO4, ZnEDTA, and ZnO indi-cated 5 lbs Zn/Ac to be insufficient while 25 lbs/A was ample for correction. Tissue analysis showed that Zn from EDTA was absorbed more readily than that from ZnO or ZnSO4. Data indicated that ZnSO4 was apparently fixed in unavailable form.


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