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The results of an agrobiological study with the cucumber.

, : The results of an agrobiological study with the cucumber.. Sborn. Trud. Volgograd. opyt. Sta. vses. nauc.-issled. Inst. Rasten. (Rep. Wk. Volgograd exp. Sta. All-Un. sci.-res. Inst. PL Industr.). 3, 107

Descriptions are given of forms suitable for direct introduction or having breeding value which were found in the Institute of Plant Industry collection totalling 147 varieties and eleven heterotic hybrids. These include two varieties originating from China, distinguished by their earliness and resistance to Erysiphe cichovaceavum and one variety each from Czechoslovakia, France and the USA which have good flavour and outyield the standard Rjabcik 15/1.


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