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Trees and bushes in wood and hedgerow

, : Trees and bushes in wood and hedgerow. Trees and bushes in wood and hedgerow (Translated by C H R Hillman, adapted by H L Edlin ) 224p Illus

The aim of Trees and Bushes in Wood and Hedgerow is to describe the appearance and character of all the wild trees and shrubs found in Britain's open countryside. This is a practical handbook for the country lover and forester alike, an indispensable guide to British woodland and hedgerow species. The close similarity between Britain's flora and that of Scandinavia has made it possible for this outstanding Danish book to be adapted to suit British conditions. Botanists visiting northern Europe will also find that it contains most of the species of tree and shrub that they are likely to find in the field. The book is conveniently divided for easy reference. From the illustrated keys a tree or bush may be simply identified by its leaves or related character. A note on the keys explains their use for beginners. The 96 pages of lifelike colored plates set new standards for both botanical illustration and color reproduction. Depicting 120 different trees and shrubs in some 440 separate sketches they show the form of the whole tree, the smaller details that interest the botanist and aid identification. Each of the species described has a reference number. The main text consists of descriptions of trees and bushes. A section is devoted to each of 127 species. It contains notes on nomenclature, botanical description, biology, habitat, utilization, and distribution. The book also includes accounts of wood structure, tree nutrition, forestry development, tree breeding, and many other useful items.


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