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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 14294

Chapter 14294 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Value of large doses of copper as growth stimulant in fattening pigs. Rev. Agric., Brussels. 13: 1021-1033

Value of linseed meal in dairy rations. Jour Dairy Sci 46(8): 825-829

Value of magnesium thermophosphate as phosphorus fertilizer in tobacco cultivation. Rolnictwo. 1, 119-32

Value of maize and sorghum silages in fattening young bulls.. Stocarstvo. 17: 294-301

Value of maize cobs for fattening young cattle.. Vet. Glasnik. 17: 1031-1040

Value of maize distiller's wet grains in feeding dairy cows. Arh. poljopriv. Nauke. 13: 39, 108-118

Value of maize distillers' residues in the feeding of dairy cows.. Arh. poljopr. Nauk, 13: 39, 108-18

Value of maize gluten feed as a protein supplement in feeding dairy cows. Arh. poljopriv. Nauke. 13: 42, 3-11

Value of maize silages made with N.P.N additives, urea, ammonium sulphate and ammonia solution.. Rocz. Nauk rol. [B

Value of manganese zinc sprays. Calif. Citrogr, 46: 415-17

Value of milk ring test in dairies.. Vet. casopis. 5: 4, 297-305

Value of milk substitutes compared with whole milk for rearing young calves.. Arch. poljopriv. Nauke. 16: 53, 40-55

Value of oat pasture for dairy cattle. Bull. Fla agric. Exp. Sta, 584: 20

Value of oestrogenic hormones and progesterone for fattening of steers.. Turrialba, 13: 28-30

Value of oestrogens and progesterone for fattening bullocks.. Turrialba. 13: 28-30

Value of organic cobalt compounds in treatment of cyanide poisoning. C. R. Soc. Biol, Paris, 151:,

Value of pelleted fescue, browntop millet, and whole stalk corn as steer feed. Agron Jour 55(6): 531-532

Value of pot experiments for varietal trials.. Albr.-Thaer-Arch, 6: 4, 287-93. bibl. 4

Value of pre-harvest sprays shown. Orchard. N.Z, 36: 70-1

Value of preliminary incubation in bacteriological milk tests. Canadian Journal of Public Health 49(8): 339-347

Value of rations with maize cob silage for growing fattening pigs. Bjull. nauc-tehn. Inform., Vses. Nauc.-Issled. Inst. Zivot, 1, 26-32

Value of rations with sugar beet in fattening for meat. Svinovodstvo. 7, 26-28

Value of raw eggs in the ration of the young calf. Jour Dairy Sci 45(11): 1394-1396

Value of records in fattening pigs. Svinovodstvo. 7, 24-27

Value of rectal biopsies in the diagnosis and treatment of Sddaosoma mansoni infections. New England Journal of Medicine, 256: 7, 290-294

Value of routine histological examination of the central nervous system of dogs and other biting animals for the diagnosis of rabies and toxoplasmosis. Ann. Inst. Pasteur. 96: 702-711

Value of serotherapy in a virus disease (rabbit pox). Lancet 2(7210): 1012-1015

Value of simple and mixed silages in the diet of dairy cows. 1. Effect of giving silage in the spring. Bol. Indust. animal, Sao Paulo. 17: 207-215

Value of simple and mixed silages in the diet of lactating cows.. Bolm Ind. anim, 20: 25-33. bibl. 12

Value of simple and mixed silages in the diet of lactating cows. 2. Effect of giving silage in winter.. Bol. Indust. animal, Sao Paulo. 20: 25-33

Value of simple silages and pasture for lactating cows. Effect of spring silage.. Bol. Industr. anim, 17: 1, 207-15

Value of simple silages and pasture for lactating cows. H. Effect of silage feeding in winter.. Bol. Industr. anim, 20: 1, 25-33

Value of skin tests in food allergy. Acta Medica Iugoslavica 13: 357-362

Value of some feeds rich in cellulose as diluents for the ration in fattening pigs for bacon.. Arh. poljopriv. Nauke. 16: 54, 83-97

Value of standard and new selected rootstocks for apples in Poland. Acta Horticulturae (732): 51-57

Value of sterile forage sorghum hybrids as silages for lactating cows. Jour Dairy Sci 45(1): 55-58

Value of subcutaneous and intravenous tuberculin testing for the differentiation of specific from non-specific sensitization in cattle. Rindertuberk. u. Brucellose, 10: 91-103

Value of supplemental lysine, methionine, methionine analog, and trace minerals on high urea fattening rations for beef steers. Jour Animal Sci 21(2): 248-251

Value of supplements of dry meal mixture for baby pigs. Svinovodstvo. 1, 17-18

Value of terramycin for sucking lambs.. Arh. poljopriv. Nauke. 16: 51, 124-132

Value of tetraalkylammonium stearate (Dynafac) as a growth stimulant in fattening pigs. Rev. Agric., Brussels. 13: 1055-1063

Value of the Sulkowiatch test for determination of the blood calcium content in cattle.. Med. vet, Varsovie., 12: 554-556

Value of the allergic reaction for the diagnosis of ascarids in pigs.. Probl. Parazit. vet Inst. Pat. Igien. anim, Bucuresti., 4, 49-56

Value of the complement fixation test in examining milk samples for TB. Rindertuberkulose, 5: 232-240

Value of the complement-fixation test in the diagnosis of Vibrio fetus infection in cattle.. Vet. Fak. Derg, 3: 16-33

Value of the complement-fixation test in the diagnosis of rabies. Ann. Inst. Pasteur, 90: 182-186

Value of the folic acid excretion test in diagnosis of malignant disorders.. Sem. Hop., Pathol. Biol, 11: 289-295

Value of the herbicide Vapam and its effect on the development of tobacco seedlings.. Zast. Bilja. 14: 76, 671-6. bibl. 4

Value of the intradermic reaction to oestradiol as a test of ovarian activity in cattle. Atti Soc. ital. Sci. vet, 10: 305-308

Value of the meiotic index in rye breeding. Rev. Fac. Agron. B. Aires. 15: 114

Value of the non-specific diet N5 during convalescence after acute infectious illness. Vop. Pitan, 17: 2, 42-47

Value of the sediment test for improving the hygiene of milk production.. Milchwiss. Berichte, Wolfpassing, 9: 1, 15-22

Value of the tuberculin wattle test in fowls, using various techniques. Mh. VetMed, 17: 404-410

Value of the umylase and the haemolysis test in the diagnosis of swine fever.. Veterinarstvi, 13: 154-157

Value of the urinary excretion test with radioactive vitamin B12 for the diagnosis and differential diagnosis of spinal cord disorder.. Deutsch. med. Wochenschr, 88: 2369-2375

Value of the white blood picture in dog distemper. Progr. vet, Torino., 11: 576; 578-580

Value of the wool of lambs from Leszcyriska ewes crossed with Polish Merino rams.. Roczn. Nauk rol, B. 79: 183

Value of trace element supplements for calves. Zivotnovodstvo. 1, 42-46

Value of trash in cane culture. Indian J. Sugarcane Res, 5: 96-100. bibl. 7

Value of type-specific Brucella antigens for serological diagnosis. Berl. Munch, tierarztl. Wschr, 73: 421-424

Value of urea and ammoniated salts in high molasses rations for dairy cows under Hawaiian conditions. Proc. W. Div. Amer. Dairy Sci. Ass, 55-62

Value of urea for milk production in Granada goats.. Agrochimica, 6: 1, 6-91

Value of urea in the feed of dairy cows. 1. Urea in concentrate mixtures.. Zivoc. Vyr, 7: 781-794

Value of urea in the feed of dairy cows. 2. Urea in maize silage.. Zivoc. Vyr, 8: 123-136

Value of various additives to ulcer producing gelatinized corn diets fed to swine. J. Anim. Sci, 22: 1129

Value of visual selection in maize breeding. Third Inter-American Conference of Phytogeneticists, Phytopathologists, Entomologists and Edaphologists, Bogota, DE, Colombia, 20 June to 1 July, 1958. 91-92

Value of vitamin B12 for chickens and hens fed on plant proteins. Fiziol biohim. pitan. sel'skohoz. zivot., Akad. Nauk Latv. SSR, Riga. 77-82

Value of vitamins in the prevention and treatment of damage caused by alcohol.. Internat. Ztschr. Vitaminforsch, 29: 10-33

Value of wheat germ meal for young pigs in relation to weight gains, feed utilisation and the financial outcome. Stocarstvo. 15: 410-416

Value of wheat germ meal for young pigs in relation to weight gains, feed utilisation and the financial outcome (final communication). Stocarstvo. 16: 119-125

Value of wild forage plants. Fourrages, 6, 63-80

Value ofcrystal violet vaccine (Riems) in the control of swine fever. Mh. VetMed, 13: 165-168

Value problems in farm management. J. Agr. Econ, Reading, 14: 1,

Value yield of coniferous forests.. Medd. SkogsforsknInst., Stockh, 52: 1, 510. Price: Kr

Value, valuation and use of land in the West Indies. Geogr. J, London, Dec. 127: 4, 493-498

Valueof the histochemical test for ketosteroids described by Ashbel and Seligman.. Vlaams. diergeneesk. Tijdschr. 27: 14-21

Values and choice. Bull. Agric. Exp. Stn, Univ, Rhode IsL, Kingston, R.I., 370, 22

Values and the adoption of practices. Rural Sociology. New York, 24: 1, 35-47

Values for ascorbic acid in organs of guineapigs fed on diets of well defined composition. Arch. Sci. physiol, 15: 141-153

Values for copper, iron and iron-binding capacity in the serum in kwashiorkor. Pediatrics 22(1, Part 1): 72-79

Values for energy expenditure by young workers in the work yard of a hydroelectric scheme. Rev. med.-chirurg, 60: 2, 115-121

Values for plasma iron in schoolchildren infested with parasites in the Amazon region.. Arch. venezol. Nutricion. 13: 85-92

Values for protein-bound iodine in the blood of infants. Lattante. 27: 84-91

Values of surface applications of limestone and superphosphate on dikeland and upland pastures. Publ. 1086 Canada Dep. Agric, 10. bibl. 6

Valuing certainty in a consensus-based water allocation mechanism. Water resources research 43(2): W02427

Valuing groundwater recharge in an urban context. Land Economics 83(2): 234-252

Valve mechanism for cream dispensers. U.S. Pat, 3,107,828,

Valved fountain sponge udder washer. U.S. Pat, 2,759,210,

Valvular Endocarditis Associated With Listeria Monocytogenes Infections In Sheep. Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association 143: 990-993

Valvular incompetence in the venous drainage of the udder. Journal of Physiology 153: 481-491

Van Gulik method for the fat determination in cheese.. Molkerei-u. Kasereiztg, 7: 25, 817

Van and Sam cherries in central Washington. Fruit Var. hort. Dig, 11: 56-7

Van cats. All-Pets Mag, 34: 5, 20-21

Van der Planck's method and the manner of spread of bayoud . Preliminary observations. Fruits d'Outre Mer, 18: 249-53. bibl. 1

Vanadium inhibition of phpspholipid synthesis and sulphydryl activity in rat liver. Nature. 182: 462

Vanadium toxicity in laying hens. Poultry Sci 42(6): 1407-1411

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Vancomycin prevents crown gall. Phytopathology 53(11): 1272-1275

Vancomycin, a potential agent for plant disease prevention. Phytopath 49(4): 177-183

Vancomycin, a potential agent for plant disease protection. Phytopathology. 49: 177-83. bibl. 18

Vancouver annual meeting papers on growing more and better timber. For. Chorn, 39: 2, 137-87

Vancouver log salvage district. B.C. Lumberm, 40: 1, 34

Vandal response to factors influencing the expression of tomato internal browning symptoms. Phytopathology, 49: 546 p

Vandals in the orchard: sucking moths. Fmg S. Afr, 39: 7, 77-9

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Vaporizing methyl bromide for soil fumigation in small areas. Down to Earth 14(3): 14

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Var-ietal and date-of-sowing trial. Meded. Inst. rat. Suikerprod, 28: 2, 64-8

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Varia tions in the number of cattle units able to utilize sugar-beet by-products.. Al Awamia, 4, 135-45

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