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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 14328

Chapter 14328 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

A tracer method for determination of phosphate hydrolysis in soil. The Use of Isotopes in Soil Organic Matter Studies. Rep. FAO/IAEA tech. Meet. Brunswick-Volkenrode., 1966. 491-494

A tracer study of N balance and residual N availability with twelve soils. Proc. Soil Sci. Soc. Am, 31: 403-406

A tracer study of nitrogen balance and residual nitrogen availability with 12 soils. Soil Sci Soc Amer Proc 31(3): 403-406

A tractor crane for loading wood. Gozd. Vestn, 26: 3/4, 74-84

A tractor-mounted boom for herbicide application at the bases of wide-spreading trees. Rep. agric. hort. Res. Sta., Bristol 1964. 136-8. bibl. 1

A tractor-mounted experimental plot sprayer. Weeds. 12: 1, 62

A tractor-mounted hydraulically operated platform. J. agric. Engng Res, 10: 86-8. bibl. 1

A tractor-mounted plot sprayer for herbicide application. Proc. 23rd a. Meet. sth. Weed Sci. Soc, 366

A tractor-mounted unit for harvesting potatoes in experimental plots. Agron. J, 62: 5, 681-2

A trailer-sledge for transporting small wood. Rev. Padurilor. 85: 2, 86-7 + smries

A transformation applied to a complex character as a means of uncovering gene action. Agron. Abst, Madison, 11 p

A transient fall in pressure precedes the characteristic intramammary pressure rise following mechanical stimulation of the mammary gland. Proc Soc Exp Biol Med 126(3): 637-640

A transistorized rectal probe for ejaculating rams. New Zealand Veterinary Journal 12(6): 145-146

A transitional soil in Seine-Maritime, le Petit-Caux. Annls agron, 16: 53-89

A translocation that probably arose through union of newly produced telocentric chromosomes. Abst. Pap. XI Internat. bot. Congr, 194 p

A transmissible disorder of Gladiolus flowers. Pl. Dis. Reptr, 53: 10, 818-819

A transmissible feline fibrosarcoma of viral origin. Cancer Research 31(7): 953-956

A transmissible fruit-depression disease of Mclntosh Apples. Pl. Dis. Reptr, 53: 5, 329-332

A transmissible red-ring disease on the fruit of Delicious Apples. Pl. Dis. Reptr. 51: 4, 281-282

A transmission meter for photosynthetically active radiation. J. agric. Engng Res, 12: 3, 246-8. Bibl. 19

A transparent concentrate tank for experimental plot sprayers. Weeds 14(3): 269-271

A transparent plastic mulch for green squash grown for export. Hassadeh, Ministry of Agriculture, Rehovot, Israel, 51: 3, 254-255

A transplanter that lays paper mulch. Agricultural Engineering, USA, 53: 8, 410-411

A transplanting operation with adult vines. Part 1. Atti Giorn. Stud. Prop. Spec, legn., Pisa 1965. 638-49. bibl. 3

A transport analysis of a tractor combination in the field on the basis of vehicle mechanics. Sveriges SkogsvForb. Tidskr, 65: 7, 643-89

A transport kinetic concept of ion uptake from soil by plants. 1. A method for isolating soil solution from soils with or without plant cover. Plant and Soil. 36: 3, 505-520

A transportation-distribution problem: an application to the groundnut industry in Nigeria. Dissertation Abstracts International A. Ann Arbor, Mich, 32: 9, 4793

A trap based on visual responses of adult mosquitoes. Mosquito News 28(1): 1-7

A trap for fly larvae migrating from garbage cans. Calif. Vector Views. Berkeley, Cal., 11: 1, 4-6

A trap for hematophagous diptera. Journal of Parasitology 51(6): 1010-1011

A trap for the detection and recovery of insects in stored grain. Can Entomol 99(11): 1160-1163

A trap perch for the control of the poultry red mite (Dermanyssus gallinae). British Poultry Science 6(1): 73-78

A traveller's impressions : community development and adult education in Greece, Italy and Turkey. Community Dev. J, Manchester, 4: 8-15

A tray for containers such as beakers of yoghurt. Fr. Pat, 1 563 835,

A tray with removable perforated plastics plate for use in the manufacture and transport of cheese. Fr. Pat, 1 583 115,

A treatise on agricultural phytopathology. A treatise on agricultural phytopathology, 2: 578. Price: 51 Lei,

A treatise on agricultural phytopathology. Vol. 1. Tratat de fitopatologie agricola. Vol. 1. Bucuresti, Ed. Acad. Repub. Soc. Romania., 508. Price: Lei 35

A treatise on agricultural phytopathology. Vol. 3. Tratal de fitopatologie agricola. Vol. III, Bucuresti, Ed. Acad. Rep. Soc. Romania., 323

A treatise on farming system of the Japanese agriculture. A treatise on farming system of the Japanese agriculture. Tokyo: Ochanomizu Shobo, 280. Price: Yen 3,100,

A treatment of vibrionic abortion in ewes. Veterinary Record 80(14): 440-440

A tree area power function and related stand density measures for Douglas Fir. For. Sci, 17: 2, 146-59

A tree capable of producing a greater volume of timber in a shorter time: Paulownia tomentosa. Bol. argent. for, 29: 281, 5-6

A tree form and spacing trial on sandy soil. Fruitteelt. 57: 940-1

A tree grading and valuation system for Yellow-Poplar. For. Prod. J, 14: 11, 521-4

A tree improvement programme for Pinus contorta. Irish For, 21: 1, 21-9

A tree length pulpwood harvesting system. Tappi. 48: 4, 65A-68A

A tree shaker harvest system for citrus. Citrus Ind, 47: 2, 10; 12; 14. bibl. 4

A tree-by-tree measure of site utilization for Grand Fir related to stand density index. U.S. For. Serv. Res. Note Intermt. For. Range Exp. Sta, INT-77, 7

A treetop tramway system for meteorological studies . U.S. For. Serv. Res. Pap. Ntheast. For. Exp. Sta, NE-92, 10

A trematode Neopodocotyle lucknowensis n.sp. from the intestine of a fresh water fish, Barbus sarana (Ham.) from Lucknow, India. Indian J. Helminth. 18: 2, 188

A trematode, Macrolecithus indicus n.sp. from the intestine of a freshwater fish, Puntius sophore (Ham.), from Lucknow, India. Proc. helminth.Soc. Wash, 34: 2, 156-158

A trematode, Prosotocus mastacembeli n.sp. (subfamily Prosotocinae Yamaguti, 1958) from the intestine of a fresh water fish, Mastacembelus armatus (Lacep.) from Lucknow. Proceedings of the Helminthological Society of Washington. 31: 2, 219-222

A trench method for testing Potato strs. for scab resistance (S. scabies). NachrBl. dt. PflSchutzdienst., Stuttg, 20: 11, 163-169

A trial and survey on Togolese maize granaries. Agron. trop, Paris, 24: 8, 709-18

A trial at establishing a foraging plan for cattle by mechanical calculation. Rev. Agric, Bruxelles., Sept./Oct. 1041-66

A trial demonstrating the possibilities for wild raspberry cultivation. Puutarha, 74: 5, 232-235

A trial for controlling rust of European plums. Summaries Lectures Ist Israel Congr. Plant Path, 119-20

A trial for isolating keratinolytic and keratinophilic fungi from the soils of the cemeteries and forests of Szczecin. Ekol. pol, 12: 6, 79-105

A trial for the control of Cyperus rotundus L. with a new liquid soil fumigant. Proc. 2nd Israel Weed Control Conf, 14-15

A trial for the control of Entomosporium maculatum on loquats. Summaries Lectures 1st Israel Congr. Plant Path, 107 p

A trial in determining the age of Picea obovata advance growth with the help of pith nodes. Lesoved., Moskva. 5, 72-8

A trial in goats of an inactivated staphylococcal polyvalent antigen vaccine against mastitis. Br. vet. J, 123: 5, 183-91

A trial in goats of an inactivated staphylococcal polyvalent somatic antigen vaccine against mastitis. British Veterinary Journal 123(5): 183-191

A trial in guinea-pigs of four methods of vaccination against Brucella melitensis infection. Research in Veterinary Science 10(4): 329-331

A trial in the cropping of a cold mobile glasshouse. Scot. Agric, 43: 217

A trial introduction of Sardinian sheep to the Roquefort region. Bull. tech. Inf, 215, 941-956

A trial of F1 wheat hybrids. Sementi elette, 13: 134-39

A trial of Hohenadl's method of stem form and stem volume estimation. Forest Chron 41(4): 466-475

A trial of Ketrax (the laevo-isomer of tetramisole) in the treatment of ascariasis. East African Medical Journal 47(8): 424-433

A trial of a genetic test for cardiac anomaly in Hereford cattle. Brit. vet. J, 120: 372-373

A trial of a new hydroponic system for the production of Black Spruce and Jack Pine seedlings. Woodl. Pap. Pulp Pap. Res. Inst. Can, 17, 15

A trial of an 'integrated' method of regeneration. Allg. Forstzeitschr, 25: 27; 28, 587-8; 606-8

A trial of asparagus at Wisley. J. roy. hort. Soc, 91: 266-8

A trial of dichlorvos pest strips for the control of insect pests of cocoa stored in a specially designed warehouse at Ikeja, Lagos. Report of the Nigerian Stored Products Research Institute. (publ. 1969). 15-20

A trial of early hothouse tomatoes in 1967 with liquid feeding. Tuinbouwberichten. 31: 379-80

A trial of early thinning-out of direct-sown seedlings in 'intensive cultivation' of Pinus pinaster in the Landes of Gascony. C.R. Ass. For. Cell, publ. 1970. 209-32

A trial of fattening foals for meat. Konevodstvo. 10, 11-12

A trial of feline infectious enteritis anti-serum. Irish vet. J, 18: 230-232

A trial of forcing-house tomatoes. Tuinbouwberichten, 32: 447-50

A trial of fungicides for the control of melon powdery mildew. Phytiat.-Phytopharm, Paris, 18: 31-7

A trial of juvenile buddings in hevea. Menara Perk, 34: 99-103. bibl. 8

A trial of magnesium chlorate as a defoliant for nursery plants of fruit trees under the conditions of Moldavia. Fiziol. Rast. 11: 334-9. bibl. 9

A trial of maleic hydrazide and 2,4-D for sward control in orchards: progress report I. A.R. Long Ashton agric. hort. Res. Stat., 1966. 139-44. bibl. 4

A trial of manufacturing extruded particle boards from Aspen wood. Derev. Prom, 14: 12, 20-2

A trial of mass treatment for bancroftian filariasis with diethylcarbamazine in Hokabira district, Nagasaki Prefecture. Endemic Diseases Bulletin of Nagasaki University. 6: 4, 209-220

A trial of nematode-resistant rootstocks in sandy soil. Hassadeh, 51: 3, 263-268

A trial of new products for controlling the citrus rust mite, Phyllocoptruta oleivora. Biologico. 33: 129-32. bibl. 9

A trial of pales weevil resistance. Tree Plant. Notes, 76, 21-24

A trial of partial mechanization of planting work in Mo and Domsjo Aktiebolag. Skogen. 52: 6, 111-3

A trial of some cotton varieties and F1 hybrids under irrigated conditions. Rasten. Nauk./Pl. Sci., Sofia, 6: 8, 3-10

A trial of sorghums in Mihajlovgrad district. Kooper. Zemed. (Cooper. Fmg.), Sofija, 4, 10-11

A trial of sowing methods for lucerne/tall fescue mixture in Central Italy. Fourrages. 43, 3-17

A trial of spring lettuce under cold glass. Tuinbouw-berichten, 32: 360-1

A trial of supplementary lighting installations for tomato plants. Lucr. sti. Inst. Cerc, horti-vitic. 1966. 7: 255-77. bibl. 20

A trial of the effectiveness of some stimulators on the rearing of chicks. Uchen. Zap. azerb. sel'.-khoz. Inst. zootekh. vet. Ser, 1, 166-168

A trial of the practical use of soil mapping. Rev. for. franc, 20: 4, 264-74

A trial of the protection of Melon cultures against Cucumber mosaic virus. Beneficial effect of covering the soil with plastic reflectant films. C.r.hebd. Seanc. Acad. Agric. Fr, 53: 1, 103-108

A trial of the susceptibility of tomato varieties and their hybrids to leaf and fruit attack by P. infestans. Theoret. appl. Genet, 39: 232-8. bibl. 12

A trial of two endotherapeutic aphicides, vamidothion and azidithion, against Myzus persicae on tobacco. Ann. Dir. Et. Equip. S.E.I.T.A., Sect. 2*. 1: 147-59

A trial on chemical weed control in strawberries. Rech. agron, 66. 11: 33-4

A trial on controlling rot in chicory. Tuinbouwberichten, 32: 362

A trial on deep ploughing as a preparation for fruit planting. Erwerbsobstbau, 14: 1, 1-4

A trial on different planting distances for tulips. Tidsskr. Planteavl. 67: 797-814. bibl. 1

A trial on forced-air drying of sawn timber with unheated air in a semi-industrial installation. Lesn. Z., Arhangel'sk. 11: 5, 92-5

A trial on growing late courgettes under P.V.C. tunnels. Acta Hort., int. Soc. hort. Sci, 9, 185-8. bibl. 4

A trial on hot-water treatment against gloeosporium rot of apples, 1964/1965. Fruktodlaren, 37: 51-3

A trial on orchard pest control by spraying from aircraft. NachrBl. dtsch. PflSchDienst. Berlin, 20: 74-7. bibl. 6

A trial on plum storage. Sadovodstvo, 9, 19

A trial on repeated organic fertilization. Rev. hort. suisse, 43: 205-7

A trial on spreading superphosphate in an open yard. Landw. Forsch, 17: 121-127

A trial on the autumn cultivation of french beans treated with Cycocel. Inf. agrar, Verona, 24: 1132

A trial on the control of bindweed (Convolvulus arvensis) in vineyards in Roussillon. C. r. 4e Conf. Com. franc. mauv. Herbes (COLUMA), 658-62

A trial on the control of couch grass (Cynodon dactylon) in vineyards in Roussillon. C. r. 4e Conf. Com. franc. mauv. Herbes (COLUMA), 651-7

A trial on the control of damping-off of Coffee. Anais Esc. sup. Agric. 'Luiz Queiroz', 21: 139-149

A trial on the control of grey mould of strawberries. Inf. fitopat. 17: 139-42

A trial on the control of woolly apple aphis by the application of systemic products. Biologico, 35: 167-72. bibl. 9

A trial on the correction of magnesium deficiency in the Bordeaux vine-growing district. C' R. Acad. Agric. Fr, 51: 715-24. bibl. 5

A trial on the destruction of Cyperus rotundas before planting pineapples. Fruits d'Outre-Mer, 25: 6, 447-9

A trial on the disinfection of garden seeds. Tidsskr. Planteavl. 68: 109-34

A trial on the effect produced by certain preparations on Agrobacterium tumefaciens (Smith and Towns) Conn. and on the tumours of vines infected by bacterial canker. Grad. lozar. Nauka, 6: 5, 87-93. bibl. 5

A trial on the feeding of reed silage to young cattle. Vest, sel'.-khoz. Nauki, Alma-Ata. 10, 42-6

A trial on the foliar nutrition of apple trees with zinc salts. Sadovodstvo. 4, 48-9

A trial on the mechanical harvesting of sweet cherries. Obstbau, Berlin, 6: 13-15

A trial on the propagation of black currants by cuttings from different parts of the shoots. Agric. romande, Ser. A, 4: 74-6

A trial on the rooting of cuttings of walnut. C.R. Acad. Agric. Fr, 51: 1183-8. bibl. 6

A trial on the rooting of softwood cuttings of Williams' pear. Ann. Amel. Plantes. 16: 273-98. bibl. 10

A trial on the seed transmission of infectious degeneration of vines. Progr. agric, vitic, 165: 84-8. bibl. 5

A trial on the selection of varieties resistant to downy mildew, Peronospora destructor. Yalova Bahce Kult. Arast. Egit. Merk. Derg, 1: 3, 21-5. bibl. 6

A trial on the use of Styromull as a. Pepinieristes, Horticulteurs, Maraichers, 92, 5303-6. bibl. 2

A trial on the use of compost in the production of high yields of tea leaf. Agrobiologija. 2, 260-4

A trial on the use of plastic tunnels in the vine nursery. Agric. romande, Ser. A, 7: 67-8. bibl. 4

A trial on the use of statistical methods for studies of leaf anatomy in Feijoa sellowiana. Bot. Z, 55: 869-74. bibl. 12

A trial planting of Populus trichocarpa in As. Medd. Norske Skogforsoksv, 23: 85, 41-65

A trial to assess the value of xiphoid cartilage measurements and carcass weight for age determination in sheep. New Zealand Veterinary Journal 18(8): 149-151

A trial to control sucker production in the hazel tree by 2,6-dichIorothiobenzamide (2,6 DBN). Teen, agric, 21: 445-51. bibl. 10

A trial to determine the actual production potential of the great mass of Black-and-White Lowland cows in Poland. Biul. Inst. Genet. Hodow. Zwierz. polsk. Akad. Nauk. 17, 5-13

A trial to develop a purified antirabies vaccine. Annales des Societes Belges de Medecine Tropicale, de Parasitologie, et de Mycologie 48(6): 613-623

A trial to evaluate the benefit of different protein rich foods to African school children. Nutritio et Dieta. 7: 28-36

A trial to investigate the effect of rooting hormones on tea. Quarterly News Letter, Tea Research Foundation of Central Africa, Mlanje, Malawi, 23, 10-12

A trial to produce the fatty liver and kidney syndrome of young chickens. Veterinary Record 86(24): 722-722

A trial utilization of the simplified nutrition survey for health education on nutrition. Jap. J. Nutrition. 26: 296-302

A trial with Benlate on cyclamen. Vakbl. Bloemist, 25: 1271

A trial with Malling-Merton and Vila Fria apple rootstocks. Ponen. Comun. Asoc. Tec. diplom. C.I.D.A.D.E., Patrones de Frutales de Hueso y Pepita. l, 8. bibl. 1

A trial with amitrole for couch grass control. Weekbl. BloembollCult, 76: 63-4

A trial with close planting of apple trees. Frukt og Baer, 22-9. bibl. 12

A trial with cows fed indoors on rations with different contents of Zn. 1. Analytical investigation. Landbouwk. Tijdschr, 77: 435-449

A trial with cows fed indoors on rations with different contents of Zn. 2. Clinical study. Landbouwk. Tijdschr, 77: 455-461

A trial with different methods of cultivation for the plum variety Oullins Gage. Yrkesfruktdyrking, 6, 79-81 p

A trial with different seed composts for primulas. Vakbl. Bloemist, 25: 1758

A trial with foreign varieties of lucerne. Progressa agric, 10: 12, 1165-80

A trial with garden cress, Lepidium satinm, seed added to slow-growing turf mixtures. Rasen, Turf, Gazon, Gazon, 1: 4, 101-102

A trial with herbaceous perennial mixtures for park lawns. Rasten. Nauki. 3: 8, 135-43. bibl. 12

A trial with new pesticides for the control of Azochis gripusalis. Biologico, 38: 1, 16-20

A trial with pre-cooled straw berry plants for glasshouse culture. Groent. en Fruit, 26: 63

A trial with several brands of slug bait. Fruitteeltblad, 15: 9, 330-332

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A trial with weak-growing apple rootstocks. Fruitteelt, 55: 1278-9

A tribute to Dr. Norman E. Borlaug. Assam Agrian, 1: 11-13

A trichinellosis hazankban. Parasit. hung, 2: 223-244; 243-244

A triennial cycle in Pinus pinea?. Monti e Boschi. 15: 1, 51-6

A trigeminal ganglioneuroma in a dog. Cornell Veterinarian 59(4): 585-593

A trigger factor in gas gangrene caused by Clostridium septicnm. Ann. Inst. Pasteur, Paris, 106: 315-319

A trimmer and feller-buncher tested by S.C.A. Skogen. 56: 1, 28

A Triorchid Japanese Quail. Poultry Science 44: 306-307

A triple response method for determining biological value of phosphorus sources with young turkeys. Poultry Sci 45(6): 1236-1245

A triploid clone of aspen in the forests of the Novosibirsk region. Genetika 11: 58-58

A trisome in Oryza sativa L. A trisome in Oryza sativa L, Oryza, Cuttack., 2: l, 39-43

A trivalent vaccine against virus pneumonia of calves. Veterinary Record 85(21): 582-583

A tropical example of topsoil enrichment by flood silt. J. Hydrol, New Zealand, 9: 1, 32-35

A tropical hammock on the Miami (Florida) limestone-a twenty-five-year study. Ecology. 48: 5, 863-7

A tropical potting medium for tree species. Tech. Note Dep. For. Res. Nigeria. 37, 16

A tropical rain forest: a study of irradiation and ecology at El Verde, Puerto Rico. US AEC Report. TID-24270, 1678. Price: $10.00,

A trouble-free test for the presence of eelworms on chrysanthemum. Plant Path, 14: 74. bibl. 1

A true breeding grass clump dwarf wheat. Wheat Inform. Serv. Kyoto. 17-18, 6 p

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A tumor-inducing agent associated with Citrus trees infected with safargali (stubborn) disease in the United Arab Republic. Phytopathology. 57: 2, 108-113

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A turkey sinus vibrio (Vibrio melcagridis, n. sp.) compared with the avian hepatitis vibrio (Vibrio hepaticus, n. sp.). Poult. Sci, 43: 1339

A turning point in citrus growing; non-cultivation. Inf. Ortofruttic, 5: 145-7

A twelve-year fertilizer trial with phosphate on permanent grassland on the Vogelsberg.J. Phosphorsaure, 28: 39-55

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A twenty-year ecological Investigation In a relatively undisturbed sugar maple-beech stand In southern Michigan. Res. Bull. Midi, agric. Exp. Stn, 15: 61

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A two-dimensional chromato-bioautographic method for complete separation of individual plasma cobalamins. Journal of Clinical Pathology 23(9): 820-821

A two-dimensional thin-layer chromatographic system for phospholipid separation. The analysis of yeast phospholipids. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 218(3): 441-452

A two-loci system of gametophytic incompatibility in Solanum phureja and S. stenotomum. Euphytica, 20: 3, 345-350

A two-row seeder for water-seeded rice (Oryza sativa L.) plots. Crop Sci, 10: 5, 606-7. Bibl. 1

A two-sided container (perforated plate) for receiving cellulose media and studying antipodally inoculated cultures. Zentbl. Bakt. ParasitKde. 120: 7, 712-719

A two-well method of determining the hydraulic conductivity of discrete layers in layered saturated soils in the field. Australian J Soil Res 2(1): 8-19

A two-wheeled unit for skidding wood by crawler tractor. Gozd. Vestn, 26: 3/4, 65-74

A two-year evaluation of fungicides for the control of Potato late blight under the high humid conditions of Central Mexico. PANS. 15: 2, 228-231

A two-year experiment on the prophylaxis and control of myxomatosis by the use of insecticidal spraying and special hygienic measures. Arch. exp. VetMed, 24: 661-686

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A type of farm on irrigated land. Ekon. sel'. Hoz., Moskva, 44: 2, 87-9

A type of farming map based on agricultural census data. Outl. Agric, 5: 5, 191-96

A type of indurated landform: the Kouki metamorphic series in the Central African Republic. Soils and geomorphology. Cahiers ORSTOM Serie Pedologie. 9: 4, 399-460

A type of root rot in the oil palm. Oleagineux, 26: 153-154

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A typical dairy enterprise study using a Monte Carlo programme. Chart. Surv., London. 103: 11, 528-32

A typical encephalomyetitis aad transient paralysis of domestic bens. Experimental reproduction. Recl Med. vet, 145: 257-272

A unified treatment of two ion-exchange formulations commonly used in soil science. Tech. Rep. Ser., int. atom. Energy Ag, 48, 20-23

A uniform system of education for the development of the agro-complex. Zemedelska Skola. Praha, 22: 5, 67-72

A uniform ultrastructure in the developmental stages of coccidia, Toxoplasma gondii, and piroplasms. Z. ParasitKde, 35: 119-129

A uninucleate Wheat-infecting strain of the stem rust fungus isolated from axenic cultures. J. gen. Microbiol, 65: 3, 339-342

A unique adenosine diphosphoglucose pyrophosphorylase associated with maize embryo tissue. Plant Physiology 47(1): 104-108

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A unique experience but one full of lessons: the rapid evolution of Japanese rural areas since the last war. Dev. Civilisations, 21: 51-4

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A unit for growing plants by the air culture method. Fiziol Rast 11(2): 340-346

A unit for improving fire-wood. Lesn. Prom, 9, 29-30

A unit for separating whey from curd. Br. Pat, 1 418 032,

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A universal forestry measuring instrument. Lesn. Hoz, 17: 2, 72-3

A universal forestry tractor. Lesn. Hoz, 19: 8, 52-5

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