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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 14334

Chapter 14334 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Aerial application of herbicides for control of whitebrush and associated species. Down to Earth, 26: 2, 1-4. Bibl. 4

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Aerial application of ripeners increases yields. Sugar y Azucar. 59: 10, 51-3

Aerial application of simazine and atrazine. Khimiya sel'. Khoz, 2: 5, 37-9

Aerial application of the molluscicide Frescon at Lake McIlwaine. Rhodesia agric. J, 67: 1, 18-20

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Aerial applications of ultra-low-volume insecticides to control the horn fly on unrestrained range cattle. J. econ. Ent, 62: 6, 1515-1516

Aerial applications of ultra-low-volume methyl parathion for control of cotton insects. J. econ. Ent, 61: 4, 1107-1108

Aerial baiting to control leaf-cutting ants. PANS. 18: 1, 71-74

Aerial broadcast of free-falling pupae of the Mediterranean fruit fly for sterile-release programs. Journal of Economic Entomology. 64: 4, 948-950

Aerial cableway for skidding trees with crowns. Lesn. Prom, 6, 20-1

Aerial cableway for skidding wood in the mountains. Lesn. Prom, 1, 21

Aerial cableway in intermediate fellings. Lesn. Prom, 5, 21-2

Aerial chemical control of Spruce seed pests. Lesn. Khoz, 11, 64-7

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Aerial control of sugar cane borers with a helicopter; second phase. Madj. Perus. Gula, 3: 3/4, 58-62

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Aerial distribution of some wood-inhabiting fungi in Finland. Acta for. fenn, 115: 17

Aerial distribution of the root-rot fungus Fomes annosus (Fr.) Cooke in Finland. Acta for. fenn, 107: 55

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Aerial photgraphy appears inadvisable for Saratoga spittle-bug damage detection. Minn. For. Res. Note. 211, 2

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Aerial spray campaigns against bagworm caterpillars (Lepid-optera : Psychidae) on oil palms in Malaysia. Oil Palm technical Seminar of the Sabah Planters' Association at Sandakan, 8-9 June, Jesselton., 24

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