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Composition of humus of tundra soils in the region of Vorkuta

, : Composition of humus of tundra soils in the region of Vorkuta. Izv. Komi Fil. vses. geogr. Obshch, 9, 78-82

The humus of peaty superficially gleyed loamy soil (I), illuvial-humic podzolized sandy-loamy soil (II), strongly podzolized loamy soil (III), and of an illuvial-humic podzol (IV) had a wide C/N ratio in the organic horizons. In soils I and II there was a high content of non-hydrolysable residue in the lower part of the profile, but in in and IV the content of non-hydrolysable residue decreased with depth. Fulvic acid always pre-dominated over humic acid.


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