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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 14416

Chapter 14416 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Determination of vitamins A and E in slaughter pigs. Dt. tierarztl. Wschr, 78: 153-156

Determination of volatile constituents of human blood and tissue specimens by quantitative high resolution mass spectrometry. Analytical Chemistry 43(12): 1651-1656

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Determination of water permeability by the bore-hole method and with undisturbed soil samples in Bavarian moor deposits. Mitt. dt. bodenk. Ges, 2: 169-177

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Determination of water stress of Eucalypts in the field. G. bot. ital, 105: 3, 109-24

Determination of water, proteins and the following amino acids: tryptophan, isoleucine, leucine, methionine, valine, lysine, phenylalanine and cystine, 'n fresh corn (choclo) and 2 cereal products (polenta and chuchoca). An. Fac. Quim. Farm., Univ. Chile. 20: 50-56

Determination of water-soluble P2O5 in fertiliser solutions containing short-chain linear polyphosphates. I. Preliminary study. J. Sci. Fd Agric, 21: 273-275

Determination of water-soluble and exchangeable sodium under field conditions by means of glass electrodes with Na-functions. Pochvovedenie. 7, 110-111

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Determination of wood moisture content by neutron scattering. J. Jap. Wood Res. Soc, 12: 1, 1-5

Determination of wood pH with indicators. Pulp Paper Mag. Can, 70: 9, 59-64

Determination of working time in minutes per cubic metre and assortment in the cross-cutting of Beech trees or crowns into stacked wood. Arch. Forstw, 18: 9/10, 1123-7

Determination of yield and other agronomic characteristics in grain-sorghum hybrids. Oriente agropec, 1: 1, 45-54. Bibl. 9

Determination of yield and other characteristics of grain sorghum hybrids (S. vulgare Pers.). Oriente Agropec, Venezuela, 1: 1, 45-54

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Determination of zinc in pig blood. Acta vet. scand, 5: 7-16

Determination of zinc in plant material by atomic absorption flame photometry. An. Edafol Agrobiol, 26: 1211-1226

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Determination of'free fat' content and creamability of cream by cream layer dyeing. Milchwissenschaft. 23: 8, 473-76

Determination of soil manganese by atomic-absorption spectroscopy. At. Absorption Newsletter, 6: 71-72

Determination trouble with new races of Cladosporium fulvum Cooke. Mededelingen van de Faculteit Landbouw-wetenschappen Rijksuniversileit Gent. 36: 1, 300-305

Determination with 15N of fixation of atmospheric nitrogen by blue-green algae under field conditions. Pochvovedenie. 12, 64-72

Determination, by reduction to nitrites, of nitrates in soil, plants and nutrient solutions used in greenhouses. Agrokhimiya, 7, 131-136

Determination, by serial isotoplc exchange, of the most mobile fraction of soil phosphate. C.r. hebd. Seanc. Acad. Sci., Paris, 267D: 427-430

Determination, of phenolic glycosides in some local willow species. Herb. polon, 13: 177-81

Determination, of the value and analysis of the climatic index for apple, pear and plum in some fruit-growing centres of Rumania. Lucrar. sti. Inst. Cercet. hort.-vit. Baneasa-Bucuresti. 7: 157-74

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Determinations of the Heat Transfer Coefficient of a Leaf. Plant Physiology 39(4): 687-690

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Determinations of the normal trash content of some varieties of sugar cane. Rev. industr. agric., Tucuman. 44: 1-12. bibl. 15

Determinations of the susceptibility of sour cherry varieties to bacterial canker, Pseudomonas syringae, and the results of several years' research on its control. Zeitschrift fur Pflanzenkrankheiten und Pflanzenschutz, 78: 6, 329-334

Determinations of yield and quality in 74 oat, spring barley and spring wheat varieties infected with the barley yellow dwarf virus. Z. Acker- u. PflBau, 125: 261-72

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Determined and calculated calorific values of some animal feeds. Indian J. Animal Sci, 39: 526-528

Determing the volume of tree-length logs by weighing. Lesn. Hoz, 1, 78-80

Determining L-ascorbic acid in tomatoes for selection purposes. Grad. lozar. Nauka, 2: 455-62. bibl. 15

Determining Potato leaf roll virus by grafting. Bragantia, 26: 181-186

Determining air-drying times for sawn timber. Lesn. Z., Arhangel'sk. 10: 4, 164-6

Determining allowable changes in different constraints under the mathematical formulation of simplex tasks in linear programming. Zemed. ekon, Praha, 12: 12, 777-90

Determining and mapping the alpine forest limit. Lesn. Cas., Praha. 11: 6, 581-94

Determining anhydrous ammonia placement in soil. Bull. Mich. St. Univ. agric. Exp. Stn, 50: 574-576

Determining available phosphoric acid in soils. Geoderma, 2: 85-93

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Determining brix of sugarcane clones at Canal Point, Florida. Sugar y Azucar. 59: 5, 55. bibl. 5

Determining cantaloupe sizes by volume: weight relationships. Calif Agr 22(5): 13

Determining carcass value of young bulls from various carcass characters and their use in performance testing. Bodenkultur, 20: 65-88

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Determining common use grazing capacities by application of the key species concept. J Range Manage 18(4): 196-201

Determining conifer seed quality by radiography. Lesn. Hoz, 17: 12, 52-6

Determining cooperation coefficient between elements of a composite wood beam. Archiwum Inzynierii Ladowej, Warszawa. 11: 4, 539-67

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Determining criteria of the psychological load on the operator of cross-cutting units . Lesn. Z., Arhangel'sk. 9: 1, 149-54

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Determining cutting forces in the planning of compressed and non-compressed Beech wood. Nauc. Trud. Leningr. Lesoteh. Akad, 111, 115-8

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Determining energy costs of agriculturalactivities by respirometer and energy balance techniques. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. 24: 12, 1418-1430

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Determining eye spot disease reaction of sugarcane seedlings, using host-specific toxin. Phytopathology, 61: 11, 1320

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Determining headspace gas composition in canned foods. FOOD TECHNOL 21(3 A Suppl ): 47-53

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