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Effect of storage temperature on the development of microflora in pasteurized milk; role of psychrotrophic bacteria

, : Effect of storage temperature on the development of microflora in pasteurized milk; role of psychrotrophic bacteria. Revue lait. fr. 'Industrie lait', 268, 505 ; 507 ; 509 ; 511 ; 513 ; 515 ; 519 ; 521 ; 523

(i) 13 samples of commercial cartoned pasteurized milk and (ii) 13 samples of commercial high quality pasteurized milk were examined initially and after 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 days storage in waterbaths at 4 degrees , 6 degrees and 8 degrees C. Average total counts of (i) increased from 2520/ml initially to 3.02, 31.6 and 188 million/ml after 8 days at the 3 temp, respectively, and psychrotrophic counts increased from <42/ml to 6.95, 34 and 294 million/ml.


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