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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 14491

Chapter 14491 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Further experiments on the significance of damage caused by aphid feeding in the epiphytotic area of virus yellows of Sugar Beet. Zucker. 21: 24, 690-693

Further experiments on the transmissibility of bovine leucosis. Histological studies. Atti Soc. ital. Sci. vet, Ist. Pat., Univ. Bologna., 18: 414-418

Further experiments on the use of X-rays and other methods in investigating potato chimeras. Radiat Bot 7(5): 389-399

Further experiments on transmission of Beet viruses by aphid races. Arch. PflSchutz, 6: 6, 515-521

Further experiments to clarify relations between the leaf bug P. quadratum and Beet leaf curl virus. Z. PfiKrankh. PflPath. PflSchutz, 75: 7, 387-394

Further experiments to clarify the differing behaviour of virus Y in the Potato plant by means of the ultracentrifuge. Bayer. landw. Jb, 42: 4, 453-467

Further experiments with Apple proliferation virus disease. TagBer. dt. Akad. LandwWiss. Berl, 77-86

Further experiments with Cashew kernel testa tannin. Paintindia, Bombay. Jan., 20-1

Further experiments with Lebaycid for fruit fly control in peaches. Arq. Inst. bioL, S. Paulo. 31: 57-61. bibl. 6

Further experiments with growth regulator herbicides on S.48 timothy seed crops. Proc. 8th Br. Weed Control Conf, 320-4. Bibl. 1

Further experiments with herbicides on young coconuts. Trop Agr 42(2): 177-181

Further experiments with hexachlorophene, anthelmintic for dogs with mixed Taenia invasion. VetMed, Nauki, Sofia, 6: 5

Further experiments with hexachlorophene, anthelmintic for dogs with mixed taeniid infection. Veterinarnomed. Nauki, Sof, 6: 5, 19-25

Further experiments with lenacil and other herbicides in strawberries. Proc. 9th Br. Weed Control Conf, 873-7. Bibl. 4

Further experiments with light-permeable plastic pots. Gartenbauwiss, 30: 541-8. bibl. 7

Further experiments with low-level feeding of thiabendazole to lambs. Research in Veterinary Science 9(6): 515-520

Further experiments with the use of pyrazon in sugar beet. Proc. 7th Br. Weed Control Conf, 643-6

Further expt.on vaccination against summer mastitis. Medlemsbl. danske Dyrlaegeforen, 50: 302-04

Further field studies on the fluorescent antibody test in the diagnosis of ovine abortion due to toxoplasmosis. Veterinary Record 88(7): 178-180

Further field trial to control Schistosoma spindale by trematode antagonism. Southeast Asian Journal of Tropical Medicine and Public Health 2(2): 237-243

Further findings concerning the effect of long-term fertilizing on yield, mineral content and botanical composition of a grass stand. Meded. LandbHogesch. Gent, 29: 141-171

Further findings of larval trematodes in molluscs from Czechoslovakia. Vestnik Cesk Spolecnosti Zool 28(1): 14-25

Further findings on the effect of long-term manuring on the yield, mineral content and botanical composition of a grass sward. Meded. LandbHogesch. Gent, 29: 1, 141-71. bibl. 24

Further findings on the effects of fire on blackthorn. Proc Congr Grassland Soc S Afr 2 : 59-61

Further findings on the secular increase in height of the male population of Sardinia. Statural increase from 1850 to 1965 in the Province of Nuoro. Minerva pediat, 18: 1342-1350

Further fresh aspects of the possibilities of controlling orange fruit rots. Inf. agrar, Verona, 23: 2

Further histological comparisons of black spot, physio-logical internal necrosis, black heart, and hollow heart in Potatoes. Am. Potato J, 45: 10, 391-401

Further identification of Hippeastrum mosaic virus. Neth. J. Pl. Path, 76: 3, 171-173

Further im-provements in cotton breeding and seed production. Agrobiologija (Agrobiology). 129-36

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Further improvement of methods of oestrus synchronisation in sheep. Ovtsevodstvo. Mosk., 16: 10, 23-25

Further improvements in leaf scald resistance testing. Sugarcane Path. Newsl, 6: 18

Further in vitro in vestigations on the antimycotic effects of Castellani's solution with and without fuchsin. Derm. Mxchr, 155: 7, 497-503

Further in vitro studies with 5-flnorocytosine. Infection Immunity. 2: 4, 484-488

Further increase in carryover. Empire Cotton Growing Rev, London, 3, 210-219

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Further information on Pinus pinaster. Agros. 49: 5/6, 189-94

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Further information on scald control on apples. Lecithins. Inform. fitopat, 19: 126-8

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Further information on the control of infection by N. galligena. Inform. fitopat, 19: 121-2

Further information on the control of type SAT 1 foot and mouth disease vaccines at the Razi Institute during 1963-4. Bull. Off. int. Epi-zoot, 63: 477-487

Further information on the distribution of Marssonina brunnea in central and southern Italy. Pubbl. Cent. Sper. Agric. For., Roma. 9: 3, 173-80

Further information on the effect of breed and age of dairy cattle on the solids-not-fat content of milk. Agric. Gaz.N.S.W, 79: 2, 114-16

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Further information on the survival of modified foot-and-mouth disease virus in cattle. Bulletin - Office International des Epizooties 73(5): 489-505

Further information on the wheat varieties most adapted to March sowing. Raccolto, 7: 197-98

Further inrestigations on phytochrome-controUed sucrose uptake into apical buds of etiolated peas. Plant Physiology, 47: Suppl, 11

Further insect pests of the Honey Locust (Gleditsia triacanthos L.). Travaux du Museum d'Histoire Naturelle 'Gr. Antipa', Bucarest. 6: 153-7

Further insect pests of the blue Douglas Fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii (Mirbel) Franco var. glauca (Boiss.) Franco). Travaux du Museum d'Histoire Naturelle 'Gr. Antipa', Bucarest. 6: 147-52

Further investigation concerning the mycotic pathogenesis of nodular vasculitis of the leg. Mykosen 10(1): 19-21

Further investigation into the supposed resistance of the large bulb fly to aldrin. Plant Pathol 16(2): 59-60

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Further investigations for the determination of Tobacco mosaic virus conc, by new hypersensitive Tobacco breeding lines. Ber. Inst. TabForsch, 18: 1, 44-52

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Further investigations in the methionine malabsorption syndrome. Helvetica Paediatrica Acta 23(4): 334-349

Further investigations into chemical weed control in onion nurseries. Pest Articles News Summ, 17: 233-6. bibl. 3

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Further investigations into the inheritance of resistance to Puccinia striiformis in Wheat. Further investigations into the inheritance of resistance to Puccinia striiformis in Wheat, 47: 2, 300

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Further investigations on the algicidal activity of triphenyltin acetate in the rice-field. Riso. 17: 1, 35-43. Bibl. 3

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