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High-yielding mutants obtained as a result of irradiating plants with 60Co as the source of gamma rays

, : High-yielding mutants obtained as a result of irradiating plants with 60Co as the source of gamma rays. Experimental mutagenesis in animals, plants and microorganisms. Abstracts of Reports at a symposium on 25-30 January II. Mutagenesis in higher plants, Moscow, 86-87

Promising gamma ray-induced mutants of the cotton 108F include mutant 1, selected in the M2 and stabilized in the M3, which produces 2.7 g. heavier bolls, has 1.7 mm. longer fibre and has a 1.3% higher ginning percentage than the initial variety; it also develops larger seeds, more fruiting branches and 2.8-3.5 more bolls per branch.


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