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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 14576

Chapter 14576 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

New methods of skeletal status evaluation in space flight. Aerospace Med, 40: 1119-1122

New methods of soil disinfection against injurious insects. Mosonmagy. agrartud. Foisk. Kozl, 10: 133-142

New methods of stabilizing forest roads. Sylwan. 110: 7, 13-22

New methods of storage of quarg intended as raw material for Olmiizer quargel manufacture. XVIII Int. Dairy Congr. 1E, 337

New methods of stringing tobacco. Ld. Tuinb. Jaarb, 6. 20: 45-51

New methods of studying the fine structure and ultra-structure of parasitic nematodes (micromorpho-logical study of somatic musculature of some Spirurata). Issledovaniya po Gel'mintologii v Azerbaidzhane, Baku: Izdat. "ELM"., 36-42

New methods of time-series analysis. The Fourier analysis. Statist. Inf. EWG. 1: 119-27

New methods of treating seeds with chemical mutagens. Experimental mutagenesis in animals, plants and microorganisms. Abstracts of Reports at a symposium on 25-30 January II. Mutagenesis in higher plants, Moscow, 49-50

New methods of treatment of trichuriasis. Klin. Med, Mosk., 46: 4, 106-109

New methods of utilizing wheat and rye germ plasm in triticale breeding. Crop Sci, 10: 163-64

New methods of weed control in forage production. Wiss.-tech. Fortschr. Landw, 6: 2, 82-4

New methods of weed control in forestry. Forst- u. Holzw, 25: 5, 88-9

New methods of wood pyrolysis. Novye metody piroliza drevesiny, Izdatel'stvo 'Lesnaja Promyslennost',Moscow, USSR: 253

New micro test for vitamin A. Clinica Chimica Acta; International Journal of Clinical Chemistry 13(3): 393-394

New microbiological indices for evaluating the hygiene of milking procedures. XVIII Int. Dairy Congr, 1E, 101

New micromethods for isolating and characterizing lipid constituents. Agric. Sci. Rev, 8: 2/3, 41-50

New micromodiflcations of the methods of determining grain quality. Selekcija i Semenovodstvo (Breeding & Seed-growing). 6, 25-28

New milk densitometers. Prum. Potravin. 19: 7, 366-67

New milk phospholipid extraction method. J Dairy Sci 48(10): 1386-1387

New milk processes for hot countries. Milk Ind, 57: 6, 22-24; 26

New milk receiving installation. Off. Org. K. ned. Zuivelb, 56: 9, 182-83

New milk recording regulations in Finland. Karjatalous. 43: 8, 222-23

New milk sample preservatives for Gerber fat tests. Tejipari Kut. Kozl, 11: 1, 31-39

New milk trunker tanker. SMMB Bull, 18: 4, 11

New milk-pricing method based on protein. Am. Dairy Rev, 33: 4, 22; 24; 65

New milking machine Stimul. Mol myasn. Skotovod, 10: 12, 27-29

New milking sheds incorporate new ideas. Town Milk. 16: 2, 8-15

New millet for wildlife food. Miss. Fm. Res, 30: 4, 1; 3

New milling oat variety, Mapua, shows promise for farmers. NZ J. Agric, 113: 38-39; 41; 43

New minimum requirements for approval, herdbook acceptance and the award of prizes. Mitt. Schweiz. Fleckviehzuchtverb, 1966: 2, 112-115

New mite is found on beef cattle. Agric. Res, Wash., 13: 6, 15-16

New miticides for red spider control. Dec. Fruit Gr, 19: 365-9

New Mode Of Genetic Transfer In Streptococcus Faecalis Var. Liquefaciens. Journal of Bacteriology 87: 799-801

New models in price forecasting: some suggestions for developing new models from existing models. Am. J. AGRIC. Econ., Urbana, Ill, 52: 5, 814-20

New models in price forecasting: time series modeling of economic phenomena. Am. J. AGRIC. Econ., Urbana, III, 53: 2, 269-74

New modern Kiel central dairy in Kiel-Wittland. Molkereizeitung, Hildesh, 25: 35, 1075-1080

New modification in the zinc sulfate flotation method. Ann. Coll. Med, Dept. of Bacteriology, College of Medicine, Mosul, Iraq., 2: 1, 3-22

New modification of leaf-wetness measuring apparatus. Pflanzenschutzberichte. 41: 3-4, 63-71. Bibl. 9

New modification of treatment with oxygen for helminthiasis and some skin infections in children. Sov. Med, 29: 11, 114-117

New modified milk for infant feeding. Minerva nipiol, 16: 4, 119-20

New moist grain preservative. Milling. 150: 9, 51-52

New mono-genean species from the Black Sea, Pseudoantho-cotyle markewitschi n.sp. Problemy Parazit. [Trudy ukr. respubl. nauch. Obshch

New monogeneans of fish from the Pyandzh river. Parazitologiya, 4: 4, 316-320; 320 p

New monogeneans, Quilonella ventrosa n.g., n.sp. and their taxonomic position. Parazitologiya, 4: 5, 458-465; 465 p

New monogenetic trematodes from Hawaiian fishes, I. Pacif. Sci, 19: 1, 55-95

New monogenetic trematodes from Hawaiian fishes, II. Pacif. Sci, 20: 4, 419-134

New monomers used in making wood-plastics. For. Prod. J, 19: 11, 57-61

New morphological criteria of the genus Skrjabinema (Syphaciidae, Oxyurata) and the species S. ovis (Skryabin, 1915). Sbornik Rabot po Gel'mintologii posvyashchen 90-letiyu so dnya rozhdeniya Akademika K.I. Skryabina, Moscow: Izdatel'stvo "KOLOS", 89-94

New multi-stage sampling techniques using space and aircraft imagery for forest inventory. Proceedings, 6th International Symposium on Remote Sensing of Environment, Ann Arbor, 1179-92

New multiline oats. Iowa Fm. Sci, 24: 571-74

New muscadine grape varieties. Fruit Var. hort. Dig, 22: 12

New nail. UACO Timb. Rev, 19, 15

New names for Jonesiella Hafeezullah, and Siddiqi, 1970, and Odontotrema Hafeezullah and Siddiqi, 1970, both preoccupied. J. Parasit, 57: 1, 136

New names for old diseases and pests. Plrs' Bull. Rubb. Res. Inst. Malaya. 109: 111-112

New names in Mycosphaerella (M. arachidis and M. pruni-persicae) and validation of M. rosicola. Trans. Br. mycol. Soc, 50: 2, 328-329

New narcissi. An evaluation trial. Garten-welt. 65: 310-12

New nematicide increases sweet potato grade. Louisiana Agriculture, 15: 1; 3; 16,

New nematicides for the control of root-knot nematodes in Azerbaidzhan. Nematode diseases of crops, Moscow: Izdatelstvo "Kolos", 71:74

New nematode genus, Devibursaphelenchus n.g. (Nematoda: Aphelenchoididae). Soobshch. Akad. Nauk. gruz. SSR, 47: 2, 439-443

New nematode species attacking grapevines in Chile. Agricultura tec, 30: 31-37

New nematode species from ornamental flowering plants in Kazakhstan. Izv. Akad. Nauk Kazakh. SSR. 5: 2, 45-50

New nematode species in carp breeding farms in western areas of the Ukraine. Helminthologia. Lvov Zooveterinary Inst. Ukrainian SSR., 10: 181-183

New nematodes from Ochotona alpina Pall. Helminthologia. 7: 1/4, 273-278

New neutron probe system speeds logging of soil water profiles. Proc. int. Un. For. Res. Orgns Congr., 1967. 416-419

New nitrogen fixers from Rhodesian soils. Trans. 9th int. Congr. Soil Sci, 2: 141-149

New nitrogen-fixing bacteria from acid forest soils. Progress in Soil Biodynamics and Soil Productivity, Pallotti, Santa Maria, Brazil., 1-5

New non-cultured curd process for producing Cottage cheese by the batch method. Am. Dairy Rev, 32: 9, 52-53

New northern Ontario Spruce beetle compels May start on log spraying. Canad. For. Ind, 90: 7, 50-1, 53

New note on an attempt to control G. fuscipes in the Central African Republic. Publ. scient. tech. Res. Commn Org. Afr. Unity. Lagos, 100, 139-140

New oast cuts fuel and cost with bins. Grower. 68: 634-5

New oat being released; good forage producer. Miss. Fm. Res, 27: 9, 1; 8

New oat varieties. J. Agric. S. Aust, 72: 330-31

New oat varieties licensed. Seed Scoop, 13: 3, 3

New oat, barley varieties. Res. & Fmg, 27: 1-2, 14 p

New objectives in breeding for quality in potato. Agrartudo-manyi Kozlemenyek, 29: 3, 265-270

New observations concerning Cox's sickness. Fruitteelt, 58: 1172-4. bibl. 6

New observations concerning population dynamics and the control of the lucerne blossom midge ( Contarinia medicaginis Kieff.). Comunicari de Zoologie, Prima Consfatuire Nationala de Entomologie Partea II-a, Bucharest, Rumania, Societatea de Stiinte Biologice din Republica Socialista Romania, 9-20

New observations on Tanara. Riv. Storia Agr. (Roma), Giugno. 4: 2, 112-120

New observations on a Robinia regeneration study. Erdesz. Kutatas., Budapest. 62: 1/3, 141-58

New observations on atrophie rhinitis. Berl. Munch. tierarztl. Wschr, 82: 208-210

New observations on avocado growing in Morocco. Yearb. Calif. Avoc. Soc, 51: 111-13

New observations on chamois blindness. Schweizer Arch. Tierheilk, 111: 587-602

New observations on cherry fruit flies: field experiments in 1969. Schweiz. Z. Obst- u. Weinb, 105: 566-72. bibl. 9

New observations on eye-frequenting Lepidoptera from S.E. Asia. Reprint from Verh. naturf. Ges. Basel, 75: 231-236

New observations on flushing and shoot elongation in some species of Abies. Rev. for. franc, 19: 3, 183-90

New observations on nitrogen mineralization in two soils of the Hautes-Vosges. Sci. Sol, 1, 31-46

New observations on progressive wilt and sudden wilt of African Palm in the Meta zone. Agricultura trop, 24: 8, 451-460

New observations on smut of sugarcane. Biologico, 32: 171-78

New observations on sugar cane smut. Biologico. 32: 171-8

New observations on the Simuliids of Elisabeth-ville (Katanga). Annls Soc. belge Med. trop. 45: pt. 5, 511-530

New observations on the activity and conditions of use of ethyl hexamethyleneimine carbothiolate applied for weed control in rice in the Camargue. Conf. Com. franf. mauv. Herbes (COLUMA), 7. bibl. 3

New observations on the biology and parasitism of Taphrina dcformans. Atti del Primo Congresso dell'Unione Fitopatologica Mediterranea. Parti I & II, Bari, Unione Fitopatologica Mediterranea.,?1969. 36-42

New observations on the diagnosis and cause of hip dysplasia. Veterinary Medicine, Small Animal Clinician 63(3): 238-245

New observations on the differences between vines from V. vinifera and from hybrids. CR Acad. Sci, Paris, 51: 135-40

New observations on the differentiation between the wines from V. vinifera and from hybrids. C.R. Acad. Agric. Fr, 51: 135-40. bibl. 12

New observations on the disintegration mechanism of granite. C.R. Acad. Sci. Paris, 259: 3577-3580

New observations on the effects of lactose ingestion on the long bones in rats. C. r. hebd. Seanc. Acad. Sci, Paris, 264D: 25, 2929-32

New observations on the endogenous development of coccidia in chicks. Nauohni Trad, vissh vet.-med. Inst. Prof. G. Pavlov, 13: 47-52

New observations on the life-cycle and bionomics of P. armatus in southern Greece. Rev. Path. veg, 1, 19-30

New observations on the presence of gibbsite in surface weathering layers of soils over crystalline and crystallophyllic rocks. Annls agron, 20: 639-643

New observations on the relationships between azotobacter and the soil cellulolytic microflora. Revue Ecol. Biol. Sol, 2: 511-518

New occurrence of race 2 of Tomato Fusarium wilt . Arkans. Fm. Res, 18: 6, 6

New occurrence of the trematode Collyriclum faba (Bremser, 1831) in the USSR. Vestnik Zoologii, 1: 1, 75-77

New occurrences of tabular halloysite. Proc. Soil Sci. Soc. Am, 34: 538-540

New oils by means of genetics. Rev. fr. Corps gras, 18: 3, 135-142

New olive plantations. Publ. Minist. Agric, Madrid, 16

New onion cross aimed at export markets. NZ J. Agric, 115: 1, 101 p

New onion cultivar. Fmg. in S. Afr, 42: 11, 6-7

New onion for UK. Commercial Grower. 3971, 229

New opinions on hop quality. Chmelarstvi, 42: 73-5

New opportunities for flower crops thanks to the use of artificial materials as substrates. Meded. Bear Voorlicht. Oost-Vlaanderen. 38: 4. bibl. 1

New or critical Leguminosae. VII. Darwiniana. 15: 3/4, 501-49

New or interesting British microfungi. Kew Bull, 25: 2, 335-374

New or interesting British plant diseases. Trans. Br. mycol. Soc, 52: 1, 19-38

New or interesting records of British Hymenomycetes, IV. Trans. Brit. Mycol. Soc, 55: 3, 413-41

New or interesting records of Norwegian polyporcs. Nytt Mag. Bot, 15: 3, 267-270

New or interesting vascular plants of the flora of Entre Rios. 1. Darwiniana, 13: 2-4, 625-31

New or little-known grasses of tropical Africa. J. Agric., trop. Bot. appl, 13: 1-3, 39-55

New or little-known species of the genus Lithocolletis occurring in Japan. Insecta matsum, 29: 2, 59-72

New or noteworthy Asiatic species of Antidesma L. (Stilaginaceae). Kew Bull, 23: 2, 277-90

New or noteworthy species of Gonystylus (Thymelaeaceae), principally from Borneo. Kew Bull, 17: 3, 447-58

New or rare Erysiphaceae in France. Annls Phytopath, 3: 3, 337-352

New or rare species of the genus Phyllosticta Pers. in Czechoslovakia. Nova Hedwigia 13(1/2): 183-197

New or uncommon plant diseases. J. R. hort. Soc, 89: 3, 127-130

New or uncommon plant diseases and pests. Pl. Path, 14: 2, 93-94

New or uncommon plant diseases and pests. Pl. Path, 17: 2, 95

New or uncommon plant diseases and pests. Pl. Path, 18: 2, 96

New or uncommon plant diseases and pests. Pl. Path, 19: 2, 98-100 1970

New or uncommon plant diseases and pests. Downy mildew (Peronospora mesembry-anthemi Vervoerd) on Mesembryanthemum criniflorum L.f. Pl. Path, 16: 4, 192

New or uncommon plant diseases and pests. Fusarium redolens attacking Tulips. Pl. Path, 15: 4, 191

New or uncommon plant diseases and pests. Fusarium wilt and stem canker of Larkspur. Pl. Path, 15: 2, 96

New or uncommon plant diseases and pests. Phytophthora megasperma Drechsl. on Broccoli and Swede in the Republic of Ireland. Pl. Path, 18: 1, 48

New or uncommon plant diseases and pests. Rust (Puccinia pelargonii-zonalis) of Pelargonium. Pl Path, 15: 3, 144

New or uncommon plant diseases and pests. Smut (Entyloma compositarum) of Gaillardia aristata Pursh. Pl Path, 16: 3, 143-144

New or uncommon plant diseases. Sowthistle yellow vein virus in England. Pl. Path, 18: 3, 144

New or unreported diseases in Kuzestan. Iran Jnl Pi. Path, 6: 3-4, 61

New or unusual host-plant records for plant-parasitic nematodes. PI. Path, 17: 2, 95-96

New or unusual host-plant records for plant-parasitic nematodes, 1968-70. PI. Path, 20: 2, 96-97

New orchard methods for brown rot control. Citrograph, 56: 7, 220-222

New orchard weed sprayer. N.Z.J. Agric, 119: 6, 110-11

New organic fungicides against Apple scab. Zahr. Listy. 60: 8, 235-236

New organotin mixture for the control of late blight of potatoes (Phytophthora infestans). Mededelingen van de Faculten Landbouwwetenschappen, Rijksuniversitet Gent, 36: 1, 348-354

New orientation of agrarian structural policy in Sweden. Inf. Ld Reform Ld Settlem. Co-op, Rome, 2:,

New ornamental species for cut flowers. Italia Agricola, 108: 6, 537-544

New ornamental with wildlife value. 'Rem-Red' honeysuckle. Amer. Nurserym, 132: 9, 7; 32; 34

New outbreaks and current distribution of fire blight of Pear and Apple in Northern Europe. Pl. Prot. Bull. F.A.O, 18: 4, 83-88

New outbreaks of Aujeszky's disease in Brittany. Bull. Acad. vet. Fr, 44: 39-46

New outbreaks of Aujeszky's disease in Minas Gerais State, Brazil. IV. Placental transmission of the virus in spontaneously infected cattle. Pesq. agropec. bras, 1: 73-74

New outlook for milk proteins. Fm Fd Res, 2: 2, 45-47

New outlook of Asian agriculture. Econ. Rev., Bank China, Taipei, 124: 4-9

New ovulation agent. 5th Wld Congr. Gynaec. Obstet., Sydney, Aust., Sep., Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane: Butterworth & Co. (Australia) Ltd., 346 p

New pack for cream. N.Z. Dairy Export. 40: 9, 33-34

New packages and packaging machines. Svenska Mejeritidn, 57: 46, 562; 564; 566

New packaging concept for milk desserts. Dte Milchw, 23: 7, 218; 220

New packing machine for pot plants and cut flowers. Erwerbsgartner, 22: 1512-13

New packs for famous cheeses. Eur. Packag. Dig, 1968: 63, 4-5

New paddy varieties for mid hills of Himachal Pradesh. Oryza, 4: 1, 32-41

New palaearctic species of barkbeetles of the genus Scolytus. Ent. Obozr., Moskva. 43: 3, 662-8

New parameters for the structural analysis of tropical virgin forests. Silva gandavensis. 26, 9

New parasite from gnats and 'errors' in the instinctive function of the host. Dokl. Akad. Nauk SSSR. 169: 5, 1236-1238

New parasite records on Earias spp. from Gujarat. Indian Journal of Entomology. 31: 3, 281-282

New parasite records on Hymenia recurvalis (Fabricius) (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae). Indian J. Ent, 30: pt. 3, 248 p

New parasites of the citrus moth, Prays citri., found in Sicily. Boll. 1st. Ent. agrar. Osserv. Fitopat. Palermo., 6: 1-6. bibl. 6

New parental forms for the production of high-yielding hybrids of maize with flint type of grain. Visn. sil's'kogosp. Nauk. (Rec. agric. Sci.), 12, 39-42

New parsnip varieties. Grad. lozar. Nauka. 1: 8, 67-71

New partheno-carpic tomato forms. Bul. Akad. sti. RSS Moldov. : Ser. biol. him. Nauk (Bull. Acad. Sci. Moldav. SSR : Ser. biol. chem. Sci.), 2, 32-38

New participants in capitalist agricultural relationships. Mirovaia Ekonomika i Mezdunaradnye Otnosheniia. Moskva, 11: 87-96

New Partnerships In Schistosomiasis Control. Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene 67: 265-270

New passions profitable. Banana Bull, 32: 5, 6

New pathogenic agents causing root rot and stem base rot of Wheat. An. Inst. cercet. Prof. Pl, 5: 45-54

New pathogenic strains of Puccinia hordei among physiologic races identified in United States from 1959 through 1964. Plant Dis Rep 49(7): 575-578

New pathogenic strains of Puccinia hordei among physiologic races identified in United States from 1959 to 1964. Plant Dis. Reptr, 49: 575-78

New patterns in introducing innovations. Inter economics, Hamburg., Hamburg, 9: 284-8

New pea and bean varieties for production. Ferma intrepr. agric. Stat, 22: 2, 15-16

New pea for processing. NZ J. Agric, 121: 3, 31; 33

New pea resists disease ; will be easy to harvest. Miss. Fm Res, 28: 12, 1 and 4

New pea varieties for forage. Kooper. Zemed. (Cooper. Fmg.), Sofija, 3, 18

New pea variety will replace Greenfeast. NZ J. Agric, 117: 2, 32

New peach. Res. & Fmg, 24: 2, 3 p

New peach cultivars originating in America. Frutticoltura. Bologna, 30: 943-48

New peach queens named by Rutgers. N.J. Agric. 46: 1, 11

New peach varieties in North Carolina. Bull. NC agric. Exp. Sta, 436, 11

New peach varieties of American origin. Frutticoltura, 30: 943-8. bibl. 11

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New peach varieties: their acceptability to grower, canner and consumer. Food Techn. Aust, 19: 13, 614-17

New peach, nectarine ready for growers, USDA reveals. Bett. Fruit, 63: 4, 21 p

New peaches do well in trials at Bathurst. Agric. Gaz. N.S.W, 81: 356-9

New peanut variety. Res. & Fmg, 23: 2, 14 p

New pear cultivars. Sadovodstvo (Horticulture), 7, 33 p

New pear decline findings. West. Fruit Gr, 18(2): 17,

New pear varieties. Fruit and berry crops, Urozaj, Minsk, 01

New pepper varieties. Calif Agr 21(12): 10

New pepper variety developed at Brooks. Science and the Land, Alberta,

New peppermint varieties. Kooper. Zemed. (Cooper. Fmg.), Sofija, 3, 23-25

New perennial grass-Currie cocksfoot. J. Agric. S. Aust, 67: 264-66

New perspectives in bougainvillea breeding. J. Hered, 60: 357-60. bibl. 15

New perspectives in the control of plant viruses. Parasitica. 20: 2, 103-105

New perspectives on nutritional aspects of modified milk-fat formulas. Curr. ther. Res, 9: 3S, 133-96

New pest of sugarcane, Acanthopsyche sp. (Psychidae: Lepidoptera). New pest of sugarcane, Acanthopsyche sp. (Psychidae: Lepidoptera). Labdev, Kanpur, 5: 1, 70-71

New pesticide recommendations. Tob. Forum Rhod, Nov. 16-17

New pesticides against Thrips tabaci and Myzus persicae on tobacco. Bulg. Tyutyun, 11: 5, 11-15

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New pesticides approved for 1968. Agrochemia, Bratislava, 8: 4, 110-13

New pesticides for cotton growing. Khlopkovodstvo, 17: 7, 28-30

New pesticides for the protection of glasshouse Roses against powdery mildew (S. pannosa) and common red spider (T. urticae). Biul. Inst. Hodowl. Aklim. Rosl, 3-4, 102-103: 65-68

New pests of carnation in Bulgaria. Rastit. Zasht, 15: pt. 12, 28-29

New pests on permanent plantations in the Plovdiv area. Rastitelna Zashchita. 17: 3, 21-23

New phase characters in elytron of the desert locust. Indian J Entomol 28(1): 1-13

New phenol. Khimiya Prirodnykh Soedinenii. 6: 2, 204-7. 5 refs. Title from Abstr

New phosphatic fertilizer from basic slag, hydrochloric acid, and rock phosphate. J Agr Food Chem 14(6): 641-642

New physical methods for the simultaneous determination of butterfat and S.N.F. in milk. Industrie lait, Paris, 227, 624-30

New physiologic race of Wheat stem rust in Argentina. Robigo 1964. 16, 15

New physiologic races of stem rust in Rio Grande do Sul. Robigo 1964. 16, 3-5

New phytopathogenic fungi imperfecti from Maharashtra (India). Sydowia (1970). 23: 1-6, 106-109

New pineapple culture techniques in the West Indies. Fruits d' Outre Mer. 21: 229-30

New pistachio wood-borer Kermania pistaciella Amsel. Entomologie Phytopath. appl, Teheran, 23, 1-9

New plan for the experimental areas of the. Mensajero for., Durango. 26: 270, 12-3, 16

New planning methods and economic incentives in the dairy industry. New planning methods and economic incentives in the dairy industry, Moscow: Izdatel'stvo 'Pishchevaya promyshlennost''., 82. Price: 23 k,

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New plant diseases. Agr Gaz Nes S Wales 76(1): 38-40

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New plant for cooling, weighing, pneumatic transportation and storage of dried milk-substitute fat concentrate. Molk.-u.K'as.-Ztg. 19: 8, 254-58

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New plant forms promising for use in conditions of artificial illumination. Sb. tr. Agrofiz. n.-i. in-ta VASKh-NIL, 21, 15

New plant forms, obtained by parsley (Petroselinum hortense Hoffm.) and celery (Apium graveolens L.) hybridization. Comptes Rendus de l' Academie des Sciences Agricoles en Bulgarie, 4: 3, 261-267

New plant hosts of Laccifer lacca in the Lenkoran region of Soviet Azerbaijan. Rast. Resursy, Moskva. 2: 2, 266-70

New plant of Union Laitiere Cooperative at Toulouse. RTIA. 18: 183, 53, 55, 57, 59

New plant opened at Christchurch. Town Milk. 17: 4, 8-12; 14

New plant types in pulses. Indian Farming. 21: 8, 9-10, 15

New plant types in relation to higher production. Indian Fmg, 16: 6, 42-45

New plant varieties released by Station. Sci. in Agric., Pa, 17: 2, 13 p

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New planting substrates for orchids. Gartenwelt, 70: 471-2. bibl. 3

New plantings of vines. Schweiz. Z. Obst- u, Weinb, 103: 654-7

New plants of var. Jonathan to be grown with low stem. Ovoshtarstvo, 15: 10, 18-20

New plastic greenhouse is successful and economical. N.J. Agric, 47: 3, 3-7

New plastic tubes for deep-frozen semen. Dt. tierarztl. Wschr, 72: 392-394

New plum cultivars. Inform, agrar, Verona., 25: 927-8

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New poinsettia varieties, slow-release fertilizers = success. N.C. Flower Grs' Bull, 14: 3, 2-5

New policy for a campesino education in Latin America. Desarrollo Rural en las Americas. Bogota, 3: 3

New policy for agricultural and regional development. Nogyo Sekai, Tokyo, 63: 6, 82-103

New polyoxyphenols from Western Hemlock sapwood. Wood & Fiber. 2: 2, 144-50

New pomegranate varieties in Azerbaijan. Ma"ruzalar. AzarbSSR Elmlar Akad, 25: 8, 86-90

New poppy alkaloids. Pharmazie. 19: 786. bibl. 5

New portable pneumatic nailer. Timb. Tr. J, 267: 4811, 46

New portable thermometer. Moloch. Prom, 31: 3, 16-17

New positioning for the radiography of some regions of the head of large and medium-sized domestic animals. Nuova Vet, 1st. Patol. Vet., Univ. Torino, 46: 182

New possibilities and techniques for land use and related surveys with special reference to the developing countries. Papers presented at an international symposium, London, 21-23 April 1970. Occas. Pap. 9 World Land Use Surv, 138

New possibilities for chemical weed control in forest nurseries. Norsk Skogbruk, 5, 2

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