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Studies on the variability of some provenances and forms of Pinus nigra of Banat from the Cerna and Carpathian Mts. at the Iron Gates (Rumania) and their value as initial material for selection

, : Studies on the variability of some provenances and forms of Pinus nigra of Banat from the Cerna and Carpathian Mts. at the Iron Gates (Rumania) and their value as initial material for selection. Studii asupra variabilitatii unor proveniente si forme de pin negru de Banat din Muntii Cernei si Carpatii Portilor de Fier (R. S. Romania). Valoarea lor ca material initial de selectie, Institutul de Cercetari Forestiere,Bucharest, Romania: 203

The characters studied were: crown form; rhytidome; needle, cone, and seed morphology; and seed colour. Their correlations with one another and with growth rate were analysed and are discussed. The definition of a subsp. banatica is attempted and its probable evolution traced. Finally, recommendations are made for mass selection by collecting seed (a) from valuable provenances, (b) from valuable individuals, (c) by selecting seed of dark colour, and (d) from cones of specified size and form.


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