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The distribution of specific antibody among the immunoglobulins in whey from the locally immunized gland

, : The distribution of specific antibody among the immunoglobulins in whey from the locally immunized gland. Arch Biochem Biophys 126(1): 105-110

Experiments were carried out to determine the distribution of antibody in the immunoglobulin classes present in the milk of ewes locally immunized by the infusion of killed Brucella abortus organisms into one side of the nonlactating udder. Serum sam ples of whey from both immunized and nonimmunized sides were fractionated on Sephadex G-200 and DEAE-Sephadex columns. Appropriate fractions of the effluent were then concentrated for identification of proteins on immunoelectrophoresis and for anti-Brucella assays. The fractionation of immune serum showed that most of the anti-Brucella activity was associated with [immunoglobulin M] IgM and fast [immunoglobulin G] IgG and very little appeared to be associated with slow IgG or with a protein provisionally identified as [immunoglobulin A] IgA. The results of the fractionation of whey from immunized sides suggested that a large part of the specific antibody in the whey belonged to an immunoglobulin class distinct from IgM and IgG. Antibody was also associated with the fast IgG but not with slow IgG or with the protein provisionally identified as IgA.


DOI: 10.1016/0003-9861(68)90564-x

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