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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 14850

Chapter 14850 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

A concept for restructuralizing social security in the farming sector. Landbauforschung Volkenrode2(1): 43-46

A concept in relation to the development of landscapes based on ecological principles in West Germany. Veroffentlichungen 1 180-188

A concept of a component based system to estimate pot-plant keeping quality. Acta Horticulturae 718: 47-653

A concept of a forest vegetation zone as a structural part of the biogeocoenotic cover. Lesovedenie (1): 3-13

A concept of a system of transport services for agriculture. Nowe rolnictwo15, 27(9): 22-26

A concept of administrative source reduction.

A concept of agribusiness.

A concept of annual planning of an enterprise as a sub-system of the management information system in forest management. Lesnictvi Ceskoslovenska akademie zemedelska Ustav vedeckotechnickych informaci pro zemedelstvi 25(1): 7-12

A concept of beer flavor. Brewers digest: 50 (9) 56

A concept of centralized processing of tonnage data.

A concept of genetic engineeri. Hshueh shu yen tao hui pao kao = Scientific meeting report of Tainan District Agricultural Improvement Station: 7-13

A concept of humoral immunity among ruminants and an approach to its investigation. Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology 137: 3-55

A concept of impact programming. Proceedings Rural Sociology Section Southern Association of Agricultural Scientists: 65-273

A concept of management for the Chesapeake Bay Management of natural resources, water quality. Transactions of the North American Wildlife and Natural Resources Conference: 6th) 311-317

A concept of physiological time: rhythms in behavior and reproductive physiology. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences 474: 331-351

A concept of quantitative reproductive senility: application to the hard clam, Mercenaria mercenaria (L.)? Marine areas, North Carolina. Oecologia 8(2): 164-168

A concept of rootlet health of strawberries in pathogenfree field soil achieved by fumigation. Int Symp Factors Determining Behav Plant Pathog Soil: ub 1970), 2d 208-215

A concept of the cyperoid spikelet and its terminology, illustrated by new species of Lipocarpha (Cyperaceae). Kew bulletin1(2): 423-328

A concept of the shallow ground-water system along the North Platte River, south-central Wyoming.

A concept of the system for monitoring drought in rural areas. Woda Srodowisko Obszary Wiejskie 6(16(1)): 161-171

A concept of urban forestry. Milieu 12 1-52

A concept of vegetative growth and a dynamic model of dry matter accumulation in plants (on an example of Scots pine. Wissenschaftliche Zeitschrift der Humboldt Universitat zu Berlin Mathematisch naturwissenschaftliche Reihe3(4): 359-361

A concept on the organization of fruit growing on federal level. Erwerbsobstbau 19 (9) 155-156

A conceptial variable analysis of rational behaviour of farmers. Indian journal of extension education: 8 (3 4) 54-60

A conception for general and specific combining abilities. Tutun = Tobacco3(1-2): 23-26

A conception of reference framework for uniform situations and service orientation management of irrigation systems.

A conception on determination o. Nogyo Kikai Gakkai shi = Journal of the Society of Agricultural Machinery Japan 41(2): 271-277

A conceptual and analytic framework for applied policy and evaluation research. Rural sociology 51(3): 278-288

A conceptual and methodological framework for designing and evaluating community-based after-school art programs. International Journal of Cultural Policy 13(1): 123-132

A conceptual and operational framework for teaching management to farm managers. Cornell agricultural economics staff paper Department of Agricultural Economics Cornell University Agricultural Experiment Station: 89 (89-27)

A conceptual approach for selecting instructional materials. Agricultural education magazine: 22-23

A conceptual equation of intake control. Hunger Basic Mechanisms and Clinical Implications D in W Wyrwicka and G A Bray eds: 27-247

A conceptual framework for analysis of water resources management in Asia. Natural resources forum 8(4): 343-356

A conceptual framework for analyzing economies of vertical integration: comment.

A conceptual framework for analyzing economies of vertical integration: reply.

A conceptual framework for assessing impacts of carbon dioxide change on forest industries. Greenhouse effect climate change and US forests edited by William E Shands and John S Hoffman: 275

A conceptual framework for biodiversity management in the PT Freeport Indonesia contract of work mining and project area, Irian Jaya, Indonesia.

A conceptual framework for environmental protection. Environmental management 8(6): 463-471

A conceptual framework for forest site quality evaluation. Miscellaneous report University of Maine Agricultural Experiment Station: (336) 31-37

A conceptual framework for integrating fire considerations in wildland planning. USDA Forest Service research note INT: 80 (278)

A conceptual framework for marine biodiversity and ecosystem functioning. Marine Ecology 28(Suppl. 1): 134-145

A conceptual framework for regional land-use planning and development. Proceedings of the First ASEAN Forestry Congress: 10-15 October 1983 Manila Philippines: 428

A conceptual framework for residential satisfaction. Human behavior and environment: advances in theory and research(8): 153-182

A conceptual framework for rural development.

A conceptual framework for the economic analysis of on-farm trials with smal ruminants. Small ruminant production systems in South and Southeast Asia: proceedings of a workshop held in Bogor Indonesia 6-10 October 1986 editor C Devendra: 391

A conceptual framework for the institutionalization of youth service programs in primary and secondary education. Journal of adolescence 17(4): 395-409

A conceptual framework for the social analysis of reproductive health. Journal of Health, Population, and Nutrition 25(1): 24-36

A conceptual framework for watershed management. Watershed resource management: an integrated framework with studies from Asia and the Pacific edited by K William Easter John A Dixon Maynard M Hufschmidt: 1

A conceptual framework of forest resource accounting for the national forests. Proceedings of the Society of American Foresters National Convention: 55-556

A conceptual framework to evaluate performance of non-profit social service organisations. International journal of technology management = Journal international de la gestion technologique7(1-2): 147-161

A conceptual framework to explore tradeoffs between prevention, monitoring and control of avian influenza. DJF Rapport, Husdyrbrug (77): 41-45

A conceptual hydrogeological model for the Lake Warden recovery catchments Esperance, Western Australia.

A conceptual hydrosalinity model for predicting salt load in irrigation return flows. Managing Saline Water for Irrigation Proceedings of the International Salinity Conference: ub 1977) 49-70

A conceptual investigation of process controls upon flood frequency: role of thresholds. Hydrology and Earth System Sciences 11(4): 1405-1416

A conceptual management plan for Tenoroc Fish Management Area (Polk County).

A conceptual model for DNAPL transport in karst ground water basins. Ground water 39(1): 119-127

A conceptual model for agricultural knowledge generation and transfer. Annals of library science and documentation 32(3-4): 80-82

A conceptual model for arid rangeland degradation.. BioScience 44(2): 70-76

A conceptual model for ecological risk assessment of bottomland hardwood forests. Paper er 1993 (93-2574)

A conceptual model for evaluating the materials and practices of the organic foods industry.

A conceptual model for primary productivity, decomposition and nitrogen cycling in the Chihuahuan creosotebush desert. Tree Physiology 2(1_2_3): 215-222

A conceptual model for sediment and nutrient fluxes from rural land. International Journal of Biodiversity Science and Management 2(3): 232-234

A conceptual model for the movement of pesticides through the environment: a contribution of the EPA.

A conceptual model for the movement of pesticides through the environment: a contribution of the EPA Alternative Chemicals Program.

A conceptual model for those diseases with pathogen population multiplication independent of disease development. Phytopathology 71(8): 901

A conceptual model of daily water balance following partial clearing from forest to pasture. Hydrology and Earth System Sciences (HESS) 10(3): 321-337

A conceptual model of elk habitat selection and use. Proceedings of the 1984 Western States and Provinces Elk Workshop April 17-19-1984 Edmonton Alberta editor and chairman R Wayne Nelson: 130

A conceptual model of information flow in agricultural research and development. Agricultural science policy in transition edited by V James Rhodes: 249

A conceptual model of nutrient transport in subsurface soil systems. Water Pollution Control in Low Density Areas Proc of a Rural Environ Eng Conf W J Jewell and R Swan eds: 5-64

A conceptual model of organo-mineral interactions in soils: self-assembly of organic molecular fragments into zonal structures on mineral surfaces. Biogeochemistry 85(1): 9-24

A conceptual model of stone fruit tree decline.

A conceptual model of the Galveston Bay ecosystem.

A conceptual overview of agricultural models. MOIRA: Food and Agriculture Model Proc IIASA Int Inst Appl Syst Anal Symp Global Model: ub 1977), 3d 151-171

A conceptual overview of the TAMU sheep production model. Sheep and goat wool and mohair: 3-87

A conceptual storm runoff model applied to three small Swiss experimental basins: a brief description. Hydrological research basins and their use in water resources planning: proceedings of the international symposium held in Berne Switzerland September 21-23-1982: 519

A conceptual synthesis of the US sugar and HFCS markets:.

A conceptual system of forest management planning. FWS Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University School of Forestry and Wildlife Resources: (1-81) 129-137

A conceptual weather-type classification procedure for the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, area.

A conceptualization of parenting: examining the single parent family.

A conceptualization of the American family. Handbook on parent education edited by Marvin J Fine: 0

A conceptualization of transition to nonvirginity in adolescent females. Journal of adolescent researcher 2(4): 331-348

A conceptural framework for an integrated operational information and decision-supported system for Thames Water Utilities. NATO ASI series: Series G: Ecological sciences6(26): 283-293

A conceptural perturbation model of water movement in stochastically heterogeneous soils. Advances in water resources7(3): 171-179

A concern about community communications systems. Communities Left Behind Alternatives for Development: 44-147

A concern for hardwoods. Georgia forestryer 41(2)

A concert in the garden: What one nurseryman does to drum up business. American nurseryman, 160(1): 120-122

A concerted action. Levage bovin ovin caprin: (special no) 38-40

A concise English-Czech and Czech-English technical dictionary.

A concise English-Irish dictionary for the use of schools.

A concise Hungarian-English dictionary.

A concise applied pharmacology and therapeutics of the more important drugs.

A concise asymmetric synthesis of cis-2,6-disubstituted N-aryl piperazines via Pd-catalyzed carboamination reactions. Organic Letters 9(17): 3279-3282

A concise asymmetric synthesis of torcetrapib. Journal of Organic Chemistry 72(16): 6290-6293

A concise conversion of (-)-sclareol into (+)-coronarin E and (-)-7-epi-coronarin A. Journal of Natural Products 61(11): 1394-1396

A concise dictionary of animal husbandry.

A concise dictionary of gardening.

A concise dictionary of mathematics.

A concise economic history of the banana multinationals.

A concise edition of the history and development of ancient Chinese agricultural implements.

A concise encyclopaedia of gastronomy.

A concise encyclopedia of gastronomy.

A concise encyclopedia of management techniques.

A concise encyclopedia of world timbers.

A concise forestry dictionary.

A concise general programme for studying biogeocoenoses.

A concise geography of China.

A concise guide to growing everlastings.

A concise guide to medication, herbs, and supplements for the horse.

A concise guide to plastics.

A concise guide to respiratory disease of the horse.

A concise guide to the flowers of Britain and Europe.

A concise guide to the study of vegetation.

A concise handbook for the foreman in vegetable culture.

A concise handbook of administrative and political divisions of the Peoples Republic of China.

A concise handbook of microbiological terminology.

A concise handbook of postal codes.

A concise handbook on agricultural water-supply.

A concise handbook on cattle.

A concise handbook on fruit and berry crops, grapes, and nursery management in the Stalingrad oblast.

A concise handbook on machines and equipment for stock-raising farms.

A concise handbook on physical and chemical values.

A concise handbook on the repair of grain-harvesting equipment.

A concise history of Australian wine.

A concise history of literature.

A concise history of ornithology.

A concise history of science, including science in India.

A concise history of the research of mayflies (Ephemeroptera) in Czechoslovakia. Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference on Ephemeroptera Bechyne September 4-10-1983 edited by Vladimir Landa Tomas Soldan and Martin Tonner: 7

A concise introduction to Indian medicine.

A concise overview of national nutrition action plans in the European Union Member States. Public Health Nutrition 8(3): 266-274

A concise parameterization of the hydraulic conductivity of unsaturated soils. Advances in water resources 23(8): 811-815

A concise physiological and phytocoenological characterization of some edificators of the subalpine vegetation in the central Caucasus.

A concise pictorial flora of Japan.

A concise program of investigation of pasture productivity in the areas of natural reserves.

A concise reference book for the animal husbandry engineer.

A concise review of its background, ideals and future programs.

A concise survey of animal behavior. Honore, E K And P H Klopfer A Concise Survey Of Animal Behavior Xxi+186p Academic Press, Inc : San Diego, California, Usa; London, England, Uk Illus Paper Xxi+186p

A concise synthesis of single-enantiomer o-lactams and o-amino acids using Rhodococcus globerulus. Journal of chemical technology and biotechnology 82(12): 1099-1106

A concise synthesis of the Pennsylvania Green fluorophore and labeling of intracellular targets with O6-benzylguanine derivatives. Organic Letters 9(19): 3741-3744

A concise synthetic approach to beta , gamma -dehydrocurvularin: synthesis of (+or-)-di-O-methyl- beta , gamma -dehydrocurvularin. Bioscience, Biotechnology and Biochemistry 71(6): 1592-1594

A concise teaching material on botany.

A concise test book of seed inspection.

A concise textbook on seed study.

A concise total synthesis of DL-histrionicotoxin. Journal of the American Chemical Society 128(39): 12656-7

A concise total synthesis of melithiazole C. Organic Letters 9(17): 3425-3427

A concise veterinary dictionary of clinical terms.

A concise, convergent total synthesis of monocerin. Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry 4(22): 4118-4126

A concluded literature information for medical vectors background in Guangdong province. Journal of Tropical Medicine Guangzhou 7(4): 396

A concluding critical look at issues of theory and method in Oaxaca market studies.

A concluding remark. Bulletin 21 (2) 98-100

A conclusion regarding: "what is the meaning of non-linear dose-response relationships between blood lead and IQ?". Neurotoxicology 28(1): 196-7; Author Reply 197-201

A conclusive study by the National Research Council of the containerized transport of fruits and vegetables. Frutticoltura 32 (11 12) 7-10

A concordance for the New Zealand species of Epilobium Taxonomy, Onagraceae. Mauri ora0(10): 67-72

A concrete case of creating a wheat variety. Bulletin des anciens eleves: (293) 285-287

A concrete example for calculating for fertilization plan of forage surfaces. Levage bovin: (115) 67-71

A concrete example for cooperation: cartography of grazing resources in the Niari Valley (Congo). Revue d'elevage et de medecine veterinaire des pays tropicaux Nouvelle serie7(3): 361-365

A concrete example of simplified stimulation from regulation management of a reservoir watershed from contradictory needs. Optimal allocation of water resources edited by MJ Lowing: 416

A concrete response to the problem of feed waste. Informatore zootecnico, 29(15-16): 64-67

A concrete slatted floor system for separation of faeces and urine in pig houses. Biosystems engineering 98(2): 206-214

A concrete tub will become a garden pond. Gartenpraxis 8 380-382

A concurrent ultrastructural and ultracytochemical study of the peripheral lamina in germinal vesicles of Pseudorhyncus japonicus (Orthoptera). Cytologia (Tokyo): 521: 129-136

A condensation of bio-dynamic farming and gardening.

A condensation of forest pathology.

A condensed history of the science and technology of thermal processing. 1. Food technology: 25 (12) 44-46

A condensed history of the science and technology of thermal processing. 2. Food technology: 26 (1) 64-69

A condensed methyl reductic acid from hydrolysis of amino-hexose-reductones. Journal of organic chemistry3, 38(14): 2512-2521

A condensed variation analysis o.

A condition bearing a resemblance of Mareks disease in table turkeys in the Netherlands. Tijdschrift voor diergeneeskunde: 99 (3) 166-169

A condition of erosion and ulceration of young chickens gizzard in Iran. Archives Institut Razi: (32) 101-103

A condition resembling Chastek paralysis in cats. New Zealand Veterinary Journal 20(5): 80-81

A condition resembling hypoplastic left heart syndrome in a foal. Equine Veterinary Journal 15(2): 175-177

A condition resembling terminal ileitis in mature ewes. Canadian veterinary journal = La revue veterinaire canadienne 35(10): 657-658

A conditional test criterion for judging internal spread of disease among plants. Journal Indian Society of Agricultural Statistics 33(2): 47-51

A conductivimetric method for measuring the carbon dioxide concentration.

A cone and seed disease of southern pines caused by the pitch canker fungus. General technical report SE US Department of Agriculture Forest Service Southeastern Forest Experiment Station: 6) 150-154

A confederate agricultural knowledge system. The special case of Switzerland. European journal of agricultural education and extension 1(1): 103-122

A conference and workshop planners manual.

A conference dedicated to the up-to-date systematics of fungi. Mikologiia i fitopatologiia: (5) 455

A conference of the Scientific Technical Society of Workers of Forest Industry of the Estonian SSR. Mezsaimnieciba un mezrupnieciba: 46-48

A conference on land utilization policy. Nowe rolnictwo: 15, 25 (17) 27-28

A conference on soil amelioration in the nonchernozem zone.

A conference program for executives in the Federal service.

A conference to speed up school canteens.

A confidence interval for the heritability coefficient of continuous characters. Soviet genetics: (Transl 1974), 10 (3) 300-304

A confidential analytical report on automation in the graphic arts field.

A confirmation of Rexed's laminar hypothesis using the Sholl linear method complemented by nonparametric statistics. Neuroscience Letters 414(3): 286-290

A confirmatory factor analysis of a four-factor model of adolescent concerns revisited. Journal of youth and adolescence 22(3): 297-312

A confirmatory test for aflatoxin B1.

A confirmed case of type C botulism in cattle. Proceedings of annual meeting American Association of Veterinary Laboratory Diagnosticians: 8th) 305-312

A confirming report of the presence in southern Illinois of Banasa sordida (Hemiptera: Pentatomidae). Transactions of the Illinois State Academy of Science: 70 (2, ie 1) 108-109

A conflict rat model of cue-induced relapse to cocaine seeking. Psychopharmacology 194(1): 117-125

A conformational study of collagen as affected by tanning procedures. Journal of the American Leather Chemists Association 92(9): 225-233

A conformational study of sericenine, a ten-membered ring furanosequiterpene, and its derivatives. Tetrahedron letters: 46 4355-4358

A conformational switch to beta-sheet structure in cytochrome c leads to heme exposure. Implications for cardiolipin peroxidation and apoptosis. Journal of the American Chemical Society 129(3): 504-505

A conformational transition state accompanies tryptophan activation by B. stearothermophilus tryptophanyl-tRNA synthetase. Structure 15(10): 1272-1284

A conformationally restricted guanosine analog reveals the catalytic relevance of three structures of an RNA enzyme. Chemistry & Biology 14(1): 23-30

A confusing case of sole abcess. Southwestern veterinarian: 0 (2) 188-189

A confusion of calcium supplements and drinks. Environmental nutrition 20(11): 5

A congener-specific survey for polychlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxins (PCDDs) and polychlorinated dibenzofurans (PCDFs) contamination in Masan Bay, Korea. Chemosphere 68(9): 1613-1622

A congenic chicken line differing at IgM allotype. Folia Biologica 23(6): 421-422

A congenital cyst of the pancreas. Annals of Saudi Medicine 26(5): 395-397

A congenital form of myotonia with dystrophic changes in a quarterhorse. Equine Veterinary Journal 19(4): 353-358

A congenital heart disorder in a calf: complete transposition of the great vessels. Irish veterinary journal 35(7-8): 154-158

A congenital interstitial cell hamartoma of the equine ovary. Veterinary Pathology 27(5): 364-366

A congenital laryngeal web defect in a quarterhorse filly. Equine Veterinary Journal 19(6): 561-563

A congenital persistent swine fever infection. Hog Cholera: sical Swine Fever and African Swine Fever, 120-128

A congenital persistent swine fever infection. I. Clinical and virological observations. Veterinary microbiology: 2 (2) 121-132

A congenital persistent swine fever infection. II. Immune response to swine fever virus and unrelated antigens. Veterinary microbiology: 2 (2) 133-142

A congenital vascular naevus in a foal. Australian Veterinary Journal 61(9): 286-288

A congential case of bovine leukosis in a calf.1. Ciencias veterinarias 2(2): 195-198

A congressional advisor. EPA journal 14(7): 8-9

A congressional agenda for improved resource and environmental management in the Third World.

A congressional agenda to prevent groundwater contamination:.

A congressional perspective. Biotechnology: implications for ic policy papers by Albert Gore Jr et al: presented at a conference at the Brookings Institution on January 15-16-1985: edited by Sandra Panem: 8

A congressional perspective on food safety. Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association 195(7): 916-921

A congressional view on proprietary rights. Caldwell, B E , Et Al (Ed ) Asa (American Society Of Agronomy) Special Publication, No 52 Intellectual Property Rights Associated With Plants; Workshop, Anaheim, California, Usa, January 31-February 3, Ix+206p American Society Of Agronomy, Crop Science Society Of America, Soil Science Society Of America: Madison, Wisconsin, Usa Illus Paper 35-46

A congressional viewpoint on nonpoint source pollution. Perspectives on nonpoint source pollution: proceedings of a national conference Kansas City Missouri May 19-22-1985

A conical bee escape board. Gleanings in bee culture 109(9): 512

A conifer-monophagous herbivore-disease interaction model with reference to the douglas-fir tussock moth: analysis of system periodicity and stability. Proceedings Washington State Entomological Society: (47) 734-743

A coniferous tree stump of late early jurassic age from the Ferrar Basalt, Coombs Hills, southern Victoria Land, Antarctica. New Zealand Journal of Geology and Geophysics 50(3): 263-269

A conjoint. Northeastern journal of agricultural and resource economics 19(1): 48-58

A conjoint analysis of consumer preferences toward farm-raised seafood products. Journal of food distribution research 22(1): 116-117

A conjoint analysis of paper demand by commercial graphic designers. Agricultural and resource economics review 28(2): 182-189

A conjoint analysis of wetland-based recreation:.

A conjoint study of quantitative and semi-quantitative assessment of failure in a strudel manufacturing plant by means of FMEA and HACCP, Cause and Effect and Pareto diagram. International journal of food science and technology 42(10): 1156-1176

A conjuntura alimentar e o problema de nutri* eth *caao no Brasil.

A connected model of the photosynthetic unit. Biophysical Journal 12(7): 815-831

A connection between the lagrangian stochastic-convective and cumulant expansion approaches for describing solute transport in heterogenous porous media. Advances in water resources, 22(4): 319-332

A connector of two-component regulatory systems promotes signal amplification and persistence of expression. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 104(29): 12063-8

A connoisseur of orchids in Thailand. American Orchid Society bulletin 53(6): 619-620

A connoisseurs garden Epstein garden, New York. American horticulturist 61(4): 23-25

A conribution of various new plants of Central America. Ceiba 18 (1 2) 95-106

A consciousness raising group for obese women.

A consensual approach to management of seborrhea. NAVC Clinician' s Brief 5(Supplement): 8 pp

A consensus map for Cucurbita pepo. Molecular breeding 20(4): 375-388

A consensus of costs and returns for barley production in the Leduc District.

A consensus review of the MAFF Lipids Programme: objectives and key achievements. Nutrition bulletin 25(2): 155-158

A consensus sequence of plant hemoglobins. Plant molecular biology reporter ISPMB 9(3): 195-207

A consensus template for the aspartic proteinase fold. Advances in experimental medicine and biology06(306): 559-572

A consequence based approach to the quantitative assessment of inherent safety. AIChE journal 53(12): 3171-3182

A conservancy for Central Park. Public garden: journal of the American Association of Botanical Gardens and Arboreta 1(2): 12

A conservation and environmental proposal for the Columbia, Snake, Palouse region. Soil Conservation Society of America, Annual Meeting, Proceedings 27(Pages 223-225

A conservation approach to using entomopathogenic nematodes in turf and landscapes. Conservation biological control 254

A conservation assessment framework for forest carnivores. General technical report RM (254) 1-6

A conservation assessment of Franklins ground squirrel (Spermophilus franklinii Sabine 1822).

A conservation assessment of bats (Chiroptera) of draw river, boi-tano, and krokosua hills forest reserves in the western region of Ghana. Myotis 43: 5-30

A conservation assessment of freshwater fauna and habitat in the southern national forests.

A conservation breeding handbook.

A conservation catalog.

A conservation catalog for Pennsylvania.

A conservation handbook.

A conservation in the Caribbean.

A conservation miracle. Alabama forest products: 20 (5) 5-6

A conservation myth: the troubled childhood of the multiple-use idea. Agricultural historyng 76(2): 154-171

A conservation option drip irrigation. Grounds maintenance: 13 (2) 33-34

A conservation partnership sets the standards.

A conservation plan for a developing area.

A conservation reserve: Conserving soil and dollars. Journal of soil and water conservation 39(2): 92-94

A conservation strategy for the northern spotted owl.

A conservation tillage practice that resists compaction. Highlights of agricultural researcher 40(2): 3

A conservation trade-off? Interspecific differences in seahorse responses to experimental changes in fishing effort. Aquatic Conservation 17(5): 468-484

A conservationist looks at Hillsborough Forest. Forester 1 (2) 16-26

A conservationists view of the proposed state plan of conservation and development. Connecticut woodlands: 38 (3) 21-24

A conservationists view point on rangelands: we can have it all. National Range Conference opportunities for the future: National Range Conference proceedings Oklahoma City Oklahoma November 6-8-1985: 147

A conservative approach to performing transseptal punctures without the use of intracardiac echocardiography: stepwise approach with real-time video clips. Journal of Cardiovascular Electrophysiology 18(6): 686-689

A conservative approach to unilateral ovarian torsion in a rat model. Saudi Medical Journal 28(8): 1204-1207

A conservative computer projection of frozen food growth by 1980. Quick frozen foods: 32 (10) 31-33

A conservative treatment of lesions, including fractures of the foreleg of big animals distal the carpus. Proceedings of the XIIth World Congress on Diseases of Cattle September 7-10-1982 Internationaal Congrescentrum RAI Amsterdam the Netherlands World Association for Buiatrics: 778

A conservative treatment of patent urachus in a Hariana calf. Cheiron The Tamil Nadu journal of veterinary science and animal husbandry 8(4): 273-274

A conservative view of environmental affairs. Environmental ethics 1(3): 241-254

A conservatory approach. GC and HTJ, 184(25): 26-28

A conservatory for Brooklyn. Public garden: journal of the American Association of Botanical Gardens and Arboreta 1(2): 11

A conservatory for today. Garden 101 (11) 535-539

A conserved and unique (AT)-rich segment in yeast mitochondrial DNA. Nucleic Acids Research 5(12): 4563-4578

A conserved binding site within the Tomato golden mosaic virus AL-1629 promoter is necessary for expression of viral genes important for pathogenesis. Virology 367(1): 117-125

A conserved cis-proline precludes metal binding by the active site thiolates in members of the thioredoxin family of proteins. Biochemistry 46(23): 6903-6910

A conserved cysteine is essential for Pex4p-dependent ubiquitination of the peroxisomal import receptor Pex5p. Journal of Biological Chemistry 282(31): 22534-22543

A conserved docking site modulates substrate affinity for calcineurin, signaling output, and in vivo function. Molecular Cell 25(6): 889-901

A conserved element in the leader mediates post-meiotic translation as well as cytoplasmic polyadenylation of a Drosophila spermatocyte mRNA. Embo Journal 9(13): 4519-4525

A conserved gene encoding the 57-kDa subunit of the yeast vacuolar H+-ATPase. Journal of Biological Chemistry 264(3): 1775-1778

A conserved mechanism for steroid receptor translocation to the plasma membrane. Journal of Biological Chemistry 282(31): 22278-22288

A conserved modified wobble nucleoside (mcm5s2U) in lysyl-tRNA is required for viability in yeast. Rna 13(8): 1245-1255

A conserved physical and functional interaction between the cell cycle checkpoint clamp loader and DNA ligase I of eukaryotes. Journal of Biological Chemistry 282(31): 22721-22730

A conserved proline residue in the leucine zipper region of AtbZIP34 and AtbZIP61 in Arabidopsis thaliana interferes with the formation of homodimer. Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications 362(2): 425-430

A conserved region in the F(2) subunit of paramyxovirus fusion proteins is involved in fusion regulation. Journal of Virology 81(15): 8303-8314

A conserved role for kinesin-5 in plant mitosis. Journal of Cell Science 120(Pt 16): 2819-2827

A conserved role of SHORT VEGETATIVE PHASE (SVP) in controlling flowering time of Brassica plants. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 1769(7-8): 455-461

A conserved tyrosine in the beta2 subunit M4 segment is a determinant of gamma-aminobutyric acid type A receptor sensitivity to propofol. Anesthesiology 107(3): 412-418

A considerably improved method for preparing plastic epidermal imprints. Botanical gazette: 134 (1) 87-91

A consideration about Rowes minimum energy ratio principle and a new concept of shear mechanism. Soils and foundations: 18 (1) 1-10

A consideration of Conistra vau punctatum Esp. (Conistra rubiginosa Scop.). Lepidoptera new ser) 3 (4) 105-110

A consideration of Euglena gracilis W3BUL as a cytoplasmic control for the wild-type phenylalanyl-tRNA synthetase system. Archives of Microbiology 105(2): 95-99

A consideration of chopper and wholestalk mechanical harvest in Australia.

A consideration of diversified farming theory. I.

A consideration of factors affecting the development and physiology of tissue-cultured plants. General technical report SE US Department of Agriculture Forest Service Southeastern Forest Experiment Station: 6) 82-85

A consideration of factors affecting the yield of oilseed rape. Aspects of applied biology: ) 91-99

A consideration of good farming.

A consideration of photosynthetic enzyme capacity in a stress-tolerent submerged aquatic plant. Current topics in plant biochemistry and physiology: Proceedings of the Plant Biochemistry and Physiology Symposium held at the University of Missouri Columbia(6): 174

A consideration of physiological criteria of reproductive merit in sheep. Selection experiments in laboratory and domestic animals: proceedings of a symposium held at Harrogate UK on 21st 22nd July 1979 edited by Alan Robertson: 160

A consideration of pollen, diatoms and other remains in postglacial sediments. The Proceedings of the Iowa Academy of Science 75(Pages 197-209

A consideration of raising on p.

A consideration of soil productivity problems in Japan. no 15 (pt 6) 55-99

A consideration of some of the factors important in the growth of the science of plant pathology. Annual review of phytopathology: 1 1-10

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A contribution to a study of the role of the androgen hormone in the spermatogenesis of Helleria brevicornis Ebner and of Porcellio dilatatus Brandt (Crustacea Oniscoidea).

A contribution to a study on the organizational structure of State Breeding Centers. Roczniki nauk rolniczych Seria G: Ekonomika rolnictwa: 1 (1) 135-150

A contribution to acarology.

A contribution to additional feeding of heifers on pasture. Vedecke prace Vyskumneho ustavu luk a pasienkov v Banskej Bystrici7(17): 187-195

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A contribution to an analysis of straw movement in a cylinder chopper.

A contribution to an evalution of general combining ability of alfalfa clones. Tag. Theoretical and Applied Genetics. Theoretische und Angewandte Genetik 39(3): 127-132

A contribution to an understanding of the genus Encyclia as it occurs in The Brazilian Shield and its river tributaries. Orchid digest 56(4): 171-206

A contribution to anatomical and phytochemical bark study of Cybistax antisyphilitica (Martius) Martius, Bignoniaceae.

A contribution to anatomical study of Hibiscus cannabinus L. (Malvaceae). origin, position and aging of phloem fibers. Revue generale de botanique: 78 (923 925) 133-160

A contribution to anatomical study of periderm in Aegiphila verticilata Vell. and Erythroxylum suberosum Mart. III Ie Terceiro Simposio sobre o Cerrado: 94-198

A contribution to anatomical study of the genus Eleocharis R. br. in Switzerland. Candollea 6 (1) 183-189

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A contribution to angiospermic flora of Moradabad district, Uttar Pradesh (India). Journal of economic and taxonomic botany 3(3): 851-861

A contribution to applied ethology in swine breeding. The social behaviour of weaned piglets by combining litters.

A contribution to artificial insemination in duck breeding.

A contribution to bacterioscopic studies of inland canned meat goods.

A contribution to biochemical studies on Mediterranean Cystoceiracease. I. Cystoceira stricta (Mont.) Sauvageau. Botanica marina: 14 (1) 6-16

A contribution to biological soil activity. Pochvovedenie 4 134-137

A contribution to biology of flies Leucopis (Chamaemyiidae), predators of apple aphids in the Fergana Valley.

A contribution to breeding for resistance against the potato nematode Heterodera rostochiensis Woll. by using Solanu m spegazzinii. Bayerisches landwirtschaftliches Jahrbuch: 1 (3) 294-303

A contribution to brief narcosis of rabbits. Kleintier Praxis 25(3): 175-178

A contribution to broiler slaughtering production with different fattened weights. Tierzucht 24 (3) 98-99

A contribution to brucellosis of pigs.

A contribution to bulb morphology of European lilies. Lily yearbook of the North American Lily Society: 8) 42-44

A contribution to calves fattening with milk substitutes. Veterinarstvi 0 (3) 128-131

A contribution to carcass evaluation in rabbit.

A contribution to caryologic study of Aristida rhiniochloa (Gramineae) according to specimens from boreal Africa. Adansonia ser 2) 11 (4) 685-690

A contribution to caryosystematic study of the genus Bupleurum (Tourn.)L. III.

A contribution to casuistry in swine commerce.

A contribution to chemical control of the plum maggot, Laspeyresia funebrana Tr.

A contribution to chemical proof of cotton crosslinking with N-acrylamide derivatives.

A contribution to clarify the application of plant and animal cryoprotecting proteins for cryopreservation of in vitro fertilized bovine embryos.

A contribution to clearing up the term sphagnol according to Czapek.

A contribution to controlling the purity prescriptions for beer. Deutsche Lebensmittel Rundschau: 73 (6) 187-189

A contribution to convey knowledge on the liver diseases in pigs.

A contribution to cytotaxonomic study of Campanulaceae in the Near Orient.

A contribution to cytotaxonomic study of Salvia from Turkey.

A contribution to dermatologic diagnosis in the dog and the cat. Recueil de medecine veterinaire: 152 (10, special no) 597-613

A contribution to determining the forces used by drinking calves to the front wall of the single box and during the shift. Agrartechnik 25 (8) 392-394

A contribution to diagnosis and biology of Ollulanus tricuspis (Leuckart, 1865).

A contribution to diagnosis and therapy of inflamation of the cervix uterus and uterine mucosa in mares. Veterinarstvi 6 (9) 415-416

A contribution to differentiating biogenic vinegar and vinegar made from synthetic acetic acid by determining the specific 14C radioactivity. Zeitschrift fur Lebensmittel Untersuchung und Forschung: 63 (2) 121-122

A contribution to discussion on the application of factor analysis. Silva Fennica: (3) 276-280

A contribution to distinguishing cereal from wild grass pollen grains by LM and SEM. Grana 8(3): 133-140

A contribution to ecology and biological production of Pulsatilla vulgaris (ssp. grandis).

A contribution to economical study of crop rotations in plastic greenhouses. Revue suisse de viticulture et arboriculture: 4 (2) 61-68

A contribution to edema disease of pigs (coli-enterotoxemia).

A contribution to edema therapy. Tierarztliche Umschau: 24 (8) 387-390

A contribution to electronmyography in veterinary medicine.

A contribution to energy production in self-managed wood using industries. Internationaler Holzmarkt 70(24): 5-6

A contribution to epidemic occurrence and therapy of demodecosis in sheep dogs. Veterinarstvi 9 (3) 113-117

A contribution to estimation of liver insufficiency incidence in cattle with the use of methods of basic metabolic test. Veterinarstvi 6 (1) 27-29

A contribution to ethnobotany of Ethiopia.

A contribution to evaluating the Taylor test in the diagnosis of hog cholera, IV.

A contribution to evaluation of roughage feeds. 1. Productivity of feed crops and losses in roughage feeds. Sbornik vedeckych praci2(12): 131-138

A contribution to evaluation of roughage feeds. 2. Production costs of roughage feeds. Sbornik vedeckych praci2(12): 139-149

A contribution to factorial genetics of rye (Secale cereale L.). II. Characters of stem branching and the lack of spike. Genetika 7 (9) 13-21

A contribution to factorial genetics of rye (Secale cereale L.). i. inheritance of differences in such characters as pubescence of leaf sheath and winter or spring habit of growth. Genetika 14 (3) 396-405

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A contribution to flax varieties manuring. Len a konopi: 11-25

A contribution to flora of Pokhari Block Chamoli (Garhwal), western Himalayas. Indian journal of forestry 8(2): 93-98

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A contribution to foliar anatomy of Agathis dammara, with a discussion on the transfusion tissue and stomatal structure. Phytomorphology (Pub 1977), 26 (3) 263-273

A contribution to foot-and-mouth disease in man.

A contribution to general anesthesia of the dog and cat. Veterinarstvi 9(11): 516

A contribution to government rice stock policy in Taiwan.

A contribution to health state of sugar beet in relation to nutrition.

A contribution to hemobartonellosis in cats. Monatshefte fur Veterinarmedizin: 25 (22) 870-876

A contribution to histological picture of avian encephalomyelitis in central Slovakia. Veterinarstvi 5 (11) 514-516

A contribution to hog cholera virus carrying.

A contribution to improved breeding of quality food potatoes. Bayerisches landwirtschaftliches Jahrbuch3(7): 793-816

A contribution to increasing the efficiency of live labor in cattle production. Tierzucht 34(11): 505-507

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A contribution to insemination of pigs with deep frozen semen.

A contribution to investigation of cropping and fruit quality of some Hazelnut cultivars in Slovenske Gorice.

A contribution to investigation of morphologic properties of short bearing branches of pear. Jugoslovensko vocarstvo Journal of Yugoslav pomology: (24) 39-46

A contribution to investigation of the flora of fungi on Pinus heldreichii on the mountain Sara.

A contribution to investigations on the species of the genus Isophya Br.-W (Orthoptera, Tettigoniidae) from Bulgaria. Acta zoologica bulgarica7(17): 27-37

A contribution to investitation of Stemphylium sarciniforme (Cav.) Wilt. causal organism of the leaf spot of red clover.

A contribution to karyologic study of the species Eleocharis R. br. in Switzerland. Candollea 5 (2) 209-219

A contribution to knowledge about lice (Mallophaga) in laying hens in SR Slovenia Yugoslavia.1. Veterinarski glasnik6(2): 155-159

A contribution to knowledge about the biocenosis of lucerne (Medicago sativa) with a special view to higher flies. Acta zootechnica: 8 135-149

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A contribution to knowledge about the structure and function of penis in a ram.

A contribution to knowledge of the families Kinnaridae and Meenoplidae (Homoptera, Fulgoroidea). Entomological review 64(1): 49-65

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A contribution to leptospirosis diagnosis.

A contribution to leptospirosis statistics of dogs in 1974. Kleintier Praxis: 22 (1) 35-38

A contribution to marine alga study in Portugal. II. Ecology and chronology.

A contribution to mass poisoning with blue stone in lambs after deworming. Veterinarstvi 0 (3) 102-105

A contribution to methanol metabolism and its regulation in yeasts. Symposium: Mikrobielle Proteingewinnung: obielle Proteingewinnung, 1st 25-33

A contribution to methods of determination of sugars (glucose, fructose and saccharose) in fruits by means of ferments. Agronomski glasnik: 33 (3 4) 217-222

A contribution to methods of measuring the surface of conife r needles. Angewandte Botanik: 48 (3 4) 155-160

A contribution to methods of sampling invertebrate drift in running water with special reference to Simuliidae (Diptera). Zeitschrift fur angewandte Entomologie = Journal of applied entomology 89(2): 198-214

A contribution to modeling of the brewing process. Lebensmittel Industrie: 23 (7) 321-325

A contribution to modeling of the radiation regime in plant cover. Soviet meteorology and hydrology: 0) 70-74

A contribution to modelling the production structure in agriculture. Acta Universitatis Agriculturae Facultas Agroeconomica Rada D: Spisy fakulty provozne ekonomicke9(3-4): 231-237

A contribution to morphological, systematic and phylogenic study of Jurassic Ephemeroptera. VI. Hind wings of Hexagenites Scudder and relationship between Hexagenitidae-Chromarcyidae-Oligoneuriidae.

A contribution to morphology and ecology of Eriophyidea on Gramineae. Biologisches Zentralblatt: 91 (4) 477-492

A contribution to morphology and technical value of the sugar beet crown. Zucker 23 (17) 500-504

A contribution to morphology and technical value of the sugar beet top. Zucker 24 (2) 35-43

A contribution to narcosis in swine: the influence of Eunarcon-Cassella-Riedel, Thiogenal-Merck, Hypnodil-Janssen, and Stresnil-Janssen in heartbeat course in boars.

A contribution to neural therapy and acupuncture in animals. Proceedings of the World Veterinary Congress: 0th (v 2) 1601-1603

A contribution to occurrence of dilated preputial diverticulum in boars. Veterinarstvi 9 (3) 100-105

A contribution to organ topography and main diseases of non-poisonous snakes (Boidae, Colubridae and Xenopeltidae).

A contribution to our knowledge of Rivea corymbosa.

A contribution to our knowledge of the biology and ecology of Thornback Ray (Raja clavata L.) and Brown Ray (Raja miraletus L.) in the Adriatic = Prilozi poznavanju biologije i ekologije raze kamenice (Raja clavata L.) i raze modropjege (Raja miraletus L.) u Jadranu.

A contribution to our knowledge of the distribution of vegetation in Inner Mongolia, Kansu and Ching-hai.

A contribution to our knowledge of the genus Cryptothecia. Biovigyanam 11(1): 1-13

A contribution to our knowledge of the higher fungi of China.

A contribution to ovulation dynamics of Fasciola hepatica in sheep under pasture. Veterinarstvi 0 (3) 101-102

A contribution to phytocenology of the beech woods covering the limestone ridges of the Middle Vah-river.

A contribution to quantifying ergonomic factors of the forest production process. Beitrage fur die Forstwirtschaft: (3) 108-110

A contribution to reconstruction of maize genealogy.

A contribution to research into morphology of root system of European black poplar. Sumarstvo serA) 44 (2) 117-129

A contribution to rhizogenesis in Coleus blumei Benth; relation with co-factors of tissue rooting.

A contribution to safety assessment of veterinary drug residues: in vitro. Xenobiotica 29(6): 641-654

A contribution to sanitation in meat processing factories. Archiv fur Lebensmittel Hygiene: 28 (2) 68-71

A contribution to seasonal variations in basic spermatologic values of boars. Veterinarstvi 5 (12) 543-544

A contribution to slaughter value estimation of sheep.

A contribution to solution of liquid dung problem in pig farms. Acta technologica agriculturae: 6 4-17

A contribution to studies of economics of field vegetables growing. 1. cucumbers for pickling.

A contribution to studies of ion binding abilities of soluble and insoluble muscle proteins. Gospodarka miesna: 26 (7) 20-23

A contribution to studies of the vitality of fun. Veterinarski arhiv: 9 (1 2) 16-20

A contribution to studies on some criteria of ejaculates in White Leghorn cocks during the winter period. Documenta Veterinaria: 88

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A contribution to study of self purification capability of karst underground watercourses. Karst Hydrology and Water Resources Proceedings of the U: ub 1976), 2 719-729

A contribution to study of the abrasion resistance of worsted yarns. Investigacion e informacion textil y de tensioactivos0, 23(3): 135-146

A contribution to taxonomic study of Hyphomycetes (Deuteromycetes). I. Proposal for a new classification. Ceska mykologie: 26 (3) 155-166

A contribution to taxonomy and chronology of Pyrola L.

A contribution to the Campylopus flora of Hawaii. Revue bryologique et lichenologique: 4 (1) 47-52

A contribution to the Diptera fa.

A contribution to the E.E.G. study of the topographic diagnosis of a lacero-contuso injury of brain in a pup 45 days old. neurosurgical therapy and post-operative evolution of the E.E.G. and clinical patterns. Clinica veterinaria: 93 (9) 347-356

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A contribution to the Guianan flora.

A contribution to the Iraqi Rosaceae. Candollea 5(1): 311-328

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A contribution to the Scolytoidea fauna of Rhine province (Coleoptera) .

A contribution to the Thysanoptera fauna of Iran.

A contribution to the action of juvenile hormone on Tenebrio molitor L. Revue de zoologie agricole et de pathologie vegetale: th Quarter 71 (4) 109-117

A contribution to the active immunization of carrier pigeons against pox. Tierarztliche Umschau: 29 (3) 136-138

A contribution to the aflatoxin content in oil seeds residues after extraction of the oil and on the reliability of its determination. Landwirtschaftliche Forschung: 1 (1) 19-25

A contribution to the agaric flora of Kenya. Kew Bulletin 23(3): 347-412

A contribution to the agrochemical mapping methods of dark-grey and grey forest soils of different erosion degree. Pochvovedenie 4 48-60

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A contribution to the algae of Slovenia. I. Bioloski vestnik: 4 (1) 95-97

A contribution to the algal flora of Jamaica. Nova Hedwigia, 281: 45-69

A contribution to the alimental effectiveness of glucose in cats.

A contribution to the anabolic efficacy of Zeranol in calves. Tierarztliche Umschau: 27 (7) 343-344

A contribution to the analysis of chemical carcinogens in foods: systhesis of reference substances to comphrehend polycyclic aromatic carbohydrates.

A contribution to the analysis of earth tide observations with additional influencing parameters.

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A contribution to the anatomical study of matamata, jarana and inhaiba woods.

A contribution to the aphid fauna of Greece. Bulletin of Insectology 60(1): 31-38

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A contribution to the applicatio. Ovoshtarstvo 8 (12) 36-40

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A contribution to the application of the profitableness limi t method.

A contribution to the aquatic beetle fauna of Northwest-Germany. I. Adephaga (Haliplidae, Noteridae, Gyrinidae, Hygrobiidae, Dytiscidae) (Insecta, Coleoptera). Spixiana 73-101

A contribution to the artificial propagation of the species of Cypripedium: Cypripedium guttatum and Cypripedium yatabeanum. Orchid digestt 52(3): 140-141

A contribution to the aseptic femur head and neck necrosis in dogs. Kleintier Praxis: 21 (3) 90-94

A contribution to the assessment of protein in krill meal and lucerne meal extract. Archiv fur Tierernahrung 28(10): 641-646

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A contribution to the assurance of low loss rearing in swine production. Tierzucht 31 (10) 425-455

A contribution to the autecology of Capparis decidua (Forsk.) Edgew. II. Effect of edaphic and biotic factors on growth and abundance. Pakistan journal of botany: 4 (2) 137-156

A contribution to the avoidance of sludge bulking in one- and two-step activated sludge plants with special consideration of high- or highest-rate stages of purification processes in two-step biological plants.

A contribution to the bacterial. Veterinarnomedietisinski nauki: 1 (8) 78-83

A contribution to the bacterial conditions of urinary tract diseases of dogs with regard to resistance tests. Kleintier praxis: 16 (8) 234

A contribution to the beehive and frame question. 6. Bienenwelt 20 (4) 88-91

A contribution to the biocenotic study of the garrigue chara cterized by Quercus coccifera. II. Biotic composition of t he populations of invertebrates. Vie et milieu Serie C: Biologie terrestre: (Pub e 1974), 23 (2) 229-249

A contribution to the biocenotic study of the garrigue chara cterized by Quercus coccifera. III. Dynamics of the zooce enose of invertebrates. Vie et milieu Serie C: Biologie terrestre: (Pub e 1974), 23 (2) 251-267

A contribution to the biochemical characterization of Adonis vernalis L. indigenous to certain regions of the South Urals.

A contribution to the biochemical study of Catananche caerulea L. (Composeae). Annales pharmaceutiques francaises: 32 (2) 103-111

A contribution to the biogenesis and biochemistry of the antimicrobial activity of the essential oils of onions (Alliumcepa L.). Qualitas plantarum Plant foods for human nutrition: 25 (2) 107-169

A contribution to the bioindication of water pollution by substances contained in submersed macrophytes. Acta hydrochimica et hydrobiologica0(5): 459-478

A contribution to the biology.

A contribution to the biology and distribution of the willow ermine moth (Hyponomeuta rorella) in the south of Ukraine. Zoologicheskii zhurnal: 47 (12) 1862-1864

A contribution to the biology and ethology of Agelena consociata Denis (social spider from Gabon). iI.

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A contribution to the biology of Aegeria apiformis (Lepidoptera, Aegeridae). Zoologicheskii zhurnal: 49 (5) 746-753

A contribution to the biology of Amblyomma variegatum (Fabricius, 1974).

A contribution to the biology of Dicrocoelum lanceolatum in mountain areas with regard to pathomorphological changes in sheep and their treatment.

A contribution to the biology of Holarctic Arctiidae (Lepidoptera). I. Orodemnias quenselii daisetsuzana (Mats.). Alexanor (8) 338-342

A contribution to the biology of Ironoquia punctatissima (-Trichoptera: Limnephilidae). Canadian entomologist: 107 (8) 829-832

A contribution to the biology of Nitella hookeri A. br. in the Rotorua lakes, New Zealand. I. Inorganic nutritional requirements. Hydrobiologia 5, 45 (1) 91-113

A contribution to the biology of Spalangia nigroaenea (Hymenoptera, Spalangiidae). Zoologicheskii zhurnal: 51 (6) 925-926

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A contribution to the biology of rabbit propagation. III. Foetus growth in the second half of gravidity. Pol'nohospodarstvo 0 (3) 201-209

A contribution to the biology of reproduction of the rabbit. II. Effect of seasonal factors on fertility. Pol'nohospodarstvo 0 (2) 123-131

A contribution to the biology of the fall dandelion Leontodon autumnale L.

A contribution to the biology of the gypsy moth on the island Hvar. Zast. Bilija, 20(106): 119-130

A contribution to the biology of the large black spruce bark louse Cinara piceae Panz. 1801 (Homoptera; Lachnidae). Waldhygiene 0 (8) 233-240

A contribution to the biology of the mass species of ground beetles (Coleoptera, Carabidae) in the Tzelinograd distri ct. Zoologicheskii zhurnal: 53 (11) 1636-1648

A contribution to the bionomics.

A contribution to the bionomics of Crepidostomum metoecus (Trematoda: Allocreadiidae) Hosts are most often trout, Salmo trutta m. fario. Vestnik Ceskoslovenske spolecnosti zoologicke6(1): 15-24

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A contribution to the black fly pest in Austria. Wiener tierarztliche Monatsschrift8(1): 22-32

A contribution to the blood count in experimental hog cholera.

A contribution to the blood picture of healthy and diseased pigs and its usability for the diagnosis of swine erysipelas, hog cholera and swine plague.