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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 15150

Chapter 15150 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Biological invasions and ecosystem properties: can species make a difference?. Ecological studies: analysis and synthesis8(58): 163-176

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Biological invasions belowground.

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Biological investigation of Mississippi River central and north central basins, A-01, A-02, and B-01, B-02.

Biological investigation on the occurrence of pathogenic agents, especially the Haemophilus species in the lungs of pigs.

Biological investigations aimed to increase and utilize the protein yield of sugar beet tops.

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Biological investigations in the Far East.

Biological investigations in the Guadalupe Mountains National Park, Texas.

Biological investigations of Lake Wingra.

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Biological investigations on. Bollettino di zoologia agraria e bachicoltura: 76 (Pub 1977), (ser2) 13 119-129

Biological investigations on some varieties of forage plants of Polish origin.

Biological investigations on the nutritional value of edible fats.

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Biological kinetics.

Biological kitchen garden.

Biological knowledge as an aid to reduction of injuries by game.

Biological labeling of foods with isotopes of selenium. Selenium in biology and medicine: proceedings of the Third International Symposium on Selenium in Biology and Medicine held May 27 June 1-1984 Xiangshan Fragrance Hills Hotel Beijing People's Re ic of China: 482

Biological land cultivation--goals and methods.

Biological landscape of milk proteins. Food proteins: analytical nutritional and technological aspects a scientific view proceedings National Symposium on Food Proteins 17-19 March 1979 Loyola College Madras editors A Srinivasan NS Gnanapragasam: 6

Biological letters.

Biological lexicon.

Biological limitation of phytophagous nematode populations. Defense des vegetaux 39(234): 24-26

Biological limits of milk production. Tierarztliche Umschau: 27 (5) 210-212

Biological limits of seed zones and breeding zones. Progeny testing: proceedings of Servicewide Genetics Workshop Charleston South Carolina December 5-9-1983 United States Department of Agriculture Forest Service Timber Management

Biological limits to the transformation of tropical forest ecosystems.

Biological literature.

Biological losses of the winter wheats. Acta technologica agriculturae: 6 73-82

Biological macro-molecules, structure and function.

Biological macromolecules and assemblies.

Biological magnetic resonance.

Biological magnification and degradation of DDT and aldrin by freshwater invertebrates. Journal of the Fisheries Research Board of Canada 28(5): 705-709

Biological magnification of pesticide residues in food chains. Biological impact of pesticides in the environment: 7-21

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Biological management of soil fertility as a component of sustainable agriculture: perspectives and prospects with particular reference to tropical regions. Soil ecology in sustainable agricultural systems 37-159

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Biological manipulation of blackbrush by goat browsing Coleogyne ramosissima, rangeland in the southwestern United States. Journal of range management 36(4): 513-518

Biological markers for the differentiation of Aujeszkys disease virus strains.

Biological markers for the identification of the species. Sherwood Foreste ed Alberi Oggi (125): 45-48

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Biological mass spectrometry.

Biological material sampling for atomic absorption analysis. Gigiena i Sanitariia: 71-72

Biological matrices and bionanotechnology. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London. Series B, Biological Sciences 362(1484): 1313-1320

Biological matrices and tissue reconstruction.

Biological maturity and injury in elite youth football. Scandinavian Journal of Medicine & Science in Sports 17(5): 564-572

Biological meaning of the parameter of the mu-model of relative abundance of species Phytoplankton, White Sea.1. Nauchnye doklady vysshei shkoly biologicheskie nauki: ) 106-112

Biological means instead of chemicals. Zashchita rastenii: (9) 14

Biological means of controlling the behavior of fish in a stream of water.

Biological means of manipulating nutritive and other properties of meat and milk. New strategies for improving animal production for human welfare: proceedings the Fifth World Conference on Animal Production August 14-19-1983: 230

Biological means to control vegetable flies, especially the cabbage maggot (Phorbia brassicae Bouche). (Hylemya brassicae.

Biological measures for control of the cabbage root fly--summary of research works of 1982 and 1983. Oko Landbau eine weltweite Notwendigkeit: die Bedeutung der Oko Landwirtschaft in einer Welt mit zur Neige gehenden Ressourcen Hartmut Vogtmann Engelhard Boehncke Inka Fricke Hrsg: 197

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Biological mechanisms in aging.

Biological mechanisms in lagoons. Progress in water technology1(4-5): 71-85

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Biological melioration of forests.

Biological membrane abstracts.

Biological membrane deterioration and associated quality losses in food tissues. Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition 30(5): 487-553

Biological membrane ion channels.

Biological membrane structure and function: relationship to senescence, stress and pathogenicity. Folia Veterinaria Latina 5(4): 589-634

Biological membranes.

Biological membranes in toxicology.

Biological memoirs.

Biological memory in Euphorbia obesa Hooker. Kakteen und andere Sukkulenten: 28 (5) 110-111

Biological methane.

Biological methanogenesis in sediments and sanitary landfills. Biogeochemistry of ancient and modern environments: ub 1980) (4th) 227-233

Biological method (Review of foreign literature). Zashchita rastenii: (5) 50-52

Biological method achievements and prospects. Zashchita rastenii: (5) 14-17

Biological method for controlling Varroa jacobsoni infestations. Pchelovodstvo 1) 21-22

Biological method for determining dates for irrigating. Zemledelie 5 45

Biological method for evaluation of folder planta in breeding using common vole (Microtus arvalis Pall.).

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Biological method for protection of orchards. Zashchita rastenii: ) 54-55

Biological method for testing the purity of abscisic acid-like substances.

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Biological method in Byelorussia. Zashchita rastenii: ) 3-5

Biological method in action. Zashchita rastenii: (9) 9-10

Biological method in greenhouse. Zashchita rastenii: ) 15-16

Biological method in greenhouse conditions. Zashchita rastenii: 1) 18-19

Biological method in outdoor cultivation. Zashchita rastenii: (6) 28-29

Biological method in the Andizhan Region. Zashchita rastenii: (6) 34

Biological method in the health-resort zone. Zashchita rastenii: (3) 14

Biological method of control in Japan.

Biological method of control of fruit pests.

Biological method of control of vegetable pests in covered cultivation. Zashchita ovoshchnykh bakhchevykh kul'tur i kartofelia ot vreditelei boleznei i sorniakov: 2-62

Biological method of controlling Philometroides lusiana in carp. Biulleten' Vsesoiuznogo instituta eksperimental'noi veterinarii: 1) 18-22

Biological method of controlling blood-sucking flies.

Biological method of controlling pests and diseases of agricultural plants.

Biological method of controlling pests of fruit crops.

Biological method of controlling scale insects. Zashchita rastenii: 0) 40-41

Biological method of controlling the gypsy moth. Lesnoe khoziaistvo: ) 50-52

Biological method of controlling weeds in Kazakhstan.

Biological method of crop protection from the water vole by attracting specialized and facultative feathered and terrestrial predators in plow created furrows. Trudy 6 150-155

Biological method of crop protection in Mexico. Zashchita rastenii: (6) 60-61

Biological method of cucumber protection in a greenhouse. Kartofel' i ovoshchi: (9) 40

Biological method of determination of quality of seed disinfection. Khlopkovodstvo 2 21-22

Biological method of determination of the content of assimilable forms of sulphur-containing amino acids in the protein of food products. Roczniki 6 (1) 39-49

Biological method of determination of the oestrogenic activity of maize infected by fungi. Revista de cresterea animalelor: 25 (2) 71-76

Biological method of determining residual amounts of organophosphorus pesticides in the soil. Khimiia v sel'skom khoziaistve: ) 61-62

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Biological method of obtaining hexaploid Triticales and their cytogenetics. V. Characteristics of F2 Triticales. Soviet genetics 18(6): 727-732

Biological method of pest control and modern chemistry. Zhurnal 8 (5) 545-552

Biological method of protecting grain crops.

Biological method of quantitative determination of vitamin D in different preparations and feeds. Prikladnaia biokhimiia i mikrobiologiia: 13 (6) 930-935

Biological method of restricting the number of Muridae rodents. Lesnoe khoziaistvo: 81-82

Biological method of slope protection using polymers. Gidrotekhnika i melioratsiia: (7) 43-45

Biological method of stabilizing dry slopes of hydraulic constructions. Gidrotekhnika i melioratsiia: (11) 32-33

Biological method of testing the ability for development of the silkworm eggs which remained unpigmented. Ontogenez 0(5): 516-519

Biological method on melon fields of Turkmenia. Zashchita rastenii: (8) 30-31

Biological method out into the fields. Zashchita rastenii: (11) 24

Biological method to control Heli. Tutun = Tobacco 30(7-8): 5-21

Biological method used on one out of every four hectares.

Biological methods applied to wine making and enology.

Biological methods for control of Heliothis spp. in Pakistan and the USA.

Biological methods for plant protection.

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Biological methods for studying the biosynthesis of natural products. Natural Product Reports 3(2): 133-152

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Biological methods in Moldavia.

Biological methods in greehouse conditions. Zashchita rastenii: ) 11-13

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Biological methods of combating noxious insects.

Biological methods of control of plant diseases, their progress during the last 30 years, and their future.

Biological methods of forest protection Pest control.1. Lesnoe khoziaistvo: ) 57-58

Biological methods of intensifying the growth of stands on industrial dumps. Lesnoe khoziaistvo: ) 44-46

Biological methods of pest control.

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Biological methods of preventing.

Biological methods of prospecting for minerals.

Biological methods of protecting fruit and vegetable crops from pests, diseases, and weeds as bases for integrated systems.

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Biological methods of testing pesticide residues in food using Drosophila melanogaster as a test organism.

Biological methods of the control of pests.

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Biological methods to control air pollution in Innsbruck.

Biological methods: a tool for sagebrush management Artemisia tridentata. Sagebrush ecosystem: a symposium April 1978: 128

Biological metric development for the assessment of nonpoint pollution in the Snake River ecoregion of Southern Idaho.

Biological metrics for regional biomonitoring and assessment of small streams in Idaho.

Biological micro- and nanotribology.

Biological microanalysis using EMMA-4. Journal de microscopie et de biologie cellulaire: 22 (2 3) 449-452

Biological microchip for identification of orthopoxviruses and agents causing the same clinical picture as in smallpox. Voprosy Virusologii 52(2): 41-45

Biological microtechnique.

Biological mineralization and demineralization.

Biological mobility and fixation of cations in forestry ecosystems. I. Dynamism of Ca and Mg in the soil superficial horizons. Anales de edafologia y agrobiologia 44(7-8): 1001-1007

Biological mobilization and immobilization of nitrogen soil where fertilizer application is practised.

Biological model for screening fasciolicides of preimaginal action. Sbornik nauchnykh rabot SibNIVI: 8) 131-136

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Biological modeling for predicting retention patterns of inhaled contaminants.

Biological models as alternatives to animal experimentation. Alternatives to laboratory animals: ATLA 14(4): 318-328

Biological models of quantifying growth and efficiency. Current topics in veterinary medicine(2): 325-340

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Biological modes of freshwater communities. Chlamydomonasreinhardtii, growth, pesticide toxicity.

Biological molecules.

Biological monitoring and health surveillance of a group of greenhouse pesticide sprayers. Toxicology Letters 33(1-3): 91-105

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Biological monitoring for environmental effects.

Biological monitoring for organophosphate-induced delayed polyneuropathy. Toxicology Letters 33(1-3): 167-172

Biological monitoring in apple orchards.

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Biological monitoring in water pollution.

Biological monitoring of Gran Sasso.

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Biological monitoring of environmental contaminants.

Biological monitoring of environmental pollution.

Biological monitoring of exposure and the response at the subcellular level to toxic substances.

Biological monitoring of fish.

Biological monitoring of genetically engineered plants and microbes.

Biological monitoring of marine pollutants.

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Biological monitoring of rivers.

Biological monitoring of the Fraser River near Prince George, B.C.

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Biological monitoring of the state of the environment.

Biological monitoring systems for hazardous waste sites.

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Biological motion.

Biological motor fuel for diesel engines based on rapeseed oil. Traktory i Sel' skokhozyaistvennye Mashiny (10): 11-16

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Biological nematocide technology.

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