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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 15187

Chapter 15187 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Bufo Bergi (NCN). Reproduction. Herpetological Review 37(3): 334

Bufo americanus (American toad). Predation. Herpetological Review 38(2): 178

Bufo boreas halophilus (California toad). Larval cannibalism. Herpetological Review 38(2): 178-179

Bufo bufo (Common toad). Depth record. Herpetological Review 38(2): 179

Bufo bufo (Common toad). Foraging behavior. Herpetological Review 38(2): 179

Bufo fernandezae (Lesser common toad). Body temperature. Herpetological Review 38(2): 180

Bufo granulosus (Granular toad). Predation. Herpetological Review 38(2): 180

Bufo houstonensis (Houston Toad). Juvenile dispersal. Herpetological Review 37(3): 335

Bufo nebulifer (coastal plains toad). Urban road mortality. Herpetological Review 37(4): 442

Bufo punctatus (Red-spotted toad). Predation. Herpetological Review 38(2): 180

Bufo species toxicosis: big toad, big problem. Veterinary medicine 96(8): 594

Bufo woodhousii (Woodhouses toad). Survival. Herpetological Review 37(4): 442-443

Bug Biz: Stinging caterpillars. Coop ext pub: 78 (1979)

Bug Biz: Walnut caterpillar. Coop ext pub: 78 (1959)

Bug assemblages in epigeon of oak-hornbeam forests in SW Slovakia. Ekologia (Bratislava) 24(Suppl. 2): 161-178

Bug bits--entomology workshops for young women. American entomologistng 39(1): 6-7

Bug bomb fallout. Harrowsmith 4(21): 42-46

Bug bread. New farm 3(7): 48-49

Bug business!. GC and HTJ, 185(17): 29-31

Bug buster being tested. Poultry 6(2): 14-15

Bug Buster for head lice: is it effective?. Archives of Dermatology 142(12): 1635-1637

Bug detectives crack the tough cases. Science 254(5038): 1580-1581

Bug hunters.

Bug killed trees air lift off steep mountains. World wood: 19 (9) 11-13

Bug of the month matriculates.

Bug off. Oregon's agricultural progresser Fall 40(1-2): 24-29

Bug patrol. Oregon's agricultural progress Oregon Agricultural Experiment Stationer 30(3): 14-16

Bug talk. Long Island horticulture news: 5-6

Bug versus bug.

Bug watching in a Bournemouth garden.

Bug-eating machines clobber chemicals. New farm 11(5): 9-11

Bug-killing cover crops. New farm 9(4): 33-35




Bugerere--a county case history: the successful commercial farmer in an immigrant society. Richards Audrey Isabel Subsistence to Commercial Farming in Present day Buganda: 32-268

Bugged at the border: how to travel with plants and animals. American forests 86(5): 11-14

Bugging the enemy red scale in citrus. Fruit world and market grower: 76 (3) 19-20

Buggy books.

Bugle-shaped sheep yards. Agnotes Melbourne Dept of Agriculture: 79 (911 79)

Buglossoporus pulvinus (Pers. ex Pers.) Donk and Polyporus mori Poll. ex Fr. , two species of Polyporaceae, new for Portugal. Boletim 2a serie2(52): 277-283


Bugs (Heteroptea) from the northern and central part of Sakhalin Island. Trudy Zoologicheskogo institut Akademiia Nauk SSSR05(105): 127-129

Bugs (Heteroptera, Geocorisae) in the Moravian willow-grounds Czechoslovakia.1. Sbornik Rada A: Spisy Facultas agronomica: 2) 399-405

Bugs Cimex lectularius as a source of reservation and transmitters of the pathogens of poultry colibacillosis and salmonellosis. Nauchnye trudy Stavropol'skii sel'skokhoziaistvennyi institut5(5): 16-20

Bugs Oeciacus montandoni Pericart, 1972, carriers of Salmonella in nature. Infektsionnye bolezni zhivotnykh i voprosy prirodnoi ochagovosti pod redaktsiei AA Volkovoi: 9

Bugs and bullets.

Bugs angle for termites. Natural history 92(5): 40-47

Bugs angle for termites Salyavata variegata, Nasutitermes. Natural history 92(5): 40-47

Bugs be gone? Prophylaxis of infection in acute pancreatitis. American Journal of Gastroenterology 102(1): 208; Author Reply 208-9

Bugs by the million for Medlfy eradication. Journal of agriculture 2001 42(42): 19-23

Bugs eat bugs and some have viruses too.

Bugs everywhere?.

Bugs for breakfast.

Bugs for sale. Organic gardening 31(8): 34

Bugs from the eocene oil slate of Messel (Insecta: Heteroptera).

Bugs in odour space.

Bugs in the range ecosystem. Special report: (549) 24-25

Bugs in the system.

Bugs in your cupboards. NDSU Extension Service ication North Dakota State University: 991 (E-300,rev)

Bugs keep Laboratory hopping. Oregon's agricultural progresser 25(3): 4-7

Bugs money.

Bugs of cereals--forecast and control measures for 1981. Productia vegetala cereale si plante tehnice 33(4): 10-14

Bugs of the family Anthocoridae (Heteroptera) from Central Asia and Kazakhstan.

Bugs of the genus Xylocoris Duf. from the subgenus Proxylocoris Carayon (Heteroptera, Anthocoridae) of the fauna of the USSR and adjacent countries.

Bugs of the world.

Bugs offer sustainable control of Mimosa invisa and Sida spp. in the Markham Valley, Papua New Guinea. Proceedings of the XI International Symposium on Biological Control of Weeds, Canberra, Australia, 27 April 2 May, 2003: 567-573

Bugs on meadows of the maritime zone of the Riga Bay. Latvijas entomologs: 1) 5-23

Bugs with backpacks deter vision-guided predation by jumping spiders. Journal of zoology 273(4): 358-363

Bugs, drugs and you. Advances in pork production: proceedings of the Banff Pork Seminar4(14): 83-89

Bugs, slugs & other thugs.

Bugs, snails and horses: expanding the knowledge of infection vectors with new and old technologies. Equine Veterinary Journal 32(4): 273-274

Bugs, weeds, and fine wine. Business week: (3278) 30

Bugs--pests of seed plantings of turf grasses.

Bugslinger!. Agricultural research 46(8): 12-14

Buhai-plidnyky dopushcheni do vykorystannia dlia vidtvorennia matochnoho poholivia.

Buhler early plum. Erwerbsobstbau 25(3): 52-54

Buiatric notions in the manuscript of the Maistro Lazzaro de Solari--year 1508.

Buiatric practice in France. Dtw. Deutsche Tierarztliche Wochenschrift 81(23): 550-552


Build & maintain team atmosphere. Florists' review 184(3): 30

Build a backyard solar food dryer. Agricultural research United States Dept of Agriculture Science and Education Administration 29(10): 10-11

Build a barrier against flies.

Build a beside-the-furnace growing bench. Organic gardening 26(11): 85-86

Build a better bag lunch.

Build a better fence. GC and HTJ, 185(27): 29-31

Build a better hog hut. New farm 16(6): 50-52

Build a bluebird trail.

Build a concrete approach.

Build a dry basement.

Build a dry concrete block basement.

Build a dumb-waiter.

Build a farm pond for pleasure and profit.

Build a hay-drier for your barn for better hay, to save haying costs, to prevent weather losses, to increase mow capacity.

Build a lean-to shelter. Horse and horseman 8(4): 42-47

Build a modern farm shop.

Build a panic pantry.

Build a planter. Organic gardening 35(5): 76-78

Build a pond with your own farm power.

Build a portable silo for $100. New farm 9(6): 8-9

Build a profitable egg factory.

Build a small, affordable bottling line. Technical quarterly 1(2): 51-53

Build a solar water heater. Organic gardening 26(7): 79-84

Build a solar wood dryer. Extension circular EC Oregon State University Extension Service: 92 (1389)

Build a solar-heated, insulated greenhouse for $25.

Build a tough hay feeder for hogs. New farm 14(7): 56

Build an observation bee hive. Countryside 65(4): 44-45

Build and life of animals. (domestic).

Build and remodel for energy efficiency. Extension bulletin New York State College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Cooperative Extension Service: 77 (17)

Build beauty, economy, permanence into your home with Curtis woodwork.

Build cotton quality with potassium. World farming: 12 (5) 12-13

Build free stalls for calves in old dairy barn.

Build good employee relations on the farm. Ag impact: 13-14

Build green and profit: a model of a stand alone extension delivery program. Proceedings of the annual meeting of the Florida State Horticultural Society09(109): 318-323

Build in relation to needs. Budownictwo wiejskie: 27 (5) 3-5

Build it yourself composting equipment. BioCycle 34(10): 62-63

Build it yourself in agriculture: requirements, possibilities and limits.

Build meat volume: freeze it!.

Build practice revenue with new pricing strategies. Proceedings of the North American Veterinary Conference4(14): 711

Build rock-wall flower displays. Grounds maintenance 30(2): 54

Build storage for your home. Circular HE Alabama Cooperative Extension Service Auburn University: 91 (88)

Build study, 1979.

Build the cow stall for the big cow. Fall 3 (2) 2-3

Build the right fencing for horses.

Build the right traffic-flow plan for efficiency and delight. Proceedings of the North American Veterinary Conference: 47-948

Build the wow-factor into pension training. Personnel journal 75(4): 70-72

Build up for autumn. Greenhouse 7(8): 40-41

Build up livestock feed reserves.

Build upon sucess.

Build water units with solar cells, yourself. DLZ 29(9): 1124-1129

Build wellness from an EAP base. Personnel journal 70(6): 104

Build winter security against colds.

Build you own lime spreader.

Build your brand of veterinary medicine. Large animal Proceedings of the North American Veterinary Conference, Volume 21, Orlando, Florida, USA, 2007: 468-470

Build your converter. Alexanor 1(8): 339-341

Build your house of earth.

Build your own adobe.

Build your own air mixing chamber.

Build your own beeswax processor. American bee journal 127(9): 661-662

Build your own brick oven. Organic gardening 26(10): 114-118

Build your own cement fenceposts. Small farm today 18(6): 61

Build your own disbudding box. Dairy goat guide 5(5): 21

Build your own examination chute. Horse and horseman 7(9): 30-31

Build your own expert system.

Build your own farm buildings.

Build your own grain cleaner. Agricultural gazette of New South Wales: 91 (5) 28-29

Build your own greenhouse. Carolina camellias 31(3): 14-18

Build your own heat sanitizer--it cleans with 1 1. Dairy herd management 17(8): 12

Build your own mist control. Quarterly bulletin: er 30 (1) 41-43

Build your own pole barn for beef. Power farming: 55 (9) 58-61

Build your own pond. American forests 91(12): 24-27

Build your own portable visual aid board.

Build your own rack system. Connecticut greenhouse newsletter University of Connecticut Cooperative Extension Service: (142) 9-14

Build your own sawmill. Rural heritageday 22(6): 25

Build your own solar home tour.

Build your own terraces.

Build your professsional image with contracts. Grounds maintenance 26(5): 54

Build your retirement income.

Build your soil and your health with trace elements.

Build yourself a greenhouse for a hobby. Norsk hagetidend: 90 (11) 274-275

Build yourselves stratefied wine vats. Vititechnique (76) 57-58

Build-up and decline of Rhizoctonia solani inoculum under field conditions Inoculum potential and disease incidence in carnations. Plant and soil5(3): 303-307

Build-up of particulate and organic soils on cotton, polyester and polyester.


Builders greywater guide.

Builders and fighters.

Builders and land reclamation in Guiana. La Depeche industrielle commerciale et agricole: (new ser) 28 (249) 5

Builders of countrysides.

Builders of the U.S. Biological Survey, 1885-1930. Journal of forest history 33(4): 180-187

Builders of the social order.

Builders machinery and equipment.

Building & Fire Research Laboratory.

Building & Fire Research Laboratory accomplishments, 1997.

Building research-industry partnerships through European R&D programmes. International journal of technology management = Journal international de la gestion technologique0(5-6): 567-586

Building Americas health.

Building Beauty With Common Material. Yearbook of agriculture: 99-204

Building Capacity in Sustainable Agriculture: A comprehensive training program in organic farming systems for cooperative extension agents, specialists, and other educators. Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education SARE research projects Southern Region

Building FFS networks in East Africa. LEISA Magazine 23(1): 18-19

Building Georgia through soil conservation districts.

Building Gormans nest.

Building HIV-positive organizations in South Africa. Exchange on HIV/AIDS, Sexuality and Gender (1): 11-13

Building Indian self-sufficiency: strategies supported by Northwest Area Foundation. Northwest report: (9) 35-36

Building Integrated Photovoltaic System the Thoreau Center for sustainability. Proceedings of the Annual Conference American Solar Energy Society Inc: 3-26

Building One Maine.

Building Partnerships for Youth: An Online Youth Development Resource Center. Journal of extension 44(2)

Building Scab Resistance Into Wheat. Agricultural research 55(7): 23

Building Social Capital Through Participatory Research: An Analysis of Collaboration on Tohono Oodham Tribal Rangelands in Arizona. Society and natural resources 20(6): 481-495

Building Social Capital and Community Capacity with Signature Projects: A Case Study of Two Diverse Delta Communities. Journal of extension 45(2)

Building Successful Partnerships for Technology Transfer. Journal of extension 45(3)

Building Trust in Local Community Organizations: Where Do We Start, and How Can We Make a Difference. Journal of extension 44(4)

Building a 4-H exhibit.

Building a Better Bat Detector. BioScience - 57(7): 640

Building a compact, low-cost, and portable peristaltic sampling pump. Ground Water 45(6): 795-797

Building a Fire Organization. Yearbook of agriculture: 85-493

Building a North American feed information system.

Building a Successful Forage System in Missouri. Integrated pest and crop management20 17(2)

Building a W3 scientific database: data base of the occurrence and distribution of pesticides in Chesapeake Bay. Agricultural libraries information notes 22(9-12): 1-7

Building a World Wide Web infrastructure for regional food systems education and outreach. Journal of food distribution research 31(1): 244-246

Building a baby.

Building a bee beard. Gleanings in bee culture 109(9): 484-485

Building a bee program. American bee journal 145(2): 143-145

Building a beehive fumigator; operating, testing, and evaluating the fumigator. iI.

Building a better America through the 4-H clubs.

Building a better Oklahoma through 4-H Clubs.

Building a better bean. Minnesota science Minnesota Agricultural Experiment Station8(3): 4-6

Building a better berry. Agricultural research 47(9): 12-13

Building a better blueberry. Agricultural research 50(11): 10-11

Building a better board.

Building a better business. School foodservice and nutrition 60(10): 44-48

Building a better cow--aggressive heifer growing approaches. Advances in dairy technology: proceedings of the Western Canadian Dairy Seminar0(10): 5-10

Building a better diet. Program aid: 979 (1241)

Building a better fly trap. Booker T Whatley's handbook on how to make $100000 farming 25 acres: with special plans for prospering on 10 to 200 acres by Booker T Whatley and the editors of the New farm edited by George DeVault et al: 141

Building a better forester. Journal of forestry 82(12): 724-729

Building a better future for farmworkers.

Building a better heifer ration. Dairy herd management: 15 (1) 6

Building a better mousetrap--products for behavior therapy. Proceedings of the North American Veterinary Conference6(16): 60-62

Building a better rural policy: the Presidents Rural Development Initiative. Outlook Proceedings Agricultural Outlook Conference US Department of Agriculture: (67th) 1-8

Building a better small watershed program. Journal of soil and water conservation: 32 (4) 150-157

Building a better sports field. Grounds maintenance 25(3): 74

Building a better strawberry. Agricultural research US Department of Agriculture Agricultural Research Service 39(9): 24-25

Building a better tomato. American vegetable grower: 25 (1) 28

Building a better tomato: new era in biotechnology. New York times: 8, 1

Building a better tomorrow. American nurseryman 168(11): 79-83

Building a better tomorrow.

Building a better world by consumer cooperation.

Building a bio-based economy in the 21st century.

Building a biogas plant. Zimbabwe science news 19(7-8): 105-106

Building a bird-friendly forest: lessons from the boreal forest of Canada. Acta Zoologica Sinica 52(Suppl.1): 687-691

Building a blood bank. Proceedings of the North American Veterinary Conference: 73-274

Building a breeding program for the Victorian dairy industry. Dairyfarming digestng 25(4): 16

Building a bridge between gardens and campus. Public garden: the journal of the American Association of Botanical Gardens and Arboreta 12(1): 15-16

Building a bridge to Sao Jose do Norte.

Building a bridge to Taiwans timber market. AgExporter 14(7): 13

Building a bridge to college. Appalachia 23(4): 11-14

Building a brighter future for rural Illinois.

Building a broodstock of the critically endangered sturgeon Acipenser sturio: Problems and observations associated with the adaptation of wild-caught fish to hatchery conditions. Cybium 31(1): 3-11

Building a bunker silo. Power farming: 56 (10) 24

Building a career ladder. Agricultural education magazine 60(11): 5-6

Building a case for the core curriculum in agriculture. Journal of the American Association of Teacher Educators in Agriculture 21(3): 2-4

Building a champion. Horseman 23(9): 24-30

Building a childs self-concept. MP University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service: 88 (282)

Building a chronic infection model with anaerobic germs in order to test the suitability of immune stimulated substances.

Building a coalition for educating on water policy. Increasing understanding of ic problems and policies: 24-128

Building a collaboration for youth development: the Club-Within-a-Club. Journal of extension 43(1)

Building a collection of video games in support of a newly created degree program at the university of California, Santa Cruz. Science and Technology Libraries 27(4): 77-87

Building a command post that is mobile. Fire management notes United States Dept of Agriculture Forest Service9(2): 13-15

Building a community of designers: restructuring learning through student hypermedia design. Journal of research in rural educationng 13(1): 5-27

Building a community one hive at a time: Womens beekeping collective revitalizes border community. American bee journal 145(3): 229-231

Building a compact cattle clinic that works. Veterinary medicine 91(10): 953-957

Building a comprehensive rural economic development policy.

Building a conservation-centered farm policy. Journal of soil and water conservation 44(5): 451-452

Building a customer driven organization.

Building a dairy business in no picnic these days.

Building a data base. Hospitals 48(12): 77-80

Building a database system to take a critical look at immobilized cell fermentation technology. Trends in biotechnology 6(2): 29-32

Building a decision support system for ecosystem management: KLEMS experience. AI applications(3): 115-127

Building a defect-free reel on the paper machine. Tappi journal 81(7): 123-129

Building a dental practice: you must talk teeth!. The North American Veterinary Conference 2003, Small Animal and Exotics Orlando, Florida, USA, 18-22 January, 2003: 194-195

Building a disease database: collecting necropsy using a check-off necropsy examination form. Research report P (942) 136-137

Building a dream. Illinois research Illinois Agricultural Experiment Stationng Summer 33(1-2): E-F

Building a dream: Blue Ridge Parkway completed. Appalachia er 21(1): 5-11

Building a drought-proof farm. New farm 10(7): 10-15

Building a dynamic fate map. Biotechniques 43(1 Suppl): 20-24

Building a family along with a family forest. Yearbook of agriculture: 40-147

Building a farm dam.

Building a farm freezer chest.

Building a farm-scale fuel ethanol plant.

Building a feed mill in the USA today. Tecnica molitoria: 26 (5) 81-86

Building a fire prevention trailer. Fire management notes United States Dept of Agriculture Forest Service5(4): 10-11

Building a fire--personnel development.

Building a forest conscience.

Building a forest taxation system for Idaho: lessons in political reality for a naive forest economist. FWS Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University School of Forestry and Wildlife Resources: -82) 83-89

Building a foundation for community leadership.

Building a foundation for community leadership: involving youth in community development projects. SRDC series: 96 (199)

Building a foundation for high performance. International journal of technology management = Journal international de la gestion technologique6(2-3): 1-10

Building a fruitful future. California grower: avocados citrus subtropicals 22(8): 22-23

Building a garden for everyone. Public garden: journal of the American Association of Botanical Gardens and Arboreta 8(3): 28-30

Building a garden for life. Rodale's organic gardening 35(2): 118-119

Building a goat barn. Small farm today 2002 19(3): 41-43

Building a golf course. Mondo Macchina 16(7/8): 20-22, 24-26, 28-29

Building a good custom business around anhydrous ammonia. Custom applicator 11(6): 16-19

Building a green foundation for the 21st century. Arbor age 15(8): 14-16

Building a greenhouse. House plants and porch gardens 5(2): 25-28

Building a healthy community of retailers. Rural development newser 22(2): 5

Building a healthy diet.

Building a healthy industry.

Building a healthy lawn.

Building a healthy me! Stacking up choices for good nutrition. Journal of nutrition education 33(2): 116-117

Building a herd breeding program.

Building a home in the country? What you should know about your septic tank system. Publication University of Wisconsin Cooperative Extension Service: 81 (G1071,rev)

Building a horticuture program High school curriculum development, Kansas. Agricultural education magazine 55(2): 16

Building a house.

Building a knowledge base for plant-parasitic nematodes: description and specification of metadata. NATO ASI series: Series A: Life sciences62(162): 65-76

Building a landscape to live in. Nederlands bosbouw tijdschrift: 46 (12) 295-301

Building a landscape-level prescribed fire program. Fire management todaymmer 65(3): 16-18

Building a leadership base in rural Alabama. Resource development report Alabama Cooperative Extension Service Auburn University5(1): 1-2

Building a legacy.

Building a local team.

Building a log cabin.

Building a log house in Alaska. Publication University of Alaska Cooperative Extension Service Division of Statewide Services: 982 (50A)

Building a manufacturing cladogram. International journal of technology management = Journal international de la gestion technologique3(3): 269-286

Building a maternity wardrobe. Circular HE Alabama Cooperative Extension Service Auburn University: 987 (555)

Building a mechanistic model of kraft-anthraquinone pulping kinetics. Pulping Conference: proceedings: ) 651-657

Building a model on direction. Seoul Taehakkyo nonghak yonku = College of Agriculture bulletin Seoul National University 3(2): 205-213

Building a multi-use barn for garage, animals, workshop, studio.

Building a national ex situ conservation network--the U.S. Center for Plant Conservation. Botanic gardens and the world conservation strategy: proceedings of an International Conference 26-30 November 1985 held at Las Palmas de Gran Canaria edited by D Bramwell et al: 294

Building a natural area system for Montana. Western wildlands: (1) 1-10

Building a new Japan.

Building a new barn in Maine. Small farmer's journal: featuring practical horse farming 7(4): 57-59

Building a new dominion.

Building a new driving range tee? Super size it!. USGA Green Section record- 43(4): 12-15

Building a new forest with fire protection in mind. Proceedings of the Society of American Foresters National Convention: 53-258

Building a new framework. Illinois researchng Summer 37(1-2): 20-21

Building a new retention strategy. Economic development reviewer 14(3): 13-15

Building a nonmetropolitan input-output model.

Building a nursery shed. Minnesota horticulturisty 108(6): 182-183

Building a pad from lime stabilized soil. BioCycle 41(1): 45-47

Building a peer network of nutrition and breastfeeding support for rural Iowans.

Building a performance base for supervising teachers. Agricultural education: 49 (4) 79-80

Building a pharmacological lexicon: small molecule discovery in academia. Molecular Pharmacology 72(1): 1-7

Building a pole barn.

Building a political commitment to conservation Soil. Journal of soil and water conservation 37(5): 252-254

Building a pond.

Building a positive relationship with your child. Circular HE 94 (684)

Building a positive work environment. Public garden: the journal of the American Association of Botanical Gardens and Arboreta 11(2): 8-10

Building a practical quality control program. Modern sawmill techniques proceedings: th 186-228

Building a practice with a computer. Veterinary Clinics of North America. Small Animal Practice 16(4): 723-727

Building a profession.

Building a profit into the price. Grounds maintenance 14(7): 52

Building a profitable nutrition practice.

Building a program of activities for todays world. Agricultural education magazine 59(2): 19-21

Building a quality workforce.

Building a rabbit shelter for temperate climates. Small farm today 12(3): 38-39

Building a raised bed garden.

Building a reference functional model for EHR systems. International Journal of Medical Informatics 76(9): 688-700

Building a research foundation for sound environmental decisions. Water resources update er (110) 34-40

Building a research legacy.

Building a research program: 1951-1976. California agriculture: 30 (special no 7) 5-6

Building a risk management education program for New England dairy farmers. Journal of extension 41(2)

Building a risk management plan.

Building a safe climate, sound business future.

Building a safe pesticides industry with bioproducts and biomethods. BioCycle 40(10): 56

Building a second closet: third party responses to victims of lesbian partner abuse. Family relations 38(2): 157-162

Building a sense of community. Kids 1

Building a shared vision for environmental education.

Building a simple flasking case. American Orchid Society bulletin: 46 (10) 929-934

Building a small commercial winery: the wine making operation. Vinifera wine growers journal: 3 (3) 207-215

Building a small crab cooker for home use. Sea grant: 81 (70)

Building a small incubator.

Building a small lawn service company from scratch. Proceedings Virginia Turfgrass Conference and Trade Show: (25th 26th) 85-87

Building a small winery. Vinifera wine growers journalng 6(1): 14-15

Building a small-log mill for pine and hardwood. Modern sawmill techniques proceedings: ub 1975), 4th (v 4) 77-91

Building a solar collector.

Building a sound distributor organization.

Building a special needs component into your child care resource & referral service.

Building a state child care initiative: applying principles of teamwork and collaboration. Journal of extension 41(3)

Building a statewide urban forestry coalition California. Proceedings of the second National Urban Forestry Conference October 10-14-1982 Cincinnati Ohio proceedings compiled by DG Gangloff and GH Moeller: 113

Building a strategy for marketing Minnesotas secondary materials.

Building a stronger agricultural community.

Building a structure for self-governance: the roundtable for concerted social policy in Cordoba, Argentina. Grassroots development: journal of the Inter American Foundation1(1): 31-39

Building a successful apple market. Proceedings of the annual meeting: 18 119-121

Building a successful brewpub brewery or the seven secrets of brewpub success. Technical quarterly 33(2): 102-105

Building a successful marriage.

Building a sulfa task force. Hog farm management: 15 (3) 6

Building a sustainable business.

Building a sustainable landscape.

Building a sustainable society.

Building a sweep rake.

Building a sweet corn market in Japan. AgExporter United States Department of Agriculture Foreign Agricultural Service 2(1): 14-16

Building a system for price improvement of slaughtered pigs and sucklings in Baden-Weurttemberg.

Building a team: the Cedar River project. Tappi journal 79(11): 63-66

Building a tech-transfer network to serve start-ups and small businesses. Proceedings of the Annual Meeting and International Symposium: 4th) 39-42

Building a top rated employee staffincentives can build profitability. American logger and lumberman 9(6): 26

Building a top screen for a burning-barrel. EC Cooperative Extension Service University of Nebraska: (81-1746)

Building a veterinary crush. Queensland agricultural journal: 101 (5) 587-592

Building a veterinary practice. Iowa State University veterinarian4(1): 33-34

Building a water resources observation network. Ecos CSIRO (129): 14-17

Building a windbreak fence.

Building a wood silo.

Building access to friendships and gardens. Public garden: journal of the American Association of Botanical Gardens and Arboreta 8(3): 24-27

Building activities in 1967, new buildings within agriculture.

Building activities in swine housing. Trzoda chlewna: 12 (7) 10-12

Building affordable long term care alternatives.

Building agricultural biotechnology in Connecticut.

Building agricultural institutions.

Building agrochemical enterprises in Czechoslovakia. Scientia agriculturae Bohemoslovaca: (3) 197-204

Building air quality.

Building air quality action plan.

Building an American health system.

Building an advanced climate model.

Building an arboretum: the Cary Campus after three years. Garden journal: 24 (4) 102-107

Building an ark.

Building an asset-based program for 4-H. Journal of extension 37(4): n

Building an automated greenhouse. Bulletin 48(8): 776-778

Building an ecosystem restoration workforce.

Building an effective marketing organization. CENTO Seminar on Key Management Probl in the k Distrib and Use of Fert Cent Treaty Organization: 10-131

Building an electric antipredator fence. PNW Pacific Northwest Extension Publication Oregon State University Extension Service: 83 (225)

Building an emergency plan.

Building an infrastructure - Ohio targets food residuals composting. BioCycle 48(9): 20-22

Building an interdisciplinary team for extension education in sustainable agriculture.

Building an organic soil.

Building an ox yoke. Rural heritage3(2): 14-17

Building an urban forest from scratch. American forests 100(5-6): 33-35

Building and application of forest ecological and resources information sharing system. Scientia Silvae Sinicae 42(Sp. 1): 159-162

Building and construction in countryside. Landtechnische Schriftenreihe: t 2) 81-95

Building and environment.

Building and equipment standards for cattle in the weaning phase. Tecnica agricola 35(1): 3-75

Building and equipping the farm shop.

Building and equipping the garden and small farm workshop.

Building and fencing materials.

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