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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 15194

Chapter 15194 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

CLOCARE: a computer program on caring for clothing. Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Computers in Agricultural Extension Programs Fedro S Zazueta editor January 31 February 1-1990 Grosvenor Resort Hotel Disney World Village Lake Buenavista FL: 131

CLOSYS: closed system for water and nutrient management in horticulture. Acta Horticulturae 718: 75-382

CLOTAIR: regional telematics at the service of farmers. Nformation agricole: (special number 537) 40-42

CLQ saves jobs, boosts sales. Appalachia: journal of the Appalachian Regional Commission 27(4): 32-37

CLR recent developments.

CLR reports.

CLS, California landscape standards.

CLUMP: a computer model for predicting Douglas-fir yields in association with bigleaf maple sprout clumps. FRDA report: (109) 101-102

CLUMPP: a cluster matching and permutation program for dealing with label switching and multimodality in analysis of population structure. Bioinformatics 23(14): 1801-1806

CLUSAs contemplated name, activity changes reflect business direction. Farmer cooperatives United States Department of Agriculture Agricultural Cooperative Service 51(10): 20-21

CLV1 and CLV3: negative regulators of SAM stem cell accumulation. Trends in Plant Science 5(10): 416-416

CM UTH 1424, a new low toxic insecticide for fly control in agriculture. Zeitschrift fur angewandte Zoologie: 64 (4) 15-25

CMA --milk advertising in 1972.

CMA sponsored research at SDSU.

CMA sponsored research at South Dakota State University.

CMA-Purdue in vitro embryo culture project.

Cmap ADHD and comorbid aggression algorithm. Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry 46(1): 1; Author Reply 1-3

CMC Makes Cleaner Cotton. Yearbook of agriculture: 51 453-454

CMC and Phase Separation Studies of RAFT Mediated Amphiphilic Diblock Glycopolymers with Methyl Acrylate and Styrene. Macromolecular symposia 255(1): 70-80

CMCase production by Spicellum roseum in liquid and solid culture. Biotechnology letters 6(2): 115-118

CME 127, a new herbicide from the diphenylether group for the control of monocotyledonous and dicotyledonous weeds in maize, potatoes and winter wheats. Mitteilungen Biologische Bundesanstalt fur Land und Forstwirtschaft Berlin Brunswick: (203) 249-250

CME single-use antibiotics for the pediatric patient in the emergency department. Pediatric Emergency Care 21(1): 50-59

CMEA member countries agriculture.

CMEA reference center for permanent cell lines at the Friedrich Loeffler Institute for Terminal Disease Research Insel Riems. program and goals. Archiv fur experimentelle Veterinarmedizin: 2 (3) 449-454

CMEA, international division of labour in the agroindustrial sphere.

CMFRI bulletin.

CMFRI special publication.

CMI distribution maps of plant diseases.

CML-1 inhibits TNF-(Sa(B-induced NF-(Sm(BB activation and adhesion molecule expression in endothelial cells through inhibition of IkB(Sa(B kinase. Journal of ethnopharmacology3 109(1): 78-86

CML24, Regulated in Expression by Diverse Stimuli, Encodes a Potential Ca superscript 2+ Sensor That Functions in Responses to Abscisic Acid, Daylength, and Ion Stress. Plant physiology 139(1): 240-253

CMO measures improve Syrian cotton industry.

CMO1 Deficiency Abolishes Vitamin A Production from o-Carotene and Alters Lipid Metabolism in Mice. Journal of biological chemistry16 282(46): 33553-33561

CMOS biotechnology.

CMR assignments of the securinine alkaloids. Journal of natural products 47(4): 677-681

CMR beetles (blister beetles or cantharides). Rhodesia agricultural journal 76(6): 233

CMR spectroscopy of labdanic diterpenes and related substances. Journal of natural products 47(4): 592-599

CMR study on 2,3-dihydro-2,3,5-trimethyl-6-(1-methyl-2-oxobutyl)-4H-pyran-4-one, the pheromone of the drugstore beetle conformation of 2,3-vic-dimethyl groups. Agricultural and biological chemistry 43(10): 2203

CMRF-56 immunoselected blood dendritic cell preparations activated with GIVI-CSF induce potent antimyeloma cytotoxic T-cell responses. Journal of Immunotherapy 30(7): 740-748

CMS Polima in winter oilseed rape B. napus L. 7th International Rapeseed Congress convened under the patronage of Stanislaw Zieba by the Plant Breeding and Acclimatization Institute under the auspices of the Group Consultatif International de Recherche sur le Colza: 214

CMS in breeding and seed production of maize hybrids. Itogi rabot po selektsii i genetike kukuruzy: sbornik statei k 80 letiiu akademika VASKhNIL M I Khadzhinova Vserossii skoe otdelenie VASKhNIL Krasnodarskii nauchno issledovatel'skii institut sel'skogo khoziaistva im P P Luk'ianenko pod obshchei redaktsiei I V Kalashnikova: 9

CMS(ESG) 508 and CMS(ESG) 512 cytoplasmic male-sterile cabbage germplasm (with radish cytoplasm). HortScience 23(1): 227-228

CMT , your tool for detecting subclinical mastitis.

CMU journal of science.

CMV and child care programs. Child care information exchange: (59) 25-28

CMV-induced neonatal thrombocytopenia: a case report and review of the literature. American Journal of Perinatology 24(7): 429-434

CMV-resistant tomato developed by Chinese biotechnologists. AgBiotechnology news 7(6): 3

CMV-specific central memory T cells reside in bone marrow. European Journal of Immunology 37(11): 3063-3068

CN -resistant respiration in potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) changes after storage of the tuber. Plant science letters: 7 (2) 149-154

CN irrigation machine. Meddelelse 977, 1322

CNC newsletter.

CNGB3 achromatopsia with progressive loss of residual cone function and impaired rod-mediated function. Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science 48(8): 3864-3871

CNI calls for rethinking of school meals proposal. Nutrition week 24(34): 4-5

CNI expresses concern over poultry regulations. Nutrition week 24(37): 4-5

CNI weekly report.

CNI, coalition pushes to modify GATT and NAFTA. Nutrition week 22(6): 6

CNMI island ecology & resource management.

CNMPS - the hows, the whys, and the expectations. Proceedings, 2004 National Poultry Waste Management Symposium, "Balancing economic and environmental issues", Holiday Inn Select Memphis International Airport, Memphis, Tennessee, USA, 24-26 October 2004: 167-170

CNO WIC presents.

CNP infusion attenuates cardiac dysfunction and inflammation in myocarditis. Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications 356(1): 60-66

CNPP Interactive Healthy Eating Index.

CNPS can help the Forest Service. Fremontia 13(4): 13-15

CNR1 variation modulates risk for drug and alcohol dependence. Biological Psychiatry 62(6): 616-626

CNS -active phenylpropylamines of Catha edulis Forsk. (Celastraceae) of Kenyan origin. Experientia 35(5): 572-574

CNS 7056: a novel ultra-short-acting Benzodiazepine. Anesthesiology 107(1): 60-66

CNS and hypoderm regulatory elements of the Drosophila melanogaster dopa decarboxylase gene. Science 234(4779): 998-1002

CNS blastomycosis in a young man working in fields after Hurricane Katrina. Neurology 68(20): 1746-1747

CNS depressant effects, anti-inflammatory activity and anti-cholinergic actions of Santolina chamaecyparissus extracts. Phytotherapy research: PTR 2(1): 37-41

CNS depressants: alcohol. Substance abuse: pharmacologic developmental and clinical perspectives edited by Gerald Bennett Christine Vourakis Donna S Woolf: 8

CNS depressants: other sedative-hypnotics. Substance abuse: pharmacologic developmental and clinical perspectives edited by Gerald Bennett Christine Vourakis Donna S Woolf: 6

CNS lupus: a study of 41 patients. Neurology 69(7): 644-654

CNS malformations in Knobloch syndrome with splice mutation in COL18A1 gene. American Journal of Medical Genetics. Part A 143a(13): 1514-1518

CNS neurotransmitters and neuromodulators.

CNS peptides and the control of feed intake. Annual report Oklahoma Agricultural Experiment Station: (121) 353-359

CNS stimulants. Neuropharmacology 87: 1-3

CNS trauma in the small animal patient. Proceedings of the North American Veterinary Conference6(16): 117-122

CNS-irrelevant T-cells enter the brain, cause blood-brain barrier disruption but no glial pathology. European Journal of Neuroscience 26(6): 1387-1398

CO 2 Amaranthus a high yielding variety.

CO 2, CO 3, CO 4 and CO 5, the four economic strains of lab niger var. typicus).

CO 3 cowpea (Vigna sinensis L. Savi)--a high yielding medium duration variety for Tamil Nadu. Madras agricultural journal3b 67(3): 145-147

CO 3--a high yielding onion variety for Tamil Nadu. Madras agricultural journal 66(8): 508-511

CO Mitigation: On Methods and Parameters for Comparison of Fossil-Fuel and Biofuel Systems. Mitigation and adaptation strategies for global change 11(5-6): 935-959

CO as a ligand of photosensitive P-630 transformed from horseradish peroxidase in the presence of indole-3-acetic acid. Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics 136(1): 41-46

CO binding to and metal-ion valencies of the FeMo-cofactor in co-inhibited nitrogenase. Biological nitrogen fixation for the 21st century: proceedings of the 11th International Congress on Nitrogen Fixation Institut Pasteur Paris France July 20-25-1997 6

CO fixation and biosynthetic activity of darkened synchronous Chlorella fusca. Archiv fur Hydrobiologie: 3 (1) 1-13

CO flash photolysis of cytochrome bd from Azotobacter vinelandii. Biochemical Society Transactions 23(2): 157s-157s

CO metabolism by a thermophilic actinomycete, Streptomyces strain G26. Journal of general microbiology 133(12): 3445-3456

CO metabolism of Carboxydothermus hydrogenoformans and Archaeglobus fulgidus.

CO poisoning in swine. Illinois veterinarian: 15 (4) 22

CO production by higher plants on natural sites. Zeitschrift fur Pflanzenphysiologie4(3): 219-230

CO subscript 2 and O subscript 3 effects on host plant preferences of the forest tent caterpillar (Malacosoma disstria). Global change biology 11(4): 588-599

CO subscript 2 and SO subscript 2.

CO subscript 2 and biosphere.

CO subscript 2 and plants.

CO subscript 2 concentrations in greenhouses and possibilities of better CO subscript 2 supply for assimilation organs.

CO subscript 2 conversion and utilization.

CO subscript 2 elicits long-term decline in nitrogen fixation. Science 28 304(5675): 1291

CO subscript 2 emissions from transport.

CO subscript 2 enhances productivity, alters species composition, and reduces digestibility of shortgrass steppe vegetation. Ecological applications: a ication of the Ecological Society of America 14(1): 208-219

CO subscript 2 environment in solar greenhouse in northern China and effects of CO subscript 2 enrichment on photosynthetic rate and dry matter production of cucumber. Acta Horticulturae 633: 15-120

CO subscript 2 exchange in three Canadian High Arctic ecosystems: response to long-term experimental warming. Global change biology 10(12): 1981-1995

CO subscript 2 exchange within a Swedish coniferous forest spatial and temporal variation.

CO subscript 2 gas exchange, transpiration and stomatal behavior of strawberries.

CO subscript 2 stabilization and economic growth.

CO subscript 2(B Sensing at Ocean Surface Mediated by cAMP in a Marine Diatom. Plant physiology 142(3): 1318-1328

CO subscript 2(B enrichment in a maturing pine forest: are CO subscript 2(B exchange and water status in the canopy affected. Plant cell and environment 22(5): 461-472

CO subscript 2(B fluxes over an old, temperate mixed forest in northeastern China. Agricultural and forest meteorology14 137(3-4): 138-149

CO subscript 2, a challenge for mankind.

CO subscript 2-concentrating mechanisms in aquatic photosynthetic microorganisms. Canadian journal of botany = Revue canadienne de botanique 83(7): 695-697

CO subscript 2-emisjon fra talle.

CO subscript 2-exchange transpiration and stomatal behavior in apple trees, leaves and fruit during the period of vegetation and vegetation loss.

CO subscript 2FIX.

CO2 , the most important plant food. Vakblad voor de bloemisterij, 37(10): 28-29

CO2 -compensation point and leaf anatomy in species of the genus Moricandia DC. (Cruciferae). Biochemie und Physiologie der Pflanzen74(1): 68-75

CO2 -compensation point determination for C3 and C4 plants. Mauri ora(7): 47-51

CO2 -fixation and translocation in Benthic marine algae. Berichte 2(1): 157-167

CO2 -fixation and translocation of 14C -labelled assimilates in Laminaria hyperborea and Laminaria saccharina. Zeitschrift fur Pflanzenphysiologie: 67 (5) 418-429

CO2 -gas exchange parameters of palm seedlings (Washingtonia filifera and Serenoa repens). Acta Oecologica(3): 299-305

CO2 Carbon dioxide fixation in Anabaena cylindrica Algae.

CO2 accumulation by Chlorella saccharophila (Chlorophyceae) at low external pH: Evidence for active transport of inorganic carbon at the chloroplast envelope. Journal of phycology 17(4): 371-383

CO2 and CH4 dynamics of a Sphagnum-dominated peatland in West Virginia. Global biogeochemical cycles 7(2): 259-274

CO2 and H+ excretion by swimming coho salmon, Oncorhynchus kisutch. Journal of experimental biology 107(107): 169-180

CO2 and H2O gas exchange of understorey plants in a submontaine beech forest on limestone. I. Seasonal changes of the photosynthetic response to light. Flora: Morphologie Geobotanik Okologie 186(1-2): 67-85

CO2 and H2O gas exchange of understorey plants in a submontane beech forest on limestone. II. Influence of temperature and air humidity. Flora: Morphologie Geobotanik Okologie 186(1-2): 87-103

CO2 and N2O emission from the rape field and their controlling factors. Journal of Ecology and Rural Environment 23(3): 5-8

CO2 and O2 exchanges in the CAM plant Ananas comosus (L.) Merr. Plant physiology 89(1): 61-68

CO2 and intracellular pH. Plant cell and environment 8(6): 459-465

CO2 and naloxone modify sleep. Respiration physiology 55(3): 325-340

CO2 and rose quality. Pennsylvania flower growers bulletin: 61) 8-9

CO2 and temperature effects on leaf area production in two annual plant species. Ecology: a ication of the Ecological Society of America 73(4): 1260-1269

CO2 and water vapor exchange rates in flooded snap bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) as affected by evaporative demand. Current topics in plant biochemistry and physiology: Proceedings of the Plant Biochemistry and Physiology Symposium held at the University of Missouri Columbia(8): 278

CO2 and water vapour exchange, malate content and delta13C value in Cicer arietinum grown under two water regimes. Zeitschrift fur Pflanzenphysiologie = International journal of plant physiology01(5): 421-430

CO2 as an aid to rooting. Combined proceedings8(28): 175-176

CO2 balance and dry-matter production in a beet crop. I. Control of dry-matter production by means of the gradient method.

CO2 blowers for the best sugar industry 4th technical conference, Felixstowe, June 1951.

CO2 can make a difference. Pennsylvania flower growers bulletin: 52) 5

CO2 carbon dioxide and water vapour exchange as related to shade tolerance of Oryza punctata Kotschy. Photosynthetica 6(3): 356-361

CO2 carbon dioxide assimilation characteristics of five Prunus tree fruit species Almond, apricot, cherry, peach, plum, photosynthesis.

CO2 carbon dioxide assimilation of primary and regrowth foliage of red maple (Acer rubrum L.) and red oak (Quercus rubra L.): response to defoliation Simulated insect leaf damage.

CO2 carbon dioxide atmospheres for truck shipments of strawberries. Proc Third Natl Controlled Atmosphere Research Conf on Controlled Atmospheres for Storage and Transport of Perishable Agric Commodities July 22-24-1981 Ore State Univ Corvallis DG Richardson MM Meheriuk eds: 365

CO2 carbon dioxide balance and production of dry matter in alfalfa crop Medicago sativa.

CO2 carbon dioxide enrichment, drought stress and growth of Alaska pea plants (Pisum sativum). Physiologia plantarum 58(2): 161-165

CO2 carbon dioxide enrichment, the benefits and problems Increasing the yield of glasshouse vegetable crops, photosynthesis, pollution.

CO2 carbon dioxide exchange and growth rate of the loess soil crusts algae in the Negev desert of Israel. Developments in arid zone ecology and environmental quality: proceedings international meeting 12th Scientific Conf Israel Ecological Society at Hebrew Univ of Jerusalem Israel May 12-13-1981 ed HI Shuval: 8

CO2 carbon dioxide exchange in the alpine sedge Carex curvula as influenced by canopy structure, light and temperature. Oecologia 3(1): 98-104

CO2 carbon dioxide fixation during the photosynthetic induction period of Synechococcus Anacystic nidulans, Algae.10.

CO2 carbon dioxide gas exchange and transpiration of Welwitschia mirabilis Hook. fil. in the central Namib Desert. Oecologia 55(1): 21-29

CO2 carbon dioxide release from the soil as a mode of measurement of microbial biomass Poland.

CO2 carbon dioxide treatment of Golden Delicious apples in Virginia as a supplement to CA controlled atmosphere storage.

CO2 compensation concentration and its O2 dependence in Moricandia spinosa and Moricandia moricandioides (Cruciferae). Biochemie und Physiologie der Pflanzen75(4): 386-388

CO2 compensation concentrations in leaves of Moricandia arvensis (L.) DC. at different insertion levels and O2 concentrations. Biochemie und Physiologie der Pflanzen: 72 (6) 547-552

Co2 Concentrating Mechanisms In Photosynthetic Microorganisms. Annual Review of Plant Physiology and Plant Molecular Biology 50: 539-570

CO2 concentration in air on different height levels of the piggery.

CO2 control of Trichodesmium N-2 fixation, photosynthesis, growth rates, and elemental ratios: Implications for past, present, and future ocean biogeochemistry. Limnology and Oceanography 52(4): 1293-1304

CO2 cooling of strawberries. Paper American Society of Agricultural Engineers: er 1989 (89-6058)

CO2 dark fixation in CAM enhances water uptake during the night. South African journal of botany = Suid Afrikaanse tydskrif vir plantkunde 3(5): 347-349

CO2 deliming. Journal of the American Leather Chemists Association 85(11): 431-441

CO2 dependence of photosynthesis in certain forest and peat mosses and simulated photosynthesis at various actual and hypothetical CO2 concentrations. Lindbergia: a journal of bryology1985 11(2-3): 86-93

CO2 emission and its mitigation by adsorption on zeolites and activated carbon. Current Science (Bangalore) 92(6): 724-726

CO2 emission from an orange juice powder: indication of an oxidative origin. Journal of food science: 43 (5) 1433-1435

CO2 emissions: a piece of the pie. Science 316(5826): 829-30; Author Reply 829-30

CO2 enhancement of aerobic and hypoxic C2H4 production in the tissues of cocklebur seeds at different dormant states. Australian journal of plant physiology2(1): 59-68

CO2 enriched atmosphere speeds growth of ponderosa pine and blue spruce seedlings.

CO2 enrichment duration and heating credit as determined by climate. Carbon dioxide enrichment of greenhouse crops edited by Herbert Z Enoch Bruce A Kimball: 197

CO2 enrichment for flower production.

CO2 enrichment for greenhouse rose production. Carbon dioxide enrichment of greenhouse crops edited by Herbert Z Enoch Bruce A Kimball: 149

CO2 enrichment for vegetable production.

CO2 enrichment in Norway. Carbon dioxide enrichment of greenhouse crops edited by Herbert Z Enoch Bruce A Kimball: 3

CO2 enrichment in some countries of Eastern Europe: research and practical application. Carbon dioxide enrichment of greenhouse crops edited by Herbert Z Enoch Bruce A Kimball: 8

CO2 enrichment in the U.S. Carbon dioxide enrichment of greenhouse crops edited by Herbert Z Enoch Bruce A Kimball: 7

CO2 enrichment of tomato crops. Carbon dioxide enrichment of greenhouse crops edited by Herbert Z Enoch Bruce A Kimball: 163

CO2 environment, microclimate and photosynthetic characteristics of the moss Hylocomium splendens in a subarctic hatitat. Oecologia 2(1): 23-29

CO2 evolution from bean leaves at the expense of fast labelled intermediates of photosynthesis. Photosynthetica (1) 66-74

CO2 evolution from different types of soil cover in the tropics. Tropical agriculture 64(1): 68-69

CO2 exchange characteristics in some Mediterranean woody chamaephytes. Beitrage zur Biologie der Pflanzen5(3): 317-324

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CO2 exchange in grapes under anaerobic conditions. 2. Influence of some parameters. Sciences des aliments(3): 439-458

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CO2 exchange in the Empetrum nigrum-Sphagnum fuscum community. Oecologia 7(3): 273-283

CO2 exchange measurements for determination of SO2 resistance of lichens.

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CO2 exchange rates and 14C photosynthetic products of maize leaves as affected by potassium deficiency. Zeitschrift fur Pflanzenphysiologie9(1): 11-20

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CO2 fixation by candida tropicalis in relation to the carbon source in the nutritient medium during submerged cultivation.

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CO2 is the inorganic carbon substrate of NADP malic enzymes from Zea mays and from wheat germ. European Journal of Biochemistry 163(3): 619-626

CO2 labelling of octulose bisphosphates during photosynthesis. An NMR study using intact spinach leaves. Biochemistry international 18(1): 35-46

CO2 laser oophorectomy of a Sertoli cell tumor and dissection of a hydratid cyst of Morgagni of the infundibulum of a uterine tube in a mare: a case report. Journal of equine veterinary science(5): 200-201

CO2 laser use in small animal clinics. The North American Veterinary Conference 2003, Small Animal and Exotics Orlando, Florida, USA, 18-22 January, 2003: 1047-1048

CO2 level inside compost and i.

CO2 mass balance in a suspension of algae cultivated in the neutral pH r egion of the suspension on an open cultivation surface. Biotechnology and bioengineering: 16 (8) 1015-1023

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CO2 puffing of wheat. Paper er 1992 (926539)

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COBAS AmpliPrep-COBAS TaqMan hepatitis B virus (HBV) test: a novel automated real-time PCR assay for quantification of HBV DNA in plasma. Journal of Clinical Microbiology 45(3): 828-834

COBOL with style.

COBY products and a process for their manufacture. United States Department of Agriculture patents: 7, no US 6,383,548 B1

COCONIS (Coconut Information Service).

COD balances as a tool in wastewater management. Zucker 29 (2) 53-57

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CODASP manual tecnico de motomecanizacao agricola.

CODATA directory of data sources for science & technology.

CODATA helps the development of sequence databases. Biomolecular data: a resource in transition editor Rita R Colwell associate editors David G Swartz and Michael T MacDonell: 2

CODATA thermodynamic tables.

CODIT and tree care in Scandinavia. Journal of arboriculture 8(3): 67-69

CODOFF; Computer Design of Furniture Frames.

COFE, Cattle on Feed Evaluation.

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CTH D, Manske Road to USH 45 and railroad crossing north of Brehmer Road, Waupaca and Outagamie counties.

CTH N:CTH HH to 65th Avenue, Chippewa County.

CTH W, CTH P to Crivitz, Marinette County.

CTH B, relocated USH 10-Mill Street, Portage County.

CTH E, Sixth Avenue-CTH G, Adams County.

CTH KK, East Hillsdale Drive-CTH D, Eau Claire County.

CTIC partners.

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