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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 15199

Chapter 15199 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Calculation of necessary sowing areas of forage crops for a dairy farm. Ekonomika sel'skogo khoziaistva: 4 78-79

Calculation of needs and dates of irrigation on the basis of meteorological data. Zeszyty problemowe postepow nauk rolniczych: 66) 185-193

Calculation of nitrification on the basis of its relation to the pF.

Calculation of non rigid road pavements with calculation of elastic and plastic deformations.

Calculation of non steady state seepage through dams. Soviet agriculture sciences: 0 44-46

Calculation of non wood forest resources. Lesnoe khoziaistvo: 57-59

Calculation of non-linear vibrations of a wheel tractor by the method of state probabilities. Traktory i sel'khozmashiny: 0) 6-9

Calculation of norms of fuel expenditure by energy input Machine-and-tractor units.1. Mekhanizatsiia i elektrifikatsiia sel'skogo khoziaistva: (5) 42-44

Calculation of norms of labor productivity and indicators of total labor costs in the outlook with the aid of mathematic methods. Subtropicheskie kul'tury: 7-12

Calculation of nutrient fluxes across the sediment-water interface in shallow lakes. Sediments and water interactions: proceedings of the Third International Symposium on Interactions Between Sediments and Water held in Geneva Switzerland August 27-31-1984 edited by Peter G Sly: 301

Calculation of nutrient surpluses from agricultural sources.

Calculation of nutritional value. Getreide Mehl und Brot: 29 (11) 294-297

Calculation of operational economy for labour-saving introduction and operation of semi-mobile sprinkling equipment. Feldwirtschaft 12 (4) 164-167

Calculation of operational regime of irrigation of long-term cultivated pastures with the use of computers. Sbornik nauchnykh trudov Belorusskaia sel'skokhoziaistvennaia akademiia: 03) 3-7

Calculation of operational-techn. Visnyk sil's'kohospodars'koi nauki: (10) 63-66

Calculation of operative systems for detecting and extinguishing forest fires by using computers.

Calculation of optimal N-P-K fertilizer rates for agricultural plants.

Calculation of optimal formulations of pesticide mixtures. Agrokhimiia 4 128-134

Calculation of optimal parameters of irrigation systems in regulated runoff in the zone of unstable precipitation.

Calculation of optimal ratios of growth rates of labor productivity and pay. Vestnik statistiki: 1 57-59

Calculation of optimum construction of a permeable field protection shelterbelt. Biulleten' nauchno tekhnicheskoi informatsii po agronomicheskoi fizike: 7 18) 42-45

Calculation of optimum dry substance of low-grade massecuite at given temperature. L C Listy cukrovarnicke, 98(10): 217-220

Calculation of optimum group of machines for performance of reclamation work. Gidrotekhnika i melioratsiia: 3 87-91

Calculation of optimum irrigation-system reliability. Soviet agricultural sciences: ) 60-64

Calculation of optimum length of laying time in the producti on of consumer eggs.

Calculation of optimum levels of. Visnyk sil's'kohospodars'koi nauky: (2) 50-52

Calculation of optimum parameters of oscillating sprinklers. Sbornik nauchnykh trudov Belorusskaia sel'skokhoziaistvennaia akademiia: 17) 137-142

Calculation of optimum parameters of the Fregat sprinkling machines. Gidrotekhnika i melioratsiia: 12 29-36

Calculation of optimum rations f.

Calculation of optimum rations for dairy cattle with the aid of the Simplex method.

Calculation of optimum regime of cooling the massecuite of the final product. Sakharnaia promyshlennost': (5) 40-43

Calculation of optimum sizes of dairying complexes and farms. Zapiski 34 67-83

Calculation of optimum sizes of reclamation items on collect ive and state farms. Zapiski 09 68-75

Calculation of overflow openings. Gorskostopanska nauka Forest Science6(1): 74-78

Calculation of oxidative capacity of installations for biochemical purification of waste water from starch and molasses factories in relation to the initial raw material. Sakharnaia promyshlennost': 8 62-64

Calculation of oxygen uptake efficiency slope based on heart rate reserve end-points in healthy elderly subjects. European Journal of Applied Physiology 101(6): 691-696

Calculation of parameters and regimes of operation of a gravity system of manure removal. Mekhanizatsiia i elektrifikatsiia sel'skogo khoziaistva: (5) 19-22

Calculation of parameters of a device for granulometric analysis of food products. Miasnaia industriia SSSR: (7) 29-31

Calculation of parameters of closed drainage on mineral lands with the trenchless method. Osushenie tiazhelykh pochv = Drainage of heavy soils: 1-60

Calculation of parameters of drip feeds. Oroshenie v gornykh usloviiakh = Irrigation in mountainous conditions: 9-103

Calculation of parameters of ele.

Calculation of parameters of farm machines by methods of pip theories.

Calculation of parameters of flowing milk-cooler at connecting with season device on a basis of mathematical modeling of the process. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, Agrarian Sciences Series (2): 111-116

Calculation of parameters of meat chicken reproduction complexes in broiler farm associations. Sbornik nauchnykh trudov: ub 1976), 75 101-105

Calculation of parameters of multioperational machines. Lesnaia promyshlennost': ) 26-27

Calculation of parameters of swine complexes with finished rotation of the herd on its own forage supply and state provided feeds. Sbornik nauchnykh trudov: ub 1976), 75 33-42

Calculation of parameters of the subsoil irrigation network. Gidrotekhnika i melioratsiia: (1) 42-44

Calculation of partial and multiple regression and correlation coefficients, 3 to 5 variables.

Calculation of percentages of different sand fractions for the nomenclature of textural class name in sandy soils.

Calculation of performance-producing concentrates with the aid of changes in milk performance. Bayerisches landwirtschaftliches Jahrbuch0(5): 613-621

Calculation of permissible water mineralization for soil irrigation. Pochvovedenie 2 111-119

Calculation of pesticide drift during aerial spraying. Aerozoli v zashchite rastenii: nauchnye trudy redaktsionnaia kollegiia: IUN Fadeev VF Dunskii VN Nikitin: 8

Calculation of phosphorus levels for the main application in greenhouse substrates. Agrokhimiia (2) 123-129

Calculation of photosynthesis, respiration and aeration in low flowing stratified lakes. Indikatsiia prirodnykh protsessov i sredy: 11-113

Calculation of physiological indicators for leaves of different structure (using Acer platanoides as an example). Trudy Petergofskii biologicheskii institut: 7) 114-120

Calculation of pig population in a swine farm complex.

Calculation of pigment content in the leaf by means of nomograms.

Calculation of pipelines with discrete diversion of liquid. Gidrotekhnika i melioratsiia: (11) 31-33

Calculation of pipelines with even longitudinal distribution of water. Gidrotekhnika i melioratsiia: 9 68-69

Calculation of plant growth under water deficit considering the fund of free assimilates Transpiration and photosynthesis.1. Dinamicheskoe modelirovanie v agrometeorologii: doklady uchastnikov Vsesoiuznoi shkoly molodykh uchenykh i spetsialistov Tbilis 22-29 noiabria 1980g pod redaktsiei IU A Khvalenskogo OD Sirotenko AN Polevogo: 3

Calculation of plant transpiration and productivity in the conditions of water deficit on the basis of a mathematical model.

Calculation of pond inflow hydrographs by a chord slope method and a volume increment method.

Calculation of potassium demand and the system of its distribution in Czech Socialist Republic.

Calculation of potentially mineralizable nitrogen in soil. Rostlinna vyroba Ceskoslovenska akademie zemedelska Ustav vedeckotechnickych informaci pro zemedelstvi 33(1): 105-110

Calculation of power and input of a mobile dung collector.

Calculation of pressed pulp production.

Calculation of pressure loss in pipe transport of brewery mash. Lebensmittel industrie 28(11): 503-507

Calculation of prime costs of labor in service of aircraft for plant protection.

Calculation of probable daily r.

Calculation of processes for canned foods.

Calculation of processes of mois. Visnyk sil's'kohospodars'koi nauky: (6) 76-79

Calculation of production cost for crop farming products with regard to their quality. Sbornik nauchnykh trudov Vsesoiuznyi nauchno issledovatel'skii institut ekonomiki sel'skogo khoziaistva: 9) 160-167

Calculation of production cost of horse breeding products. Konevodstvo i konnyi sport: (10) 8-9

Calculation of production cost of output and labor productivity in growing different varieties of apples. Sadovodstvo vinogradarstvo i vinodelie Moldavii: 2 48-52

Calculation of production costs and determination of the quality in planning fiber flax production Smolensk Region.1. Sbornik nauchnykh trudov Vsesoiuznyi nauchno issledovatel'skii institut ekonomiki sel'skogo khoziaistva: 2) 102-107

Calculation of production costs and the determination of the quality of products in the planning of fiber flax cultivation. Sbornik nauchnykh trudov Vsesoiuznyi nauchno issledovatel'skii institut ekonomiki sel'skogo khoziaistva: 5) 102-107

Calculation of production costs for Pelargonium, Fuchsia, Petunia and Begonia. Gartenbauliche Versuchsberichte Jahresbericht der Versuchsanstalten und Beispielsbetriebe fur Gartenbau: 6 305-311

Calculation of production costs of pastures of many years. Zhivotnovodstvo (5) 21-22

Calculation of production effectiveness in the conditions of interfarm cooperation.

Calculation of production growth rate. Ekonomika sel'skogo khoziaistva: 5 90-94

Calculation of production line of mixed feed enterprises. Izvestiia vysshikh uchebnykh zavedenii Pishchevaia tekhnologiia: 7-10

Calculation of production potential on a world level. Bedrijfsontwikkeling 6 (5) 433-434

Calculation of productive labor with regard to the quality of production. Zhivotnovodstvo (10) 21-22

Calculation of profit in accounting agricultural businesses.

Calculation of profitability in agroindustrial enterprises. Planirovanie i uchet v sel'skokhoziaistvennykh predpriiatiiakh: (9) 19-20

Calculation of profitability of irrigation facilities in viticulture. Weinberg und Keller: 22 (8) 337-364

Calculation of profitability of sideline apiaries. Imkerfreund 33 (4) 116-118

Calculation of progeny quality.

Calculation of project productivity of felling packaging machine of continuous action.

Calculation of properties of frozen soils when constructing canals by blasting. Gidrotekhnika i melioratsiia: (2) 20-22

Calculation of properties of sugar solutions. Sbornik Vysoke skoly chemicko technologicke v Praze E: Potraviny = Scientific papers of the Prague Institute of Chemical Technology E: Food: 5) 11-28

Calculation of protein.

Calculation of protein and water and energy input requirements of beef animals.

Calculation of provisional return prices of grape harvesting machines. Vititechnique 18 23-25

Calculation of pulp washing by the Z method. Application of chemical engineering in the forest products industry N Lawrence Ricker editor: 6

Calculation of radial water dams at the settled regime of filtration. Gidrotekhnika i melioratsiia: 1 90-96

Calculation of rate of provision of nutrients and minerals to cattle. Khimiia v sel'skom khoziaistve6(3): 49-51

Calculation of rates for enzyme and microbial kinetics via a spline technique. Biocatalysis and biotechnology for functional foods and industrial products edited by Ching T Hou Jei Fu Shaw: 504

Calculation of rates for irrigating farm crops with sewage from starch factories. Problemy ochistki i ispol'zovaniia prirodnykh i stochnykh vod: 21-125

Calculation of ration and planning use of feed with the programmable K 1002. Tierzucht 36(3): 130-132

Calculation of rations for industrial dairy units. Tierzucht 27 (12) 540-543

Calculation of rations uncovers feed reserves. Tierzucht 31 (2) 62-64

Calculation of raw material. Molk Kaserei zeitung: 21 (43) 1965-1966

Calculation of reaction parameter sensitivity coefficients in multicomponent subsurface transport models. Advances in water resources000 23(6): 591-611

Calculation of reclamation canals covered with vegetation. Wiadomosci melioracyjne i lakarskie 21(4): 107-108

Calculation of rectangular coordinates of geodisic network poinsts determined by resection.

Calculation of red blood cell folate steady state conditions and elimination kinetics after daily supplementation with various folate forms and doses in women of childbearing age. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition 86(5): 1414-1419

Calculation of reduction of level of noise given off by pneumatic transport cyclones. Izvestiia vysshikh uchebnykh zavedenii lesnoi zhurnal: ) 69-72

Calculation of refrigeration vaporizers by density of heat flow.

Calculation of regimes of the rotary process of hand saws.

Calculation of regressive dependence of growth from agrometeorological factors of coffee tree development in greenhouse. Izvestiia Akademii nauk Turkmenskoi SSR Seriia biologicheskikh nauk: ) 68-71

Calculation of reinforced concrete structures according to the IIIrd limit state. Acta technologica agriculturae: 1 35-45

Calculation of relative soil density in relation to research concerning athletic playing fields.

Calculation of reliability indicators of the chain self-fixing tying Dairy cattle keeping on large farms.1. Mekhanizatsiia i elektrifikatsiia sel'skogo khoziaistva: (4) 54-55

Calculation of rental costs. Forst und Holzwirt: 28 (1) 4-6

Calculation of repair costs of forest machines. Forstarchiv 46 (1) 22-24

Calculation of reserve capacities by means of Poisson distributions. Beitrage fur die Forstwirtschaft: 0 (2) 88-90

Calculation of reserve volume of reservoirs. Gidrotekhnika i melioratsiia: (5) 42-45

Calculation of residence time distribution in a tube with fittings. Milchwissenschaft 34(4): 193-196

Calculation of resistance and error in an electric analog of steady flow through nonhomogeneous aquifers. U S

Calculation of resistance forces to the undercutting of furrow slice with the blunted knife of the forest plowshare. Izvestiia vysshikh uchebnykh zavedenii: lesnoi zhurnal: ) 26-29

Calculation of resistance to movement of a boom transporter for the removal of manure. Sbornik nauchnykh trudov Estonskoi sel'skokhoziaistvennoi akademii = Transactions of Estonian Agricultural Academy: 32) 32-37

Calculation of results in sugarcane analysis by the press method. Pesquisa agropecuaria brasileira 19(4): 495-498

Calculation of retention indices of pyrazines on the basis of molecular structure. Journal of chromatography: Biomedical applications, 324(2): 428-430

Calculation of returns of carcasses of heavy fattening turkeys in the dependence of splitting and price per piece. Fleischwirtschaft 52 (10) 1286-1287

Calculation of ring pipeline networks on a computer I5 VSM-5. Sbornik nauchnykh trudov Estonskoi sel'skokhoziaistvennoi akademii = Transactions of Estonian Agricultural Academy: 24) 55-59

Calculation of river flow using a generalization of a frequency curve.

Calculation of roundwood available for the industry: some main points of view Forestry inventory, Norway.1. Tidsskrift for skogbruk9(3): 227-237

Calculation of saw log volume. Drevo 31 (7) 199-200

Calculation of search volume on cruise-searching planktivorous fish in foraging model. Journal of Environmental Biology 28(3): 537-543

Calculation of seasonal runoff of suspended sediments of rivers in the watershed of Kara Darya.

Calculation of sediment transport with water erosion of loose soils. Gidrotekhnika i melioratsiia: (9) 49-52

Calculation of sediments in the head sections of large canals (exemplified by the Karshi main canal). Doklady 2) 20-22

Calculation of seed moisture content for treatment purposes. Zashchita rastenii: (1) 54

Calculation of seepage through the front earthen part of a dam spillway of a practical profile. Gidrotekhnika i melioratsiia: (7) 31-32

Calculation of selection coefficients against unnecessary genes for virulence from field data Puccinia graminis tritici, stem rust in wheat, Triticum aestivum, Erysiphe graminis hordei, powdery mildew in barley, Hordeum vulgare, resistance genes. Phytopathology 73(4): 547-551

Calculation of selection indexes for auction boars. Tierzuchter 30(11): 483-486

Calculation of serum "total lipid" concentrations for the adjustment of persistent organohalogen toxicant measurements in human samples. Chemosphere 68(5): 824-831

Calculation of several factors in ultrasonic tests of naturally hardened concrete.

Calculation of shading factor for a collector field. Solar energy7(6): 413-424

Calculation of silting of ponds and small reservoirs in the Mildavian SSR. Gidrotekhnika i melioratsiia: (6) 41-42

Calculation of snowmelt water accumulation by soil. Meteorologiia i gidrologiia: (1) 97-104

Calculation of soil moisture content in vegetational experiments.

Calculation of soil moisture deficit in drip irrigation. Vestnik sel'skokhoziaistvennoi nauki: (12) 142-148

Calculation of soil moisture regimes from the climatic record.

Calculation of soil respiration and activity from profiles in the soil. Soil science: 113 (5) 328-333

Calculation of soil strength of forest roads for trucks. Lesnaia promyshlennost': 1) 17-18

Calculation of soil thermal changes. Idojaras 87(4): 200-205

Calculation of soil-protecting effects of agricultural crops. Sbornik Rada A Spisy Fakulty agronomicke6(3): 57-64

Calculation of solar energy.

Calculation of some thermodynamic characteristics of epsilon-caprolactam. Fibre chemistry 20(1): 25-28

Calculation of spare parts for the automation of devices for cross-cutting timber into logs. Lesnaia promyshlennost': 1) 18-19

Calculation of spatial filtration in designs of uniform earth dams. Soobshcheniia Akademii nauk Gruzinskoi SSR: 88 (2) 401-403

Calculation of specifications of a torque converter with an inward flow turbine. Nauchno tekhnicheskii biulleten': 6 8-11

Calculation of spiral conveyors. Tekhnika v sel'skom khoziaistve: (10) 33

Calculation of spring supplies of soil moisture in vineyards. Sadovodstvo vinogradarstvo i vinodelie Moldavii: (1) 23-25

Calculation of square side at the determination of the volumes of levelling works. Gidrotekhnika i melioratsiia: (8) 33-34

Calculation of stability of mattresses from small iron-reinforced concrete slabs. Gidrotekhnika i melioratsiia: (2) 14-17

Calculation of standard errors of estimates of genetic parameters with the multiple-trait derivative-free restricted maximal likelihood programs. Journal of Animal Science 85(10): 2375-2381

Calculation of standards in animal husbandry. Ekonomika sel'skogo khoziaistva: 5 100-103

Calculation of standing timber quality. Lesovodstvo i agrolesomelioratsiia: 2) 25-31

Calculation of statical characteristics of sensors in systems of automatic regulation of power conditions for the operation of a tractor. Mekhanizatsiia i elektrifikatsiia sel'skogo khoziaistva: 4 19-24

Calculation of stemwood volume in young pine stands. Izvestiia Sibirskogo otdeleniia Akademii nauk SSSR Seriia biologicheskikh nauk: (2) 27-31

Calculation of sterilization effect of canned foods. Fleisch 32 (3) 53-56

Calculation of storage silos in tobacco manufacture. Tabacco 75 (739) 59-65

Calculation of strength of safety frames for tractors.

Calculation of stress resultants in reinforced concrete hypar shells. Sbornik nauchnykh trudov Estonskoi sel'skokhoziaistvennoi akademii = Transactions of Estonian Agricultural Academy: 31) 61-65

Calculation of stressed key joints considering equal strength of longitudinal and transverse edges of keys. Sbornik nauchnykh trudov Belorusskaia sel'skokhoziaistvennaia akademiia: 4) 117-120

Calculation of structural strength of chassis of agricultural machinery by method of the minimum of potential energy.

Calculation of sub-surface horizontal drainage on irrigated lands. Gidrotekhnika i melioratsiia: 6 77-80

Calculation of subirrigation systems. Gidrotekhnika i melioratsiia: (7) 39-41

Calculation of success in cattle rearing more important than ever.

Calculation of suction-and-exhaust ventilation devices with the aid of electronic-digital computers. Tekhnika v sel'skom khoziaistve: (11) 22-26

Calculation of sugarbeet root weight from the dimensions of the roots. Zemedelska technika Ceskoslovenska akademie zemedelska Ustav vedeckotechnickych informaci pro zemedelstvi 28(7): 411-420

Calculation of sulfur dioxide in the preservation of wine.

Calculation of summer ventilation for a layer house without a ceiling.

Calculation of supplies of measured plantings with the aid of mathematical models for computers. Gorsko stopanstvo: 34 (2) 14-17

Calculation of surplus or the same bookkeeping?. DLZ 32(3): 287-288

Calculation of systematic plan of water consumption of the Ingulets irrigation system by electronic calculating machines.

Calculation of tartar. Weinwirtschaft 115(9): 227-230

Calculation of task times for field and transport work in relation to plot dimensions and distances to main buildings.

Calculation of tasks of unstable filtration through dams.

Calculation of tax requirement in coverage costs for calf and dairy cattle rearing. Forderungsdienst 27(2): 29-31

Calculation of technological par. Visnyk sil's'kohospodars'koi nauki: (12) 43-45

Calculation of technological parameters for a conveyor-type feeder. Soviet agricultural sciences: ) 60-64

Calculation of technological rates of ultra-high frequency sterilization and pasteurization of liquid food products and nutrient media. Izvestiia vysshikh uchebnykh zavedenii Pishchevaia tekhnologiia: ) 104-108

Calculation of temperature errors of piezoelectric crystalline adsorption gages of air humidity in broad intervals of negative temperatures.

Calculation of temperature measurement errors in thermocouples in convection heating cans. Journal of food science: 39 (4) 739-743

Calculation of temperature variations of small mountain streams. Journal of hydrology: 23 (3 4) 267-278

Calculation of temperatures in cylindric food cans by heat conduction.

Calculation of tensions in the glue layer during the drying of sawn timber glued lengthwise at a toothed tenon. Izvestiia vysshikh uchebnykh zavedenii: lesnoi zhurnal: ) 71-74

Calculation of the sums of speed of development and daily mean temperatures from daily minimum and maximum temperatures, in tropical and equatorial conditions. Fruits 33(4): 221-236

Calculation of the activity of water in sulfuric acid solutions at various temperatures. Lebensmittel Wissenschaft Technologie = Food science technology 13(1): 22-24

Calculation of the aeration tank--sedimentation tank system. Water resources: (Transl 1977), 3 (2) 299-306

Calculation of the air flow for forced ventilation of sugarbeet piles. Zuckerindustrie 103 (1) 28-35

Calculation of the amino acid requirements of children at different ages by the factorial method. American journal of clinical nutrition: 28 (9) 1051-1054

Calculation of the amount of irr. Visnyk sil's'kohospodars'koi nauky: (4) 55-57

Calculation of the amount of wa. Gakujutsu hokoku Bulletin: (56) 187-221

Calculation of the amount of work necessary for the extraction of water from soil. Pochvovedenie 4 144-151

Calculation of the annual ground water changes (water reservoir) in a Turkish territory. Ziraat Fakultesi dergisi Ege Universitesi9(1): 93-109

Calculation of the area of commercial fruit tree orchards of an intensive type. Sadovodstvo vinogradarstvo i vinodelie Moldavii: 11 10-11

Calculation of the area of emerged cotton crops in individual cotton-sowing regions and zones. Trudy Gidrometeorologicheskii nauchno issledovatel'skii tsentr SSSR: 53) 124-129

Calculation of the area of fruit tree leaves according to their linear parameters. Sadovodstvo vinogradarstvo i vinodelie Moldavii: 1 53-54

Calculation of the arthropod population. Zashchita rastenii: (10) 23

Calculation of the available working time per worker as a basis for the organization of labor in livestock production units. Tierzucht 29 (12) 544-548

Calculation of the average daily temperature. Revue suisse de viticulture arboriculture horticulture 14(2): 80-81

Calculation of the average winter-wheat yield for an area. Soviet meteorology and hydrology: ) 75-78

Calculation of the average yield increase of grassland because of rain. Bedrijfsontwikkeling 7 (6) 431-436

Calculation of the base hydrophysical characteristic of soils from data on soil hydrology constants. Soviet meteorology and hydrology: 2) 73-79

Calculation of the body composition of swine with the aid of D subscript 2O specific body fluids.

Calculation of the capacitance of dielectric separators.

Calculation of the capacities of processing shops.

Calculation of the capacity of bifilar winding of dielectric separators Seed cleaning machinery.1. Mekhanizatsiia i elektrifikatsiia sel'skogo khoziaistva: (4 36-37

Calculation of the characteristics of the repairability of farm machines. Scientia agriculturae Bohemoslovaca: (2) 147-157

Calculation of the clearcutting volume and afforestation planning in a tropical pine forest of mixed age in Vietnam. Beitrage fur die Forstwirtschaft0(1): 31-34

Calculation of the coefficient of product quality. Zhivotnovodstvo (5) 59-60

Calculation of the color filter correction factor for determining the color index of sugar per State All-Union Standard 12572-67. Sakharnaia promyshlennost': 9 27-29

Calculation of the composition of technical sugar solutions. International sugar journal 88(1047): 55-57

Calculation of the coordinating system of feed transportation and distribution Livestock building mechanization.1. Mekhanizatsiia i elektrifikatsiia sel'skogo khoziaistva: (3) 27-28

Calculation of the cost of watering. Nowe rolnictwo: 31, 19 (16) 14-16

Calculation of the cost per kilogram and the profitability of five banana varieties at Cimangkok, West Java. Bulletin penelitian hortikultura: (3) 31-39

Calculation of the critical vertical wind velocity in pastur e seeds.

Calculation of the deflector.

Calculation of the defrosting process in wood. Holztechnologie 11 (2) 85-90

Calculation of the degree of intensifying forest production to elaborate economic system regulations in forestry.

Calculation of the dependence on soil moisture of capillary-sorption pressure and the coefficients of moisture conductivity. Nauchno tekhnicheskoi biulleten' po agronomicheskoi fizike: 3) 13-18

Calculation of the depth of ground freezing of the dirt bed. Izvestiia vysshikh uchebnykh zavedenii Lesnoi zhurnal: ) 155-158

Calculation of the dimension chains of the crank-slipper mechanism of the tractor engine. Mekhanizatsiia i elektrifikatsiia sel'skogo khoziaistva: (10) 41-43

Calculation of the dispersion of the sugarcane borer, Diatraea saccharalis (Fabr., 1974). Brasil acucareiro 92(6): 9-14

Calculation of the dispersion rate of pureed infant foods and of juices with pulp. Izvestiia vysshikh uchebnykh zavedenii Pishchevaia tekhnologiia: 154-155

Calculation of the distance between moistening pipes in systems of subsoil irrigation under conditions of two-layer soils. Nauchno tekhnicheskoi biulleten' po agronomicheskoi fizike: 5) 25-29

Calculation of the distance between the drains in two-layer grounds. Sbornik nauchnykh trudov Belorusskaia sel'skokhoziaistvennaia akademiia: 17) 72-74

Calculation of the draft resistance of plows while tilling soils.

Calculation of the drainage regime according to the data of meteorologic forecasts. Gidrotekhnika i melioratsiia: 9 55-59

Calculation of the drive of the rake-type picking up unit for retted fiber flax straw. Mekhanizatsiia i elektrifikatsiia sel'skogo khoziaistva: 9) 35-40

Calculation of the drying efficiency in the continuous drying of the specimens cut out of sweet potatoes. Gakujutsu hokoku = Bulletin of the Faculty of Agriculture Kagoshima University: (34) 179-187

Calculation of the duration of combine operation during the diurnal period. Tekhnika v sel'skom khoziaistve: (7) 58-59

Calculation of the duration of drying the seed of vegetable crops. Nauchno tekhnicheskii biulleten' Vsesoiuznyi nauchno issledovatel'skii institut mekhanizatsii sel'skogo khoziaistva: 6) 28-31

Calculation of the economic return obtainable through artificial irrigation on farms in the Iranian province of Fars. Zeitschrift fur auslandische Landwirtschaft: t 13 (3) 251-259

Calculation of the economic thresholds of crop damage. Zashchita rastenii: ) 12-14

Calculation of the effective properties describing active dispersion in porous media: from simple to complex unit cells. Advances in water resources 24(3-4): 423-438

Calculation of the effectiveness of inorganic fertilizers for fiber flax.

Calculation of the effectiveness of melioration of meadows in the non-Chernozem area. Ekonomika sel'skogo khoziaistva: (6) 78-84

Calculation of the effectiveness of water protection measures by the method of adjusted contaminations. Problemy ochistki i ispol'zovaniia prirodnykh i stochnykh vod: 25-131

Calculation of the effects of work in the transportation of timber by truck. Gozdarski vestnik: 35 (9) 367-374

Calculation of the efficiency of infrared reflectors Local heating of young animals.1. Trudy Latviiskaia sel'skokhoziaistvennaia akademiia: 82) 100-103

Calculation of the electrostatic free energy of the lignin polyion. Khimiia drevesiny: (4) 106-107

Calculation of the elements of circuit of parametric gage of humidity.

Calculation of the energy consumption and drawing up the energetic balance in wheat cultivation. Productia vegetala cereale si plante tehnice 33(10): 28-37

Calculation of the energy expended in the eating of different kinds of feeds. Zhivotnovodstvo (1) 50-51

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Calculation of the extinction coefficient of the indirect incident solar radiation in a plant cover.

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Calculation of the flow in flumes with bottom sills.

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Calculation of the incidence of larvae of the gypsy moth in orchards. Zashchita rastenii: ) 43

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Calculation of the level of intrasoil condensation.

Calculation of the levels of fertilizers for a preplanned yield of maize grain under irrigation. Agrokhimiia (5) 49-57

Calculation of the load capacity of tractor tires as well as the medium pressure in the contact area and the rolli>M resista>Ie on rigid surface.

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Calculation of the major parameters of the process of inorganic fertilizer application by disk spreaders in the interrow space of tea plantations. Subtropicheskie kul'tury: ) 117-121

Calculation of the manufacturing formula for alcoholic liquors.

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Calculation of the operational systems of discovering and extinguishing forest fires on E.V.M. Minsk-22.

Calculation of the optimal length of shavings. Izvestiia vysshikh uchebnykh zavedenii Pishchevaia tekhnologiia: ) 168-170

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Calculation of the parameters of semiconductors on the basis of the joint measurement of the galvanomagnetic and thermomagnetic effects. Nauchno tekhnicheskoi biulleten' po agronomicheskoi fizike: 6) 44-48

Calculation of the parameters of the equilibrium system of the automatic regulation of the diesel speed. Nauchno tekhnicheskii biulleten' Vsesoiuznyi nauchno issledovatel'skii institut mekhanizatsii sel'skogo khoziaistva: 6) 3-6

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Calculation of the pneumatic distributor of inorganic fertilizers. Mekhanizatsiia i elektrifikatsiia sel'skogo khoziaistva: (6) 13-14

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Calculation of the possibility and the management plans of tropical forests in Mexico.

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Calculation of the projection a.

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Calculation of the quality index of various products of food industry and application of this index.

Calculation of the quantity of products of the sugar industry.

Calculation of the quota of pollinators for red clover. Pchelovodstvo ) 13

Calculation of the range of a highly productive impulse apparatus. Gidrotekhnika i melioratsiia: (5) 39-41

Calculation of the range of rotary impact strayers.

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Calculation of the requirement for mechanization of handling and transportation operations of fruit and vegetables by using automobiles. Konservnaia i ovoshchesushil'naia promyshlennost': 5 15-16

Calculation of the requirement in harvesting machinery (Exemplified by the byelorussian Polesye). Zernovoe khoziaistvo: (12) 16-17

Calculation of the requirements in transport facilities for serving combines.

Calculation of the resistance to chain movement during the transportation of mixed feed. Mekhanizatsiia i elektrifikatsiia sel'skogo khoziaistva: 4) 8-12

Calculation of the rigidity of elastic components of a timber loading machine. Lesnaia promyshlennost': ) 29

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Calculation of the strength of raft cable. Lesnaia promyshlennost': ) 19

Calculation of the stress of furniture construction joints. Drevo 30 (3) 74-78

Calculation of the supply of nutrients and the doses of mineral fertilizers in different substrates in sheltered ground.

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Calculation of the system of economic indicators for the evaluation of effectiveness of capital investments in reclamation with the aid of computers. Ekonomika melioratsii zemel = Economics of land melioration: 6-39

Calculation of the temperature and humidity conditions of livestock barns.

Calculation of the temperature in an electrically heated floor.

Calculation of the temperature regime of road surfaces and roadbeds with regard to the phase conversion of soil moisture.

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Calculation of the time in the economic evaluation of forest lands. Lesovodstvo i agrolesomelioratsiia: 2) 32-35

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Calculation of the wear of some parts of tractor engines for determining the reliability of their operation. Agricultura tropica et subtropica: 4) 37-49

Calculation of the weed populations in fields as the basis of forecasting. Zashchita rastenii: ) 44-45

Calculation of the wind stresses on windbreaks. Plasticulture 36 31-43

Calculation of the yield. Zernovoe khoziaistvo: (3) 17

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Calculation of timber cut on the basis of the Chuguevo-Babchanskii Forestry Enterprise. Lesovodstvo i agrolesomelioratsiia: 4 99-109

Calculation of timber stock and its mean taxation data from values obtained by a method related to stereophotogrammetry. Lesnicky casopis5(4): 271-284

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Calculation of tourist wine prices for 1976.

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Calculation of turns with a flat bottom at a stormy regime of the current. Gidrotekhnika i melioratsiia: (2) 35-40

Calculation of ultraviolet bactericide installations Control of bacterial contamination of the air in livestock buildings.1. Mekhanizatsiia i elektrifikatsiia sel'skogo khoziaistva: (5) 29-32

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Calculation of value in industrial fruit culture, illustrated with practical examples.

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Calculation of ventilation and heating needs in animal housing.

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Calculation of volt-amper characteristics of a unipolar corona discharge Electric cleaning machines.1. Mekhanizatsiia i elektrifikatsiia sel'skogo khoziaistva: (4) 52-54

Calculation of volume hydraulic transmissions of self-propelled agricultural machinery. Traktory i sel'khozmashiny: ) 8-10

Calculation of volume tables by means of weighted regression: The program RITA.

Calculation of wages in timber removal by the system used at Richnova na Kneznou forest industry.

Calculation of wages of machine operators for timely and high quality performance of operations. Vestnik sel'skokhoziaistvennoi nauki Kazakhstana: (9) 113-116

Calculation of water and salt regimes as a basis for melioration forecasts. Gidrotekhnika i melioratsiia: (2) 67-70

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Calculation of water consumption by sugarbeets in the forest-steppe zone. Gidrotekhnika i melioratsiia: (1) 74-76

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Calculation tables for frequent consultation in agriculture.

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Calculation, inspection, and prognosis of pests of the reproductive organs of coniferous trees and control of these pests in seed plots and plantations in European parts of the USSR.

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