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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 15246

Chapter 15246 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Characteristics and effects of chromosome variation in Ornithogalum divergens Boreau. Bulletin de la Societe botanique de France: actualites botaniques32(2): 63-71

Characteristics and effects of geothermal resources exploitation. Journal of hydrology 56(1-2): 49-59

Characteristics and effects of gibberellins.

Characteristics and effects of understory fires in western larch.

Characteristics and elements of the free housing system. Cultivador moderno: (734) 68-71

Characteristics and epidemiological scope of various rabies strains and serologically related viruses. Revista de investigacion en salud ica: 35 (1) 77-84

Characteristics and errors in the preparation for X-ray taking. Archiv fur tierarztliche Fortbildung: ) 55-67

Characteristics and essential comparative, morphologic and topographic differences of the caecum in man and domestic animals. Acta anatomica: 4 (2) 299-310

Characteristics and estimation of changes in site arrangements of state farm lands as a result of taking over of lands of the State Land Reserve Fund. Zeszyty naukowe Geodezja i urzadzenia rolne: ) 193-207

Characteristics and evaluation of the technological application of a thermo-bacteriological pasteurization test to canned meats. 1. Decimal reduction times and coefficients of the pasteurization effect. Fleischwirtschaft 60(9): 1726-1731

Characteristics and evaluation of the technological application of a thermo-bacteriological pasteurization test to canned meats. 2. Characteristics of heat resistance of aerobic organisms, pasteurization value and critical points of semi-preserved products. Fleischwirtschaft 61(3): 437-442

Characteristics and expenditures of deer hunters using two areas in Mississippi. Wildlife Society bulletin 9(3): 226-229

Characteristics and expenditures of nonresident sportsmen in North Dakota in 1983.

Characteristics and expenditures of participants in the potholes and prairie birding festival.

Characteristics and experiences of Chios breed. Journal of agricultural science in Finland: Maataloustieteellinen aikakauskirja0(6): 576-584

Characteristics and factors controlling the development of ephemeral gullies in cultivated catchments of black soil region, Northeast China. Soil and Tillage Research 96(1-2): 28-41

Characteristics and feasibility of marketing Texas grease wool on a known quality basis.

Characteristics and field performance of a new selective herbicide -N,N-dimethylurea for weed control in sugarcane. Proceedings 2th 2(2): 847-850

Characteristics and food law problems of meat flavours produced by heat treatment. Nahrung = Food4(2): 163-174

Characteristics and forage yield of red clover accessions.

Characteristics and forage yield of white clover accessions.

Characteristics and frequency of detection of fecal Listeria monocytogenes shed by livestock, wildlife, and humans. Canadian Journal of Microbiology 53(10): 1158-1167

Characteristics and fruit thinning of plum cultivars. Bulletin of Hokkaido Prefectural Agricultural Experiment Stations (89): 47-51

Characteristics and functional properties of sorghum protein (kafirin). Proceedings of the 45th Kasetsart University Annual Conference, Kasetsart, 30 January 2 February, 2007 Subject: Agricultural Extension and Home Economics: 641-648

Characteristics and genesis of Vertisols occurring in dry sub-humid tropical climate in Alemaya valley, eastern Ethiopia. Beitrage zur tropischen Landwirtschaft und Veterinarmedizin2(1): 31-40

Characteristics and genesis of a chronosequence of soil developed on alluvial plains between the Bocono and Masparro Rivers, the state of Barinas.

Characteristics and genesis of pisolitic soil layers in a tropical moist semi-deciduous forest of Ghana. Geoderma 141(1-2): 130-138

Characteristics and genesis of some soils from the Batuco area. Ciencia e investigacion agraria: 2 (1) 11-21

Characteristics and genetic relationships of soils and soil parent materials in the valderan drift region of eastern Wisconsin.

Characteristics and genetic str. Sochi shikenjo kenkyu hokoku = Bulletin of the National Grassland Research Institute: (26) 30-38

Characteristics and geographic distribution of the native forests of hardwood and conifers in Brazil; Afforestation for the production of wood for sawmills: tendency and possibilities.

Characteristics and global potential of the insecticidal fumigant, sulfuryl fluoride. Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Insect Pests in the Urban Environment 198

Characteristics and hedonic pricing of differentiated beef demands. Agricultural economics the journal of the International Association of Agricultural Economists 36(3): 377-393

Characteristics and heredity of. Nihon Oyo Dobutsu Konchu Gakkai shi Japanese journal of applied entomology and zoology 23(2): 100-104

Characteristics and impact of drug detailing for gabapentin. Plos Medicine 4(4): E134-E134

Characteristics and importance of cell suspension culture from vascular parenchyma of Jerusalem artichoke tuber. Comptes rendus hebdomadaires des seances Serie D Sciences naturelles, 288(3): 319-322

Characteristics and importance of microgranulated herbicides. Cultivar 99 39

Characteristics and indicators of high yielding crops of large-leaf and tall growing rice specimens Breeding for maximal grain productivity.1. Izvestiia Akademii nauk Kazakhskoi SSR Seriia biologicheskaia: (5) 20-26

Characteristics and indices of high-productivity rice plantings. Soviet agricultural sciences: ) 22-24

Characteristics and influence patterns of students who enroll in the college of agriculture and natural resources after first enrolling in another college.

Characteristics and influencing factors of air pollution in and out of the highway toll gates. Huan Jing Ke Xue= Huanjing Kexue 28(8): 1847-1853

Characteristics and inheritance.

Characteristics and inheritance of viable chlorophyll mutants in Pennisetum americanum (L.) Leeke. Indian journal of botany 7(1): 3-5

Characteristics and integration of the yeast vacuole with cellular functions. Physiologie vegetale: t 15 (3) 491-517

Characteristics and interdepend. Nippon Shokuhin Kogyo Gakkai shi = Journal of Japanese Society of Food Science and Technology 29(5): 290-297

Characteristics and interrelatio.

Characteristics and kinetics of growth of carnation (Dianthus caryophyllus L.) grown as mother plants for production of cuttings. II. Study under natural climatic conditions in the greenhouse. Agronomie: sciences des productions vegetales et de l'environnement(8): 707-715

Characteristics and kinetics of the growth of carnation (Dianthus caryohyllus L.) grown as a mother plant for production of cuttings. I. Studies in controlled environments. Agronomie: sciences des productions vegetales et de l'environnement(7): 651-658

Characteristics and labor force behavior of migrant agricultural workers in Pennsylvania. Proceedings 7 31-34

Characteristics and legal requirements for the various forms of business organization available to Alabama farmers.

Characteristics and limitations of methods to estimate losses in stored grain.

Characteristics and limitations of the legal rights related to agricultural credit. Terra pugliese: 21 (10) 3-6

Characteristics and localization of a pigment of ascospores of Nadsonia commutata yeasts. Microbiology 57(4): 539-542

Characteristics and management of arid and semi-arid regions.

Characteristics and management of peat and associated soils in some rubber smallholdings in Malacca and Johore. Proceedings of the Workshop on Classification and Management of Peat in Malaysia Kuala Lumpur 1984 edited by E Pushparajah Wong Chaw Bin: 3

Characteristics and management of ruptured distal middle cerebral artery aneurysms. Acta Neurochirurgica 149(7): 661-667

Characteristics and management of southwestern pinyon-juniper ranges.

Characteristics and management of storm water runoff in a planned community. Water for Human Needs Proceedings of the World Congress On Water Resources: d (v 4) 371-377

Characteristics and management of tin mine tailings in Thailand. Soil technology 2(1): 17-26

Characteristics and management practices of selected Jamaican broiler growers in 1977-78.

Characteristics and management properties of Oxisols of southern Bahia. Revista Theobroma: 5 (4) 23-34

Characteristics and marketing methods of Kentucky hardwood lumber exporters. Forest products journal 37(5): 31-34

Characteristics and marketing periods of red pear cultivars in the Pacific Northwest. Annual report Oregon Horticultural Society7(77): 79-80

Characteristics and mechanical properties of acrylolpamidronate-treated strontium containing bioactive bone cement. Journal of Biomedical Materials Research. Part B, Applied Biomaterials 83(2): 464-471

Characteristics and mechanics of tall vegetation for resistance to flow. African Journal of Biotechnology 6(4): 475-480

Characteristics and mechanisms of action of pheromones. Summa, Animali da Compagnia 22(10): 14-18

Characteristics and medico-dietetic requirements in human nutrition in food service concerns and a modern community. Minerva dietologica: 12 (2) 76-92

Characteristics and methods of developing a new intrabreed type of Latvian Dark headed sheep. Nauchnye trudy: 7 93-98

Characteristics and methods of improving the working and productive qualities of Belorussian draft horses. Nauchnye trudy: 7 109-119

Characteristics and mobility of heavy metals in an MSW landfill: implications in risk assessment and reclamation. Journal of Hazardous Materials 144(1-2): 485-491

Characteristics and mode of action of a virus inhibitor from Cuscuta reflexa plants. Zentralblatt fur Mikrobiologie37(6): 509-518

Characteristics and mode of action of natural inhibitors of virus infection Plants. Advancing frontiers of mycology and plant pathology editors KS Bilgrami RS Misra PC Misra: 264

Characteristics and moult of the European singing birds.

Characteristics and nutritional value of dry corn grain.

Characteristics and nutritive value of poultry slaughterhouse wastes for chickens and laying hens. Bulletin technique d'information: (346,ie347) 3-10

Characteristics and occurrence of Matteuccia struthiopteris in Czechoslovakia. Preslia 56(2): 107-116

Characteristics and operations of retail farmers markets in Louisiana. Louisiana rural economist 40(4): 7-10

Characteristics and opinions of members of county extension advisory committees in Ohio.

Characteristics and orientation of the State Forest Products Research Institute activities for the near period. Drevo 26 (5) 134-135

Characteristics and origin of a new birch species, Betula murrayana, from southeastern Michigan. Canadian journal of botany = Journal canadien de botanique 63(2): 223-226

Characteristics and origin of ancient soils. Agrokemia es talajtan: 3 (1 2) 1-10

Characteristics and origin of the myxosporidian fauna of fish of the north-eastern Atlantic Ocean. Parazitologiia 18(4): 257-262

Characteristics and origins of lee-side stratification sequences in Late Pleistocene drumlins, Northern Ireland. Earth surface processes and landforms 9(5): 409-424

Characteristics and outcomes of WIC participants and nonparticipants.

Characteristics and pathogenecity of duck hepatitis virus isolated in Taiwan. Chung hua min kuo shou i hsueh hui tsa chih = Journal of the Chinese Society of Veterinary Science 7(2): 153-173

Characteristics and perceptions of todays rural electric customers. Papers presented at the annual conference Rural Electric Power Conference: 5th) C6

Characteristics and performance of Ennis and Butler filberts. Proceedings of the Nut Growers Society of Oregon Washington and British Columbia: 3-82

Characteristics and performance of New York dairy farms.

Characteristics and performance of TUC. 69.2, a new early sugarcane variety. Revista industrial y agricola de Tucuman7(1): 1-26

Characteristics and performance of several pollinizers for Napoleon cherry. Acta Horticulturae: (149) 77-83

Characteristics and performance of the Ciano 67 wheat variety in Tucuman. Boletin 78 (129)

Characteristics and performances of an emergence trap used for the study of insects with edaphic or aquatic larvae. Ntomologiste 37(3): 126-131

Characteristics and performances of the three high yielding dwarf hybrids evolved at Rice Research Station, Chinsurah.

Characteristics and petrogenesis of Alaskan-type ultramafic-mafic intrusions, southeastern Alaska.

Characteristics and physicochemical properties of soybean flours, soy protein concentrates and isolates. Revue francaise des corps gras: 23 (1) 15-25

Characteristics and population dynamics of botrytis cinerea and other pathogens resistant to dicarboximides. Fungicide resistance in North America Charles J Delp editor: 5

Characteristics and potential applications of lignin produced by an organosolv pulping process. ACS Symposium series American Chemical Society: 97) 312-323

Characteristics and potentialities of the consumer market for Florida limes.

Characteristics and practices of Tennessee nurseries.

Characteristics and practices of financially-stressed homeowners in Prince William County, Virginia.

Characteristics and prerequisites of forest management. Sozialistische Forstwirtschaft 29(5): 144-146

Characteristics and prerequisites of forest plantation management. Sozialistische Forstwirtschaft 29(5): 144-146

Characteristics and problems in the production of grape plants. Jugoslovensko vinogradarstvo i vinarstvo 18(10-11): 7-12

Characteristics and problems of older returning students. Publication University of Wisconsin Cooperative Extension Service: (R3403)

Characteristics and problems of soil improvement of the northern Jegricka River system (Vojvodina).

Characteristics and problems of successful extension-related community clubs in Knox County, Tennessee, 1944-1977.

Characteristics and problems of the production of ewes milk in Spain. Avances en alimentacion y mejora animal 23(5): 259-273

Characteristics and problems of water use in greenhouse horticulture. Kenkyu hokoku Research bulletin Gifu Daigaku Nogaku bu: (50) 353-363

Characteristics and process of scientific communication between Brazilian agricultural researchers.

Characteristics and processing of Elbasan olives; chemical and commercial evaluation of their oil. Buletin Seria shkencat natyrore: 7 (1 2) 53-83

Characteristics and production costs of U.S. corn farms.

Characteristics and production costs of U.S. corn farms, 1991.

Characteristics and production costs of U.S. cotton farms.

Characteristics and production costs of U.S. cow-calf operations.

Characteristics and production costs of U.S. grain sorghum farms, 1990.

Characteristics and production costs of U.S. rice farms.

Characteristics and production costs of U.S. rice farms, 1988.

Characteristics and production costs of U.S. soybean farms.

Characteristics and production costs of U.S. soybean farms, 1990.

Characteristics and production costs of U.S. sugarbeet farms.

Characteristics and production costs of U.S. wheat farms.

Characteristics and production costs of U.S. wheat farms, 1989.

Characteristics and production of the hybrid coconut: Malasian Dwarf Yellow X Great West African. Oleagineux 26 (7) 459-464

Characteristics and production value of selection forest treatment. Buletinul Universitatii din Brasov Seria B: Economie forestieraub 1979) 20(20): 25-32

Characteristics and professional competency needs of teachers of agriculture in two-year technical institutes or colleges in the United States.

Characteristics and prognosis of primary malignant melanoma of the esophagus. Melanoma Research 17(4): 239-242

Characteristics and properties of commercial fatty acids from some Malaysian manufacturers.

Characteristics and properties of gleyed alluvial soils on a cross section through the Trnavka River pedotop. I. Textural characteristics. Sbornik Vysoke skoly zemedelske v Praze Fakulta agronomicka Rada A: Rostlinna vyroba: 4) 105-123

Characteristics and properties of gleyed alluvial soils on a cross section through the Trnavka River pedotop. II. Chemical and physical-chemical characteristics. Sbornik Vysoke skoly zemedelske v Praze Fakulta agronomicka Rada A: Rostlinna vyroba: 4) 125-141

Characteristics and properties of gleyed alluvial soils on a cross section through the Trnavka River pedotop. III. Distribution of free sesquioxides and TiO2 ZrO2. Sbornik Vysoke skoly zemedelske v Praze Fakulta agronomicka Rada A: Rostlinna vyroba: 4) 143-160

Characteristics and properties of porosity of some drainage filter materials.

Characteristics and properties of some Dystrandepts in the lake region, southern zone of Chile. I. Mineralogy, genesis and properties of soils. Agricultura tecnica 41(4): 197-220

Characteristics and properties of some Dystrandepts in the lake region, southern zone of Chile. II. Charge and specific surface. Agricultura tecnicat 43(3): 223-238

Characteristics and properties of the basin-fill aquifer determined from three test wells west of Albuquerque, Bernalillo County, New Mexico.

Characteristics and properties of the organic matter in two wheat straw compost. Anales de edafologia y agrobiologia (pub 1984) 42(11-12): 2083-2093

Characteristics and purification of indoleacetic acid oxidase in yellow birch.

Characteristics and quality of.

Characteristics and quantifications of soil structure for soil tillage research. Nongye Jixie Xuebao = Transactions of the Chinese Society for Agricultural Machinery 38(8): 62-66

Characteristics and reclamation of Nevada salt affected soils.

Characteristics and recommendations for the use of a device for protective disconection ZOUP-25. Tekhnika v sel'skom khoziaistve: (4) 34-37

Characteristics and recreational participation patterns of low income, inner city residents.

Characteristics and regional cl. Bulletin 26 32-53

Characteristics and regulation of ammonium (methylammonium) transport in Rhizobium meliloti. FEMS microbiology letters Federation of European Microbiological Societies 30(1-2): 257-259

Characteristics and regulation of the NAD malic enzyme from Crassula argentea. Crassulacean acid metabolism: proceedings of the Fifth Annual Symposium in Botany January 14-16-1982 edited by Irwin P Ting and Martin Gibbs: 192

Characteristics and regulation of the ovarian cycle in vervet monkeys (Chlorocebus aethiops). American Journal of Primatology 69(8): 890-900

Characteristics and relationships of Penthimiinae and some new genera and new species from New Guinea and Australia; also new species of Drabescinae from New Guinea and Australia (Homoptera: Cicadellidae). Pacific Insects, 141: 169-200

Characteristics and relationships of mercury-resistant mutants and methionine auxotrophs of yeast. Journal of bacteriology: 118 (3) 911-918

Characteristics and removal of soluble organic nitrogen in treated effluents. Progress in water technology: (3 4) 435-445

Characteristics and results of surgical therapy of neoplams in the dogs in Gdansk. Medycyna weterynaryjna 36(9): 681-683

Characteristics and role of wheat in nutrition. Molini d'Italia: 24 (9) 344-348

Characteristics and roles of re. Japanese journal of veterinary science: 32 (5) 217-226

Characteristics and safety of bar gene, PAT proteins and glufosinate. Shengtaixue Zazhi 26(6): 938-942

Characteristics and salaries of laboratory animal veterinarians. Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association 205(7): 1030-1033

Characteristics and seasonal variations of dissolved oxygen. International Journal of Environmental Research 1(4): 296-307

Characteristics and selection of currently available suture materials. Current techniques in small animal surgery: nd ed) 3-6

Characteristics and service of helmets for protection of workers in pesticide spraying.1. Macchine and motori agricoli 39(11): 139-144

Characteristics and settlement patterns of energy related operating workers in the Northern Great Plains.

Characteristics and significance of microbial biofilm formation. Periodicum Biologorum 109(2): 115-121

Characteristics and sources of PM2.5 and carbonaceous species during winter in Taiyuan, China. Atmospheric Environment 41(32): 6901-6908

Characteristics and sources of broadcast media available to county extension agents in Tennessee.

Characteristics and species diversity of Syzygium odoratum community in Dapeng Peninsula, Shenzhen. Guangxi Zhiwu / Guihaia 27(4): 596-603

Characteristics and stability of aerobic granules cultivated with different starvation time. Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology 75(1): 205-210

Characteristics and statistical data on soft and durum wheat varieties in Italy. Tecnica molitoria: 25 (23 24) 181-194

Characteristics and status of the Brazilian pineapple industry. Acta Horticulturae 702: 3-59

Characteristics and storage stability of Atlantic hagfish. Journal of aquatic food product technology0(4): 101-118

Characteristics and storage stability of unwashed and washed Butterfish (Peprilus buri) mince.

Characteristics and structure of Iowas population.

Characteristics and subjects of farm succession management on land-use-type farm. Journal of Rural Economics (Special Issue): 17-24

Characteristics and tasks of Japans pulp and paper industry. Global issues and outlook in pulp and paper edited by Gerard F Schreuder: 8

Characteristics and techniques of cultivation of cool season grasses in the Itajai Valley and the Santa Catarina littoral.

Characteristics and technological problems of clingstone peaches used for conserve (syrup characteristics).

Characteristics and tendencies of the French agricultural and food industry. Economie rurale: 121 (5) 10-16

Characteristics and tenure histories of landlords and sharecropping in the southern Piedmont. AE Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology Report Dept of Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology SC Agricultural Experiment Station Clemson University: 955 (109)

Characteristics and the classification of breaches of the stability of land tenure Collective and state farms of the Latvian SSR.1. Trudy Latviiskaia sel'skokhoziaistvennaia akademiia: 86) 17-24

Characteristics and the role of Salsola dendroides in the community Salsola dendroides + Halocharis hispida + Ephemerae. Izvestiia Akademii nauk Turkmenskoi SSR Seriia biologicheskikh nauk: ) 21-25

Characteristics and time consumption of timber trucking in Finland. Silva Fennica 41(3): 471-487

Characteristics and training needs of New Hampshires local conservation decision makers. General technical report NE: (176) 15-18

Characteristics and transmission of a U.S. isolate of maize rayado fino virus. Phytopathology news 12 (9) 195

Characteristics and treatment of dairy and meat effluents--conclusion.

Characteristics and treatment of dairy and meat effluents. 1.

Characteristics and treatment of slaughterhouse effleunts in New Zealand. Progress in water technology1(6): 55-68

Characteristics and treatment outcome of patients requiring additional intravenous analgesia during extracorporeal shockwave lithotripsy with Dornier Compact Delta Lithotriptor. International Urology and Nephrology 39(3): 731-735

Characteristics and trends of development of the production of milks for long preservation. Technique laitiere: (928) 15-17

Characteristics and trends of streamflow and dissolved solids in the upper Colorado River Basin, Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming.

Characteristics and use of large diameter fir and spruce wood. Schweizerische Zeitschrift fur Forstwesen 157(12): 530-538

Characteristics and use of nonsettleable solids by an aquatic food chain organism. TAPPI Environmental Conference Proceedings Technical Association of the Pulp and Paper Industry: 57-163

Characteristics and use of the amended concentrated must. Vignevini 7(7-8): 29-33

Characteristics and uses of expansive plastic materials. PHM Revue horticole: (195) 25-32

Characteristics and uses of glandless cottonseed food protein ingredients. Journal of the American Oil Chemists' Society 64(7): 973-986

Characteristics and utilization.

Characteristics and utilization in Chile of the principal food containers.

Characteristics and utilization of carob (Ceratonia syliqua I.). Tecnica molitoria: 28 (6) 117-118

Characteristics and utilization of pines in Madagascar (Pinus patula and Pinus khasya). Bois et forets des tropiques: 133 39-51

Characteristics and variability of technological properties of Turkesh barley varieties. Biulleten' Vsesoiuznyi institut rastenievodstva: 5) 57-63

Characteristics and variations. Kenkyu hokoku: (12) 38-53

Characteristics and varietal di.

Characteristics and variety selection of forage crops. Landbrukstidende 79 (9) 199-200

Characteristics associated with delirium in older patients in a medical intensive care unit. Archives of Internal Medicine 167(15): 1629-1634

Characteristics associated with farm firm growth.

Characteristics chemical and soil salinization in the irrigated district of California, SE, Brazil. Ciencia Rural 37(6): 1640-1645

Characteristics co-ops need for agribusiness tomorrow.

Characteristics common to choleretic increments of bile induced by theophylline, glucagon and SQ-20009 in the dog. Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine. Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine 150(3): 591-596

Characteristics desired in recent veterinary graduates. Southwestern veterinarian5(3): 187-189

Characteristics determining the quality of an egg. Drobiarstwo 26(10): 17-20

Characteristics determining yield and quality in the apple under the local conditons of the lower Elbe River.

Characteristics features of flower opening within the inflorescence in pear. Trudy po prikladnoi botanike genetike i selektsii2(3): 52-55

Characteristics features of the development of poultry breeding and processing. Baromfitenyesztes es feldolgozas: 4 (6) 248-254

Characteristics for economic appraisal of cooperating crop adn livestock production farms. Tierzucht 36(9): 400-402

Characteristics for judging landscape utilization through construction in transportation. Forstwissenschaftliches Centralblatt 97(5): 257-262

Characteristics for presorting white fir lumber with wetwood. Proceedings annual meeting Western Dry Kiln Clubs: 2nd) 32-47

Characteristics for recognizing ants important for forest conservation and honeydew production. Biene 102(6): 101-104

Characteristics for the delivery of especially good milk. Meieriposten 64 (4) 111-112

Characteristics identifying some Vertisols of central Chile. Turrialba: t 25 (3) 271-282

Characteristics in long term global supply demand projections for nitrogenous fertilizer. CEER 10 (4) 25-30

Characteristics in the coagulation of whey proteins.

Characteristics in the flora of. Memoirs of the National Science Museum: (13) 155-168

Characteristics indicating tastiness of meat from various slaughter animals. Fleischwirtschaft 58 (6) 1038-1040

Characteristics method for liquefaction of soils. Numerical Methods in Geomechanics Papers of the International Conference: d (v 2) 938-954

Characteristics method for pressure waves in saturated soils. Advances in Civil Engineering Through Engineering Mechanics: 69-372

Characteristics observed during the catlytic activities.

Characteristics of Akahoya pr.

Characteristics of Asuka ueibu, a new strawberry brand and its cultivation.

Characteristics of Carioca, a new dry bean cultivar. Bragantia 0 (1) XXXIII-XXVIII

Characteristics of S and R - forms of brucella.

Characteristics of artificial wines obtained by winemaking by-products. Vignevini 3 (2) 5-9

Characteristics of operator-ma.

Characteristics of (Na++K+) ATPase in Boergesenia forbesii.

Characteristics of 100 western hemlock crossarms.

Characteristics of 11S protein molecules composed of different intermediary subunits in soybean. Soybean genetics newsletter 22(22): 147-150

Characteristics of 13 polymorphic microsatellite markers in the corn earworm, Helicoverpa zea (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae). Molecular ecology notes 7(6): 1132-1134

Characteristics of 14C glucose metabolism in roots of wheat and rice seedlings under different aeration conditions. Soviet plant physiology: (Transl 1977), 24 (2, pt 1) 226-231

Characteristics of 36CIO3- and 36CI- uptake into Pisum sativum L. seedlings: limitations and uses of 36CIO3- as an analogue for NO3-. Plant science985 42(2): 99-105

Characteristics of 4-H members attending camp from selected counties and their implications to planning camp programs.

Characteristics of 4-H volunteers who continue to be involved without children in the program.

Characteristics of 43 potato varieties during the period 1967 to 1972. Pootaardappelhandel 9-12

Characteristics of 44 potato varieties during the period 1968-1973.

Characteristics of 7 Korean r.

Characteristics of Acromyrmex landolti (Forel) nests in western Venezuela. Revista de la Facultad de Agronomia: 4 (1) 543-62

Characteristics of Alabama farms and farmers. Summer 25 (2) 15

Characteristics of Alabamas population. Summer 19 (2) 6

Characteristics of American basil varieties. Station bulletin Purdue University Agricultural Experiment Station: 30) 48-51

Characteristics of Ampelomyces quisqualis mycoparasite identified on Romanian Roses infected with powdery mildew. Contributii Botanice 39: 217-220

Characteristics of Angora rabbit fiber using optical fiber diameter analyzer. Journal of Animal Science 85(11): 3116-3122

Characteristics of Arctocorisa carinata pyrenaica Poisson (Heteroptera, Corixidae) within the variation of the nominate form. Annales Entomologici Fennici, 443: 98-100

Characteristics of Armillaria mellea on pine root systems in expanding centers of root rot. Northwest science 54(2): 137-145

Characteristics of Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar L.) populations caught on the line on the Elorn (river of northern Brittany) during the 1974-1981 period. Bulletin francais de pisciculture: 89) 94-111

Characteristics of Australian-Merino-Grozny crossbreeds of first progeny. Nauchnye trudy Stavropol'skii sel'skokhoziaistvennyi institut(38): 24-27

Characteristics of Austrian forest inventory, 1971. Allgemeine Forstzeitung 89(11): 364-365

Characteristics of BT 101, a di. Bulletin 10 75-89

Characteristics of Bacillus cereus strains isolated from various foods. Elelmezesi ipar3(8): 314-315

Characteristics of Baikhovi black tea lipids. Applied biochemistry and microbiology 25(1): 80-83

Characteristics of Batzos cheese made from raw, pasteurized and. Food control 17(7): 533-539

Characteristics of Benin palm oil. Rivista italiana delle sostanze grasse: 55 (6) 182-190

Characteristics of Black and White Lowland bulls born and raised on private farms in the former Olsztyn Province, and inscribed in pedigree cattle registries in 1960-1962 and 1970-1972.

Characteristics of Black and White Lowland bulls born and raised on state farms in the former Olsztyn Province, and inscribed in pedigree cattle registries in 1960-1962 and 1970-1972.

Characteristics of Botrytis cinerea Pers. as a grape site with special consideration of infection and incubation. Weinberg und Keller: 17 (1) 15-52

Characteristics of Br. ovis.

Characteristics of Bromus inermis in the Leningrad Region. Biulleten' Vsesoiuznyi institut rastenievodstva: 8) 78-82

Characteristics of Brucella abortus and Brucella melitensis antigens after treatment with tryptic enzymes.

Characteristics of brucella isolated from dogs. Veterinariia 11: 61-62

Characteristics of Brucella isolated from reindeer.

Characteristics of Brucella species isolated from arctic foxes.

Characteristics of Brucella strains in brucellosis foci, Uzbek SSR, USSR in recent years.

Characteristics of Brucella strains isolated from human beings and animals in Uzbekistan.

Characteristics of Byelorussian s. Vestsi Izvestiia Seriia sel'skokhoziaistvennykh nauk: ) 19-23

Characteristics of C1 lines of winter homogenomic octoploid triticale by the number of chromosomes, grain set and frost resistance. Genetika 14(9): 1597-1603

Characteristics of CO subscript 2(B, CH subscript 4(B and N subscript 2(BO emissions from a multi-soil-layering system during wastewater treatment. Soil science and plant nutrition 53(2): 173-180

Characteristics of CO2 fixation and productivity of corn and soybeans. Nitrogen fixation and CO2 metabolism: proceedings Fourteenth Steenbock Symposium 17-22 June 1984 at the University of Wisconsin Madison Madison Wisconsin USA editors Paul W Ludden and John E Burris: 387

Characteristics of Ca2+ transport by corn mitochondria. Biochimica et biophysica acta0, 850(1): 49-56

Characteristics of California children with single versus multiple diabetic ketoacidosis hospitalizations (1998-2000). Diabetes Care 28(8): 2082-2084

Characteristics of California navel orange juice and pulpwash Adulteration of orange juice. Journal of food science 48(2): 627-632

Characteristics of Cambisols and Fluvisols from the northern coastal plain of Nayarit state, Mexico. Cultivos Tropicales 28(1): 19-24

Characteristics of carbonaceous aerosol at Taichung Harbor, Taiwan during summer and autumn period of 2005. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment 131(1-3): 501-508

Characteristics of Carpinion associations in the sub-continental part of Europe. Preslia 3 (2) 154-167

Characteristics of Chapter 12 farm reorganization bankruptcy filings and approved reorganization plans.

Characteristics of Chernozems of Western Caucasus. Nauchnye osnovy ratsional'nogo ispol'zovaniia chernozemov: 7-50

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