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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 15350

Chapter 15350 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Conditions which effect the quality of potatoes for chips production.

Conditions which favor the onset of brown bast. Physiology of rubber tree latex: the laticiferous cell and latex: a model of cytoplasm editors Jean d'Auzac Jean Louis Jacob Herv'e Chrestin: 454

Conditions which impede progressive education in the small rural school.

Conditions which influence some production characteristics in mink. Husdyrforsoksmotet pa Norges Landbrukshogskole: 1-65

Conditions, properties and behavior of soils: research and use of physical fertility criteria. Bulletin technique d'information: (370 372) 401-407

Condizionatura e stagionatura delle fibre tessili.

Condizioni economiche e sociali delle famiglie coloniche in un appoderamento siciliano del 1940.

Condobolin Experiment Farm.


Condom use and vaginal Y-chromosome detection: the specificity of a potential biomarker. Sexually Transmitted Diseases 34(8): 620-623

Condom use rather than serosorting explains differences in HIV incidence among men who have sex with men. Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes 45(5): 574-580

Condominium cattle feeding. Beef cattle science handbook: 4 526-528

Condominium conversion.

Condominium conversions: a reform in need of reform. Land reform American style edited by Charles C Geisler and Frank J Popper: 301

Condor literature: an annotated list Conservation, sanctuaries, California. Condor question captive or forever free? with contributions by David and Kenneth Brower et al edited by David Phillips and Hugh Nash: 283

Condor of: a genetically altered bioinsecticide for insect control in cotton. Proceedings (2): 1013

Condors versus human activity Conservation, sanctuaries, California. Condor question captive or forever free? with contributions by David and Kenneth Brower et al edited by David Phillips and Hugh Nash: 188

Condrossarcoma primario de lingua em cao. Arquivo Brasileiro de Medicina Veterinaria e Zootecnia 59(2): 530-532

Condtions and length of storage.

Condtions and possibilities of reducing employment in Polish agriculture.

Conducciones de agua.

Conducerea si taierea pomilor.

Conduct and behavior.

Conduct disorder and its synonyms: diagnoses of dubious validity and usefulness. Annual progress in child psychiatry and child development: ub 1986) 586-597

Conduct disordered children: familial characteristics and family interventions. Family relations 41(3): 352-358

Conduct of DOEs gasohol study group.

Conduct of firms in dynamic U.S. food industries.

Conduct of microdose clinical trials in Japan. Yakuzaigaku 67(3): 182-187

Conduct of the utility rate case.

Conduct of various sources of Sitka Picea in France.

Conduct unbecoming: C-reactive protein interactions with a broad range of protein molecules. Journal of Heart and Lung Transplantation 26(7): 705-713

Conductance and amantadine binding of a pore formed by a lysine-flanked transmembrane domain of SARS coronavirus envelope protein. Protein Science 16(9): 2065-2071

Conductance measurement of water-sorbed activated carbon. Pertanika 7(3): 59-65

Conductance of observations and collection of materials for the culture of some orchard insect pests. Ochrona raoslin: 17 (7) 14-17

Conductance techniques for the detection contaminants in beer. Technical series Society for Applied Bacteriology: 5) 101-117

Conductimetric analysis in agriculture Soil analysis.1. Tekhnika v sel'skom khoziaistve: (2) 57-58

Conductimetric detection of Pseudomonas syringae pathovar pisi in pea seeds and soft rot Erwinia spp. on potato tubers.

Conductimetric determination of moisture in mixtures of bagasse and soy glues. Miscelanea (63)

Conductimetric investigation of erythrocyte behaviour during shear flow of concentrated suspensions through a large tube. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London. Series B, Biological Sciences 193(1113): 359-385

Conductimetric measure of the enzymatic activity of three varieties of rennet on mixed fresh milk and reconstituted milk from skim powder. Lait 55 (545 546) 289-294

Conductimetric study of the binding of Mn2+ to bovine pancreatic deoxyribonuclease. Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry 13(3): 247-252

Conductimetric study of the effects of three auxins on a storage tissue. Physiologia plantarum: 8 (4) 267-272

Conducting 4-H Spring Break Activities to Meet Community Needs. Journal of extension 44(2)

Conducting 4-H petroleum power operators contests. 4 H Purdue University Cooperative Extension Service: 92 (84,rev)

Conducting FIA inventories. Proceedings annual Hardwood Symposium of the Hardwood Research Council: 4th) 35-41

Conducting Program Evaluations Using the Internet. Journal of extension 45(1)

Conducting research on the web: 2007 update for the bioinformatics links directory. Nucleic Acids Research 35(Web Server Issue): W3-W5

Conducting USDA meetings that lead to action.

Conducting a FERC environmental assessment.

Conducting a bioassay for herbicide residues. Long Island horticulture news: 4-5

Conducting a biochemical analysis of plant specimens.

Conducting a chapter public relations campaign. Agricultural education magazine 60(12): 8-11

Conducting a community clean-up fix-up campaign. MF Cooperative Extension Service Kansas State University Manhattan: 989 (931)

Conducting a comprehensive labor force study: one area-wide experience. Economic development reviewer 10(1): 29-31

Conducting a cooks workshop. Guide to Foodservice Management: 42-145

Conducting a feasibility study for marketing cooperatives. AEC University of Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service: 87 (45)

Conducting a landscape-level in wind risk assessment on Northeast Chichagof Island, Southeast Alaska, and its potential use for forest management. Proceedings of the Society of American Foresters National Convention: 02-210

Conducting a meeting: a guide to parliamentary procedures. HE circular 990 (271)

Conducting a methodical dental prophylaxis. Veterinary medicine 84(11): 1056

Conducting a needs assessment for nutrition education and training.

Conducting a prescribed burn and prescribed burning checklist. EC Cooperative Extension Service University of Nebraska: (90-121)

Conducting a rangeland grasshopper control program: a chronology. Bulletin B Wyoming Agricultural Experiment Station: 987 (882)

Conducting a staff meeting. Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association 209(9): 1558-1561

Conducting a successful job interview. AE Ext New York State College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Cornell University Department of Agricultural Economics: (88-22) 29-30

Conducting a wildland visual resources inventory. USDA Forest Service general technical report PSW: (35) 109-116

Conducting action research in a rural high school setting using peers as corrective reading instructors for students with disabilities. Rural special education quarterlyng 2000 19(2): 20-30

Conducting agricultural worksite assessments.

Conducting an effective critique conference. Agricultural education: 51 (2) 30

Conducting an energy audit: Everything you wanted to know about energy consumption, but were afraid to ask. PIMA Paper Industry Management Association 66(5): 22-29

Conducting an on-farm research trial in corn.

Conducting an on-farm research trial in wheat.

Conducting an operational burn program. Proceedings annual Forest Vegetation Management Conference: 7) 119-124

Conducting and evaluating professional development workshops using experiential learning. NACTA journal 48(2): 27-32

Conducting and magnetic behaviors of monodispersed iron oxide. Journal of polymer science Part A Polymer chemistry15 45(20): 4647-4655

Conducting and reporting training programs in the use of mass media by state extension editors.

Conducting bioremediation in a toxic source area zone. Remediation of chlorinated and recalcitrant compounds, 2006 Proceedings of the fifth international conference on remediation of chlorinated and recalcitrant compounds, Monterey, California, 22-25 May, 2006: A-47

Conducting bundles in leaf petioles of Eleutherococcus senticosus. Biulleten' 3 64-66

Conducting community situational analyses.

Conducting customer satisfaction surveys. OSU extension facts: 95 (F-903)

Conducting difference testing and preference trials properly for food product development. Consumer led food product development: 434-455

Conducting educational research.

Conducting effective foodborne disease investigations. Foodsafety magazine 7(1): 22-24

Conducting effective group training.

Conducting efficiency roots for the longitudinal flow of water. Developments in plant and soil sciences(4): 165-169

Conducting field trials in your practice: the ABCs of getting involved. Proceedings of the annual convention American Association of Bovine Practitioners: (24) 144-145

Conducting genetic control of livestock origin on pedigree farms. Zhivotnovodstvo 9 27-28

Conducting group therapy with chemically dependent adolescents. Treatment services for adolescent substance abusers editors Alfred S Friedman George M Beschner: 163

Conducting lessons for the course Basic agronomy on the school farm.

Conducting lessons on the farms. Kadry sel'skogo khoziaistva: (1) 57-61

Conducting on-farm animal research.

Conducting on-farm experiments.

Conducting on-farm research: enabling farmers to implement sustainable change in agriculture. Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education SARE research projects Northeast Region: PROJECT ENE98-046

Conducting organoleptic and sensory studies in practice. Fleischerei 31(4): 292

Conducting plant growth experiments with granulated fertilizers.

Conducting polymer based fluorescence quenching as a new approach to increase the selectivity of immunosensors. Biosensors & Bioelectronics 23(4): 499-505

Conducting polymers.

Conducting polymers and polymer electrolytes.

Conducting polymers in modelling transient potential of biological membranes. Bioelectrochemistry 71(1): 66-74

Conducting positive performance appraisals.

Conducting productive practice meetings. Proceedings of the North American Veterinary Conference2(12): 641

Conducting qualitative analysis.

Conducting rapid biology-based assessments using local ecological knowledge. Natural History Bulletin of the Siam Society 54(2): 167-175

Conducting research during the War on Terrorism.

Conducting research literature reviews.

Conducting research with communities of color. Society and natural resources 13(5): 479-488

Conducting research with laboratory animals. Veterinary record: 95 (8) 174-175

Conducting shelf-life evaluations of fresh blueberries with untrained observers. Paper American Society of Agricultural Engineers Microfiche collection: (fiche no 83-6536)

Conducting summer school in agriculture. Agricultural education: 48 (12) 271

Conducting surveys in developing countries.

Conducting system of spike-bearing internode, rachis, and spikelet ledges in winter wheat varieties which differ in productivity. Soviet agricultural sciences: ) 10-13

Conducting workshops and institutes.

Conduction analgesic techniques and a problem in safe anesthesia. Anesteziologiia i Reanimatologiia: 25-27

Conduction anesthetic methods in patients with the diabetic foot. Anesteziologiia i Reanimatologiia: 52-53

Conduction heat transfer from swine to controlled temperature floors.

Conduction heat transfer with phase change and its application to freezing or thawing of foods.

Conduction in descending spinal pathways initiated by somatosympathetic reflexes. American Journal of Physiology 228(3): 905-908

Conduction in the thallus of the Hepatica Conocephalum conicum (L.) Dum. I. Study of the water transit with the help of a solution of carbon 14 sodium acetate. Revue bryologique et lichenologique: new ser) 40 (1) 45-52

Conduction of excitation in the reflex arcs of the spinal cord in cat fetuses. Journal of evolutionary biochemistry and physiology: Transl 1971, 7 (2) 131-135

Conduction of heat through the contact surface between grain layer and different material--basic numerical analysis for measurement of thermal conductivity. Gakujutsu hokoku = Bulletin of the Faculty of Agriculture Mie University: (68) 97-103

Conduction processes in the nerve cord of the moth Manduca sexta in relation to its ultrastructure and haemolymph ionic composition. Journal of Experimental Biology 56(3): 717-734

Conduction tissue pathology in bovine heart. European journal of veterinary pathology: official journal of the European Society of Veterinary Pathology 2(1): 15-21

Conduction velocities in amphibian skeletal muscle fibres exposed to hyperosmotic extracellular solutions. Journal of Muscle Research and Cell Motility 28(4-5): 195-202

Conduction velocities in methylmercury poisoned patients. Bulletin of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology 12(1): 81-85

Conduction velocity along the afferent vagal dendrites: a new type of fibre. Journal of Physiology 260(2): 487-495

Conduction-based modeling of the biofilm anode of a microbial fuel cell. Biotechnology and Bioengineering 98(6): 1171-1182

Conductive UV Curable Adhesives for Printed RFID Antenna Structures. Macromolecular symposia 254(1): 300-305

Conductive hearing loss disrupts synaptic and spike adaptation in developing auditory cortex. Journal of Neuroscience 27(35): 9417-9426

Conductive heat therapy. Modern Veterinary Practice 60(7): 525-527

Conductive interstitial thermal therapy (CITT) device evaluation in VX2 rabbit model. Technology in Cancer Research & Treatment 6(3): 235-246

Conductive interstitial thermal therapy device for surgical margin ablation: in vivo verification of a theoretical model. International Journal of Hyperthermia 23(6): 477-492

Conductive layer thickness in the hydrological calculations of subsoil irrigation. Roczniki nauk rolniczych Seria F: Melioracji i uzytkow zielonych9(4): 35-53

Conductive polymers. Science 208(4446): 819-825

Conductive rubbers. Rubber journal: 151 (12) 30-31

Conductive system of male inflorescences of sterile pollen lines of corn.

Conductivity imaging of canine brain using a 3 T MREIT system: postmortem experiments. Physiological Measurement 28(11): 1341-1353

Conductivity measurements as a method for differentiation between irradiated and non irradiated potatoes.

Conductivity of lime in sugar solutions and formation of saccharates. LC Listy cukrovarnicke5, 96(6): 141-144

Conductivity patterns in and anatomical characteristics of wood of Abies alba and North American Abies spp. after stem infestation with Adelges spp.

Conductivity properties of black lipid membranes in the presence of the herbicide SENCOR 70 WP. Membrane transport in plants: proceedings of the symposium held in Prague Czechoslovakia August 15-21-1983 editors WJ Cram et al: 239

Conductivity sensors for slaker control. II. Probe calibration and performance at a mill site. Pulp and paper Canada 91(2): 45-51

Conductivity test. Crop: wrinkled-seeded garden peas (Pisum sativum L.). Newsletter of the Association of Official Seed Analysts: 50 (2) 23-27

Conductivity testing of seeds. Linskens, H F [Editor], Jackson, J F [Editor] Modern Methods of Plant Analysis New Series; Seed analysis : 273-304

Conductivity, conductance and conductibility. Geotechnique 25 (3) 585-586

Conductivity, hydraulic. Encyclopedia of earth sciences2(12): 99-102

Conductometer for analysis of tissue extracts.

Conductometric Hg sensor based on polyaniline as transducer. International Journal of Environmental Analytical Chemistry 85(12/13): 831-835

Conductometric analysis of the carbon dioxide content of beverages. Lebensmittel Industrie: 22 (3) 127-128

Conductometric and colorimetric determination of volatile acidity of vinegars by flow-injection analysis. Journal of the Association of Official Analytical Chemists 74(2): 346-350

Conductometric determination of alcalinity of the juice after the first saturation. Listy cukrovarnickae: 5, 88 (6) 138-140

Conductometric determination of the acid content of fruit syrups by triethanolamine--titration of milder acids.

Conductometric determination of the oversaturation coefficie nt of sugar solutions.

Conductometric investigation of juices and the optimum point control of the II carbonation.

Conductometric investigations of zirconyl soaps in a xylene-methanol mixture. Journal of the American Oil Chemists' Society 74(7): 775-779

Conductometric methods for the determination of the sum of mineral components in fruit juice drinks. Przemysl spozywczy: 9 (11) 439-442

Conductometric titration method. Kaseigaku zasshi = Journal of home economics of Japan 29(8): 567-570

Conductor life cycle cost analysis. Papers presented at the annual conference: 9th) C2

Conduit fluid flow.

Conduite de la ruche Langstroth.

Conduite des champs de riz pluvial chez les agriculteurs dun village de Republique de Cote dIvoire, region ouest.

Conduits without banks in slightly inclined regions of sandy surfaces.

Condylago, a new genus in the Pleurothallidinae Orchidaceae, morphology, taxonomy, Colombia.1. Orquideologia 5(2-3): 117-122

Condylar and disk position and signs and symptoms of temporomandibular disorders in stress-free subjects. Journal of the American Dental Association 138(9): 1251-5; Quiz 1268

Condylar buttress plate fixation of femoral fracture in a colt. Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association 197(9): 1184-1186

Condylar fractures of the humerus in the dog; a review Method of fixation and the results of treatment. Journal of small animal practice 24(4): 185-197

Condylar resorption following temporomandibular joint arthroscopy in a patient with essential thrombocythemia. Oral Surgery, Oral Medicine, Oral Pathology, Oral Radiology, and Endodontics 101(5): 581-587

Condylospora gen. nov., a hyphomycete from a foam sample. Transactions 66 (2) 363-365

Cone & seed insect monitoring report.

Cone Collecting Techniques for Whitebark Pine. Western journal of applied forestry 22(3): 153-155

Cone analysis of Southern pines.

Cone and seed biology. USDA Forest Service general technical report INT Intermountain Forest and Range Experiment Station: (203) 14-31

Cone and seed crops from Swedish conifer seed orchards 1987.

Cone and seed harvesting for seed orchards.

Cone and seed insect surveys in north Idaho western white pine seed orchards--1991. Report US Forest Service Northern Region Timber Cooperative Forestry and Pest Management: 92 (92-6)

Cone and seed insects of Japanese conifers. XVII IUFRO World Congress Japan 1981 International Union of Forest Research Organizations = Internationaler Verband Forstlicher Forschungsanstalten = Union internationale des instituts des recherches forestieres: 461

Cone and seed insects of western forest trees.

Cone and seed insects of world conifers: a comparison with North American fauna. Proceedings of the Cone and Seed Insects Working Party Conference: working party S207-01: History Village Inn and Conference Center Athens Georgia 31 July 6 August 1983 compiled and edited by Harry O Yates III: 8

Cone and seed insects southern pine beetle a contrasting impact on forest productivity.

Cone and seed losses in potential yield of Abies sibirica. Lesovedenie 2 38-45

Cone and seed pests of various. Journal of North Eastern Forestry Institute: (3) 21-27

Cone and seed production from a stand of 65-year-old jack pine in the Quebec Boreal Forest Region.

Cone and seed production in model seed orchards of Norway spruce. Skogstradsforadling 979 (4)

Cone and seed productions in the natural stand of Pinus kesiya Royle ex Gordon.

Cone and seed quality on non-standard forest plantations of Scotch pine. Izvestiia vysshikh uchebnykh zavedenii: lesnoi zhurnal: ) 113-114

Cone and seed yields after open. Ringyo Shikenjo kenkyu hokoku = Bulletin of the Forestry and Forest Products Research Institute Tokyo: (311) 65-92

Cone and seed yields from controlled breeding of southern pines. Us Forest Ser Res Pap So 22: 1-7

Cone and seed yields in control. Ringyo Shikenjo kenkyu hokoku = Bulletin of the Forestry and Forest Products Research Institute: (307) 25-38

Cone arrestin binding to JNK3 and Mdm2: conformational preference and localization of interaction sites. Journal of Neurochemistry 103(3): 1053-1062

Cone auger for sampling soils having an undisturbed structure. Pochvovedenie 6 121-124

Cone beam computed tomography guidance for setup of patients receiving accelerated partial breast irradiation. International Journal of Radiation Oncology, Biology, Physics 68(2): 547-554

Cone browning of Chamaecyparis. Nippon Ringakukai shi = Journal of the Japanese Forestry Society 63(3): 100-102

Cone clusters on Pinus sylvestris.

Cone collection and handling for seed orchards Forestry. Proceedings of the meeting of the Canadian Tree Improvement Association: ub 1982) (18th,pt2) 141-147

Cone collection tower. Forest research note Ontario Forest Research Centre: (30)

Cone crop and age of Norway spruce (Picea abies (1.) Karst trees and stands. Sylwan 66 (4) 73-77

Cone crop and seed quality for the collecting season 1982. Skogstradsforadling Institutet for skogsforbattring: 1983 (3)

Cone crop and seed quality for the collecting season 1983. Skogstradsforadling Institutet for skogsforbattring: (pub 1984) (1)

Cone crop and seed quality for the collecting season 1989.

Cone crop and seed quality for the collecting season 1990.

Cone crop and seed quality for the collecting season 1991.

Cone crop bulletin.

Cone crop report, states of Oregon and Washington.

Cone development in Juniperus virginiana L. and J. communnis L. in Alma-Ata.

Cone development of the genus P. Kyoto Daigaku Nogaku bu Enshurin hokoku Bulletin of the Kyoto University Forests: (50) 32-43

Cone drop and pollination in Pi.

Cone enhancement in Abies amabilis using GA4. Forest ecology and management, 154(1-2): 227-236

Cone handling system from field to processor. Information report NOR X Northern Forest Research Centre: 41) 106-109

Cone harvest of eastern white pine. Technical ication SA TP US Dept of Agriculture Forest Service Southeastern Area State and Private Forestry: (8) 24

Cone induction in yellow cypress (Chamaecyparis nootkatensis) by gibberellin A and the subsequent development of seeds within induced cones. Canadian journal of forest research: 7 (4) 605-613

Cone inputs to simple and complex cells in V1 of awake macaque. Journal of Neurophysiology 97(4): 3070-3081

Cone mosaic in a teleost retina: no difference between light and dark adapted states African cichlid fish, Haplochromis burtoni. Experientia 38(11): 1337-1339

Cone penetration testing in geotechnical practice.

Cone penetrometer with digital data acquisition. Proceedings of American Peanut Research and Education Society 12(1): 37

Cone photoreceptor diversity in the retinas of fruit bats (megachiroptera). Brain, Behavior and Evolution 70(2): 90-104

Cone prediction, collection, and processing. USDA Forest Service general technical report INT Intermountain Forest and Range Experiment Station: (203) 78-102

Cone presence and seed quality for the season 1977.

Cone production in Pinus albicaulis forests. USDA Forest Service general technical report INT Intermountain Forest and Range Experiment Station: (203) 68-76

Cone production in a provenance trial area. Rapporter och uppsatser Research notes: 8) 68-70

Cone production on Douglas-fir and western larch in Montana. USDA Forest Service general technical report INT Intermountain Forest and Range Experiment Station: (203) 63-67

Cone serotiny in Pinus contorta.

Cone serotiny--fire relationships in lodgepole pine. Proceedings ub 1976), 14th 267-278

Cone set, seed yield, seed quality, and early seedling development of S2 generation jack pine. Proceedings 0th 42-60

Cone size variability in Pinus caribaea Morelet var. caribaea Barret and Golfari. Biologia Seria A: Botanika4(1): 39-46

Cone spruce insects in Picea abies Karst. Lesovedenie 74-84

Cone year this year. Hedeselskabets tidsskrift: 95 (12) 242-243

Cone yield at different branch. Annual report Kanto Forest Tree Breeding Institute: ub 1983) (15) 158-164

Cone yield of spruce relative to forest appraisal features of stands.

Cone, seed, and germination characteristics of pitch pine (Pinus rigida Mill) from the pine barrens of New Jersey. Bartonia: 76, 44 50-57

Cone- and rod-mediated dark adaptation impairment in age-related maculopathy. Ophthalmology 114(9): 1728-1735

Cone- and seed-set in some tropical pines introduced in Kumaon HillsPinus, India. New botanistub1982) 8(8): 99-103

Cone-based vision in the aging mouse. Vision Research 47(15): 2037-2046

Cone-bearing trees of the Pacific coast.

Cone-in-cone structure in the Ohio shale of Erie County, Ohio.

Cone-shaped hypolimnion and local reactor as outstanding features in eutrophication of Lake Maracaibo. Journal of Great Lakes research(4): 439-451

Conecuh National Forest, Alabama.

Conecuh Trail map, Conecuh National Forest, Alabama.

Conecuh bogs, Alabama. Natural history 101(12): 60-62

Coneflowers--a bee perennial. American bee journal 134(10): 679-680

Conept of agricultural production of the Zabcice school far m. Acta Universitatis Agriculturae Facultas Agroeconomica: (3) 183-194

Cones by copter. American forests 91(11): 22-24

Cones of the desert Welwitschia mirabilis, Namibia. Pacific discovery 35(5): 1-9

Conestoga Headwaters Project, Pennsylvania.

Coneworm losses in southern pine seed orchards. Pollen grain United States Forest Service Southeast Area 14(1): 5

Coney heath to conifer haven; conservation in Thetford forest. Country life: 1973, 154 (3988)

Conf Dr. Francisc Peterfi (7 Mai 1917-13 August 2005). Studia Universitatis Babes Bolyai Biologia 51(1): 115-116

Confaerence Muskoka conference 85.

Confaerence europaeenne du tabac.

Confaerence intergouvernementale sur les praecipitations acides.

Confaerence internationale sur les ravageurs en agriculture.

Confaerences et communications.

Confaerences et comptes rendus, Bruxelles, 10 et 11 mars 1953.

Confaerences sur le coton.

Confectionary (nonoilseed) sunflower research in Florida--1979. Agronomy research report AG: 979 (80-1)

Confectionary coatings. Cereal foods world 29(5): 283-285

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Confectionery Dairy ingredients . Documents International Dairy Federation: 47) 54-57

Confectionery analysis and composition.

Confectionery and chocolate information notes. Gordian 74 (12) 394

Confectionery and chocolate information notes: nuts used in confectionery. flavoring substances used in confectionery. Gordian 75 (11) 350-352

Confectionery and related products industry.

Confectionery and water activity determination of AW by calculation. Properties of water in foods: in relation to quality and stability edited by D Simatos JL Multon: 645

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Confectionery industry. Pishchevaia promyshlennost': 4 37-42

Confectionery industry faces severe crisis. Confectionery production: 42 (6) 261

Confectionery ingredients--composition and properties. IX. Individual carbohydrates-aevulose and invert sugar. Confectionery production: 37 (4) 214

Confectionery ingredients--composition and properties. VII. The individual carbohydrates.

Confectionery ingredients--composition and properties. VIII. Individual carbohydrates: dextrose.

Confectionery ingredients--composition and properties. XI. Glucose syrups and maltodextrins. Confectionery production: 37 (6) 339-344

Confectionery ingredients. 3. Acids, bases and salts. Confectionery production: 41 (3) 120-123

Confectionery ingredients. 9. Lipids. Confectionery production: 42 (3) 120-122

Confectionery ingredients: composition and properties.

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Confectionery outlook for 82 Product quality, sales, United States. MC The manufacturing confectioner 62(6): 45

Confectionery packaging in the U.S.A. Confectionery production: 41 (3) 141-142

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Confections. Elements of Food Technology: 67-572

Confederate Mississippi, the people and policies of a cotton state in wartime.

Conferaencia Intercolonial sobre Tripanossomaiases, Louren* eth *co Marques, 26 a 31 de Agosto de 1946.

Conferaencia canavieira de 1941.

Conferees recognize, assess value of off-farm work among farm families. Rural development news 12(4): 1-4

Conferees vote export protection for agriculture. Cargill bulletin: 12


Conference held at Sydney, October 11-12, 1960.

Conference Bacterial Leaching, 1977.

Conference Chairmans Address. Proceedings of the Beltwide Cotton Production Conference: -4

Conference about Mexican agricultural reforms.

Conference abstracts.

Conference achievements. Proceedings annual senior staff conference: d) 223-228

Conference background paper: Agriculture and the Recycle -Society. Waste Recycling and Canadian Agriculture Conference Proceedings: 46-253

Conference case study: vacation district.

Conference committee passes farm bill. Iowa farm outlook: 1985 (1,444)

Conference conclusions and future perspectives. Occasional symposium British Grassland Society: 1) 450-453

Conference explores ETCs as potential trade tool. Farmer cooperatives United States Department of Agriculture Agricultural Cooperative Service 50(6): 12-13

Conference focuses on ensuring the safety of the food supply. Food technology 58(2): 34-38

Conference game plan for the 70s.

Conference goals and agency report. Proceedings annual senior staff conference: d) 3-10

Conference handbook.

Conference held to assist local officials in making decisions in waste management. Rural development news 14(1): 6

Conference imperatives. Animal agriculture: research to meet human needs in the 21st century edited by Wilson G Pondet al

Conference in the matter of Pollution of the Interstate Waters of the Androscoggin River.

Conference international sur les peches.

Conference issues. Hispanics in an aging society edited by Fernando Torres Gil

Conference leaders source book.

Conference leaders job instruction guide.

Conference leadership in business and industry.

"Conference Literature". Science 148(3668): 313-313

Conference looks at state of cooperative bargaining. Farmer cooperatives US Dept of Agriculture Economics Statistics and Cooperatives Service 46(11): 10-12

Conference materials for.

Conference ministerielle pour la protection des forets en Europe.

Conference number. Papers read at the thirty-fourth annual conference of the Indian Society of Agricultural Economics Akola (Maharashtra), December 1-3, 1974. Indian journal of agricultural economics: t 29 (3) 1-258

Conference objectives and Minnesota forestry background. Miscellaneous ication University of Minnesota Agricultural Experiment Station: 3) 1-2

Conference of FAO.

Conference of Food and Agriculture Statisticians.

Conference of Italian growers and the election to the European Parliament.

Conference of Maize Breeders.

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