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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 15353

Chapter 15353 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Conjunctive use.

Conjunctive use Water supply, England, Wales. International Seminar on Development and Management of Groundwater Resources November 5-20-1979 School of Hydrology University of Roorkee Roorkee UP India: proceedings

Conjunctive use and ground water management in Orange County, California. Proceedings of the NWWA Western Regional Conference on Ground Water Management: held October 23-26-1983 Town and Country Hotel San Diego California sponsored by Natl Water Well Assoc ed by DM Nielsen and L Aller

Conjunctive use in Ventura County: a case study.

Conjunctive use in the Ventura County water management project.

Conjunctive use of canals and aquifers in alkali soils of Karnal India. Journal of agricultural engineering 18(3-4): 78-91

Conjunctive use of deterministic and stochastic models for predicting sediment storage in large reservoirs. 1. A stochastic sediment storage model John Martin Reservoir, Bent County, Colorado. Journal of hydrology 59(1-2): 49-82

Conjunctive use of deterministic and stochastic models for predicting sediment storage in large reservoirs. 2. Deterministic model for the sediment deposition process John Martin Reservoir, Bent County, Colorado. Journal of hydrology 59(1-2): 83-105

Conjunctive use of deterministic and stochastic models for predicting sediment storage in large reservoirs. 3. Application of the two models in conjunction John Martin Reservoir, Bent County, Colorado. Journal of hydrology 59(1-2): 107-121

Conjunctive use of farmland adds value--winter flooding of ricelands provides waterfowl habitat. California agriculture 49(6): 58-60

Conjunctive use of ground water and surface water in the South Platte River Basin--a case study of the Central Colorado Water Conservancy District. Proceedings of the NWWA Western Regional Conference on Ground Water Management: held October 23-26-1983 Town and Country Hotel San Diego California sponsored by Natl Water Well Assoc ed by DM Nielsen and L Aller: 1

Conjunctive use of ground water for canal development: a case study of Pravara Canal System. Symposium on Water Management: Experiences of the Past and Directions for Future: 4

Conjunctive use of groundwater and surface water in Nebraska Tri-County area. Proceedings annual convention: 2 73-74

Conjunctive use of irrigation and rainfall in crop production. American Society of Agricultural Engineers Microfiche collection: (fiche no 87-2082)

Conjunctive use of surface and ground water in the South Platte River Basin: a case study of the central Colorado water conservancy district. Ground water quality and agricultural practices Deborah M Fairchild editor: 6

Conjunctive use of surface and groundwater in an arid region. Zeitschrift fur Kulturtechnik und Flurbereinigung = Journal of rural engineering and development 27(4): 233-240

Conjunctive use of surface and groundwater supplies. Zeitschrift fur Bewasserungswirtschaft: 13 (1) 63-71

Conjunctive use of surface and underground water in the Istra Peninsula, Yugoslavia. Papers World Congress on Water Resources(2): 981-989

Conjunctive use of surface water and groundwater--an optimization approach Bist Doab Tract of Punjab, India. International Seminar on Development and Management of Groundwater Resources November 5-20-1979 School of Hydrology University of Roorkee Roorkee UP India: proceedings

Conjunctive use of surface water and groundwater--approaches Irrigation, India. International Seminar on Development and Management of Groundwater Resources November 5-20-1979 School of Hydrology University of Roorkee Roorkee UP India: proceedings

Conjunctive use of water on the Texas High Plains. Water resources update er (106) 102-108

Conjunctive use of water resources.

Conjunctive use: first by accident, now by management. Proceedings of the NWWA Western Regional Conference on Ground Water Management: held October 23-26-1983 Town and Country Hotel San Diego California sponsored by Natl Water Well Assoc ed by DM Nielsen and L Aller

Conjunctive water management.

Conjunctive water management options: examples from economic assessment of system-level water saving through Liuyuankou Irrigation System, China. Irrigation and drainage 56(5): 523-539

Conjunctive water planning for irrigation, its necessity and problems. Agriculture and agro industries journal: 8 (9 10) 3-7

Conjunctive water planning with additional surface water inputs from Tehri Reservoir Uttar Pradesh, India. International Seminar on Development and Management of Groundwater Resources November 5-20-1979 School of Hydrology University of Roorkee Roorkee UP India: proceedings

Conjunctive water use.

Conjunctive water use in central and eastern Uttar Pradesh. All India Seminar on Agricultural Engineering Water Management and Command Area Development Calcutta July 23-24-1983 organized by Agricultural Engineering Division West Bengal State Centre: 7

Conjunctive wetland treatment. Desalination 106(1-3): 407-410

Conjunctive-use optimization model and sustainable-yield estimation for the Sparta aquifer of southeastern Arkansas and north-central Louisiana.

Conjunctivitis. Decision making in small animal soft tissue surgery Allen G Binnington Joanne R Cockshutt: 157

Conjunctivitis in a buffalo calf (Bubalus bubalis) due to Acholeplasma laidlawii. Indian veterinary journal 59(8): 647-649

Conjunctivitis in a colony of rats. Laboratory Animals 8(3): 301-304

Conjuncture and structure of changes in world demand. Carnes y mercados: 1 (2) 25-36

Conjunctures and crisis: Food, ecology and population, and the internationalization of capital. Journal of geography 86(6): 292-299

Conjuntura agropecuaria.

Conmemoracion del cincuentenario de la muerte de Pasteur.

Conmparative study of the preservation of potato tubers treated with IPC and gamma radiation. iI. content of soluble sugars and ascorbic acid. Anales de bromatologia: 8 (4) 389-400

Connaissance et gestion des habitats et des especes dinteret communautaire.

Connaissances actuelles sur la structure submicroscopique des protaeines du lait.



Connected and disconnected chains of phialoconidia and Sagenomella gen. nov. segregated from Acremonium. Persoonia 0(1): 97-112

Connected evolution of plants and insects and the resistance of plants as exemplified by wheat and its pests. Zhurnal obshchei biologii: 39 (4) 594-601

Connected trailers and their stability. Khlopkovodstvo (9) 13-15

Connectedness of some components of biogeocenoses illustrated by the study of entomofauna of south-eastern Ukraine. Trudy Vsesoiuznogo entomologicheskogo obshchestva3(63): 22-24

Connecticut 4-H camp directors manual.

Connecticut 4-H horse show rules.

Connecticut College Arboretum. Public garden: the journal of the American Association of Botanical Gardens and Arboreta8(4): 26-27

Connecticut Cooperative Extension System, College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, the University of Connecticut.

Connecticut Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program.

Connecticut Extension Service Farm and Home Planning Program.

Connecticut Forage Program.

Connecticut Milk Marketing Act.

Connecticut Nonpoint Source Management Program annual report.

Connecticut River Atlantic Salmon Compact.

Connecticut River National Fish and Wildlife Refuge Act and the Fish Habitat Conservation Act.

Connecticut River Valley, Connecticut: East Granby a plan of development for a rural community.

Connecticut River basin study.

Connecticut River between Hartford, Conn., and Holyoke, Mass.

Connecticut Valley location map.

Connecticut agriculture. Bulletin Cooperative Extension Service University of Connecticut: 1?] (81-8)

Connecticut agriculture trends and status, 1976.

Connecticut agriculture--trends and status, 1983. Bulletin Cooperative Extension Service University of Connecticut: 84 (84-40)

Connecticut agriculture--trends and status, 1985. Bulletin Cooperative Extension Service University of Connecticut: 86 (87-6)

Connecticut amends fire laws to allow natural trees. American christmas tree journal: 19 (1) 11

Connecticut annual precipitation.

Connecticut can compete in greenhouse production with the sunbelt. Connecticut greenhouse newsletter University of Connecticut Cooperative Extension Service: (118) 7-9

Connecticut computerizes WIC operations. Food and nutrition: 7 (3) 6-7

Connecticut concern: timber harvesting regulations. Extension review United States Department of Agricultureer 56(1): 42-44

Connecticut cooks for kids.

Connecticut dairy farm capacity survey.

Connecticut environmental law handbook.

Connecticut environmental quality: current issues. Cooperative Extension Service College of Agriculture University of Connecticut: bulletin: 7?] (87-4) 17-24

Connecticut farm handbook, 1941.

Connecticut farmers honored for antipollution efforts. Grower: vegetable and small fruit newsletter 93(1): 7

Connecticut fiber flax trials.

Connecticut fishermen utilize tax information. Sea grant today 10(4): 16-17

Connecticut frozen egg dessert.

Connecticut grape growers take note!. Vinifera wine growers journalng 17(1): 56-57

Connecticut guidelines for soil erosion and sediment control.

Connecticut in perspective: a bicentennial view of its land and its people. i. Connecticut woodlands: er 41 (2) 6-14

Connecticut kitchen card.

Connecticut local labor market areas 1980. Research report Storrs Agricultural Experiment Station: 992 (84)

Connecticut looks at feed and food.

Connecticut map of purebred Guernsey breeders.

Connecticut markets to media. Extension review United States Department of Agricultureng 56(2): 32-33

Connecticut nutrition curriculum, grades 1-6.

Connecticut passes law to control soil erosion at construction sites. Soil and water conservation news United States Dept of Agriculture Soil Conservation Service 6(6): 3

Connecticut plans a herd health program.

Connecticut revives the chestnut.

Connecticut soil and water conservation districts supervisors handbook.

Connecticut soil and water conservation needs inventory.

Connecticut state parks, forests and other public recreational areas.

Connecticut state parks, forests, 1947.

Connecticut takes stock for action.

Connecticut valley vernacular.

Connecticut volume tables for plantation grown white pine, Pinus strobus L.

Connecticut volume tables for plantation-grown red pine, Pinus resinosa, Solander.

Connecticut wildlife.

Connecticut woodlands.

Connecticut woodlots in wartime.

Connecticuts 10-week breakfast and lunch cycle menu.

Connecticuts 1944 food production job.

Connecticuts Cedar Island Marina diversifies by delving into aquaculture. AgVentures y 3(3): 57

Connecticuts Don Quixote. American nurseryman, 172(12): 82-86

Connecticuts Wellhead Protection Program. Ground water protection alternatives and strategies in the USA 124

Connecticuts coastal area management program. Connecticut woodlands: er 42 (2) 4-5

Connecticuts deer hunters.

Connecticuts draft AG 208 Plan. Connecticut woodlands: er 44 (2) 8

Connecticuts endangered species program. Rhodora 82(829): 141-144

Connecticuts environmental review team program. Land Use: Tough Choices in Today's World Proceedings of A National Symposium: h Choices in Today's World Proceedings of A National Symposium, 22 296-306

Connecticuts experience with preferential assessment.

Connecticuts forest tax law. Consultant 20 (1) 10-11

Connecticuts inland wetlands act- an experiment in self denial. Connecticut woodlands: 38 (3) 14-16

Connecticuts last virgin forest. Forestry: 83 (11) 24-27

Connecticuts natural resources.

Connecticuts need for additional park and recreation areas.

Connecticuts poison control centers.

Connecticuts primary wood products. Cooperative Extension Service College of Agriculture University of Connecticut: bulletin: 7?] (87-4) 42-44

Connecticuts venomous snakes.

Connecticut, Rhode Island directory of manufacturers.

Connecticut, a state of manufacturing skills.

Connecticut--a conservation challenge. Extension reviewer 50(3): 12-13

Connecticut-Rhode Island Christmas tree growers manual.

Connecticut: ground-water quality. Geological survey water supply paper: 325) 191-198

Connectin, an elastic protein of muscle. Fibrous proteins scientific industrial and medical aspects edited by DAD Parry LK Creamer: 1

Connecting North Central states to the North Central Region Educational Materials Project with a Novell LAN. Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Computers in Agricultural Extension Programs Fedro S Zazueta editor January 31 February 1-1990 Grosvenor Resort Hotel Disney World Village Lake Buenavista FL: 180

Connecting West Virginia fee-fishing businesses with the larger tourism market through the development of tourism package. General Technical Report Northern Research Station, USDA Forest Service (NRS-14): 197-205

Connecting and separating elements in ochtonous self-help organizations and societies--possibilities and problems of a synthesis Africa.1. Wege zur einer afrikanischen Genossenschaft herausgegeben von Hans H Munkner: 8

Connecting classroom, cafeteria, and community.

Connecting consumers to the farm: research results from Agriculture Day in Los Angeles. Agricultural education magazine 75(5): 22-23

Connecting fathers, children, and reading.

Connecting forest productivity to behavior of soil-borne diseases. General technical report INT US Department of Agriculture Forest Service Intermountain Research Station: (280) 129-144

Connecting green to green: Brooklyn Botanic Gardens community outreach program. Public garden: the journal of the American Association of Botanical Gardens and Arboreta0(2): 13-15

Connecting mountain islands and desert seas.

Connecting ontogenic events in seeds to the ultrastructural and molecular levels. Proteines des Graines: 5-100

Connecting our resources: Louisiana's approach to community health network development. Journal of Rural Health 19 Suppl: 372-383

Connecting people to the promise of biotech.

Connecting people with ecosystems in the 21st century.

Connecting primary and secondary metabolism: AreB, an IclR-like protein, binds the ARE(ccaR) sequence of S. clavuligerus and modulates leucine biosynthesis and cephamycin C and clavulanic acid production. Molecular Microbiology 66(2): 511-524

Connecting rural economies.

Connecting school and employment. American family 15(1): 12-17

Connecting science with vegetable growing practice.

Connecting seas: western Palaearctic continental flyway for water birds in the perspective of changing land use and climate. Global change biology 11(6): 894-908

Connecting soil with forest productivity. General technical report INT US Department of Agriculture Forest Service Intermountain Research Station: (280) 66-69

Connecting standards driven units of instruction to agriculture. Agricultural education magazine 73(1): 14-17

Connecting state and local futures: goal setting and growth management of small towns in Florida. Journal of rural studies(3): 303-310

Connecting the Nation.

Connecting the dots. USGA Green Section record 44(6): 30

Connecting the dots between septins and the DNA damage checkpoint. Cell 130(5): 777-779

Connecting the dots in organic living.

Connecting to the Internet.

Connecting two Worlds: a high school teachers work on IACUC fosters communication between scientists and students. ILAR newser Fall 35(3-4): 54-55

Connecting young adults and libraries.

Connecting your computer to the world of information. Fact sheet (93-64)

Connection Between Surface Properties, Specific Surface Area and Component Distribution of Binary Mixtures of Corn Starch and Metronidazole. Starke = Starch 59(10): 510-512

Connection and operation of wine feeders on filling machines. Kertgazdasag (1) 57-64

Connection and station of pumps during irrigation.

Connection between August and November gradation grading of mink pups. Vara palsdjur: 5, 46 (7) 183-188

Connection between agricultural policy measures and employment level in the Federal Republic of Germany.

Connection between animal behavior and industrial technology in cattle husbandry. Internationale Zeitschrift der Landwirtschaft: ) 170-173

Connection between animal production and the age of farm owners. III. Nowe rolnictwo: 15, 24 (21) 12-15

Connection between climatic factors and necrosis with grapevine. Mitteilungen: Rebe und Wein Obstbau und Fruchteverwertung: 27 (4) 142-145

Connection between coloring matter and aldehydes during alkaline hexose degradation. Zuckerindustrie 104(4): 278-282

Connection between crop insurance, credit standing and economic development.

Connection between crop spacing and topping quality of sugarbeets. Agrartechnik 26 (4) 179-181

Connection between date of birth and licence evaluation of Arctic fox. Roczniki Akademia Rolnicza w Poznaniu20(120): 121-125

Connection between energy metabolism and microclimate in pig production. Allattenyesztes = Animal breeding9(3): 245-248

Connection between evaporation and geographical soil borders in Hungary. Kerteszeti Egyetem Kozlemenyei: 9 (7) 121-126

Connection between evaporation f.

Connection between excretion of glycolic acid and energy provisioning of Chlorella cells under light. Soviet plant physiology (pub 1979) 25(2): 863-868

Connection between foliar analysis and raising nutrient-content of sand-soils.

Connection between forest management planning and the yearly planning of the operations with the computer project WANUPLA. Beitrage fur die Forstwirtschaft2(4): 153-158

Connection between fume resistance and cuticular waxes in conifers.

Connection between growth rate and carcass value of fattened swine and postmortem state of intestines. Wiener tierarztliche Monatsschrift7(5): 167-172

Connection between hamster damage and its forecasting with special regard concerning the effectivity of control.

Connection between hay and the weather. Landbouwmechanisatie 21 (5) 483-485

Connection between honey flow and weather conditions of Acacia trees. Meheszet 25 (4) 67-68

Connection between hydrocarbon-respectively phenol content of soils and appearance of soil exhaustion in apple orchards.

Connection between immunity and disease resistance in breeding selection investigations with goats. Aktuelt Norway Landbruksdepartementet Opplysningstjeneste: ) 192-197

Connection between liveborn piglets number in the first litter and productivity of large Yorkshire in the second and third farrowing. Stocarstvo 36(1-2): 71-73

Connection between meat quality and transport of animals. Allattenyesztes 6 (1) 65-71

Connection between metabolism of labelled carbon in Chlorella with work of photosystems I and II. Soviet plant physiology: (Transl 1975), 21 (6) 923-927

Connection between mitochondrial and cytoplasmic protein synthesis and intensification of respiration in elongating maize root cells. Translated t 18 (1) 33-39

Connection between morphological and biosynthetic activity of Trichothecium roseum and its polynuclear conidia. Microbiology (Transl 1976), 44 (4) 598-602

Connection between morphology of the colonies and polysaccharides content of cell wall-modified Candida spec. H. Zeitschrift fur allgemeine Mikrobiologie1(7): 519-530

Connection between nitrogen break-up and humification degree at gardening peats. A Kerteszeti Egyetem Kozlemenyeiub 1979) 10(2): 103-108

Connection between pedology and water resources policy. Zeitschrift fur Kulturtechnik und Flurbereinigung: 16 (6) 352-360

Connection between photo-induced changes in the resting potential and the presence of the chloroplasts in Nitella cells. Biophysics 5 (1) 199-200

Connection between photoinduced changes in oxidation reduction potential of chloroplast suspension and photosystem II activity.

Connection between professional qualifications and production level in agriculture. Tudomany es mezogazdasag: 16 (2) 34-38

Connection between properties of Douglas fir plants and the ir geographical origin.

Connection between protein and fat in milk. Meieriposten 59 (20) 434-441

Connection between protein and polysaccharide content in cell wall-modified Candida spec. H. mutants. Zeitschrift fur allgemeine Mikrobiologie2(1): 63-68

Connection between protein content and malt extract yield in brewing barley. Mitteilungen 29 (5 6) 85-88

Connection between research and industry. Cukoripar 23 (5) 172-176

Connection between result of selection and environment in the pig breeding. Allattenyesztes = Animal breeding0(2): 183-190

Connection between root system structure and root-shoot renewal of the aspen. Izvestiia vysshikh uchebnykh zavedenii lesnoi zhurnal: ) 32-35

Connection between sensory and technological qualtity characteristics of pork.

Connection between silviculture and wood quality through modelling approaches and simulation software.

Connection between soil texture and differenciated porosity with other pedological parameters. A Kerteszeti Egyetem Kozlemenyeiub 1979) 10(2): 123-128

Connection between some physiolo. Nauchni trudove Vissh selskostopanski institut "Vasil Kolarov"4(2): 105-110

Connection between the Rag4 glucose sensor and the KlRgt1 repressor in Kluyveromyces lactis. Genetics 174(2): 617-626

Connection between the change of goosestock and the home fodder-basis. Baromfiipar 30-34

Connection between the climate of Hungary and the distribution of qualitative wheat bearing areas. Foldrajzi ertesito7(3-4): 467-473

Connection between the color and the binding power of pork.

Connection between the dispersion and the germination of Lophodermium pinastri (Schrad.) Chevall ascospores and the phenological phases some plants in the connection of Miedzyzdrojes forest district Aesculus hippocastanum, Calluna vulgaris, Sorbus aucuparia, Poland.1. Prace Poznanskie Towarzystwo Przyjaciol Nauk Wydzial Nauk Rolniczych i Lesnych7(57): 3-9

Connection between the intensity of photosynthesis and the activity of the carbonic anhydrases in plants of C 3 and C 4 types.

Connection between the light availability and the peach fruit quality. Cereal Research Communications 35(2, Part 1): 337-340

Connection between the load of shoots, yield and vigor of the grapevine.

Connection between the luster and structure of the scale of hair of Karakul curls. Ovtsevodstvo 11 38-39

Connection between the metabolism in swine of different breeds and their hybrids and the development of endocrine system. Porody svinei v SSSR: 20-226

Connection between the microviscosity of detergent micelles and the photochemical activity of chlorophyll. l975 (Transl l976), 6) 1153-1154

Connection between the monocultural winter wheat production and the damages caused by soil fungi in Szerencs district.

Connection between the nutrient uptake of winter wheat and the level of nutrient supply of the soil Triticum. Plant nutrition 1982: proceedings of the ninth International Plant Nutrition Colloquium Warwick University England August 22-27-1982 edited by A Scaife

Connection between the physical condition of the soil and the evaporation. Agrokemia es talajtan 27(3-4): 417-428

Connection between the radioactive contamination of the plants and the amount of precipitation. Idojaras 78 (6) 356-359

Connection between the synthesis of differentiation specific proteins and the capacity of cells to respond to cytokinin in the moss Funaria. Physiologia plantarum: 42 (1) 73-78

Connection between thyroxine destruction and milk yield in cattle. Husdyrforsoksmotet pa Norges Landbrukshogskole: 2-54

Connection between viscoelastic properties of polymers and the technological parameters of spinning fibres of the core-shell type. Fibre chemistry 19(6): 385-397

Connection between volumetric changes of the chloroplasts and light induced absorption of protons; role of proton hydration. Soviet plant physiology: transl 1977, 23 (5) 751-756

Connection between water management and recreational use of forests. Erdo 22 (7) 289-296

Connection existing between the taste of meat and the quantity of malonic di-aldehyde contained in the fillets of sole and of codfish.

Connection of 2,4-D with proteins of corn leaves. Soviet plant physiology: (Transl 1976), 22 (5) 913-916

Connection of Zyras humeralis (Coleoptera, Staphylinidae) with Formica polyctena. Entomologische Blatter: 67 (3) 129-136

Connection of digestibility of nutritive substances, nitrogen metabolism and hematologic indicators with the productivity in pure breeds and hybrids of swine. Porody svinei v SSSR: 27-232

Connection of first litter size with later production of piglets of Swedish Landrace sows. Stocarstvo 29 (1 2) 35-40

Connection of formative processes with photosynthesis and afterglow in winter wheat seedlings. Soviet plant physiology: (Transl 1978), 25 (1, pt 2) 79-84

Connection of nutritional education with medical doctors and dietitians. Proceedings of the International Congress of Nutrition: ub 1976), 10th 445

Connection of photoinduced conversions of reaction centers with electron transport in light digitonin fragments of pea chloroplasts.

Connection of plantation size and profitability at apple production.

Connection of potato X-virus wit.

Connection of quantitative increase between egg-size and goose-embryo. Baromfiipar 7 (6) 286-291

Connection of retarded growth with endogenous gibberellin level in bean plants treated with chlorcholine chloride (CCC). Botanikai kozlemenyek 69(3-4): 179-186

Connection of sensorial texture, cutting firmness and deformation modulus of potato dumplings from commercial dumpling flours. Confructa 7(1-2): 7-13

Connection of strach equivalent calculated for dry matter and utilized dry matter in ruminants. Allattenyesztes 5 (6) 569-573

Connection of the adaptive reaction to the conditions of the arid zone with the type of the concentration of potassium in sheep blood.

Connection of the age of Danish Red heifers at the first fertile mating with the production of milk and milk fat during the first three lactations. Veterinarski glasnik7(7): 531-536

Connection of the agroindustrial activities of Slovenia with the international division of work. Sodobno kmetijstvo 14(2): 34-37

Connection of the ends of a washe. Mekhanizatsiia sil's'koho hospodarstva: (9) 20

Connection of the fineness of fleece with feeding conditions and their seasonability in sheep.

Connection of weight indicators of endocrine glands with the productivity of swine. Porody svinei v SSSR: 01-219

Connection on the ice.

Connection water, the good and the not-so-good. Milestones ng Summer 17 (2) 12-13


Connections among photosynthetic efficiency, photorespiration, transpiration, diffusive resistance of fruit bearing and not bearing bush bean plant leaves (Phaseolus vulgaris L.).

Connections among progeny test results of North American Holstein Friesian bulls. Allattenyesztes 5 (4) 301-315

Connections and barriers between cells of Drosera tentacles in relation to their electrophysiology. Planta 116(1): 1-16

Connections between agricultural development in poor countries and agricultural prosperity in the U.S. Globalization of agriculture: promises and pressures for US farmers and agribusiness: proceedings of a workshop Sept 10-11-1990 Washington DC edited by Wayne E Swegle Denise Felton Bryant and Dick Lee

Connections between agricultural production and commercial services for agriculture Supply and sales.1. Zeszyty problemowe postepow nauk rolniczych: 47) 25-39

Connections between agriculture and the chemical industry in the long-range development of the peoples economy. Magyar kemikusok lapja: 7 (8 9) 393-402

Connections between birch bark design and parameters of overgrown knots in mixed and pure stands. Roczniki Akademia Rolnicza w Poznaniu23(17): 11-21

Connections between changes in the prostata nad metritides with inflammations of the urinal tract in the dog; study in pathogenesis of pyelonephritis.

Connections between climate and desertification. Environmental conservation: er 4 (2) 81-90

Connections between common economical and organizational conditions of agricultural production. Empiryczne podstawy racjonalnej organizacji produkcji ziemioplodow = Empirical base of rational organization for production of agricultural products: 8-86

Connections between dairy cattle raising in the Aosta Valley--summer grazing and winter stabling--and variations of fatty acids in lipid quota in the Fontina cheese prepared. iI.

Connections between depuration of juice and colour in solution. Zeitschrift fur die Zuckerindustrie: 0, 23 (7) 373-376

Connections between depuration of juice and sugar color in solution.

Connections between descending visual interneurons and metathoracic motoneurons in the locust. Journal of comparative physiology: 5 (3) 221-234

Connections between dictyosomes, ER Endoplasmic reticulum and GERL Golgi-endoplasmic reticulum lysosome in cotyledons of mung bean (Vigna radiata L.).

Connections between environment factors and rearing.

Connections between feeding and fertility in the female cow. Tierzuchter 22 (15) 489-491

Connections between feeding and protein quality of milk. Tierzuchter 26 (7) 293-295

Connections between groundwater and economic growth. Issues in groundwater management edited by Ernest T Smerdon and Wayne R Jordan: 9

Connections between host population density and the percentage of parasitization in the host-parasite system Galleria mellonella L.-Gonia cinerascens Rond. Bollettino Bolgna Universita Istituto di entomologia9(39): 127-139

Connections between land improvement and forestry in the Peoples Republic of Poland.

Connections between land use planning, regional planning and land consolidation in Bavarian schemes. Zeitschrift fur Kulturtechnik und Flurbereinigung 20(6): 362-373

Connections between nutritional status and red ring rot of spruce (Picea abies, Karsten).

Connections between physico-chemical parameters and biological activity of surface active materials.

Connections between population genetics and animal husbandry. Tudomany es mezogazdasag: 15 (4) 68-72

Connections between production sites and production efficiency of the corn production systems. Gazdalkodas 2(11): 19-24

Connections between technological and economic factors in the effective increase of ornamental plant production.

Connections between the Botrytis cinerea infection and yield of strawberry.

Connections between the Fusarium infection and the germination rate of maize samples.

Connections between the Soviet and Hungarian forestry.

Connections between the Veterinary School in Vienna and the Veterinary Medicine in Galicia. Wiener tierarztliche Monatsschrift: 65 (5) 183-186

Connections between the accumulation rate of peat and the primary bog productivity in southwestern Estonia. Botanicheskii zhurnal 65(9): 1237-1244

Connections between the anatomical and strength characteristics of Quercus cerris. Az Erdeszeti es Faipari Egyetem tudomanyos kozlemenyei Scientific ications of the University of Forestry and Timber Industry: ub 1977) (1) 101-113

Connections between the cell content of cows' milk and activities of the enzymes LDH and a-HBDH. Berliner und Munchener Tierarztliche Wochenschrift 93(5): 84-86

Connections between the climatic factors and the swarming of corn borer, Ostrini nubilalis Hbn. adults.

Connections between the copper and manganese content of EDTA soil extracts and the data gained with the Westerhof and Schachtschabel methods.

Connections between the development of seed and cereal production. Tudomany es mezogazdasag: 16 (2) 39-44

Connections between the health conditions of apple trees and the rate of the powdery mildew infection.

Connections between the maize yield and the plant protection factors.

Connections between the plant protection forecasting and solar spot activity.

Connections between the precipitation and the swarming of corn borer, and the intensity of swarming in relation to larval damage in Vas County.

Connections between the rape production and the damage (caused by Athalia rosae based on experiences gained in Vas. county.

Connections between the sparying techniques and its effectivity.

Connections between the start of dying of the cereal bug (Eurygaster spp.) males and population densities at the time of depression.

Connections between the structure of the edges of forests an d the occurrence of damages caused by storms in the mountain levels of the Eastern Harz and directions for the care of the edges of forests resulting from it.

Connections between the variables defining the stages of beer manufacture. BIOS 5 (9) 355-366

Connections between the venous system of the heart and the epicardiac lymphatic network. Acta Anatomica 83(2): 262-274

Connections between vegetational and productive results. Forst und Holzwirt: 25 (15) 319-321

Connections between wide-field monocular and binocular movement detectors in the brain of a hawk moth. Journal of Comparative Physiology A: Neuroethology, Sensory, Neural, and Behavioral Physiology 75(1): 1-31

Connections in the financing of increase of fixed and current assets in poultry industry. Baromfiipar 289-297

Connections of acoustic neurons within the CNS of grasshoppers. Die Naturwissenschaften 61(10): 454-455

Connections of arthropods of the burrow ecosystems of the great gerbil with surrounding ecosystems. Entomological review 61(4): 70-77

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