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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 15362

Chapter 15362 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Contagious animal diseases and war.

Contagious bovine pleuro-pneumonia (CBPP): a comparison of three culture vaccines.

Contagious bovine pleuropneumonia in Angola.

Contagious bovine pleuropneumonia in Australia: some historic highlights from entry to eradication. Australian Veterinary Journal 69(12): 306-317

Contagious bovine pleuropneumonia in French Central Africa.

Contagious bovine pleuropneumonia in Senegal.

Contagious bovine pleuropneumonia in Senegal; epizootiology, diagnosis, prevention.

Contagious bovine pleuropneumonia in Sierra Leone. Diagnosis, control and eradication. Bulletin 4 369-373

Contagious bovine pleuropneumonia in Tanzania.

Contagious bovine pleuropneumonia in the United Arab Republic.

Contagious bovine pleuropneumonia pathogeny. Receptive state of cattle kept under heparin. Revue d'elevage et de medecine veterinaire des pays tropicaux: new ser) 29 (2) 109-113

Contagious bovine pleuropneumonia--When should it be suspected?. Point veterinaire 14(68): 41-47

Contagious bovine pleuropneumonie.

Contagious caprine pleuropneumonia in Africa. Proceedings International Conference on Goat Production and Disease: rd) 209-211

Contagious caprine pleuropneumonia in Arizona. Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association 161(11): 1536-1538

Contagious caprine pleuropneumonia in goats. Indian Veterinary Journal 84(7): 775-776

Contagious caprine pleuropneumonia in goats--pathological studies in natural and experimental infection. Haryana veterinarian 17(2): 92-101

Contagious caprine pleuropneumonia in the Ashkhabad Region.

Contagious caprine pleuropneumonia in the United States?. Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association 176(4): 354-355

Contagious currency crises.

Contagious dermatoses. Praktische Tierarzt: 57 (special no) 50-55

Contagious diseases in calves.

Contagious diseases of Danish agricultural plants.

Contagious Diseases Of Domestic Animals. Science 5(108): 174-175

Contagious diseases of poultry in Bombay-belt. Indian poultry review, 12(13): 27

Contagious diseases of ruminants: management of Q fever in goats. Summa, Animali da Reddito 2(3): 59-63

Contagious ecthyma (ORF) in the musk ox (Ovibos moschatus). Acta Veterinaria Scandinavica 19(3): 461-462

Contagious ecthyma (Orf) in a goat herd. Veterinary Medicine, Small Animal Clinician 71(9): 1261-1263

Contagious ecthyma (sore mouth, ORF). Modern Veterinary Practice 61(4): 335-336

Contagious ecthyma in Alaskan musk-oxen and Dall sheep. Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association 179(11): 1140-1143

Contagious ecthyma in a Boer goat. Bulletin of animal health and production in Africa = Bulletin de la sante et de la production animales en Afrique 36(1): 83-85

Contagious ecthyma in a childrens zoo. Journal of zoo animal medicine 17(3): 115-116

Contagious ecthyma in a pregnant veterinary student. VM SAC veterinary medicine and small animal clinician 78(2): 236

Contagious ecthyma in an adult Dall sheep (Ovis dalli dalli) in Alaska. Journal of Wildlife Diseases 18(1): 111-112

Contagious ecthyma in lambs and laboratory personnel Safety guidelines to prevent potentially disastrous zoonotic disease. Laboratory animal science 33(5): 473-475

Contagious ecthyma in sheep goats. Vlaams diergeneeskundig tijdschrift 48(3): 212-216

Contagious ecthyma in sheep--occurrence, eradication and prevention. Veterinarski glasnik6(10): 839-844

Contagious ecthyma of goats and problems of specific prophylaxis. Nauchno proizvodstvennaia konferentsiia po infektsionnym Bolezniam ovets materialy: ub 1976) 133-135

Contagious ecthyma of lambs. Praktische Tierarzt 59(10): 775-777

Contagious ecthyma of seep: Comparison in vitro of five strains.

Contagious ecthyma of sheep and goats. Tierharztliche Praxis3(2): 163-169

Contagious ecthyma of sheep and its control.

Contagious ecthyma of sheep, a change in the clinical picture. Tierarztliche Umschau 34(12): 828

Contagious ecthyma virus (sore mouth) infects man. National wool grower 71(2): 12-13

Contagious ecthyma: field aspects and possible confusion with vesicular disease. Veterinary viral diseases: their significance in South East Asia and the Western Pacific proceedings Australian National Animal Health Laboratory CSIRO Geelong Australia 27-30 August 1984 ed AJ Della Porta: 546

Contagious ecthyma: orf virus infections in animals and man: a review. Norsk veterinaertidsskrift5(4): 239-242

Contagious endometritis in horses (review of foreign literature. Veterinariia (10) 84-87

Contagious enteritis young partridges (Alectoris rufa and Perdrix perdrix).

Contagious epididemitis of rams due to Brucella ovis in the southeast of France.

Contagious epidymitis of the ram in France. Patre 209 15-16

Contagious equine Metritis, an epidemiological riddle, medical reality, prophylactic fiction?.

Contagious equine metritis (C. Tierarztliche Umschau 33(10): 523-524

Contagious equine metritis (CEM 77) found in German Federal Republic.

Contagious equine metritis (CEM) situation report, 1980. Proceedings annual meeting United States Animal Health Association: 4th) 357-361

Contagious equine metritis (CEM) situation report, 1983. Proceedings of the annual convention American Association of Equine Practitioners: ub 1984) (29th) 295-299

Contagious equine metritis (CEM) update. Proceedings of the annual convention American Association of Equine Practitioners: (pub 1980) (25th) 375-376

Contagious equine metritis (CEM), 1977; a review. Tijdschrift voor diergeneeskunde 106(1): 9-24

Contagious equine metritis (CEM): infection with Haemophilus equigenitalis. Norsk veterinaertidsskrift1(2): 89-94

Contagious equine metritis 1977 (CEM).

Contagious equine metritis 1977 (CEM-77).

Contagious equine metritis found in horses on Kentucky farm. Major news releases and speeches United States Department of Agriculture Office of Governmental and Public Affairs: 2, 37-38

Contagious equine metritis in the stallion. Proceedings of the annual convention American Association of Equine Practitioners: ub 1979) (24th) 279-282

Contagious equine metritis--a new disease.

Contagious equine metritis--epidemiology and control. Journal of equine veterinary science 8(1): 42-46

Contagious equine metritis. Annotated bibliography. Annotated bibliographies Commonwealth Agricultural Bureaux Animal human series: 9) 1-8

Contagious equine metritis. II. Nihon Juishikai zasshi Journal of the Japan Veterinary Medical Association5(3): 163-169

Contagious equine metritis: a transmissible disease with international implications. Modern veterinary practice: 59 (11) 819-822

Contagious equine metritis: distribution of organisms in experimental infection of mares Haemophilus equigenitalis. American journal of veterinary research 44(7): 1197-1202

Contagious exudative bovine pleuropneumonia.

Contagious foot rot in sheep. Progress report Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station: (262) 4-5

Contagious foot rot in sheep and goats in Goias State, Brazil. Anais de Escola de Agronomia e Veterinaria(1): 121-126

Contagious foot rot is a common sheep disease. Ohio report on research and development in agriculture home economics and natural resources: 61 (5) 75-76

Contagious foot rot of sheep, etiology, treatment.

Contagious hemorrhagic enteritis in the dog. Veterinarski glasnik4(12): 1133-1135

Contagious hepatitis in the dog, Rubarths disease.

Contagious hepititsis in dogs.

Contagious kerato-conjunctiv.

Contagious keratoconjunctivitis in cattle. Sodobno kmetijstvo: 10 (9) 388-390

Contagious lumpy skin disease in cattle.

Contagious lung infection--serious disease in 1973. Vara palsdjur: 1973, 44 (12)

Contagious metritis in mares. Revue de medecine veterinaire 130(4): 497-498

Contagious metritis of horses. Magyar allatorvosok lapja 35(4): 260-261

Contagious metritis of horses Hemophilus equigenitalis casual agent.

Contagious metritis of horses, an epidemiological puzzle, medical reality, fictive prevention?. Bulletin de la Societe des sciences veterinaires et de medecine comparee de Lyon2(2): 99-105

Contagious metritis, a new disease of horses. Dostizheniia sel'skokhoziaistvennoi nauk i praktiki Seriia 2: Zhivotnovodstvo i veterninariia: (9) 24-30

Contagious paronychia of sheep (Paronychia contagiosa ovium).

Contagious pleuropneumonia. Gibbons W J Ed Bovine Medicine And Surgery: 78-181

Contagious pleuropneumonia in a mule.

Contagious pleuropneumonia in anatolian goats.

Contagious pleuropneumonia in cattle.

Contagious pleuropneumonia in horned animals.

Contagious pleuropneumonia like organisms or goats.

Contagious pleuropneumonia of cattle. Informatore zootecnico, 30(4): 42-43

Contagious pleuropneumonia of goats in Anatolia and its relationship to human influenza.

Contagious pleuropneumonia of goats in Greece.

Contagious pleuropneumonia of goats in Sicily.

Contagious pustular dermatitis (orf) of sheep affecting the ear following ear tagging. Australian Veterinary Journal 64(2): 61-62

Contagious pustular dermatitis in Kenya. Bulletin of animal health and production in Africa = Bulletin de la sante et de la production animales en Afrique 40(2): 123-124

Contagious pustular dermatitis in sheep. Pakistan journal of scientific research 32(3-4): 290-293

Contagious pustular dermatitis of sheep. Veterinariia 7: 50-51

Contagious pustular dermatitis of sheep in a veterinary student. Veterinary Medicine, Small Animal Clinician 72(2): 231-232

Contagious pustular dermatitis of sheep--possible confusion with vesicular diseases. Australian Veterinary Journal 62(1): 27-27

Contagious swine paralysis or Aujeszkys disease.

Contagious tularemia. US fur rancher 49(7): 8

Contagious vesicular stomatitis in the North.

Contagious vesicular stomatitis of the horse.

Contagious vs. environmental mastitis.

Contain it, store it, recycle it. USGA Green Section record 33(3): 22-23

Contain yourself.

Contained plantings. Grounds maintenance 34(2): C8-C10

Container fumigation as a quarantine treatment for Anoplophora glabripennis (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae) in regulated wood packing material. Journal of Economic Entomology 99(3): 664-670

Container Gardening. Yearbook of agriculture: 31-236

Container Substrate-pH Response to Differing Limestone Type and Particle Size. HortScience: a ication of the American Society for Horticultural Science 42(5): 1268-1273

Container Type and Volume Influences Adventitious Rooting and Subsequent Field Growth of Stem Cuttings of Loblolly Pine. Southern journal of applied forestry 30(3): 123-131

Container and pallet bins for agricultural transport operations. Landtechnik 37(10): 442-444

Container and raised bed gardening. HO Purdue University Cooperative Extension Service: 86 (200)

Container barns on the German market. Bauen auf dem Lande: 24 (10) 272-275

Container blueberry fertilization trials. Proceedings of SNA Research Conference annual report Southern Nurserymen's Association: (27th) 80-81

Container boilers.

Container boom in the Northwest.

Container choice. GC and HTJ2, 185(25): 16-17

Container compost pH and its effect on plant growth. Combined proceedings International Plant Propagators' Society6(36): 255-258

Container corrosion.

Container cultivation of tomatoes. Kartofel' i ovoshchi: (10) 29

Container cultivation of tomatoes and peppers. Gradinarstvo 9 (8) 30-33

Container culture of ornamental plants.

Container culture of perennials for early bloom. Bloemisterij onderzoek in Nederland over: 09-311

Container design for improved rooting environments. American nurseryman 167(1): 165

Container design for reducing root zone temperature. Proceedings of SNA Research Conference annual report: 4th) 179-182

Container designs to reduce distribution costs. Proceedings annual meeting of the American Society of Bakery Engineers: 2nd) 83-91

Container disposal and decontamination. Annual report: 5 159-165

Container disposal project. Agricultural aviation 16(8): 18-20

Container effects in cushioned packages; urethane foam corner pads.

Container equipment for coordinated transportation service.

Container experiments with spruce (Picea abies) and black pine (Pinus nigra var. austriaca) with sewage sludge composts. Centralblatt fur das gesamte Forstwesen 96(3): 162-174

Container fertilization: Scotts vs. Osmocote. Research report P Agricultural Experiment Station Oklahoma State University: (843) 65-67

Container field performance in the Rockies and Plains.

Container filling with the aid o. Visnyk sil's'kohospodars'koi nauky: (2) 75-77

Container for 4-allylanisole and analog scolytid pesticides. United States Department of Agriculture patents: 23, no US 6,306,913 B1

Container for storing liquid manure. Beton Landbau: 11 (3) 49-52

Container for the transportation of tomatoes. Konservnaia i ovoshchesushil'naia promyshlennost': 8 14-16

Container frame keeping of honeybee colonies. Pchelovodstvo 12-14

Container gardening for apartment dwellers and others.

Container gardening for dummies.

Container gardening for small spaces. FS Cooperative Extension Service Cook College: (570)

Container gardening in Nebraska.

Container gardening indoors and out.

Container gardening is very practical for the handicapped and elderly. Spring 34 (1) 42-43

Container gardening offers something for everyone. Yearbook of agriculture: 0-49

Container gardening through the year.

Container gardening with vegetables. FS Cooperative Extension Service Cook College: (055)

Container grain elevator; a design. Budownictwo wiejskie: 25 (5) 12-14

Container growing. Owoce warzywa kwiaty: 15, 14 (23) 4-5

Container growing as a new method for production of ornamental shrubs in a nursery. Postepy nauk rolniczych5(6): 113-126

Container growing in New Jersey. American nurseryman: 5, 140 (6) 10-11

Container growing of dooryard tropical fruits. Proceedings of the annual meeting of the Florida State Horticulture Societyub 1989) 101(101): 127-129

Container growing of trees and shrubs in Holland. Ogrodnictwo 15(6): 164-166

Container grown lodgepole pine make excellent rootstock.

Container grown plants for highway landscape planting.

Container grown rhododendrons.

Container grown seedling operation in Maine.

Container grown tree seedlings.

Container grown trees.

Container handling systems for sugarcane in Australia.

Container herbs for windowsill or terrace. Plants and Gardens Brooklyn Botanic Garden recorder 38(2): 11-12

Container holly production Ilex crenata, Arkansas. Proceedings of the annual meeting Arkansas State Horticultural Society: 02nd) 90-94

Container integrity--an NFPA. Activities report of the R and D Associates6(2): 88-93

Container loblolly pines promising for erosion control planting.

Container method of removing bedding-free manure with the separation of the liquid fraction. Mekhanizatsiia i elektrifikatsiia sel'skogo khoziaistva: 4) 34-37

Container method of seed storage and conveyance USSR, includes mechanization.1. Zemledelie (3) 56-58

Container minimization and reuse. ACS symposium series: 10) 30-43

Container notes.

Container nurseries need proper water sources. American nurseryman, 153(2): 10

Container nursery costs. Ohio report on research and development in agriculture home economics and natural resources Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center 68(5): 80

Container nursery design.

Container nursery fertilization cost calculations with a microcomputer. Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Computers in Agricultural Extension Programs Fedro S Zazueta AB Del Bottcher eds: 1

Container nursery overview - size, systems, and enterprise mix in U.S.D.A. Plant Hardiness Zone Six. ESO Ohio State University Dept of Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology: 5, 1985 (1172)

Container nursery production of Artemisia and Chrysothamnus species. USDA Forest Service general technical report INT Intermountain Forest and Range Experiment Station: (200) 395-396

Container nursery weed control. Leaflet Division of Agricultural Sciences University of California: 79 (21059)

Container packaging methods in industrial mushroom production. Gartenbau 20 (12) 378-379

Container plant production in Finland and seed production in Sweden. Gozdarski vestnik = Slovenian journal of forestry 39(1): 34-38

Container plant production in Holstein. Gartneryrket 67 (34) 966

Container plant production: How well do we understand growth media. Research report P Agricultural Experiment Station Oklahoma State University: (872) 49-51

Container planting. Hermann R K Regeneration of ponderosa pine: 47-49

Container planting in Alberta: a brief review.

Container planting in the West. Southeastern Nurserymen's Conferences Eastern Session Western Session: 3-47

Container plantings in downtown Detroit.

Container plantings in the landscape.

Container plants.

Container plants and hanging baskets. Spring 34 (1) 22-28

Container plants and scarification.

Container plants are beautiful additions to home and landscape. Texas agricultural progress: er 24 (1) 16-18

Container plants for wintry terraces. American horticulturist 63(2): 20-23

Container plants require special fertilization and overwintering systems. American nurseryman5, 153(12): 16

Container plywood. Przemysl drzewny: 27 (4) 18-21

Container potential of West African ports. Transport and Development B S Hoyle ed: 51-166

Container problems in relation to closed loading systems. Improving on target placement of pesticides: a conference: June 13-15-1988 Sheraton International Conference Center Reston VA sponsored by the Agric Res Inst in cooperation with the USDA Science and Education: 108

Container production in Ontario.

Container production of Euonymus alata Compacta. Combined proceedings International Plant Propagators' Society9(29): 360-362

Container production of holly in Florida. Circular Florida Cooperative Extension Service: (589)

Container production of nursery stock. GC and HTJ 186(9): 12-13

Container production of ornamental horticulture crops. BioCycle 41(11): 58-60

Container production of sweet fern.

Container production of tropical trees using sewage effluent, incinerator ash and sludge compost. Journal of environmental horticulture 3(3): 123-125

Container program in Alberta.

Container regulates ventilation New method of storing potato seed tubers in Great Britain.1. Kartofel' i ovoshchi: (11) 36

Container revolution on the farm and field?. Landtechnik 30 (7 8) 326-329

Container seedling production at Mt. Sopris Nursery. Technical ication SA TP US Dept of Agriculture Forest Service Southeastern Area State and Private Forestry: (6) 51-56

Container seedling survival and growth: pine and hardwood in North Carolina Pinus spp., Juglans nigra, Fraxinus americana, Liquidambar styraciflua, Liridendron tulipifera. Forest Service general technical report SO United States Southern Forest Experiment Station: (37) 125-131

Container seedlings. Duryea, M L And P M Dougherty (Ed ) Forest Regeneration Manual Xi+433p Kluwer Academic Publishers: Dordrecht, Netherlands; Boston, Massachusetts, Usa Illus Maps 117-142

Container seedlings may be the answer for that difficult site.

Container shape controls root system configuration of ponderosa pine.

Container shelf life methodology Canned foods, corrosion service life. Proceedings: Shelf life: a key to sharpening your competitive edge February 18-1981 San Francisco California The Food Processors Institute: 0

Container shipment research: quality assessment of dry cranberry beans. Michigan dry bean digest 8(1): 6-8

Container size. Proceedings of the National Agricultural Plastics Congress: 1st) 133-139

Container size and production of conifers. Gartneryrket 65 (48) 767-768

Container soil water relations: production, maintenance, and transplanting. Journal of arboriculture 6(12): 315-320

Container soils: physical principles. Bonsai journalng 15(1): 17-20

Container stowage.

Container study of kidney bean plants with barnyardgrass and hairy nightshade in the presence of variable amounts of soil phosphorus. Research progress report Western Society of Weed Science: 31-232

Container system of transports in agriculture. Mechanizacja rolnictwa: 15, 23 (21) 7-8

Container technology. Kartofel' i ovoshchi: (8) 6-7

Container technology of harvesting potato seed tubers. Tekhnika v sel'skom khoziaistve: (9) 24-25

Container transport for slaughter pigs. Fleischwirtschaft 64(9): 1058-1062

Container transport for slaughter pigs. Animal protection and economic measures. Fleischwirtschaft 64(7): 808-811

Container transport in the food industry. Przemysl spozywczy: 9 (10) 378-382

Container transport system and pallets as a progress factor in cereal milling industry. Przeglad zbozowo mlynarski: 19 (7 8) 30-33

Container transportation and selling of bread and roll products. Khlebopekarnaia i konditerskaia promyshlennost': (4) 8-10

Container transportation in agriculture.

Container transportation of cucumbers in the Nezhin zone Field-canning factory haulage of procured products.1. Kartofel' i ovoshchi: (12) 22

Container tree production. Combined proceedings International Plant Propagators' Societyub 1985) 34(34): 287-290

Container trees for use in landscaping.

Container trends. Florists' review 183(11): 86-90

Container types in the food industries. Elelmezesi ipar: 28 (12) 360-365

Container volume and media particle size alter growth of strawberry transplants. Proceedings of the annual meeting of the Florida State Horticultural Society 110(110): 258-261

Container, the basis of technology. Tekhnika v sel'skom khoziaistve: (7) 42-43

Container-contributed lead as a part of environmental exposure to lead. Agriculture and human valueser Spring 3(1-2): 157-170

Container-derived contamination of maple sirup with methyl methacrylate, toluene, and styrene as determined by headspace gas-liquid chromatography. Journal - Association of Official Analytical Chemists 63(2): 173-177

Container-growing mechanization and costs.

Container-growing of the big plants and the present possibilities of their use. Lesnicka prace0(1): 5-12

Container-grown chrysanthemums. Chrysanthemum 31 (4) 162-163

Container-grown jack pine establishment on modified sites in lower Michigan.

Container-grown pecan seedlings. Pecan south including pecan quarterly 19(1): 14-19

Container-grown pine seedlings enable extended planting season on surface mines in east Tennessee Pinus taeda, Pinus virginiana, reclamation, forestation. USDA Forest Service general technical report SE United States Southeastern Forest Experiment Station: (SE-24) 141-143

Container-grown plants.

Container-grown plants in the landscape. Grounds maintenance: 10 (9) 30

Container-grown seedlings yield hardy trees Minnesota. Soil and water conservation news United States Dept of Agriculture Soil Conservation Service 4(5): 7

Container-grown trees and shrubs: good and bad nursery practice Distorted tap roots. New Zealand agricultural science 16(1): 32-35

Container-hydroponic method of culture. Owoce warzywa kwiaty: 15, 13 (11) 12-13

Container-plant growth media and fertility studies. Proceedings of the annual meeting Arkansas State Horticultural Society: 07th) 120-128

Container: plastic tanks reinforced with glass fibres. Flussiges Obst = Liquid fruit 50(50): 133-137

Containerboard industry in transition as trade, competition increases. Pulp and paper 73(4): 70-71

Containerboard makers focus on wet end developments. Pulp and paper 72(9): 69-70

Containerboard quality for high-speed continuous corrugators. Unbleached kraft markets: proceedings First International Unbleached Kraft Conference New York November 1984 edited by Willard E Mies: 7

Containerboard: how it affects convertibility and corrugated board. Pulp and paper Canada 81(9): 50-51

Containerisation for and refrigeration of export fruit.

Containerisation of bananas in the French Antilles Transportation by ship to France.1. Fruits 37(6): 381-394

Containerised transport of fruit by sea. Fruits 32 (9) 535-543

Containerization and location of stores: looking towards the future.

Containerization and the trans-Siberian land bridge. Geographical review 74(3): 304-314

Containerization for rearing insects. Advances and challenges in insect rearing edited by EG King and NC Leppla: 6

Containerization found advantageous for frozen poultry exports. Intermodal world: 10 (4) 13

Containerization in Scandinavia.

Containerization in grain trade and the problem of on-the-farm grain storage. Nowe rolnictwo: 15, 24 (11) 14-15

Containerization in the Southeast.

Containerization in the turnover with fruit and vegetables. Ogrodnictwo 16(4): 106-107

Containerization in woodworking industry against the background of home container system. Przemysl drzewny 29(4): 3-7

Containerization is featured at TRANSPO 72. uSDA exhibit highlights two ultramodern container vans for shipping perishables with less handling and spoilage losses.

Containerization is needed urgently. Przemysl spozywczy: 6 (2) 70-72

Containerization meeting. Peanut journal and nut world: 52 (12) 14-15

Containerization of oak seedlings for the oak-hickory region--a progress report.

Containerization vs. bed production of ground covers.

Containerization--past, present and future.

Containerization: lines push it, exporters waiting for the container.

Containerization: show and tell. Minutes of the annual meeting National Plant Board: 2d) 43-49

Containerized Engelmann spruce seedling diseases at the USDA Forest Service Nursery, Coeur dAlene, Idaho. Report USDA Forest Service Northern Region: 985 (85-17)

Containerized Table-Top Christmas Trees: Interest Among Pennsylvania Consumers and Attitudes Concerning Care and Handling. Journal of extension 45(1)

Containerized bees airdropped into cranberry bogs.

Containerized cane handling. Proceedings ub 1975), (new ser) 4 51-53

Containerized fall garden mum production. Tennessee flower growers newsletter 4(3): 2-4

Containerized hardwoods: a partial summary of current work in production, establishment, and cultural needs.

Containerized logging truck train for hauling logs.

Containerized movements of Kentucky bluegrass seed through Pacific Northwest ports. Bulletin 78 (585)

Containerized peach orchards are profitable and avoid winter injury. Compact fruit tree0(20): 90-94

Containerized pine seedlings for revegetating difficult sites. Journal of soil and water conservation 38(6): 462-464

Containerized planting a new regeneration technique. Proceedings: Symposium on Management of Young Pines: osium on Management of Young Pines, 129-133

Containerized planting systems for southern conditions. Southeastern Nurserymen's Conferences Eastern Session Western Session: 9-64

Containerized plants for autumn and winter. Bedrijfsontwikkeling 6 (11) 955-956

Containerized production of Brandon cedar and Skandia juniper in Manitoba. Reports of proceedings Western Canadian Society for Horticulture: 9th) 49-54

Containerized rose growing. Combined proceedings8(28): 457-458

Containerized seedling in eastern Oregon. Proceedings of the Western Forestry Conference: 7th 82

Containerized seedling production statistics for Ontario, 1985. Joint report: (10)

Containerized seedling systems. American Christmas tree journal 23(1): 28-29

Containerized seedlings for the Southwest.

Containerized seedlings on the Lincoln National Forest.

Containerized seedlings show potential in improving Christmas tree production.

Containerized seedlings, U.S. Forest Service, Stuart Project. Southeastern Nurserymen's Conferences Eastern Session Western Session: 4-37

Containerized spruce seedlings.

Containerized transport of table grapes from Apulia; first experimental results. Frutticoltura 32 (11 12) 19-26

Containerized tree production in the Tropics.

Containerized tree seedling research and development in Ontario, 1984-1985. Joint report: (11)

Containerized western larch seedling mortality, USDA Forest Service Nursery, Couer DAlene, Idaho. Report US Department of Agriculture Forest Service Cooperative Forestry and Pest Management Northern Region: 87 (87-11)

Containerized western white pine seedling mortality at the Bonners Ferry Ranger District, Idaho Panhandle National Forests. Report USDA Forest Service Northern Region: 985 (85-18)

Containerized white pine cultural methods and outplanting success on the Cumberland Plateau, Tennessee Pinus strobus. Forest Service general technical report SO United States Southern Forest Experiment Station: (37) 51-57


Containers and baskets for year round colour.

Containers and handling equipment for apple harvesting. Farm and food research: 7 (4) 80-81

Containers and media for the nursery. OSU extension facts Cooperative Extension Service Oklahoma State University: 91 (6706)

Containers and packages: Fundamental for the preservation of foods. Alimentaria (379): 48-50

Containers and packaging.

Containers and packaging used in a developing economy. FORPRIDECOM technical note: 976, 166

Containers and packaging--fruits & vegetables. MF Cooperative Extension Service Kansas State University Manhattan: 91 (979)

Containers and products sale. Mljekarstvo 22 (4) 79-84

Containers and weights of commercial fruits, nuts, and vegetables. Circular ANR: 94 (829)

Containers for agriculture. Landmasch markt: 3, 49 (14 15) 33-36

Containers for fruit--a blessing or a curse?. International fruit world7(2): 120

Containers for fruits and vegetables.

Containers for grain and flour.

Containers for grain handling. Norsk landbruk: 8, 14 15 4-5

Containers for indoor plants. Bulletin Wyoming University Cooperative Extension Service: 991 (9424)

Containers for industrial insecticide testing. Pflanzenschutzberichte 42 (1 6) 51-54

Containers for liquid manure transportation. Mezogazdasagi technika9(3): 30-31

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Containers for nurseries. Kwiaty ) 18

Containers for poultry meat. Poultry guide 16(4): 33-39

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Containers for seed storage. Seed management techniques for genebanks: report of a workshop held 6-9th July 1982 at the Royal Botanic Gardens Kew UK edited by JB Dickie S Linington and JT Williams: 262

Containers for shipping Florida tomatoes.

Containers for storage and transport of fruit and vegetables. L'Italia agricola: 112 (5) 35-37

Containers for storing wine are also to be labelled according to the law of the European Economic Community. A decision from the highest judicial level. Weinwirtschaft 9, 114(39): 1184-1185

Containers for the transport of agricultural products. Landbouwmechanisatie 23 (10) 963-968

Containers for the transportation of liquid manure. III. Mezogazdasagi technika: 8 (1) 26-27

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Contas de explora* eth *cao, contas de cultura.