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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 15405

Chapter 15405 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Covert Baileys fit or fat.

Covert biological weapons attacks against agricultural targets.

Covert differentiation of the endoderm of young chick embryo. Comptes rendus hebdomadaires des seances Serie D Sciences naturelles: 284 (6) 473-476

Covert discrimination and women in the sciences.

Covert suicide and families of adolescents. Adolescence 21(81): 177-184

Covert unimanual response preparation triggers attention shifts to effectors rather than goal locations. Neuroscience Letters 419(2): 142-146

Coverts: better woodlands through education. American forests 91(10): 50-52

Coveting thy neighborss manufacturing.

Cow. Proceedingsannual convention American Association of Bovine Practitioners: (12th) 137-143

Cow Chow 8. 2. On farm experience. New Zealand journal of agriculture: 135 (2) 13-14

Cow Pen Slough, flood plain management study, Sarasota County, Florida.

Cow Production Index: a new aid to management. Agnotes Melbourne Dept of Agriculture: 79 (213 79)

Cow and buffalo milk and their derivates.

Cow and buffalo milk fat fractions. II. Glyceride composition and its influence on polar and emulsifying property. Indian journal of dairy science 39(2): 172-175

Cow and calf management in the pampean semiarid region in Argentina.

Cow and calf nutrition and management under different grazing pressures.

Cow and calf performance after dexamethasone induced calving.

Cow and calf performance on Alicia and dallisgrass pastures. Livestock producers' day Louisiana Agricultural Experiment Station Animal Science Dept1(21): 100-102

Cow and calf performance on Coastal or Tifton 85 Bermudagrass pastures with aeschynomene creep-grazing paddocks. Journal of Animal Science 85(10): 2762-2771

Cow and calf response to injected vitamin A. Soil & Crop Science Society Of Florida Proceedings: 47

Cow and calf response to various levels of available forage of a coastal bermudagrass-clover-ryegrass pasture. PR Texas Agricultural Experiment Station: (4141) 1-8

Cow and calf weight changes as influenced by breed type and kind of pasture. Progress report Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station: (282) 10-11

Cow and calf welfare in rural India. Gosamvardhana 22 (10 11) 5-6

Cow and sire evaluation in New Zealand. International symposium: new methods of bull and cow evaluation 27-29 August 1980 Warsaw Poland edited by H Jasiorowski J Rudzka: 8

Cow asthma: acute pulmonary emphysema.

Cow barns with stalls versus barns without separate cow stalls. Norsk landbruk: 13 12-14

Cow based assessment. Part 1: nutrition, cleanliness and coat condition. Summa, Animali da Reddito 2(3): 21-26

Cow based assessments Part 3: Locomotion scoring, claw overgrowth and injuries associated with farm furniture. UK Vet: Livestock 11(5): 51-56

Cow based assessments. Part 2: Rising restrictions and injuries associated with the lying surface. UK Vet: Livestock 11(4): 33-38

Cow blood serum and liver enzyme activity in acute and subacute forms of hepatitis. Soviet agricultural sciences: 1) 48-51

Cow breed and pasture management effects on growth of Zebu X dairy cows. Livestock producers' day0(20): 90-94

Cow breed evaluation at Beaumont: fertility, calf survival and performance to weaning. Research Division report: (175) 28-33

Cow breed evaluation at Bland: fertility, calf survival and performance to weaning. Research Division report: (175) 20-27

Cow breed evaluation at Hanover: fertility, calf survival and performance to weaning. Research Division report: (175) 34-41

Cow breed evaluation at Southampton: fertility, calf survival and performance to weaning. Research Division report: (175) 5-11

Cow breed evaluation at State Farm: fertility, calf survival and performance to weaning. Research Division report: (175) 12-19

Cow breeding.

Cow breeding and management of dairy-farming.

Cow breeding without commercial milk production--Hereford cattle. Metodiky pro zavadeni vysledku vyzkumu do zemedelske praxe: (7)

Cow by the tail.

Cow cabbage, a valuable crop for silage and greenfeed.

Cow calendar of the Institute for Agricultural Engineering and Rationalization. Landbouwmechanisatie 22 (6) 567-570

Cow calf feeding facilities.

Cow calf management to improve calf crops on low quality ranges. Beef cattle science handbook: 4 381-383

Cow calf operators consider cottonseed feed benefits.

Cow calf production on fertilized and nonfertilized ranges.

Cow calf production systems typification in Santa Fe, Argentina. Revista Argentina de Produccion Animal 27(Suppl.1): 324-325

Cow calf profits studied at Forage Beef Cattle Farm. Science in agriculture: ng 25 (3) 6

Cow cards provide a lifetime of records. Dairy herd management 21(11): 48

Cow colostrum--survival kit for lambs. Agriculture in Northern Ireland 53(10): 278-281

Cow colostrum: mineral composition and alkaline phosphatase activity. Annales de biologie animale biochimie biophysique: 9337-341

Cow comfort and herd health: a nutritionists perspective. Advances in dairy technology: proceedings of the Western Canadian Dairy Seminar(9): 351-360

Cow comfort and waste disposal for cows on concrete. Spring 8th 62-66

Cow comfort pays. Dairy herd management 27(5): 10-11

Cow comfort--the key to dairy profitability. Advances in dairy technology: proceedings of the Western Canadian Dairy Seminar2(12): 67-72

Cow control is effective. Svensk veterinartidning: 28 (7) 297

Cow country.

Cow country U.S.A.

Cow country cavalcade.

Cow cubicles for the larger herd.

Cow cubicles--20 years on. Farm building progress: (72) 5-9

Cow dung gas plant for energy and manure. Fertiliser news: 19 (9) 3-7

Cow dung smoke--a causative factor for chronic bronchitis & emphysema India. Indian journal of experimental biology 20(9): 696-700

Cow efficiency pre- and postweaning. South Dakota beef report Animal and Range Sciences Department Agricultural Experiment Station Cooperative Extension Service South Dakota Sate University: 4-59

Cow entrances and returns affect parlor performance.

Cow estrus regulator approved: prostaglandin may revolutionize AI , eliminating most heat detection work. Animal nutrition and health 34(8): 6-7

Cow evaluation by udder adapted to machine milking. I. Selection index for udder measurements. Zhivotnovudni nauki: 4 (1) 34-40

Cow evaluation procedures. National cooperative dairy herd improvement program handbook Editor J Lee Majeskie

Cow facilities and effects on performance. Advances in dairy technology: proceedings of the Western Canadian Dairy Seminar4(14): 317-329

Cow families are important.

Cow families of the most breeding value in Westphalian Red Pied breeding.

Cow farms theory and practice. Nowe rolnictwo: 31, 26 (20) 12-16

Cow feed.

Cow feeding at White Carr farm. British Cattle Veterinary Association proceedings: 82 157-159

Cow feeding--bringing home the grassland creed. Dairy farmer and dairy beef producer 26(8): 39

Cow fertility after lice treatment with famphur. Australian Veterinary Journal 53(8): 406-407

Cow growth characteristics with the performance of progeny in Hereford cattle. Kenkyu hokoku = Research bulletin of the Hokkaido National Agricultural Experiment Station: (140) 13-22

Cow handling.

Cow health. Dairy farmer and dairy beef producer 26(6): 43-47

Cow herd AI program. Arkansas cattle business: 10 (2) 9-10

Cow herd budget.

Cow herd can do well on economy forages.

Cow herd management at 1 & M Farms. Beef cattle science handbook: 0 382-385

Cow herd nutrition.

Cow herd performance test program. Fact sheet University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service: 988 (3001)

Cow herd performance testing. EL Cooperative Extension Service University of Arkansas: 80 (337)

Cow herd taxes.

Cow husbandry in the intensive unit.

Cow hygiene during gestation, calving, and the period that follows.

Cow identification.

Cow identification United Kingdon. Leaflet Great Britain Ministry of Agriculture Fisheries and Food Agricultural Development and Advisory Service: (600)

Cow identification in herring-bone milking barns. Spring 8th 70-71

Cow identification--a proposal. Dairy herd management: 7 (1) 17

Cow in agony.

Cow index in the Netherlands.

Cow indexes.

Cow indexes and maternal effects. North Carolina dairy extension newsletter: 3

Cow indexes for type and production-type indexes for Jersey cows. Program American Dairy Science Association annual meeting and branch abstracts 63(1): 108

Cow indexing in herd improvement. Livestock international: 18 11-12

Cow indexing: genetic evaluation of cows. Macdonald journal 45(1): 5-6

Cow inspection 1973. Husdjur 1 6-9

Cow inspection and breeding work in Norway.

Cow is a renovator of Indian milk supply. Gosamvardhana 17 (7 8) 37-38

Cow keeping.

Cow keeping: milk in self-service. Ubersicht 24 (11) 840-842

Cow leasing agreements can vary greatly. Hoard's dairyman, 125(3): 180-181

Cow longevity.

Cow manure bio-gas production and utilization in an integrated farm system at the Alabang Dairy Project. Philippine journal of animal industry6(1-4): 34-49

Cow manure deters rodents from stealing seeded black walnut. Annual report: 9th) 43-48

Cow mating programs have changed. Dairy herd management 23(12): 8

Cow milk (crossbred) vis a vis buffalo milk in buying, processing and marketing for liquid consumption and manufacture of products. Indian dairyman: 29 (7) 431-436

Cow milk and human milk composition and the trends of cow milk modification. Nahrung 9 (2) 129-142

Cow milk production structure in Cantabria.

Cow milk productivity on the Kassubian Upland.

Cow milk substitutes and soured colostrum. Tidsskrift for landokonomi 168(5-6): 50-52

Cow milking and a labor day in the stable. Glasnik 20 (2) 40-46

Cow milking and rearing practice.

Cow milking under conditions of flow line-shop system of milk production. Molochnoe i miasnoe skotovodstvo: (8) 17-19

Cow milking under the conditions of large scale production.

Cow movement between groups. Dairy farmer and dairy beef producer: 25 (3) 22-23

Cow muscle profiling.

Cow nutrition and body condition. NDSU Extension Service ication North Dakota State University: 92 (AS-1026)

Cow obstetrics for the stockman (First aid for calving). I. Cranial presentation. II. Caudal presentation. Beef cattle science handbook8(18): 416-426

Cow parsnip flora of the USSR, new fodder plants.

Cow parsnip pollen productivity. Pchelovodstvo (11) 10-11

Cow parturition.

Cow philosophy: carbohydrates, fat and cellulose (fiber). Gado Holandes 43(92): 36-38

Cow philosophy: the female as a factor in breed improvement. Gado Holandes 43(91): 85-87

Cow power. Mother earth news: (61) 124

Cow pox and human vaccination in Poland in the XIXth century. Medycyna weterynaryjna: 32 (9) 563-569

Cow preparation and routine can help reduce new udder infections. Hoard's dairyman10, 1080 125(19): 1295

Cow product evaluation methods of risk analysis. Zhongguo Shengtai Nongye Xuebao / Chinese Journal of Eco Agriculture 15(4): 174-176

Cow productivity and milk quality in relation to the use of feeds prepared by different technologies. Uluchshenie kachestva moloka i molochnykh produktov redkollegiia: L K Ernsti dr Vsesoiuznaia ordena Lenina i ordena Trudovogo Krasnogo Znameni akademiia sel'skokhoziaistvennykh nauk imeni V I Lenina: 9

Cow productivity control results. Sodobno kmetijstvo 16(9): 361-362

Cow productivity, composition and technologic properties of milk at parenteral introduction of complex mineral medication. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, Agrarian Sciences Series (2): 75-78

Cow puerperal pathology researches. Lucrai Stiinifice Medicina Veterinara, Universitatea de Stiinte Agricole si Medicina Veterinara "Ion Ionescu de la Brad" Iasi 48(7): 500-504

Cow questions. Report and proceedings: 8th 112-119

Cow radioactive platinum-iridium wire (IR-192) as an internal tag for tracing insects. Canadian entomologist: 101 (2) 151-152

Cow rearing without market milk production in large agricultural enterprises. Zivocisna vyroba Ceskoslovenska akademie zemedelska Ustav vedeckotechnickych informaci pro zemedelstvi 27(2): 127-134

Cow red blood cells. I. Effect of purines, pyrimidines, and nucleosides in bovine red cell glycolysis. American Journal of Physiology 236(5): C255-C261

Cow red blood cells. II. Stimulation of bovine red cell glycolysis by plasma. American Journal of Physiology 236(5): C262-C267

Cow reproductive functions as af. Zhivotnovudni nauki5(8): 66-71

Cow sensitivity to currents during milk ejection. Paper American Society of Agricultural Engineers: er 1990 (90-3505)

Cow shed construction in Hungary. Lantmannen 84 (3) 24-26

Cow shed covered by a film.. Tvarynnytstvo Ukrainy: (4) 36-37

Cow size. Beef cattle science handbook: 2 92-95

Cow size: crossbreeding. Beef cattle science handbook: 4 170-172

Cow slaughter in Europe a bureaucratic boondoggle.

Cow strategies in relation to visits to an automatic milking visit in a free cow traffic situation. Proceedings of the 30th International Congress of the International Society for Applied Ethology: 14-17 August 1996 Guelph Ontario Canada

Cow tails & trails.

Cow testing and dairy heard records.

Cow testing and keeping dairy herd records.

Cow up a tree.

Cow vaccination checks long-standing scours problem in dairy herds. Norden news topics in veterinary medicineer 56(2): 30-31

Cow weight change in lactating vs non-lactating beef cows Seasonal nutrition factors, stress factors, growth, comparison of straightbred and crossbred cattle, Louisiana. Livestock producers' day report Louisiana Agricultural Experiment Station Animal Science Department3(23): 60-66

Cow weights and other factors affecting calf weaning weight.

Cow wintering arrangements.

Cows health and farmers attitude towards the culling decision in dairy herds.

Cows mate may affect her production more than you think.

Cow's milk allergy: a restrictive diet or not?. Archives de Pediatrie 14(3): 310-312

Cows milk allergy: guidelines for the diagnostic evaluation. Klinische Padiatrie 219(4): 201-205

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Cows milk can reveal her reproductive status.

Cow's milk consumption and iron deficiency anemia in children. Jornal de Pediatria 81(5): 361-367

Cow's milk exposure and asthma in a newborn cohort: repeated ascertainment indicates reverse causation. Journal of Asthma 44(2): 99-105

Cows milk for dilution and preservation of buffalo semen. Veterinary medical journalub 1979) 26(26): 379-384

Cows milk or breast milk for infant. Haryana veterinarian: 14 (1) 44-46

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Cow's milk protein-induced eosinophilic esophagitis in a child with gluten-sensitive enteropathy. Journal of Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition 44(3): 386-388

Cow's milk, bovine serum albumin, and IDDM: can we settle the controversies?. Diabetes Care 20(5): 897-901

Cows milk.. Agrotike (67) 12-13

Cows sex life should concern you. Livestock breeder journal: 21 (5) 50-51

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Cow--care at calving.

Cow-Pen slough floodplain management study.

Cow-breeding and management.

Cow-calf and vegetation response to heavy rates of stocking at the Texas Experimental Ranch. Bulletin Texas Agricultural Experiment Station: 83 (1427)

Cow-calf behaviour in West Greenland caribou on the Sondre Stromfjord summer range. Acta zoologica Fennica: 75) 113-115

Cow-calf breeding evaluations pay dividends. Georgia cattleman 18(7): 8-9

Cow-calf economics.

Cow-calf farm business analysis.

Cow-calf grazing studies on comparative pasture types.

Cow-calf management calendar. Bulletin 95 (1032)

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Cow-calf numbers dominate fed and feeder market outlook. Feedlot management: 17 (9) 4

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Cow-calf operations can make money in Georgia. Spring 11 (4) 6-8

Cow-calf performance in total confinement, partial confinement, and on native range.

Cow-calf performance in total confinement, semiconfinement, and on native range.

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Cow-calf production from different grazing systems, stocking rates and levels of supplement.

Cow-calf production in the Parkland region.

Cow-calf production returns in the parkland region.

Cow-calf production returns in the short-grass prairie region.

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Cow-calf system checked.

Cow-calf systems in the savannas of tropical Latin America--a systems diagnosis. New strategies for improving animal production for human welfare: proceedings the Fifth World Conference on Animal Production August 14-19-1983: 878

Cow-keeping in India.

Cow-shed manure disposal.

Cow-side mastitits tests--possibilities and limitations. Annual meeting: o 43 60-77

Cow-tale pig-tale ewe-tale. Paper American Society of Agricultural Engineers: er 1989 (89-3534)

Cow-testing associations and stories the records tell.

Cow: premier protein maker.

Cowania mexicana. American nurseryman, 168(5): 138

Cowania mexicana variety stansburiana (Torr.) Jepsen--Cliffrose.


Cowbell tolls for dairies in Loudoun: pastures giving way to suburban growth. Washington post: D1

Cowbelles beef it up. Proceedings annual convention: 5th 84-85

Cowberry jam produced from newly pickled, and from frozen berries using different sweetening agents, and a comparison between boiled, raw cowberry juice. Meldinger fra Norges landbrukshogskole = Scientific reports of the Agricultural University of Norway1(13)

Cowberry of our country. Korean nature: 27

Cowberry on forested experimental plots with fertilizers. Metsanduslikud uurimused9(19): 100-109

Cowbirds and other brood parasites.

Cowboy Charley, 4-H champ.

Cowboy Joe makes casual clothes. Record.

Cowboy Joe steps out. Record. 4 H circular: 50117a

Cowboy Joe steps out; memberss manual.

Cowboy and Indian alliances in the northern plains. Agricultural historyng 77(2): 355-389

Cowboy and Indian trader.

Cowboy arithmetic.

Cowboy for a day. Arizona land and peopleer 38(2): 2-7

Cowboy obstetrics--a calving primer. Journal of extension 41(1)

Cowboy pathology of feedlot cattle. Beef cattle science handbook7(17): 562-565

Cowboy preacher. Soil conservation 44(8): 16

Cowboy square dances of west Texas.


Cowboys and Kansas.

Cowboys and cattle kings.

Cowboys and computersWhats the world coming to?. Proceedings of the annual conference (29th) 134-137

Cowboys and cultivators.

Cowboys of the Americas.

Cowboys use high tech to roundem up. Agricultural research 47(12): 34

Cowboys, gentlemen & cattle thieves.

Cowboys, ranchers and the cattle business.

Cowchips$: a decision making tool for commercial cow-calf managers. Proceedings of the annual conference (29th) 127-133

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Cowdria ruminantium preservation by freezing.

Cowdria ruminantium preservation by freezing heartwater disease.

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Cowdung as partial source of calorie and protein in the growing pullets ration. Bangladesh journal of animal science2(1-2): 60-66

Cowee .

Coweeta Hydrologic Laboratory.

Cowhage Mucuna pruriens H - As a potential intercrop in young rubber plantations. Agricultural Science Digest 27(2): 107-109

Cowhouse activities on large family farms. Landbouwmechanisatie 33(4): 371-374

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Cowhouses to calfhouses.

Cowlicks. International Horse Identification Seminar: d 93-101

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Cowmens clothing. Dairy farmer and dairy beef producer 24(11): 48-49

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Cowpea research.

Cowpea research in Brazil.

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Cowpeas (Vigna unguiculata (L.) Walp).

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Craedit a moyen terme.

Craedito agraicola e problema agraario.

Craedito agraicola y capacidad de pago.

Craedito agraicole.

Craedito agricola refaccionario.

Craedito ganadero de habilitaciaon y colonias ganaderas.

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Craia de terneros.

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